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Black residents of Cancer Alley sue local government for discrimination in siting chemical facilities

“We’re being ignored and we have to do whatever we have to do to stop it.” Source

Black Violence at Spring Break in Miami Beach Addressed by Black Panelists

While they are finally addressing the elephant in the room, they are making excuses for how it got there and why it got so big. Source

Russia Wants To Recover Debris Of U.S. Drone From Black Sea

American officials say the drone was flying in international airspace when a Russian fighter jet struck one of its propellers. Source

Russia Shoots Down US Drone MQ-9 Reaper over Black Sea

The $32 million MQ-9 Reaper drone downed in the Black Sea after a run-in with Russian fighter jets on Tuesday is the same type of aircraft used by the CIA to kill Al Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri in Kabul in July, 2022. Equipped for long-range surveillance missions, the unmanned spy aircraft is controlled by two […]

Russian fighter jet struck a USAF MQ-9 reaper drone over the Black Sea — U.S. European Command

An American MQ-9 drone has been downed over international waters in the Black Sea by 2 Russian Su-27 fighter jets. Before downing the drone, the Russian planes dropped fuel on it. USAF Gen. James Hecker: “Our MQ-9 aircraft was conducting routine operations in int’l airspace when it was intercepted and hit by a Russian aircraft, […]

Russian Fighter Jet Strikes, Downs American Drone Over Black Sea

The U.S. military said a jet dumped fuel on the MQ-9 “Reaper” operating in international airspace before striking its propeller. Source

Black South African Woman Nostalgic for Apartheid: Says 28 Years of Black Rule has Been a Dismal Failure

I recently came across a video on Twitter that caught my attention. As I reported a few weeks ago, the black head of South Africa’s mining union spoke about how unlike the Marxist black supremacist ANC, the White Afrikaner nationalist government and their apartheid system at the very least were able to run a functioning […]

Study Claims White Drivers Pollute Black, Brown Areas of Los Angeles

A new study by a set of USC researchers claims that white drivers overwhelmingly pollute black and brown areas of Los Angeles.  Source

Supermassive black hole discovered hiding in a galaxy 47 million light years from Earth

(Natural News) According to a study published in the journal Nature, experts have discovered a supermassive black hole that has been hiding inside a cloud of cosmic dust. The researchers used the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope Interferometer (ESO’s VLTI) in Chile to take detailed images of the dust cloud. They also studied data from the Atacama Large […]

Half-Naked Morbidly Obese Black Woman Twerks in Front of White Family at Resturaunt

The woman is half-naked wearing a thong and can be seen twerking in front out of the White family while laughing maniacally. Source

Arrest Warrant Issued for Rapper Kodak Black in Florida

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.—A Florida judge has issued an arrest warrant for rapper Kodak Black for failing a drug test while on bail for a drug charge, court records show. The warrant was issued Thursday after Black, whose legal name is Bill Kapri, did not appear for a scheduled drug test in early February and then […]

The Black Pope

You Wouldn’t Believe If I Didn’t Show It To You.. (classified) message strange truth world news current events 2023 today this week this month motivation In the dark halls of the Vatican, there is a man who wields more power than any other man on earth. He is known as the Superior General of the […]

STUDY: Green tea, black tea and matcha tea found to suppress dioxin toxicity

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) If the Department of Transportation does not take hazardous materials seriously when trains are derailed; if the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not make it a priority to protect communities from carcinogens like dioxins; then it’s up to the people to protect their bodies from the negligence of government and … [Read […]

Black Hand – A Match Made in Hell

At the height of the Cold War, in a country experiencing the final throes of a post-war economic boom, one strange man went on to play a central role in a scandal that brought down the British government. In a master class of how to get away with grand espionage, Hod Dibben coasted through danger […]

The Spanish Inquisition: The Truth Behind the Black Legend (Part II)

One of the most controversial organizations in history, the Spanish Inquisition has been poorly understood by the general public.  Read more Section:  News Ancient Places Europe History Important Events Read Later  Source

Best Rolex Oysterdate Precision 6694 Black Dial Stainless Steel

The manual-winding distinction sets the Oysterdate apart from everything else Rolex has made since the introduction of the self-winding movement, and the Rolex Oysterdate Precision has always been a hand-wound watch. Incredibly, as the company that invented the Perpetual self-winding movement, the replica Rolex Oysterdate was never fitted with an automatic movement – even in […]

