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This Ought to Be Lit: Fani’s Radical Black Panther Father Who Lived with Her Will Testify Today in Fulton County Court – He Once Shacked Up with Most-Wanted Criminal Angela Davis

This Ought to Be Lit: Fani’s Radical Black Panther Father Who Lived with Her Will Testify Today in Fulton County Court – He Once Shacked Up with Most-Wanted Criminal Angela Davis Source

“I Lived in Gaza”

Comment:  U.S. Funds this Slaughter to the tune of $40 BILLION Being given by O’Bama to Israel over the next 10 years.  No Biden wants $100 BILLION given to Israel/Ukraine.  American Pensions will likely go insolvent as they have been looted by Wall Street. Source

I have written many stories about the Nakba. Today, I lived it.

Tareq Hajjaj woke Friday to a call from the Israeli military telling him he had to flee his home to save his life. The horrors of his journey to safety reminded him of the stories he has heard of the 1948 Nakba. But this time, he was living it. Source

Men have hitherto lived with a certain carelessness about the supersensible world

Men have hitherto lived with a certain carelessness about the supersensible world On July 17, 2023 By Ridzerd We have events behind us, catastrophic events, of which humanity has become more and more aware that they have not happened in this intensity since history was written. The past era was one in which people here on […]

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: You Will Have Truly Lived

The Blaze has given right-wing “comedian” Alex Stine a new show, which raises the question of why Glenn Beck keeps giving shows to people who are big fans of Nick Fuentes? Speaking of Fuentes, he claims to have heard rumors that Tucker Carlson is planning some sort of attack on him and issues a warning: […]

If All Refugees Lived In One Place, It Would Be The 17th Most Populous Country

Above Photo: Jaime de Guzman (Philippines), Metamorphosis II, 1970. On 5 October, the United Nations Human Rights Council passed a historic, non-legally binding resolution that ‘recognises the right to a safe, clean, healthy, and sustainable environment as a human right that is important for the enjoyment of human rights’. Such a right should force governments who sit […]

Lars Vilks: Swede who lived under police protection after drawing Prophet Muhammad dies in crash

The Swedish artist Lars Vilks, known for his 2007 drawing of the Prophet Muhammad and the subsequent death threats that followed, died in a car crash on Sunday. Vilks, who was largely unknown outside of Sweden before his Muhammad drawing, had been living under police protection since 2007. The drawing of Muhammand with a dog’s […]

25 years ago 74% of all NZ households lived in their own home … so who owns NZ now? (Bryan Bruce)

Reposting this excellent doco … a timely reminder, where we’ve been, where we’re headed right now Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch To watch Bryan Bruce’s revealing documentary at Youtube, click on this link.  This is a real eye opener, especially if you were born after the nineties. I remember how it was as do all the […]

Elon Musk Expects Chip Shortage to Be Short-Lived as Production Capacity Expands

Tesla chief executive Elon Musk said Friday that he sees an end to the semiconductor supply shortage in relatively short order thanks to new chip plants being planned and already under construction. “There’s a lot of chip fabrication plants that are being built,” Musk said via video uplink at an Italian Tech Week event. “I think […]

Denisova Cave DNA: Neanderthals, Denisovans and Humans Lived Together!

The deeply-ancient Denisova Cave in Siberia was at times home to Neanderthals, Denisovans and modern humans “at the same time” based on the latest Denisova Cave DNA research. Nobody in the world had expected first-contact to come from a tiny, fossilized pinkie bone, but 10 years ago it was the discovery of such a bone […]

New Evidence Suggests Humans Lived in the Americas 30,000 Years Ago

An anthropologist from Iowa State University has found evidence in Mexico that humans lived in the Americas as far back as 33,000 years ago. This is 20,000 years earlier than the accepted date of arrival for the “First Americans,” who supposedly crossed the Bering Land Bridge from Asia before migrating southward around 11,000 BC.  The new […]

Where Prince lived and George Floyd died — hope, history and heartache

Austin is already fielding requests from youth and student group organizers, researchers and others who are planning visits for next summer. “We’re at a critical point in this protest,” Austin said. “What does it mean to be an institution born out of a movement?” Ask Austin what it will take for the occupiers to remove […]

Prince Philip Who Lived Off Welfare Dies in England “I Want to Reincarnate as a Virus”

newsheadlinesPhilip: “I Want To Reincarnate As A Virus” A few months before the Queen’s German husband, Prince Philip, launched the World Wildlife Fund in 1961, he went on a tiger hunt with the Queen. A tiger was lured into range by tethered goats and shot dead by Philip who called himself a conservationist and environmentalist.On […]

Japanese-American Children Lived Through School Bombing of Pearl Harbor (Synagogue of Satan Orchestrated War Using Politician Puppets) The Lie Factory Promotes War as Good For the Economy; It’s Not-It’s Good For the ZIONIST Rothschilds & Minions!

Comment: Rothschild Zionists use money to manipulate Roosevelt’s Zionist policies to commit international war crimes (Sanctions and Embargoes…roughtly EIGHT) to antagonize Japan into bombing Pearl Harbor. Roosevelt Knew this would happen and WANTED it to happen. As usual the only ones who suffer are the common people while Rothschild Banksters Made out like Robbers and […]

Remembering Lotte Weiss, a Holocaust survivor who lived two remarkable lives

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Vatican City’s Necropolis Shows How Roman Non-Elites Lived and Died

Beneath Vatican City, excavations of a Roman era necropolis have revealed fascinating details about Roman burial rituals and funerary practices from the first through to the early fourth centuries AD. Archaeological work in the Santa Rosa necropolis, or  Necropolis of the Via Triumphalis , has been going on since 2009, and so far approximately 250 […]

Ex-Israeli envoy reveals large number of Ashkenazi Jews lived in Cairo

Former Israeli ambassador to Jordan Jacob Rosen published an extensive list of Jewish surnames in Cairo that disclosed a stunning number of Ashkenazi-sounding surnames. “Jewish refugees from Russian pogroms settled in Egypt,” Rosen said in an interview. Rosen, who also served as a diplomat in Egypt, said there were about 40,000 Jews in Cairo during […]

For decades, they lived as Catholics. Then their daughters learned their Holocaust secret

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Mihail Sebastian: How a Jewish writer lived, loved and survived in WW2-era Romania

Mihail Sebastian’s 1933 novel Women receives just two mentions in the voluminous diaries that he kept in the last decade of his life, a time when his native Romania was – like most of Europe – descending into fascism and ultimately the violence of the Second World War. In an entry made on 17 December […]

Short Lived Clovis Tools May Have Killed Off North American Megafauna

While they were not the earliest inhabitants of the Americas, the Clovis people had an extremely significant prehistoric culture that was distinctive and widespread across what is now North America. Clovis tools and weapons, including the iconic Clovis spear point, are easily recognized by almost every North American archaeological student. But new research reveals that […]

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