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Playboy magazine to stop publishing pictures of naked women

‘Provocative’ images will still feature in redesigned magazine, but editors say founder Hugh Hefner has agreed that fully nude shots are ‘passé’ Playboy magazine will stop publishing pictures of fully nude women because the ubiquity of internet pornography has made such images “passé”, the company’s chief executive has revealed. In an […]

"Fire Geithner, Holder & Bernanke And Throw The Banking Felons In Jail!"

Bill Black and Amy Goodman in Kansas City – Oct. 19, 2011 I caught a part of this interview on the radio today. It’s outstanding as Black has time to make his case without interrruption. Complete transcript is below. Broadcasting on the road from Kansas City, Missouri, we’re joined by William Black, a white-collar criminologist, […]

Bernanke Discusses Occupy Wall Street I Don’t Blame Them For Protesting

YouTube October 5, 2011 “I think they’re really touching a nerve,” Sen. Bernie Sanders said Tuesday of protests on Wall Street that have inspired demonstrations from Burlington, Vt., to Los Angeles. “The nerve is that the average American understands that as a result of the greed and the recklessness and the illegal behavior on Wall […]

Bernanke says economy is close to faltering

In a testimony before Congress today, Federal Reserve Chairman gave his latest opinion on the American economy, and to the head of the Fed, things still aren’t looking too good. Speaking to the Joint Economic Committee of Congress on Capitol Hill this morning, Chairman Bernanke said that the US economy is “close to faltering,” and […]

Video: Bernanke Says He Understands OWS Protests October 4, 2011 Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Tweet about it Email   Print this page. Comment Rules 14 Responses to “Video: Bernanke Says He Understands OWS Protests” Somebody get this guy a rabies shot, spittle is foaming from his lips! There he is!! Get his ass!!! Why are […]

Bernanke: Recovery “close to faltering”, Fed could act

Prisonplanet comment: Which “recovery” would this be? Pedro da Costa and Mark FelsenthalReuters October 4, 2011 The Federal Reserve is prepared to take further steps to help an economic recovery that is “close to faltering”, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said on Tuesday. Citing anemic employment, depressed confidence and financial risks from Europe, Bernanke urged lawmakers […]

Bernanke warns Congress against hurting recovery

  AFP October 4, 2011 WASHINGTON (AFP) – Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on Tuesday said the United States may face yet more slow jobs growth, as he warned short-term budget cuts and financial turmoil could further threaten the economy. In an address to Congress, Bernanke said recent indicators “point to the likelihood of more […]

Bernanke admits jobs problem is a national crisis

The head of the Federal Reserve is saying that the United States is currently undergoing a “national crisis” due to the continuingly disappointing unemployment figures. Speaking from Cleveland, Ohio this week, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke fielded questions from a crowd and opened up on the critical situation that is continuing to impact millions of […]

Here Comes FIATtackWatch: Ben “Big Brother” Bernanke Goes Watergate

….Prepares To Eavesdrop On Everything Mentioning The Fed Zero Hedge Sept 26, 2011 Two weeks ago, the media’s heart went aflutter when it learned that the president had borrowed a page right out of ole’ Joe McCarthy’s communist witch hunt book with the launch of Attack Watch. The response by everyone, even fans of Obama, was […]

The American economy is in shambles and Bernanke has no clue what to do about it

Madison RuppertActivist Post Monday, August 29, 2011 For most informed people in the United States, it has become clear that over the past century the private Federal Reserve has been doing nothing other than systematically devaluing and debasing the dollar while destroying the American economy in every way imaginable. This notion was just made that […]

Bernanke doesn’t want QE3

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke went before reporters this morning in a scheduled press conference, but neglected to insure a recovery from the recent economic collapse, much to the chagrin of Wall Street. Bernanke did not say what the Fed would be doing in the months to come to help rebuild the American economy, and […]

Ben Bernanke offers no hint of new Fed action to aid economy in Jackson Hole speech

  Neil IrwinThe Washington Post August 26, 2011 The recent swings in world financial markets pose risks to growth, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke said Friday, and the Fed must be “responsive to changes in the economy.” But he offered no hints that any specific action by the central bank is on the way. […]

Markets on edge for key Bernanke speech

  AFP August 25, 2011 WASHINGTON (AFP) – The last time Ben Bernanke communicated to the public, the US stock market jumped, then plunged, and then soared, all over a few minutes — no one was sure if his statement boded good or bad for the economy. So when the US Federal Reserve chairman speaks […]

Bernanke Jackson Hole speech could rattle markets

  Steven C. JohnsonReuters August 24, 2011 NEW YORK (Reuters) – Whether the Federal Reserve likes it or not, its unprecedented monetary polices over the last few years have conditioned the financial markets to expect a helping hand when the going gets tough. That’s why all eyes will be on Ben Bernanke, the central bank’s […]

Bernanke under pressure to calm markets

  Heather StewartLondon Observer August 21, 2011 Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke will face intense pressure to announce new measures to calm the world’s frenzied financial markets this week, as central bankers hold their annual summer retreat in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. After a tumultuous week, which saw billions of dollars wiped off share prices on […]

Rick Perry threatens Ben Bernanke

Only two days officially into his run for president, Texas Governor Rick Perry is already picking out opponents to tackle on the way to the White House. Enemy number one: The Federal Reserve’s Ben Bernanke. Perry had some harsh words for Bernanke while speaking in Iowa on Monday. In a speech given in Cedar Rapids […]

Bernanke Pledges To Screw Your Grandmother For At Least Two More Years

The Burning Platform Aug 15, 2011 “A system of capitalism presumes sound money, not fiat money manipulated by a central bank. Capitalism cherishes voluntary contracts and interest rates that are determined by savings, not credit creation by a central bank.” – Ron Paul I wonder what goes through Ben Bernanke’s mind as he sits in […]

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