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Mark Middleton Dead at 59 – Bill Clinton’s Special Advisor ‘Who Let Epstein Into White House 7 Times’ Dies

PRESIDENT Bill Clinton’s former special advisor, Mark Middleton passed away Saturday at the age of 59 as confirmed by his family.

Special Military Operation, Q & A — The Duran

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Report Claims US & UK Elite Special Forces Conducting A ‘Secret War’ in Ukraine

A source in the French intelligence community has claimed that elite special forces from both the UK and the US have been present in Ukraine since the start of hostilities with Russia in late February. The source reportedly told the French newspaper a Le Figaro last week, that the SAS and Delta Force were in […]

Trump endorses Palin in Alaska House special election

Referring to her time on the 2008 Republican ticket alongside the late Sen. John McCain — a longtime foil of the former president — Trump said, “Sarah lifted the McCain presidential campaign out of the dumps despite the fact she had to endure some very evil, stupid, and jealous people within the campaign itself. They […]

UN Special Rapporteur says Israel is committing ‘pitiless’ apartheid in new report

UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the occupied Palestinian territories Michael Lynk is the latest human rights expert to declare Israel an Apartheid state.  In a 19-page report submitted to the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on Tuesday, Lynk said that the situation in the occupied Palestinian Territory (oPt) has moved beyond occupation and […]

Russia’s Special Military Operation: Day 16

Russia’s Special Military Operation: Day 16 Stephen Lendman / stephenlendman On Friday, the Biden regime officially revoked what was already abandoned — Russia’s most favored nation status (MFN). According to the State Department in 1997: “Nondiscriminatory, or most favored nation (MFN), treatment of trading partners is the norm in international trade.” “MFN means that imports […]

Special Counsel John Durham Asks Court to Deny Sussmann’s Motion to Dismiss: ‘Without Merit’

Special Counsel John Durham in his most recent filing on Friday argued against dismissing charges against lawyer Michael Sussmann for lying to the FBI in 2016 when he said he was not representing any client when presenting them with data he claimed showed a relationship between the Trump campaign and Russia — when he was […]

Ukraine’s Special Operations Command Announces They’re Going to Start Committing War Crimes

Ukraine’s Special Operations Command announced Thursday on Facebook that Russian soldiers who try to surrender henceforth will be “slaughtered like pigs” while they’re begging for mercy. Ukraine’s special operations command just issued a warning to Russian soldiers that they will not be taken prisoner and will be “slaughtered like pigs” without the option of surrendering. […]

Army Special Forces To Fight in ‘Realistic’ Guerrilla War Exercise Across Rural North And South Carolina

Renegade Editor’s Note: They’re openly battling against “freedom fighters” in their drills down. Are they fine with being the troop of tyranny? Apparently so. Also, I love how the exercise is named after a spy who escaped “the Nazis”. By Katabella Roberts Army Special Forces candidates will fight in a “realistic” guerrilla war across counties in rural […]

Israeli Special Forces Detain Birzeit University Students (VIDEO)

Posted on January 11, 2022 by worldpeacewithjustice January 10, 2022 Students at Birzeit University are regularly subjected to intimidation, assault and arbitrary arrest by Israeli soldiers. (Photo: via Social Media) Israeli special forces Monday afternoon detained several students in front of the Birzeit University, north of Ramallah, according to the official Palestinian news agency WAFA. […]

Ayatollah Raisi meets Turkmenistan special envoy

Ayatollah Raisi meets Turkmenistan special envoy – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – Iranian President Ayatollah Seyed Ebrahim Raisi has met with the Special Envoy of the President of Turkmenistan Sardar Berdimuhamedow, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan. The two Turkmen officials delivered a written message from the President of Turkmenistan, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow, to Ayatollah Raisi. […]

Lawyer Calls for Special Prosecutor in ‘Evil’ Beating of Jan. 6 Protester Caught on Video

An attorney representing a Minnesota woman allegedly beaten by a Metropolitan Police Department supervisor outside the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 is calling for a special prosecutor to be appointed after the release of dramatic video footage of the incident on Thursday. Victoria C. White, 39, of Rochester, Minn., had been arrested in April and charged […]

Supreme Court will hold special hearing on vaccines in January

Supreme Court will hold special hearing on vaccines in January Date: December 23, 2021Author: Nwo Report To decide whether Biden’s mandates for large businesses and health care workers are legal Source: Daily MailJoe Biden’s controversial nationwide order that large businesses either mandate COVID-19 vaccinations or test their workers regularly will be considered by the Supreme […]

Dark Journalist Special Report: JFK Assassination Records Release: CIA Deep State Head Fake!

