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Tribes And Water Protectors Ward Off New Black Hills Gold Rush

Native nations and citizen watchdogs were prepared to take action against the permitting, because this is not the first time the federal agency has moved to allow the renewal of large-scale mining at these headwaters of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. Four toxic Superfund sites are the result of water pollution from the mining over […]

San Francisco schools are FAILING students: just 15% of black 8th graders “ready for high school”

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) The latest data from San Francisco Public Schools (SFPS) shows that the performance of students throughout the district is dismal, to say the least.The vast majority of black elementary students, 85 percent, are completely unprepared for high school, the data shows. Latino students are only slightly better off at a 76.3 … […]

Liberal Neighbors In Game Of Chicken To See Who Will Take Down Their ‘Black Lives Matter’ Sign First

ANN ARBOR, MI — According to sources, two neighbors in an upscale liberal suburb are currently locked in a battle of chicken to see who will be the first person to take down their “Black Lives Matter” yard sign — thereby showing the entire neighborhood they’ve stopped caring about black lives. Source

FBI Still Targets Black People For Entrapment

Romeo Langhorne is the latest victim of an FBI phony terror entrapment scheme. On July 7, 2022 he was sentenced to 20 years in prison for uploading a bomb making video. Langhorne didn’t make a bomb. He uploaded a video while under the direction of an FBI informant. The video had in fact been produced by […]

All New EU Vehicles To Be Fitted With Surveillance Black Boxes

All new vehicles sold in the EU will now have mandatory black boxes fitted that record technical data which will be accessible to authorities. At the moment drivers can opt-out of using the feature, but […] The post All New EU Vehicles To Be Fitted With Surveillance Black Boxes appeared first on News Punch. Source

Black Lives Matter Activist Set to Replace Boris Johnson as Prime Minister

The Conservative party favorite to replace British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is a ‘woke’ Black Lives Matter activist. “76 years ago British , Commonwealth, French and US soldiers landed on the Normandy beaches,” British defense […] The post Black Lives Matter Activist Set to Replace Boris Johnson as Prime Minister appeared first on News Punch. […]

Don’t Miss Episode Three Of Vice TV x adidas’ ‘Running While Black’ Series

When Maria Solis Belizaire runs alone in New York City, she makes sure to cross the road to avoid cat calls and stretch at intersections so people know she’s actually a runner, and not someone “just running down the street,” as she puts it. As an Afro-Latina, this kind of signaling feels necessary to her. […]

ACH (1830) Mallificus Scott – The Limeys #76 – The Black And White Menstrual Show

In today’s show originally broadcast on June 27 2022, Andy presents “The Limeys” with his co-host Mallificus Scott for a show entitled, “The Black And White Menstrual Show.” We discussed: the Julie Wentz and Richie Allen clip we played during the show intro segment; the repealing of Roe vs Wade; The Black And White Minstrel […]

Medieval Black Death Origin Traced to Central Asia

The Black Death or Black Plague killed somewhere between 75 and 200 million people in just seven years, from 1346 to 1353. Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology History Important Events Read Later 

Unemployment Jumps for Black and Hispanic Women

Unemployment was up for black women, Hispanic women, black teenagers, and Hispanic teenagers.

Pollak: Democrats Undermined Gun Control in the Black Lives Matter Riots of 2020

Gun control might have had a political chance in the wake of Uvalde, Texas, school shooting last week, but Democrats ended the prospect of major changes when they backed Black Lives Matter and “Defund the Police” in the riotous summer of 2020.

WATCH: Mother Saves Toddler Who Chases After Black Bear in Washington

Shocking footage captured the moment a Washington State toddler ran towards a black bear in her backyard before her worried mother corraled the child and brought her into the house.

Watch: White Beto O’Rourke Supporter Calls Black Cop ‘F*cking Disgusting Pig’ at Anti-NRA Protest

White liberal supporters of Beto O’Rourke (D) called black police officers “fucking disgusting” and a “fucking pig” at an anti-NRA protest outside of the organization’s annual convention in Houston, Texas.

U.S. mainstream media black out continuing coverage of killing of Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh

Even as Israel says it won’t investigate killing of Palestinian-American journalists, US media ignore the story. But journalists are supposed to be like firefighters — if one of you is killed in action the rest of you show up in solidarity and you don’t shut up. Apparently, though, there’s an exception — when the Israeli […]

UFOs, Men in Black, and Secret Documents: The Strange Death of US Defense Secretary James Forrestal

James Forrestal, the first US Secretary of Defense, died on May 22, 1949. More precisely, at 1:50 AM which makes the case more mysterious. The circumstances surrounding Forrestal’s dying hours were engulfed in dispute. All we know for definite is that Forrestal’s body was discovered on the third story canopy of the Bethesda Naval Hospital […]

The British Art of Black Propaganda

Never underestimate the potency, and deceptive malice, of the British political mind.  In responding to the threat posed by Imperial Germany during the First World War, the British propaganda campaign made much of the atrocity tale, the nun raping German and the baby bayoneting Hun.  The effectiveness of the campaign was so impressive it sowed […]

HuffPost: It’s Racist for Alito to Say Abortion Kills More Black Babies

HuffPost, the left-wing news website, published an article claiming that it was “racist” for Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito to note the view that abortion is aimed at suppressing the black population in his draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade .

