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Israel’s Netanyahu vows to continue airstrikes on Gaza as violence enters seventh day

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed on Saturday to “continue to respond forcefully” to rocket attacks from Palestinian militants in Gaza. In a televised address, Netanyahu blamed the Hamas militant group for the latest bout of deadly violence, which on Sunday entered its seventh day. “This past week, millions of Israelis were forced into bomb […]

Live blog: Israeli airstrikes target international media offices, civilian homes in Gaza

The Latest: Gaza death toll reaches 145, including 41 children and 1,100 injuries, according to Gaza’s Ministry of Health; nine Israeli casualties, including one child. 24 schools have been destroyed in Gaza. 10 members of the same family, including eight children, killed in the Israeli airstrike on Gaza’s Shati refugee camp Israel destroys the Jalaa building in Gaza, which […]

‘It’s not over,’ Netanyahu says, as Israel continues to pound Gaza with airstrikes

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to “reach” Palestinian Hamas militants “everywhere,” adding that they will pay a “heavy price” for attacking Israeli cities amid ongoing Israeli airstrikes targeting Gaza. “I said we would exact a very heavy price from Hamas and other terror groups, and we are doing so and will continue to […]

Palestinian Films Two Minutes of Hell as Israeli Airstrikes Destroy Gaza

Imagine watching as the buildings around you are targeted by jewish supremacists, who continue to rain death and destruction upon your people. Share now! Source 00 Hits: 0

Israeli Airstrikes on Gaza Continue

Israel’s ongoing attacks on Gaza on are the worst the enclave has seen since 2014, when Israeli forces killed 2,200 Palestinians, and Palestinian resistance fighters killed 72 Israelis. One recent Israeli strike alone made about 80 families homeless. As the deaths, injuries, and damage climb, Palestinian resistance groups launch rockets into Israel.  by Kathryn Shihadah […]

At Least 24 Palestinians Killed As Israel Launches Airstrikes On Gaza

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — A confrontation between Israel and Hamas sparked by weeks of tensions in contested Jerusalem escalated Tuesday as Israel unleashed new airstrikes on Gaza while militants barraged Israel with hundreds of rockets. The exchange killed a number of militants and civilians in Gaza and at least three Israelis. The barrage […]

Israeli Airstrikes On Syria Twisted By Syrian Opposition Media To Claim Iranian Losses

Unprovoked Israeli airstrikes against the Syrian capital, Damascus, were again reported in the early hours of Thursday morning, leading to further accusations by Syrian opposition media and monitoring groups that Iranian-backed fighters had been killed. At approximately 12:58 (Syrian local time) Israeli airstrikes were said to have been confronted by Syrian Air Defense, according to […]

Syria says 4 soldiers wounded in Israeli airstrikes near Damascus

Israel carried out airstrikes in Syria after midnight Wednesday attacking targets near Damascus and wounding four soldiers, Syrian state media reported, in the latest in a series of raids attributed to the Jewish state. The state-run SANA news agency said Syrian air defenses had engaged Israeli missiles near the capital Damascus, without giving details of […]

Yemen says to unveil new missiles as Saudi steps up airstrikes

By VT Editors -March 28, 2021 Press TV: Saudi military aircraft have carried out a spate of airstrikes in Yemen’s Hudaydah as the kingdom presses ahead with a military campaign against its southern neighbor, despite announcing a “new peace initiative.” Yemen’s al-Masirah television network, citing local sources, reported that Saudi warplanes launched two missiles at Hudaydah International […]

Palestinian Rockets vs Israeli Airstrikes – The Hidden Facts

U.S. media reports focus on Palestinian rockets fired into Israel from Gaza, but the reports leave out essential facts, making the aggressors seem victims, and the victims, aggressors. Share now! Source 00 Hits: 0


South Front [embedded content] As has become customary in recent weeks, after the relative success of the Axis of Resistance on battlefields across the Middle East, Israel delivered a reminder of its interest in Syria. On March 16th, Damascus’ air defense repelled a missile barrage, which was heading towards targets surrounding the Syrian capital. A […]

Israeli-US Airstrikes On Syria Part Of Battle Over Iran Nuclear Deal Decision

Despite the recent airstrikes on Eastern Syria having represented a continuation of the same old aggressive US foreign policy in the Middle-East, the strikes may have been more about playing politics with Iran than any sort of strategic gain. US President Joe Biden’s airstrikes against the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) in Eastern Syria last week […]

U.S. airstrikes in Syria: Senator condemns attacking a sovereign nation

The U.S. forces deadly airstrikes in Syria sparked complaints from some of U.S. President Joe Biden’s Democratic allies that he overreached, while key Republicans applauded the move. The reactions came after the Feb. 25 airstrikes targeted facilities belonging to an Iranian-backed Iraqi armed group, reportedly killing one fighter. The strike could be a test of […]

US airstrikes ‘strengthen & expand’ terrorist activities in the region, Iran says

The recent US airstrikes on Iran-backed militias in Syria has shown that Washington is seeking to “revive” terrorism in the region and support now-shattered Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), a senior Iranian official has said. The airstrike on militias stationed on Syria’s border with Iraq commissioned by US President Joe Biden earlier this week, was […]

Big Hypocrite & Racist Biden Orders Airstrikes in Syria Or Cabal Member Reflects Racism of the Cabal That Owns Him

By infostormer -February 25, 20213 When the senile Jewish puppet Joe Biden was installed as President of the United States, myself and many others predicted that we would see a return to conflict and war in the Middle East. The Jews that control Biden have taken that first step today by conducting military strikes inside of Syria. […]