» ‘Historic moment’ as solar probe ‘touches the Sun’Today at 1:00 am by PurpleSkyz » Elon Musk tweets that SpaceX will start program to pull carbon dioxide in atmosphere and use it as rocket fuelToday at 12:54 am by PurpleSkyz » To Cabal, You’re The SimpsonsToday at 12:42 am by PurpleSkyz » Washington State Legislator Seeks to Cancel Daylight Saving TimeToday at […]

10,000-Year-Old Mesolithic Burial Showed Special Reverence For Infant Girl

Archaeologists and paleoanthropologists exploring a cave in Italy excavated parts of a skeleton that belonged to an infant girl who died approximately 10,000 years ago, in the early Mesolithic period shortly after the end of the last Ice Age. The sparse remains of the girl’s tiny body were surrounded by more than 60 pierced shell […]

O’Keefe Legal Win: Federal Court Orders ‘Special Master’ to Review Seized Phone

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe scored a crucial legal win on Wednesday, when a federal judge ordered that a “special master” be appointed to review data from O’Keefe’s cellular phones, seized by the FBI in a November raid on his home. Last month, the FBI raided O’Keefe’s house, ostensibly looking for information about the alleged […]

Iranian president’s special envoy consults with Taliban officials

Iranian president’s special envoy consults with Taliban officials – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN — Hassan Kazemi Qomi, the Iranian president’s special envoy for Afghanistan, met with Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the First Deputy Prime Minister of the caretaker Taliban government, on Tuesday. “During the meeting, there was a discussion about expanding relations between the two countries and […]

‘Political theater’: DeSantis’ special session signals larger fights ahead of 2022

“Your right to earn a living should not be contingent upon Covid shots,” DeSantis said when announcing the special session. “We have a responsibility, yes, to stand up against Biden’s mandates.” But Democrats accuse the governor of using the weeklong special legislative session to boost his national profile for his reelection campaign and ahead of […]

Pogrom Alert — As Poles Burn 13th Century Edict That Granted Jews Special Status As A Protected Class

(JTA) Polish nationalists staged a symbolic burning of a notorious 13th century edict which granted Jews special status as a protected class as a reward for helping enrich the Polish aristocracy while oppressing common Poles as inter-generationally impoverished serfs: The book burning Thursday at a rally in Kalisz, a city of about 100,000 inhabitants situated […]

White House Sets Aside Special Seat For Peter Doocy Under Precariously Dangling Piano

White House Sets Aside Special Seat For Peter Doocy Under Precariously Dangling Piano WASHINGTON, D.C.—The White House has set aside a special seat for “honored guest” Peter Doocy of Fox News, Jen Psaki confirmed Monday.  Doocy was concerned, however, when he realized the “seat of honor” was positioned directly under a precariously dangling piano. “Um, […]

P Is For Propaganda: CNN Airs ‘Twisted’ Sesame Street Vaccine Drive Special

24-year-old Slovak hockey player Boris Sádecký has tragically died after collapsing on the ice during a match on Friday. Sádecký, a professional player for the Bratislava Capitals, was announced dead after reportedly suffering a cardiac arrest. He was placed in intensive care but subsequently died in hospital. Professor and heart disease expert Dr. Joel Kahn […]

Watch: Special documentary on life inside Afghanistan immediately after the Taliban’s takeover

The historian Will Durant calculated that there have only been 29 years in all of human history when war was not underway somewhere. In Afghanistan, that estimate gains a whole new meaning. For the past four decades, the country has been a symbol of a state ruined by war. From the Soviet Union’s invasion in […]

UN Human Rights Council to hold special Sudan session 

The UN Human Rights Council will hold a special session to address the “implications of the ongoing situation” in Sudan on Friday after a military takeover eight days ago. The meeting will take place in a hybrid virtual format at Geneva’s Palais des Nations, and most interventions will take place online due to COVID-19 restrictions. […]

ACH (1636) Mallificus Scott – The Limeys #45 – Dissecting Cancel Culture With Special Guest Paul English

EURO FOLK RADIO ACH (1636) Mallificus Scott – The Limeys #45 – Dissecting Cancel Culture With Special Guest Paul English Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share In today’s show originally broadcast on November 1 2021, Andy presents “The Limeys” with his co-host Mallificus Scott for […]

US-Trained Afghan Spies & Special Forces Are Joining ISIS For ‘Protection’ Against Taliban

Many former national Afghan forces who are now being hunted by the Taliban after their US military backers withdrew from the country in August are turning to the Islamic State for protection, a new investigative Wall Street Journal report finds. Also among those joining the ranks of ISIS in Afghanistan, or ISIS-K, are members of […]

MSNBC’s Nance Calls for Special Counsel Probe on GOP Reps Who Attempted ‘Coup’

MSNBC intelligence analyst Malcolm Nance said Monday on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” that there needed to be a special counsel investigation into a Rolling Stone magazine report that the House January 6 Select Committee had information that several Republican lawmakers were involved in planning sessions with event organizers for “Stop the Steal” rally that turned into a riot. Nance […]

Dark Journalist Special JFK Report: CIA Biden Block Assassination Records!

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Terrifying New Chinese Missile Will Fly Over U.S. Playing Dave Chappelle Special

BEIJING—As the arms race between the United States and China heats up, Beijing has unveiled its deadliest weapon yet: an ICBM that can be launched through space and then fly over America playing Dave Chappelle jokes. China tested the missile with a launch into U.S. airspace earlier this week. We would have shot it down, […]

DeSantis calls for special Florida legislative session to fight Biden’s vaccine mandate

The governor did not announce a date for the session. DeSantis’ call for a special legislative session does not require approval from state Senate President Wilton Simpson and Florida House Speaker Chris Sprowls. Simpson did not respond to text messages about the governor’s plan. Sprowls wrote in a text to wait for a statement from […]

Special Significance of Protecting Boral River  

If people in India are told that the Ganga and Jamuna meet in Bangladesh then they will not believe this easily as they know very well that the Ganga and the Yamuna/Jamuna meet at the famous sangam (confluence) near Prayagraj, or near the city of Allahabad, a very famous place of pilgrimage as well as […]

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