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Obama AG Eric Holder blasts special counsel’s report

Former Attorney General Eric Holder slammed Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report that contained observations on President Joe Biden’s memory. “Special Counsel Hur report on Biden classified documents issues contains way too many gratuitous remarks and is flatly inconsistent with long standing DOJ traditions,” Holder said in a post on X early Friday morning. “Had this […]

Greek E-gov minister announces new ‘wallet-type’ app for holder’s driver’s license

The App will include a holder’s digital police ID and driver’s license The Greek government on Wednesday announced another pioneering – by modern Greek standards – online service linking citizens with the country’s cavernous and often creaky public administration, namely, a “wallet-type” application for smartphones that will include a holder’s digital police ID and driver’s license. The… […]

Adam Kinzinger Cites Eric Holder as Paragon of Independence; Signed ‘No Confidence’ Resolution in 2011

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) cited former Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday as an example of integrity during the fifth public hearing of the January 6 Committee, yet he signed a “no confidence” resolution in Holder in 2011 over his bias. Holder, who described himself as President Barack Obama’s “wingman,” presided over Operation Fast and […]

Eric Holder: Liz Cheney Has Guts – ‘She Is Doing a Service to this Nation’

Former Attorney General Eric Holder said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) has “guts” and was doing the nation a service with her work on House Select Committee investigating the January 6, 2021 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Eric Holder: Based on Public Record, I Would Proceed with Trump Indictment — He Is a ‘Danger to the Republic’

Former Attorney General Eric Holder said Tuesday on CNN’s “The Lead” that if he were the Attorney General, he would proceed with pursuing an indictment against former President Donald Trump based on what was public knowledge. Guest-anchor Dana Bash said, “There’s a national conversation about the former president. And I know you were opposed to […]

Do vaccinated belong to the patent holder?

Will the vaccinated and their children belong to Pfizer? “When you modify the genome with an adenovirus vaccine, that vaccinated person is already a transgenic– a trans-human person. According to what is legally established in international law, it will be the property of the owner of the patent. “But the most dramatic thing of all […]

Yuriy Sedykh, Hammer World Record Holder, Dies at 66

MOSCOW—Yuriy Sedykh, a two-time Olympic champion in the hammer throw whose world record from 1986 still stands, has died. He was 66. The Russian track and field federation said Sedykh died early Tuesday following a heart attack. “Deeply mourn the loss of Yuriy Sedykh,” World Athletics senior vice president and pole vault great Sergei Bubka […]

Eric Holder to Leftists: “Riot and Get Arrested To Stop Voter Security Measures”

Obama’s former Attorney General, Eric Holder, has urged far-left protestors to take to the streets and clash with police over voting security laws. During an episode of MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show,” host Maddow asked: “What do you make of the direct action strategy that is being brought by voting rights advocates? “Obviously, Vice President Harris […]

Holder, Barr, DOJ And FBI Outed In Slimy Plot Against Assange

Above photo: In the middle, Sigurður Ingi Þórðarson, known as “Siggi the hacker” arrives in court earlier this year. Photo/GVA. NOTE: Saturday, July 3 is Assange’s 50th birthday. Events will be held around the world. Find out if there is an event near you by searching #FreeAssange and #FreeAssangeNow. A careful read of this stunning […]

Alaksander Doba: Polish Adventurer And World Record Holder Dies Upon Reaching The Peak Of Mount Kilimanjaro

Aleksander Doba, a Polish traveler, adventurer, and world record holder who — in his 60s — became the first person to kayak unaided across the Atlantic and set the world record for the longest open-water kayaking expedition, has died while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro: The 74-year-old – once named by National Geographic as its Adventurer of […]

Fmr AG Holder: ‘Additional Justices’ Needed on Supreme Court if Trump Appointment Confirmed

Saturday, during an appearance on MSNBC’s “PoliticsNation,” former Attorney General Eric Holder told host Al Sharpton if Republicans succeeded in confirming a replacement for Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg appointed by President Donald Trump, a future Democrat Senate majority along with Joe Biden, if he is elected president, should consider “court reform.” According to Holder, […]

Eric Holder, the Man Who Pardoned Wall Street, May Run for President

Make no mistake about it, the Big Law firms that played a major role in the Wall Street corruption that led to the financial crash of 2008 and have been burying corporate crimes through their crony ties to Washington for decades, are desperate to put their own man in the White House in 2020. […]

