Democrats allegedly used “Black Epstein” to scare millennials with “Vote or Die!” campaign

Democrats allegedly used “Black Epstein” to scare millennials with “Vote or Die!” campaign

“Black Epstein” Sean “Puffy” Combs, a rapper and pedophile also known as “Diddy,” “Puff Daddy,” and “P. Diddy,” conspired with Democrats, we now know, to take advantage of millennials in the 2020 election.

What Diddy did is basically scare young people into voting for Joe Biden using his infamous “Vote or Die!” campaign, which claims young people might actually die for real if they fail to vote.

Just like Jeffrey Epstein, Diddy has been making major contributions to left-wing causes throughout his career. He also has a hidden, in-the-closet rap sheet a mile long involving rampant pedophilia, drug abuse and human trafficking.

Concerning the Vote or Die! initiative, Diddy launched it back in 2004 to scare young people into voting for Democrats even back then. Vote or Die! also played a significant role in the 2020 election heist, Diddy having relaunched it as part of an apparent coordinated campaign by Democrats to steal the election from Donald Trump.

Love him or hate him, Trump won the 2020 election. Minus all the voter fraud, the count landed in his favor – or would have landed in his favor if not, in part, for initiatives like Vote or Die that once again exploited young people.

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Diddy and Democrats protecting themselves

Launched in conjunction with the hip-hop network Revolt TV, Vote or Die! issued a “State of Emergency” specifically to “Black America.” That emergency featured Kerry Washington, Dr. Cornel West and others as speakers.

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Just days after its re-launch, Vote or Die! released a short form series about alleged voter suppression among Black voters. There was also a study released on Generation Z, along with a summit and music festival, all aimed at persuading America’s youth to vote against Trump.

A number of high-level Hollywood and music industry figures were conveniently present for Vote or Die! 2020, including Paris Hilton, Alicia Keys, Hulk Hogan and “The Game.”

It would seem as though Diddy and others in entertainment had a vested interest in making sure that Trump “lost,” using whatever devious means possible to make that happen. They seem very worried that their skeletons in the closet might be revealed, which is already happening for Diddy and others.

“When you talk to youth in Gen Y and Gen Z, it is clear they feel the older generations have failed them in a lot of ways,” said Revolt TV chief operating officer Detavio Samuels in a pro-Vote or Die! statement.

“Whether it be our nation’s current stance on police brutality, systemic racism, gun control, climate change or LGBTQ rights, the younger generation wants change. Vote or Die is here to remind them that issues related to their survival (emphasis added) will be determined by the people they put in office this election season.”

Did you catch that? Unless the right candidate was installed into office, in this case Joe Biden, young people’s survival, according to Samuels and the Vote or Die! campaign, is at risk.

This is more than likely code for their own survival being at risk, they meaning Diddy, Samuels, and the others who so desperately needed the youth of America to vote Democrat in 2020.

Again, love him or hate him, but Trump is making a lot of bad people really upset because his being president threatens to expose their dirty deeds. If he makes it back into the White House, Trump will likely tear down the veil between the general public and their wicked leaders, or so we are told.

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