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“Invisible” Launches and a Possible Nuclear Test: a Point of No Return is One Step Closer

There is a steady flow of allegations from South Korean and Western experts that the DPRK may conduct a new nuclear test in the very near future. On April 28, 2022, speaking at a forum on “North Korea’s Army in the First Half of 2022”, Lee Sang-min, a researcher at the Korea Institute for Defense […]

Projections point to victory for Serbia’s populist president

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić and his populist right-wing party appeared headed to victory in Sunday’s national election, extending a decade-long authoritarian rule in the Balkan country, according to early pollsters’ projections. The IPSOS and CESID pollsters, which have proven reliable in previous Serbian ballots, predicted Vučić would end up with nearly 60% of the votes. […]

Conservative Leaders Rally Around Rick Scott’s ’11-Point Plan to Rescue America’

Conservative leaders are rallying around National Republican Senatorial Committee chairman Rick Scott’s (R-FL) “11-Point Plan to Rescue America.” Eighty-eight conservative leaders from the Conservative Action Project signed a memo supporting Scott’s plan titled “Conservatives Applaud Sen. Rick Scott’s Plan to Rescue America.” The memo said: Politicians should tell voters what they are for, what they plan […]

West Point cadets are identified as the six Florida Spring Breakers who overdosed on fentanyl-laced cocaine

Damn!Things get messy when empires die. Damn shame USA murdered General Patton for being truthful, adhering to Duty, having Honor and standing up for his Country against Rothschild’s red Russian Khazarian Zionism/Communism which was taking over Washington DC. This is what happens when you murder Honorable Combat officers for standing up for their people and […]

Mesolithic Burials in Europe from 8,000 Years Ago Point to Earliest Evidence of Mummification

How old is the art of embalming the dead and where did it originate? This is one of those eternal archaeological questions that is constantly reinforced and altered with the arrival of new evidence. In the realm of popular history, mummification has been associated with the ancient Egyptian civilization and the grand pharaohs of yesteryear, […]

So, what was the point? Cloth masks allow 90% of particles to filter through giving them little ability to prevent COVID transmission, study finds

Cloth masks barely filter any particles, making them near-useless for prevention of Covid spread Researchers built a computer model to simulate how well the masks filtered out particles, and found that 90% were able to get through Because cloth masks are made like clothing, and do not have filtering material built in, they fail to […]

Zero Point Field: Know Ye Not That Ye Are Gods?

“Know ye not that ye are Gods ” reads Psalm 82 verse 6 and John 10 verse 34. It is quite a radical thought, but some scientists are beginning to entertain a rather shocking speculation that might answer basic questions previously thought to be beyond the reach of traditional science. What if each human being, […]

Zero Point Field: Know Ye Not That Ye Are Gods?

“Know ye not that ye are Gods ” reads Psalm 82 verse 6 and John 10 verse 34. It is quite a radical thought, but some scientists are beginning to entertain a rather shocking speculation that might answer basic questions previously thought to be beyond the reach of traditional science. What if each human being, […]

Many point out hypocrisy of media on nobility of Ukrainian resistance and illegitimacy of Palestinian resistance

If you watched as much broadcast media this weekend as I did, you know that European and American reporters are universally supporting Ukrainian resistance to the Russian invasion. They are lauding boycott measures such as American citizens pouring vodka down sewer grates, airlines canceling flights, and athletic associations cancelling games. They celebrate the Ukrainian civilians […]

What Point has the Development of the Sino-Indian Relations Reached by the End of 2021?

The state of affairs in the direction of China-India of the “Greater Asian Triangle” (China-India-Japan) has no less influence on the development of the situation in the Indo-Pacific region than everything that happens in the China-Japan duo. Moreover, there has been hardly less negativity in the political component of the Sino-Indian relations of the last […]

The Tipping Point – Infinite Waters

21 dec 2021, [embedded content] If Youtube censore it: Here to find some poeple around you: _______________________________ If you are looking for solutions (lawyer, form, gathering, action, antidote, maybe this could help you:HERE If you want to fight back better: If you like our work please consider to donate : Glutathione (most […]

Alarming New Study Finds That Everyone Who Gets COVID Will Die At Some Point

ATLANTA—The CDC has announced the results of an alarming new study: everyone who has ever been infected with COVID-19 will die at some point in their life. “Yes, everyone who gets COVID will die,” said a spokesperson for the CDC. “Maybe not immediately, but at some point, in the future. Almost all of those people who die […]

Turning Point USA Is Really Gay

TPUSA once had Bang girls shooting shirts into the audience. Now they have a ridiculous dance number about superhero James O’Keefe breaking free from the clutches of the FBI. This is the future of “conservatism” in America. Link Share now! Source

A Recent Case in Point of What anti-Chinese Sanctions Could Bring

“One gets an impression that the West has lost a culture of political dialogue. The partners have forgotten how to address problems in a civilized manner,” said Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Pankin on December 8. Pankin explained that the West most often responds to any decision that does not conform to […]

Turning Point USA’s ‘America Fest’ Aims to Reach Gen Z With Christian Nationalists, Conspiracy Theorists, and Country

Right-wing conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec wants you to hang out with him at Turning Point USA’s “America Fest,” billed as the “biggest event in the conservative movement” in Phoenix, Arizona, Dec 18-21. At least that’s what he says on Twitter, where he offers a promo code for the event and insists it “makes a great […]

New Zealand PM Proves Again She’s a Tyrant: ‘There’s Not Going to be an End Point to this Vaccination Program’

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has candidly revealed that “there’s not going to be an end point to this vaccination program.” Pool via Getty Images “So long as there’s people who are eligible who haven’t been vaccinated, we’ve got work to do,” said Ardern. “Do you know, I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied so […]

