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Prophetic Signs, Tsunami Prediction, the Georgia Guidestones, and the House of Rothschild

  The Georgia Guidestones and their connection to the House of Rothschild: (NOTE:  Rosette Delacroix is writing from a Nordic pagan perspective, which actually parallels the Christian Bible, because the Nordic pagans are, in fact, a remnant of the paganized Israelites that came to inhabit Europa.  Rosette does not realize that the Bible IS NOT […]

Can You Spot All The Signs Of Racism In This Patriotic Picture?

Racism is everywhere — especially on July 4th! To be a good anti-racist, you must train yourself to see racism everywhere and then loudly and obnoxiously point it out to everyone you meet. Source

UK signs US border deal to share police biometric database

The UK has signed up to a US plan for sharing police-held biometric data about citizens with US border officials. Source

Mars Has So Much Radiation, Any Signs of Life Would Be Buried Six Feet Under

Mars Has So Much Radiation, Any Signs of Life Would Be Buried Six Feet Under MICHELLE STARR   28 JUNE 2022 The search for life on Mars may have just gotten a whole lot more complicated. While rovers such as Curiosity and Perseverance scour the surface looking for traces of ancient life, new evidence reveals […]

Biden Signs Order Supporting Gender Surgery, Promises ‘If You Like Your Genitals You Can Keep Your Genitals’

WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Biden made significant progress in transgender rights this week by signing an executive order that allows the Affordable Care Act to cover gender transition surgery and hormone therapy. Biden signed the order while surrounded by a number of drag queens and reportedly told reporters that “if you like your genitals, you […]

Rhode Island Gov. Signs Bill Giving Residents 6 Months to Surrender ‘High-Capacity’ Mags

Rhode Island Gov. Dan McKee (D) signed legislation this week banning ammunition magazines that hold more than ten rounds and giving current owners of said magazines six months to surrender them.

Ron DeSantis Signs Measure Outlawing Protests Outside of Floridians’ Homes: Sending ‘Unruly Mobs’ Is ‘Inappropriate’

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) on Monday signed legislation outlawing protests outside of Floridians homes — a move made in the wake of activists protesting in front of the homes of Supreme Court justices, forcing some of them, such as Justice Samuel Alito, to move to undisclosed locations.

Sweden Officially Signs Formal NATO Membership Request, Ends 200 Years of Neutrality

Sweden on Tuesday signed a formal request to join NATO, a day after the country announced it would seek membership in the military alliance.

18 Signs That Food Shortages Will Get A Lot Worse As We Head Into The Second Half Of 2022

If you think that things are bad now, just wait until we get into the second half of this year.  Global food supplies have already gotten very tight, but it is the food that won’t be produced during this current growing season in the northern hemisphere that will be the real problem.  Worldwide fertilizer prices […]

Brian Kemp Signs Bill Making Georgia 25th Constitutional Carry State

Gov. Brian Kemp (R) signed legislation Tuesday making Georgia the 25th constitutional carry state in the Union. To put it another way, half of U.S. states are now constitutional carry states. Governor Kemp singing SB319 Permitless Carry. #gapol — GA2A (@GA2Aorg) April 12, 2022 FOX 5 Atlanta reports that Kemp signed the bill and […]

Iowa governor signs bill targeting Ben & Jerry’s over Israel, adopts controversial antisemitism definition in state

This week Iowa’s GOP Governor Kim Reynolds signed two bills into law related to Israel. One targets companies outside the United States that “boycott” Israel. The other adopts the controversial International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) working definition of antisemitism across the state. It was an honor to host Yinam Cohen, Israeli Consul General to the […]

10 Signs the War in Ukraine is Part of the Great Reset

Welcome to the second phase of the Great Reset: war. While the pandemic acclimatised the world to lockdowns, normalised the acceptance of experimental medications, precipitated the greatest transfer of wealth to corporations by decimating SMEs and adjusted the muscle memory of workforce operations in preparation for a cybernetic future, an additional vector was required to accelerate the […]

Iran signs draft status for full SCO membership

Iran signs draft status for full SCO membership – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN — Following consultations between authorized representatives of the member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and Iran, a signing ceremony was arranged for Iran’s membership protocol in Tashkent on Friday. The document approved the draft memorandum of obligations of the Iranian side in […]

WHO Signs Contract For Global Vaccine Passport System & The US Gov Verifiably Has Biolabs In Ukraine

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Subscribe: Email | RSS Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (3/8/22). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for […]

Putin Signs Countermeasure Decree Limiting Russian Exports After Biden’s Russian Oil Import Ban

Russia’s RIA news agency is reporting that the new decree blocks all exports and raw materials from Russia “of certain materials” – with state media reports noting the specific list will be made public in two days. Details remain vague and murky, with the below rush machine translation of the RIA story reading as follows… […]

8 Telltale Signs Your College Professor Is A Secret Conservative

Brought to you by: College is hard enough without having your progressive values challenged. It’s important to make sure that your learning space is a safe and equitable environment. There’s nothing worse in life than a micro-aggression under the guise of an opinion. Here are eight things to keep an eye out for when starting a […]