They doth protest too much: Holder, Comey fire back at Trump’s FBI slam

     Former Attorney General Eric Holder and ex-FBI Director James Comey fired back Sunday at President Trump, who claimed the FBI’s reputation is in “tatters” after its handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation. “Nope. Not letting this go. The FBI’s reputation is not in ‘tatters,’” Holder, who served as attorney general under President Obama, […]

Mueller requests Justice Department documents and emails on Holder, Lynch, Obama

     U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s sweeping investigation into President Donald Trump’s White House just expanded to President Barack Obama’s White House, True Pundit has learned. Mueller’s probe has also expanded into the tenures of Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch in their official roles as U.S. attorney general during Obama’s two terms in the White […]

Remember when Barack Obama and Eric Holder allowed guns to be put in the hands of Mexican drug cartels in order to cause maximum violence?

(Natural News) As Democrats and Left-wing “progressive” anti-gun activists continue to push for gun bans and other erosions of the Second Amendment following the terrible mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday, it is well to remember that, once upon a time, a pair of notable Democrats did their best to ensure that kind of […]

NASA ‘Does the Math’ and Introduces 13th Zodiac Sign: Ophiuchus, the Serpent Holder

NASA says they’ve done the math, and they’ve recently introduced a new zodiac sign. They’ve thrown ages-old astrology charts totally out of whack with the announcement of Ophiuchus. What used to be utilized by die-hard astrology enthusiasts to plot and plan their lives could now be thought of as heresy. If ever the New Age […]

American "Exceptionalism" is Jewish Narcissism*

  May 31, 2016 Source Article from

Entire US Railway System Could Shut Down on January 1, 2016

In a candid letter to a U.S. senator, BNSF Railway’s chief executive, Carl Ice, said September 9 that BNSF would in effect shut down most of its network rather than violate a federal law mandating that positive train control be operational by December 31, 2015. ~ Fred W Frailey CSX Transportation has said it, too, […]

"Fire Geithner, Holder & Bernanke And Throw The Banking Felons In Jail!"

Bill Black and Amy Goodman in Kansas City – Oct. 19, 2011 I caught a part of this interview on the radio today. It’s outstanding as Black has time to make his case without interrruption. Complete transcript is below. Broadcasting on the road from Kansas City, Missouri, we’re joined by William Black, a white-collar criminologist, […]

Obama Spoke About “Fast & Furious” Before Holder Claimed He Knew

  Real Clear Politics October 14, 2011 CNN’s John King plays Holder’s testimony to Congress on MAY 3, 2011, where he said he had only just recently heard about the Fast Furious gunrunning program. “I’m not sure of the exact date, but I probably heard about Fast and Furious for the first time over the […]

Mr. President, We Believe Holder Lied on Iran Terror

Phony Terror Plot Stamped “Mossad/CIA/FBI” From Day One   By  Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor   Within 24 hours of the announcement of a new Iranian plot, the truth started leaking out.  That leak is now a flood.   The FBI made up the whole thing, invented it and they aren’t going to get away with it.  […]

House Committee to Subpoena Holder in ‘Fast and Furious’ Probe October 9, 2011 The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is planning to subpoena Attorney General Eric Holder this week to determine who in the Justice Department knew about “Operation Fast and Furious” — the plan to let thousands of guns sold in the U.S. get into Mexican drug cartel hands — and […]

ATF Fast and Furious: Attorney General Eric Holder was briefed in July 2010

  Sharyl AttkissonCBS News October 4, 2011 WASHINGTON – New documents obtained by CBS News show Attorney General Eric Holder was sent briefings on the controversial Fast and Furious operation as far back as July 2010. That directly contradicts his statement to Congress. On May 3, 2011, Holder told a Judiciary Committee hearing, “I’m not […]

Documents Show AG Holder Knew About ‘Fast & Furious’; Contradict Testimony

CBS Oct 4, 2011 New documents obtained by CBS News show Attorney General Eric Holder was sent briefings on the controversial “Fast and Furious” operation as far back as July 2010. That directly contradicts his statement to Congress. Print this page. Comment Rules Leave a Reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

Justice Dep’t Vague on When Holder First Learned About Operation Fast and Furious

CNS News August 19, 2011 ( – The Justice Department has given a vague response to a query by congressional investigators about when Attorney General Eric Holder first learned about a botched gun running sting operation along the southwest border In a letter answering a questionnaire about “Operation Fast and Furious,” the department replied only […]

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