US airstrikes on Iran-backed militias in Syria kill at least one fighter

US airstrikes against Iran-backed militias in eastern Syria killed at least one fighter and wounded several others in what US officials said was a calibrated response to rocket attacks against American personnel in Iraq. The attacks, which took place early on Friday Middle Eastern time, were deliberately limited in scope and designed to show that […]

New round of Israeli airstrikes hit Aleppo, Syria says

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Israeli airstrikes hit Hamas targets in Gaza after fresh arson balloon attacks

Israeli warplanes and aircraft carried out strikes on Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip early Tuesday in response to continued arson balloon attacks on Israel, the Israel Defense Forces said. The army said it hit “underground infrastructure of the Hamas terror group,” but gave no further details on the targets. The Hamas-linked al-Resalah news reported […]

Tensions high in Gaza Strip as IDF footage shows airstrikes on ‘Hamas targets’ (VIDEO)

The Israeli Air Force struck 15 targets in three different locations in the Gaza Strip on Saturday. The attacks come less than a week after Egypt brokered a ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian militants following a month of unrest arising from the Great March of Return protests and the US decision to move its embassy […]

25 civilians killed in US-led airstrikes in Syria’s Hasakah province – Reports

The so-called Syria Observatory for Human Rights, based in London, reported in November 2017 that 2,579 civilians, including 644 children and 470 women, were the victims of US-led airstrikes in Syria over the past 38 months. *Daesh, also known as ISIL/ISIS/IS, a terrorist group banned in Russia and many other countries Source Article from 00 Hits: 4

Going Underground – Ep. 600: Lord Morris on Syrian Airstrikes, Deadly Air Pollution & Skid Row Running from Oppression

Going Underground – Ep. 600: Lord Morris on Syrian Airstrikes, Deadly Air Pollution & Skid Row Running from Oppression Going Underground with Afshin In this episode, we ask Tony Blair’s Attorney General, Lord Morris, what makes a war legal or illegal. The President of the U.S. Health Effects Institute tells us that 95% of […]

Infowars’ Alex Jones blasts Trump over airstrikes: ‘He’s crapping all over us’

Infowars’ Alex Jones blasts Trump over airstrikes: ‘He’s crapping all over us’ The Hill April 14, 2018 Infowars founder Alex Jones ripped into President Trump on Friday night after the president authorized military airstrikes in Syria, saying the decision made him “sick.” If he had been a piece of crap from the beginning, it wouldnt […]

Protesters Gather Across The US To Condemn Syria Airstrikes

Anti-war protesters have again held demonstrations across several US cities to condemn the US-led airstrikes on Syria, where the government is fighting foreign-backed terrorists. There were protests in New York City, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Chicago, Oakland and Washington, DC, on Sunday,  a day after similar demonstrations took place in other American cities, including Los Angeles and […]

Russia Vows To Protect Syria Against U.S. Airstrikes – At All Costs

Russia has vowed to protect Syria against imminent US airstrikes, warning that US missiles would be shot down and launch sites targeted by the Russian military. As diplomatic relations between Moscow and Washington deteriorate to dangerous levels, Russian Ambassador Alexander Zasypkin warned that military action against Syria would not be tolerated. reports: The United States […]

Scores Of Russian Women & Children Killed In U.S. Deep State Airstrikes

Scores of Russian women and children have been killed in U.S. Deep State airstrikes over Syria, the Russian Foreign Ministry have confirmed.  Innocent Russian citizens who were not part of the Russian military were killed when US-backed forces struck non-military towns and villages. reports: The ministry reiterated that the Russian citizens involved in the […]

Two Palestinian youth killed in Israeli airstrikes in Gaza

Two Palestinian youths, both 17, were killed in Israeli airstrikes in the city of Rafah in the south of the Gaza Strip tonight. According to the Palestinian ministry of health in Gaza, the two Palestinians, identified as Salim Sabbah and Abdullah abu-Sheikha, both 17, arrived in hospital in serious conditions. Both of the young teens […]

Syrian Military Shoots Down Israeli F-16, Israel Responds with More Airstrikes

Crash site of the downed Israeli F-16 (Source: Southfront) An Israeli F-16 fighter jet was shot down by a Syrian military anti-aircraft battery in response to an Israeli act of aggression against a Syrian military base. Syria says its military base came under Israeli fire, and it hit multiple aircraft in response. This incident took […]

Moscow Slams “Illegal US Presence in Syria” Following US Airstrikes on Syrian Troops

Moscow lashed out at the U.S. this morning, after the U.S.-led coalition in Syria carried out several “defensive” airstrikes against Syrian forces allied with President Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday in Syria’s Deir al-Zor province – purportedly in retaliation for what the coalition said was an “unprovoked” attack on the U.S.-backed left-wing rebel group. In response, during a […]

Putin: Illegal US Airstrikes In Syria Will Not Go Unpunished

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that illegal US airstrikes in Syria will not go ignored or unpunished by Russia.   As the US continue to strike pro-government militias in Syria, killing hundreds of Syrian troops in the process, Russia have reminded the UN that the US presence in Syria is “actually illegal.” “Nobody invited them […]

Third round of Israeli airstrikes on Syrian army positions reported

FNA- Field sources in Damascus province said on Saturday that the Syrian Army’s air defense units confronted the third wave of Israeli air raids in the Western part of Damascus province. The sources said that air defense units repelled the third round of Israeli airstrikes on army positions in al-Dimas region, tracking and destroying the […]

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