We are now witnessing the early signs of the dreaded vaccine zombie apocalypse: Raging “mask Karens,” personality changes, violent behavior and animalistic lower brain stem lunacy

In the first place, NOT ONE, NO “governmnet” or “governmnet” “health organization” world wide, can or will produce a scientifically isolated, identified, reproducible stand alone sample of a SARS-Cov-02 “virus” this whole scamdemic was based on using the now admitted worthless PCR “test” to identify people “infected” with a “virus” no one can produce a […]

7 Prophetic Signs That Trump Will Be Named President In 2022

Brought to you by: We know that Donald Trump is the rightful president of these United States, but ‘normal people’ seem to think he lost an election or something. As the time draws near for our God-Emperor to finally stop the steal, keep an eye out for these prophetic signs that we are truly on […]

Ohio Governor Signs ‘Born Alive’ Abortion Bill Into Law

The Republican governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine, signed into law a measure to criminally penalize doctors who don’t provide medical care to babies born alive after an abortion attempt. Ohio Senate Bill 157, also referred to as The Born Alive Infant Protection Act, “creates protections for children who are born alive after a failed abortion […]

Another Erdogan Assassination Attempt Foiled; All Signs of a False Flag!


Ten signs why this isn’t a real pandemic

29 nov 2021, 1. In times of a pandemic, it is commonplace to reassure the public. This is because panic and despair cause adverse effects on human health and cognitive capacities as excessive stress increases cortisol and blood sugar levels ( This has been known for decades, yet media and politicians keep the public in […]

She’s Back! Doritos Signs 12-Year Contract With Aunt Jemima

U.S.—After a brief hiatus amid racial tensions and increased anti-ethnic-mascot sentiment, the beloved Aunt Jemima is back, having signed a new 12-year contract with Frito-Lay.  “We are proud to announce that Aunt Jemima will be the smiling face of our products for the foreseeable future,” said Frito Lay CEO Bob Chippington. “At a time when mascots of […]

10 Signs Your Church May Be Going Woke

A lot of churches are going woke these days. From gender ideology to CRT and even worse stuff like changing the color of the carpet, churches are changing to get with the times. And it’s not good, bucko! Is your church in danger of becoming woke? Look for these ten warning signs: 1. Your pastor […]

Biden signs $1T infrastructure bill with bipartisan audience

President Joe Biden signed his $1 trillion (€880 billion) infrastructure deal into law Monday on the White House lawn, hailing it as an example of what bipartisanship can achieve. The president hopes to use the law to build back his popularity, which has taken a hit amid rising inflation and the inability to fully shake […]

Can You Spot All The Signs Of Racism In This Ordinary Picture Of A Highway?

Racism is baked into the very asphalt of our highways, Pete Buttigieg tells us. And, like good American citizens, we believe everything an unelected bureaucrat tells us. So, we found a picture of an ordinary U.S. highway and started looking at it through our racism goggles. We found no fewer than 177 instances of racism! Here’s the […]

Woman’s Entire Personality Just Sassy Hobby Lobby Signs

MIDWEST CITY, OK—According to sources close to local woman Winona Sharp, the woman’s whole personality is made up entirely of Hobby Lobby signs with sassy sayings on them. From signs reading “All I Need Is a Whole Lot of Coffee and a Little Bit of Jesus” to tin placards with the witty phrase “Wash your […]

Man Showing No Signs Of Repentance In His Life Still Pretty Sure He’s One Of The Elect

Man Showing No Signs Of Repentance In His Life Still Pretty Sure He’s One Of The Elect GRAND CEDAR, OR—Local man Henry Paulson is pretty sure he’s one of the elect despite showing no signs of repentance, faith, love for the believers, love for God, desire to read God’s Word, or sanctification. “Yeah, I’m a […]

10 Signs You Accidentally Started Watching A Christian Movie

Brought to you by: It’s happened to all of us: you’re looking for a quality movie to relax to after a long day at work. After a few minutes, you suddenly realize you’re not watching a Hollywood production, but a Christian movie. Oh no! You’ve been bamboozled! Thankfully, we at the Babylon Bee care for your […]

If you suspect you’ve suffered 1080 poisoning in NZ you can’t get tested, despite many DoC signs on poison drop sites saying if poisoning suspected contact the National Poisons Centre

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch HUMAN BEINGS FALL BETWEEN THE CRACKS WHEN IT COMES TO 1080 POISON by Carol Sawyer I did a post earlier today about the Ministry of Primary Industries’ Official Information Act response to an OIA request. Their response (see below) quoted the Animal Welfare Act. The AWA said “If a non-target animal […]

Joe Biden Responds to ‘F*ck Joe Biden’ Signs in Michigan: ’81 Million Americans Voted for Me’

President Joe Biden responded to supporters of former President Donald Trump who welcomed the president to Michigan with anti-Biden signs. Biden reacted to a crowd of Trump supporters who flew signs that read “Fuck Joe Biden,” “Trump won,” and even a “Let’s Go Brandon!” sign from the viral meme over the weekend. Covering @joebiden’s visit […]

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