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Bob Lazar: Aliens Regard Humans as “Containers”

Area 51 physicist, Bob Lazar recalls the “extremely classified document dealing with religion” that was about 2 inches thick. When pressed for the details, Bob says that the aliens regard humans as “containers” and that the whole purpose of religions was to create rules and regulations to “not damage the containers”. Contributed by Alexandra Bruce […]

Leftist Confesses to Plan to Steal 2024 Election Using Illegal Aliens

Leftist Confesses to Charlie Kirk, the plan to steal 2024 Election using Illegal Aliens. Contributed by Alexandra Bruce Contact The post Leftist Confesses to Plan to Steal 2024 Election Using Illegal Aliens first appeared on Forbidden Knowledge TV. Source

Charter Flights to Resettle Hundreds of Thousands of Illegal Aliens in U.S. Will Continue

Tonight every single Senate Democrat voted against my amendment that would stop Biden Admin from using taxpayer dollars to charter flights for hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens from their countries directly to American towns to be resettled. Indefensible. — Senator Bill Hagerty (@SenatorHagerty) March 23, 2024 Source

Biden Flew Hundreds of Thousands of Illegal Aliens Into U.S.

Thanks to an ongoing Center for Immigration Studies Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit, the public now knows that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has approved secretive flights that last year alone ferried hundreds of thousands of inadmissible aliens from foreign airports into some 43 American ones over the past year, all pre-approved on […]



Video shows illegal aliens lining up to receive FREE housing in New York City

(NaturalNews) A video uploaded on X, formerly Twitter, shows a large line of illegal immigrants in New York City waiting to apply for “free” housing that was… Source

GOP Report: Illegal Aliens at Southern Border Under Biden Far Exceed Annual U.S. Births

Since President Joe Biden took office in January 2021, there have been about 6.5 million illegal aliens encountered at the United States-Mexico border, according to a report from Republicans on the House Homeland Security Committee. The report, issued by Chairman Mark Greene (R-TN), shows the number of illegal alien encounters at the southern border under […]

‘Aliens,’ or a foreign power? Pentagon UFO chief says someone is in our backyard

The mere suggestion by a top government official that “aliens” could explain some UFO activity is the latest example of the government’s striking shift in tone regarding this issue. Source

Four Iranian “special interest aliens” were apprehended by Border Patrol in October while trying to illegally enter America

(NaturalNews) U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is reporting that as of mid-October, its agents have apprehended a total of four Iranian nationals who… Source

House Homeland Security Report: Over 35K Criminal Illegal Aliens Captured Sneaking into U.S. Under Joe Biden

More than 35,000 illegal aliens with criminal records have been captured attempting to cross the border since Joe Biden took office. Source

NYC To Begin Starving Senior Citizens To Feed Illegal Aliens

In a bid to address the influx of illegal migrants, New York City has announced plans to starve senior citizens in nursing homes to feed the illegal aliens. The cost to house illegals, allowed into […] The post NYC To Begin Starving Senior Citizens To Feed Illegal Aliens appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

DHS Let 200,000 Illegal Aliens Fly Directly Into 43 Cities

The Biden regime recently introduced a new program to increase illegal immigration that allows migrants to fly straight from their homelands into a United States city of their liking, per recently obtained records.  Source

House of Horrors: 11 Illegal Aliens Among Men Accused of Gang Raping Girls in Small Minnesota Town

At least 11 illegal alien men are accused of having been involved in a house of horrors in the small town of Bemidji, Minnesota, where at least three young girls were drugged, tied up, and gang raped, according to local law enforcement. Source

Florida: 35 Illegal Aliens Among 219 Arrested in Human Trafficking Sting

A number of illegal aliens were arrested in a human trafficking sting operation in Polk County, Florida, this month, local law enforcement announced. Source

Illegal Aliens Now Getting More Aid Than Americans Who Have Paid Taxes

NYC to Spend Over $1 Billion to House Illegal Aliens By infostormer  – September 27, 2023 2 New York City is going to spend over $1 billion to house all of the illegal aliens that are being shipped there.   They are doing this as the city already has a major homeless problem and all […]

Texas deploys MORE BUSES to transport ILLEGAL ALIENS to already-strained sanctuary cities