U.S. Surveillance Plane Was Over Black Sea Minutes Before Russian Flagship Moskva Was Hit by Ukrainian

The US Navy used its new marine surveillance aircraft to provide accurate targeting data to Ukrainian forces to sink the Russian Black Sea flag ship Moskva on April 13. 

New York City Manhunt: Police Describe Subway Suspect as Black Male in ‘Construction-Type Vest’

New York City Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell described the suspect in Tuesday’s New York City subway attack as a black male, approximately 5′ 5″ tall, “with a heavy build,” and wearing a green “construction-type vest with a hooded sweatshirt.” Breitbart News reported that the attack occurred just before 8:30 a.m. Initial reports said that five people […]

Facebook is accused of censoring criticism of Black Lives Matter spending

Facebook is being accused of censoring any information that paints the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement in a negative light – and doing that regardless of the merit and accuracy of those reports. BLM rose to prominence in the wake of the killing of George Floyd in 2020, when many Americans chose to donate money […]

Black Political Distraction

Above Photo: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Barack Obama at the White House, April 5, 2022. Carolyn Kaster / Associated Press. Having a new Black SCOTUS justice or bringing Barack Obama out of retirement for a photo opportunity won’t raise Joe Biden’s poll numbers or stave off defeat in the mid-term elections. Only fulfilling campaign promises […]

Congressional candidate Lee likens BDS to Black Lives Matter and questions Israel’s ‘right to defend itself’

A significant battle is shaping up in Pittsburgh’s congressional primary May 17 between establishment Democrat Steve Irwin, who has ties to the Israel lobby, and progressive Democrats Summer Lee and Jerry Dickinson. We’ve already mentioned Dickinson’s balancing act on Israel. Summer Lee, a state legislator and former organizer, who is endorsed by Bernie Sanders, on […]

75-Year-Old’s White Hair Turns Black After Scalp Acupuncture

Doctor Kuo Ta-Wei explains scalp acupuncture is the reason why the white hair of a paralysed 75 year old woman turned black. Dr. Kuo Ta-Wei, Director of Fu Yuan Chinese Medicine Clinic, gave us a story that made us wonder if our white hair would stay with us forever. “In an integrated Chinese and Western […]

Chelsea Clinton: ‘ALL Republicans – Even Black Conservatives – Are White Supremacists’

Chelsea Clinton has accused the Republican Party and all of its members, including black Conservatives, of being “white supremacists.” The former first daughter made the outlandish comments during Friday’s broadcast of “The View,” while discussing Sen. Lindsey Graham announcing he will not vote to confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court. BYPASS THE CENSORS […]

Israel, Ukraine, and Black Market Transplant Surgeons

The topics of local military conflicts and illegal human organ trade always go hand in hand, since military actions are not just about solving geopolitical issues and commonplace profiting off the arms trafficking but also about illegal human organ trade. Organ buyer-ups and black market transplant surgeons have long become ordinary elements of the military […]

Ukrainian Nazis have Created a “No-Sailing Zone” on the Black Sea

As you must know, the “no-fly zone” (NFZ), also known as the air exclusion zone (AEZ), is an off-limits area established by military force. The criminal Kiev authorities have been actively, but unsuccessfully, trying in recent days to create a “no-fly zone” over Ukraine and involve the NATO countries in their confrontation with Moscow. Nevertheless, they managed to […]

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder: Call the Jail to Demand Jussie Smollett Be Freed

Black Lives Matter co-founder and “trained Marxist” Patrisse Cullors — who resigned from BLM amid controversy about her personal wealth — says she has visited hate crime hoaxer and disgraced actor Jussie Smollett in jail, where she found that he has been “sleeping on a restraint bed,” which she called “unacceptable.” Cullors is now urging the […]

Census undercounted Black people, Hispanics and Native Americans in 2020

“Taking today’s findings as a whole, we believe the 2020 Census data are fit for many uses in decision-making as well as for painting a vivid portrait of our nation’s people,” said Santos, who was nominated by President Joe Biden and confirmed after the decennial count was completed. “We’ll be exploring the under- and overcounts […]

The New Vikings Series Turns Haakon Sigurdsson Into a Black Queen

Haakon Sigurdsson was a real historical figure. He was the ruler of Norway from 975 to 995, and he was most certainly Nordic. However, in the Netflix series Vikings: Valhalla, Haakon Sigurdsson has been turned into a black woman. This is as ludicrous as Chris Hemsworth portraying a Zulu king in a show about African […]

Pot Calls The Kettle Black-Trump calls for NATO to ‘take action’ against Russia Because of War Dead-Having Conveniently Forgotten All The Dead He Has Murdered In Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Syria

“Are all of these nations going to stand by and watch perhaps millions of people be slaughtered as the onslaught continues?” Trump said. “At what point do countries say, ‘No, we can’t take this massive crime against humanity?’ We can’t let it happen. We can’t let it continue to happen.” Hmmmmm!!!!????Perhaps Putin should have attacked […]

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