New Zealand Prime Minister: “There’s Not Going to be an End Point to this Vaccination Program”

COVID experts in Norway say that Omicron variant being highly transmissible but “milder” could prove to be the “best scenario” because it would boost “natural immunity” and bring the end of the pandemic closer. The country’s state epidemiologist Frode Forland was responding to news of the biggest Omicron outbreak outside of South Africa, which occurred […]

Steelers Turn Away Ravens 20–19 After Failed 2-Point Attempt

PITTSBURGH—If the end is near for Ben Roethlisberger, he’s not telling. Not publicly anyway. The longtime Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback insists he won’t make a final decision about his future until January at the earliest. Until then, he is intent on savoring each moment as it comes. Moments like the giddy postgame locker room on Sunday […]

A Turning Point in Sight?

Like many others I also scanned closely the video of the Prime Minister making the ‘historic’ announcement on the farm bills. But I did not find a speck of sincere contrition and remorse in it.His eyes distant and his tone studiedly lofty,he was expressing a strategic and perhaps temporary withdrawal.Explaining the repeal as a failure […]

Ansarullah’s capture of Ma’rib is a major regional turning point: Kandil

November 4, 2021 Description:  A short article by Nasser Qandil on the significance of the current battle for Ma’rib, a strategic Yemeni city currently held by pro-Saudi forces but which is reportedly on the verge of falling into the hands of forces led by the Ansarullah Houthis, a movement that is part of the Iran-led […]

Sean Parnell Shows 20 Point Lead in Poll Despite Opponent, Establishment Media Attacks

Sean Parnell, a Republican candidate for a Pennsylvania U.S. Senate seat and an Afghanistan war veteran who led the infamous “Outlaw Platoon,” showed a 20 point lead in the polls despite attacks from CNN and the rest of the Democrat establishment media on behalf of Jeff Bartos, a former intern for former Democrat President Bill Clinton who is […]

Senator Ron Johnson: “There’s No Point to Mandate Whatsoever – With COVID Vaccine We’ve Had 16,766 Deaths in 10 Months” (VIDEO)

Senator Ron Johnson: “There’s No Point to Mandate Whatsoever – With COVID Vaccine We’ve Had 16,766 Deaths in 10 Months” (VIDEO)Date: October 18, 2021Author: Nwo Report  Source:  Jim HoftSenator Ron Johnson (R-WI) joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures this morning.Senator Johnson is one of the few lawmakers openly speaking out on the historic dangers of the COVID vaccines.On Sunday […]

Food Shortages Hitting A Critical Crisis Point In America

Food Shortages Hitting A Critical Crisis Point In America – Visual Evidence That Things Are Far Worse Than What The Media Is Telling YouDate: September 14, 2021Author: Nwo Report Source: Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine The sign above was sent to ANP by a reader in NW New Jersey – a rural area and the date shown in […]

Corrupt to the Point of Evil D.C. Is Too Corrupt Even For Corrupt FDA Officials

Thursday, September 02, 2021 by: Mike AdamsTags: badhealth, badmedicine, badscience, biological weapons, booster shots, CDC, COVID, crimes against humanity, FDA, Joe Biden, pandemic, spike protein, Vaccine Holocaust, vaccine wars, vaccines, White HouseBypass censorship by sharing this link: Copy URL48KVIEWS (Natural News) It’s fascinating that two senior FDA officials who have overseen decades of mass vaccinations have now finally reached the end of their tolerance for crimes against humanity. They resigned earlier this […]

Poverty Point Mound Research Helps Smash Old Paradigms

Archaeologists in North America have presented evidence of “sophisticated engineering” amongst the mound building culture. It is hoped that the new findings will help eradicate the historical hangover that still looms over many institutions and books, that Native American cultures were primitive, or “simple”, according to the researchers. The Poverty Point archaeological site in northern […]

Exclusive: We’ve Obtained Biden’s 9-Point Plan To Fix The Mess In Afghanistan

We’re real journalists at The Bee, which means we have anonymous sources at the White House. Our anonymous source — let’s just call him Bob — managed to acquire Biden’s 9-point plan for saving face and righting the ship in Afghanistan. Here it is! Thanks, Bob! 1. Sign an executive order on climate change. – Biden […]

What is the point of the human race?

Please excuse me if this article is somewhat discomfiting.  However, I think the question I am asking is important. Human beings seem to assume that there is a purpose to their existence.  For many centuries, they have assumed that God (or some higher being) caused their existence.  Therefore, since this higher being must have had […]

40 FBI Agents Hold 11 Year Old Girl at Gun Point Because Parents Attended Protest at Capitol

A team of 40 armed FBI agents held an 11-year-old girl at gunpoint while raiding her family’s Georgia home because her parents had attended the January 6 protest at the Capitol. The agents, who arrived in four armoured vehicles, broke into the property about five miles north of Covington in Newton County on August 10, […]

Swan Point Alaska’s Unique Stone Tools Are Proof of Beringia Theory

Swan Point is an archaeological site located in the Tanana Valley, in the US state of Alaska. The site is notable for containing evidence of human occupation dating as far back as 14000 years ago, which is currently the oldest in the northern part of the Americas. Swan Point was occupied over a long period […]

Will the Coup in Burma Be a Turning Point for the Rohingya People

Commentary The coup d’état in Burma (also known as Myanmar), earlier this year, may have dismantled the fragile foundations of the country’s democratic government, but the ensuing rise of a fervent pro-democracy civilian movement could be a turning point for the Rohingya population. Burma was thrown into disarray on Feb. 1, when the Tatmadaw, Burma’s […]

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