(NaturalNews) Texas has deployed additional buses to two more border towns for the purpose of transporting illegal aliens from the state to blue sanctuary… Source

Biden Administration Finally Cracks Down on Illegal Aliens, Orders Deportation of Christian German Family

A Christian German immigrant family has been pleading with the Biden administration to stop their upcoming deportation after living in the United States for 15 years. They fled Germany in 2008 after being threatened with fines and prosecution for homeschooling their children. “We are supposed to come back in two weeks from now to show […]

ALERT! US Government preparing to Announce Aliens, this is not Conspiracy, this is the real thing

The US government could be forced to disclose if aliens have visited Earth under new legislation. The Senate passed an amendment in July that will be part of the National Defense Authorization (NDAA) for 2024. Known as the Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) Discloser Act, it says Government agencies with records, samples of craft or ‘biological’ […]

Fox News leaks Biden’s planned ICE ID card to keep track of illegal aliens

(NaturalNews) A top conservative and political commentary news outlet recently obtained new images confirming President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland… Source

WOW!!!!!! New York’s Democrat Gov. Hochul Blasts Illegal Aliens: “If You’re Going to Leave Your Country, Go Somewhere Else!” (VIDEO)

New York’s Democrat Gov. Hochul Blasts Illegal Aliens: “If You’re Going to Leave Your Country, Go Somewhere Else!” (VIDEO) Source

WATCH — ‘You’re Free to Go’: Border Patrol Releases Hundreds of Illegal Aliens into San Diego

Hundreds of illegal immigrants were released into San Diego, California, as Border Patrol agents waved them on to go wherever they wished. Source

Trump to Congressional Republicans: End Biden’s Resettlement of Illegal Aliens

Former President Donald Trump called upon Republicans in Congress to use the brewing government funding battle to end the Biden administration’s release and resettlement of illegal aliens in the U.S., arguing that the country cannot wait until he takes the presidency in 2025. Source

Report: Joe Biden Considers Requiring Illegal Aliens to Remain in Texas

President Joe Biden is reportedly considering a plan to require illegal aliens with dubious asylum claims to remain in Texas. Source

Biden Launches Nationwide Workforce Initiative — for Illegal Aliens

President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has launched a nationwide workforce initiative that seeks to funnel millions of border crossers and illegal aliens into United States jobs — even as the labor force participation rate for Americans continues to decline. Source

Illegal Aliens Can Become Police Officers in Illinois and California

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D) has signed into law a plan that allows foreign nationals with work permits, some of whom are illegal aliens, to become police officers in the sanctuary state. Source

US Government Says Aliens Are Real But Nobody Believes Them

Some believe the extraterrestrial spectacle was a distraction from various issues like Hunter Biden’s rejected plea deal which happened the same day. Source

Danger behind the wheel: New MA law allows ILLEGAL ALIENS to get a US driver’s license

(NaturalNews) A new Massachusetts law allows illegal aliens to apply for and obtain a U.S. driver’s license.Since the law took effect on July 1, over 100,000… Source

Florida Needs Illegal Aliens To Fill Low-Wage Jobs Says Wall Street Journal

@media (max-width: 1200px) { }.ns-inline:not(.ns-columns) .ns-buttons-wrapper { justify-content: center; }body .ns-inline:not(.ns-columns) a.ns-button, body .ns-inline .ns-total-share-count { margin: 0px 5px 10px 5px; }body .ns-buttons.ns-inline .ns-button-icon { width: 100%; } Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has been blasted by the Wall Street Journal editorial board for signing a mandatory E-Verify bill into law that prevents industries across the […]

Aliens’ in Mainstream News and the Potential for False Flag Operations

ByWorld Council for Health June 12, 2023 The World Council for Health (WCH) takes note of predictable developments in the establishment’s crisis playbook, highlighting the existence of unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP), otherwise known as unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Given the historical record of false and misleading information from corrupt governments and establishment media sources, it is important […]

Aliens or Atlanteans?

    Reality gets more mysterious all the time.   ALIEN IN BACKYARD EXPLAINED: “100% they’re not human”, Witness details alien encounter in Las Vegas – YouTube   Proof of highly advanced technology in ancient Egypt:     The universe is much more interesting than either the theologians or scientists believe. Praise Yahweh and pass […]

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