Once Again, Students Were Served Watermelon and Fried Chicken for Black History Month

Students at an upstate New York middle school were fed chicken and waffles, with a side of watermelon, on the first day of Black History month last week. And while it’s not the first time the vendor responsible for the meal has served stereotypical Black foods to students during Black History Month, it insists the […]

Biden Admin Hands Out ‘Black Resistance’ Flyers to Border Patrol Agents

Border Patrol agents were left reeling after the Biden regime handed out flyers titled ‘Black resistance’ and held ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ events while the southern border remains wide open. According to reports, the flyers were […] The post Biden Admin Hands Out ‘Black Resistance’ Flyers to Border Patrol Agents appeared first on News Punch. Source

Pastor Washes Young Black Man’s Feet as He Apologizes for White History In Anti-White Tirade

Christian pastor Dennis Rouse is showing what it means to be a good Christian in our current year by washing black feet and pushing White guilt. Source

Black Hand: The Devil Himself

How an elite London night club fell under the control of an intelligence-linked sex blackmail agent, self-described satanist and antique dealer named Horace Dibben. Source

Miami mocked for Africa-themed Ford Police interceptor for Black History Month: ‘THIS CANNOT BE’


Black Hand: The London Night Club Trap

In the previous instalment of this series, we examined the tragic death of Esmeralda Gullan, the founder of Esmeralda’s Barn, a night club located in an affluent part of London’s West End. However, Esmeralda was not the only female night club owner or hostess to be found dead or dying during this period. In fact, as we are about to discover, she was just one of a collection of inter-connected women who were involved […]

Black Thug in Custody After Shooting White Uber Driver in the Face

Thankfully, this incredible woman miraculously survived this horrific anti-White attack. As White people in Zionist-occupied Weimar America, we know all to well that when our people are attacked daily by hordes of non-White thugs, more often than not they end up tragically dying.  Source

Netflix ‘Narnia’ Adaptation To Feature First Black White Witch

LOS GATOS, CA — In a move celebrated by casual viewers but criticized by longtime fans of C.S. Lewis’s children’s book series The Chronicles Of Narnia, Netflix has released marketing materials confirming that The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe will feature the first-ever black White Witch. Source

Black Boy Lane

A road in London called ‘Black Boy Lane’ was renamed because it was “racist,” despite the change being opposed by 100% of black people who lived on the road. It cost the taxpayer £186,000. The old name still remains on the sign, and the new name has been crossed out with spray paint. Please share […]

A State for some of its citizens: Captured black soldier’s saga highlights racism in Israel

"For how long will I be in captivity? After so many years, where are the state and the people of Israel?" These were the words, uttered in Hebrew, of a person believed to be Avera Mengistu, an Israeli soldier of Ethiopian origin, who was captured and held in Gaza in 2014. Footage of Mengistu, looking […]

Polish Legionnaires Fighting Along The Affranchi For The Black Independent Nation Of Haiti

The Haitian Revolution  of 1791 to 1804 is commonly remembered as the most successful slave revolution of all time, resulting in the establishment of the first black nation of independence in the West Indies. However, less known is the crucial role that Polish legionnaires, originally brought across the Atlantic by Napoleon, played in the banishment of […]

San Francisco Plans To Give $5 Million To All Black Residents Who Can Prove They Are Descended From A Slave

Welcome to 2023! Its a great time to be black… you just won the jackpot! You don’t even need to do anything. All you need to do is…. to be black and you get money out of thin air. Black San Francisco residents have been queuing outside a municipal office with DNA test results and […]

Watch: Wes Moore sworn in as Maryland’s first Black governor

Watch: Wes Moore sworn in as Maryland’s first Black governor lead image Source

Wes Moore makes history as Maryland’s first Black governor

Democratic Gov. Wes Moore made history Wednesday, officially assuming office as Maryland’s first Black chief executive during a ceremony at the state’s capitol building in Annapolis. But for Moore — the nation’s third Black governor and the only one currently serving — the road to the office was about more than breaking the glass ceiling. […]

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