Progressive coalition proposes 10-point agenda to counter fascism in 2024 election

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As the 2024 presidential election horizon draws near, a chorus of progressive voices has coalesced to confront what they perceive as an unprecedented threat to American democracy. Spearheaded by a coalition of national advocacy groups, including Our Revolution, Progressive Democrats of America (PDA), and the State Democratic Party Progressive Network, a bold 10-point policy agenda has been unveiled, aiming to galvanize President Joe Biden’s administration against the specter of fascism, with Donald Trump’s potential candidacy casting a long shadow over the electoral landscape.

The coalition’s initiative emerges amid a volatile political milieu, marked by the resurgence of authoritarian ideologies and the erosion of democratic norms. The agenda is not just a policy blueprint but a clarion call for urgent action to safeguard the foundational principles of freedom and democracy that are perceived to be under siege.

At the heart of the platform is a pressing call for Biden and the Democratic Party to adopt a more assertive stance against fascism, emphasizing the need for educational campaigns to illuminate the public on the perils posed by authoritarian movements, including the ominous undertones of Project 2025—a blueprint for a potential second Trump administration. This first plank underscores a strategic pivot towards more combative messaging, aiming to counteract the rise of extremist ideologies.

The agenda also ventures into the legislative arena, advocating for pivotal reforms that promise to reshape the political landscape. Among the key proposals is the push for filibuster reform, a move designed to dismantle procedural barriers that have long stymied progressive legislation. Additionally, the call for implementing term limits for Supreme Court justices echoes growing concerns over the judiciary’s influence on the democratic process.

Central to the platform is the imperative to fortify the edifice of democracy through robust voting rights legislation. In an era marred by widespread voter suppression efforts, predominantly orchestrated by Republican operatives, this plank aims to reinvigorate the democratic ethos by ensuring unfettered access to the ballot box for all citizens.

The coalition’s vision extends beyond the immediate political fray, addressing systemic issues that underpin societal inequities. The agenda’s forthright stance against the privatization of public goods signals a commitment to reclaiming essential services from the clutches of corporate interests, championing the public’s right to accessible healthcare and housing.

Amidst a backdrop of escalating economic disparities, the coalition does not shy away from the contentious issue of wealth redistribution. The advocacy for a substantial hike in the federal minimum wage, coupled with a clarion call for tax reform targeting billionaires and corporations, encapsulates a broader ambition to recalibrate the scales of economic justice.

In a bold repudiation of corporate influence in politics, the agenda demands the overturning of the Citizens United decision, a landmark Supreme Court ruling that unleashed a torrent of unlimited political spending by corporations, eroding the integrity of the democratic process.

Addressing the burgeoning crisis of student debt, the coalition champions the cancellation of student loans and the establishment of tuition-free public colleges, envisaging a future where higher education is a right, not a privilege.

The healthcare debate finds resonance in the agenda’s call for an expansion of Medicare benefits, underscoring the coalition’s commitment to universal healthcare as a cornerstone of a just society.

The existential threat of climate change is met with an unyielding resolve as the agenda advocates for the declaration of a climate emergency, urging immediate and decisive action to confront the burgeoning ecological crisis.

In a poignant nod to international human rights, the coalition takes a stand on U.S. foreign policy, advocating for a conditional approach to aid to Israel, aligning American support with adherence to humanitarian principles.

The coalition is gearing up to present this comprehensive agenda to the Democratic Party Platform Committee, aiming to influence the party’s direction ahead of the Democratic National Convention in August. This concerted effort is not merely a policy push but a bid for unity, seeking to rally progressive electoral support around a shared vision for a more equitable, just, and democratic America.

As the political tides ebb and flow, the coalition’s 10-point agenda stands as a testament to the progressive movement’s resilience and its unwavering commitment to steering the nation away from the precipice of authoritarianism. In the words of a coalition spokesperson, “The stakes could not be higher, and the time for action is now. Our democracy hangs in the balance, and together, we must rise to the challenge of our times.”


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