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Russia Warns That Belarus Could Enter Conflict in Ukraine

A Russian foreign ministry official said on Friday that Belarus may enter the conflict in Ukraine if Kyiv decides to “invade” either country. Russia used Belarus as a springboard to invade Ukraine in February 2022, and since October has deployed troops in Belarus for joint military drills. Both countries have since agreed to intensify their […]

US Forces Deploys Massive Forces to Romania to deter Russian aggression

U.S. troops are being told to prepare for an all-out war with Russia as tensions continue to mount between Washington and Moscow. The U.S.’s 101st Airborne Division has been deployed to Romania for the first time in 80 years. Trends Journal reports: The U.S. Army said in a statement in June that the division arrived […]

Russian troops discuss mass exodus from frontline in leaked calls as Putin faces mutiny

An intercepted phone call between a furious Russian soldier and his mother reveals that conditions on the frontline are rapidly deteriorating for Vladimir Putin’s men. The recent phone call, shared by CNN, signalled a growing move among Russian troops towards fleeing the military and its war in Ukraine. Vladimir Putin admitted on Wednesday that there […]

Pentagon agrees to contract Ukraine air defense systems for $1.2 billion

In the midst of Ukraine’s conflict with Russia, the US Army has revealed that Raytheon has been given a $1.2 billion contract to construct six National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile Systems (NASAMS) for Ukraine. The Department of Defense said on Wednesday that “work would be undertaken in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, with an expected completion date of November […]

Putin fearful of Ukraine’s retribution as bomb shelter signs erected across Russia

    Vladimir Putin is showing signs of fear in the face of potential air strikes from Ukraine as Russia has erected bomb shelter signs across the country, reports claim. Signs have been seen in Belgorod, only 25 miles from Ukraine, and Rostov-On-Don, 400 miles away, as well as Novokuznetsk, an industrial city in Siberia […]

CIA Seeking To Recruit Russians ‘Disgusted’ By Putin’s War

The Central Intelligence Agency is seeking to tap Russians as potential spies who are “disgusted” with Putin’s war in Ukraine, The Wall Street Journal reported this week, as part of a new push to bolster its ranks of Russian assets. The CIA’s deputy director of intelligence David Marlowe, who has been in the post since June 2021, said […]

UK confronts Russia at G20 summit: ‘Get out of Ukraine and end this barbaric war!’

Rishi Sunak confronted Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov at the G20 summit overnight, telling him to ‘get out of Ukraine and end this barbaric war’. In the first face-to-face clash between a British Prime Minister and a senior Kremlin figure since the war began, Mr Sunak said the ‘Putin regime’ had turned Russia into a […]

UN to officially Order Russia to pay War Reparations to Ukraine

The UN’s General Assembly has approved a resolution calling for Russia to be held accountable for its invasion of Ukraine and violating international law, despite despot Vladimir Putin’s best efforts at avoiding repercussions for starting the war. Such repercussions include reparations paid by the dictatorship. The General Assembly is distinct from the 15-member Security Council, […]

‘Russia will fall apart’: Putin faces political anarchy as civil war & ethnic revolts loom

Russia is careering towards a bloody civil war and nationalist uprisings that could lead to the breakup of the country and the emergence of 30 to 40 new states, according to a Bashkir independence leader. Vladimir Putin’s ill-fated decision to invade Ukraine has poured fuel onto the flames of separatist causes throughout Russia, particularly in […]

1,500 graves found near Mariupol, at least 25,000 Ukrainian civilians slaughtered there by Russia

Hundreds of freshly-dug graves have appeared at a mass burial site near the Ukrainian city of Mariupol as the death toll from Russia’s siege continues to grow. Some 1,500 new pits appeared in satellite images taken of Staryi Krym, around five miles from the centre of Mariupol, between late June and mid-October. Witnesses say Russian […]

‘Putin doesn’t stand a chance’ as Russia’s economy too small to take on NATO

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has contributed to a worldwide economic crisis and brought Europe closer to a continent-wide conflict. Vladimir Putin has drastically reduced gas supplies to Europe – the EU previously imported 40 percent of its gas from Moscow. In October, Russia was accused of being behind the explosion of the Nord Stream 2 […]

Chabad-Lubavitch organization urges Jews to flee Russia

The Jewish Chabad-Lubavitch movement is singled out as a dangerous sect when Russia is to “de-satanize” Ukraine. This has led to Moscow’s former chief rabbi now calling on Jews to leave Russia, the Times of Israel reports. Aleksey Pavlov, deputy secretary of the Russian Security Council, argued earlier this week that it is necessary to […]

Russian Fighter Jet Crashes into Apartment Building, Killing 15 Civilians

The Russian Su-34 which smashed into an apartment block last week in a huge fireball killing 15 people malfunctioned after seagulls entered the engine, investigators have said. The fighter-bomber was taking off from an airfield in the southern Russian city of Yeysk, near the border with Ukraine, on Monday evening when it plunged from the […]

Zelensky Calls on the Entire World to Annihilate Russia if they Use Nukes

    Vladimir Zelensky, president of Ukraine, said this week that if Russia chose to use nuclear weapons on Kiev, the world should make it known that it would be met with an immediate military response. The head of Ukraine claimed that Moscow only speaks the language of force and has been utilizing “terrorist” blackmail […]

More Civil Wars in Russia: Turks Demand Independene from Russia, Threaten with Internal War

    Vladimir Putin is facing a serious political mutiny, after Bashkiri nationalists called for independence from Russia. The demand for independence poses a threat to Russia’s territorial integrity and could encourage other rebellious regions to follow suit. The Bashkirs are one of the 193 ethics minorities that populate Russia and are of Kipchak Turkic […]

EU Issues Dire Threat to Putin: If you Nuke Ukraine we will Annihilate your army!

    Vladimir Putin has been warned by the European Union’s top diplomat the Russian Army would be “annihilated” if it follows through with threats of a nuclear attack against Ukraine. Tensions have exploded over fears Russia could use a tactical nuclear weapon in Ukraine, with Putin issuing threats as he staged the annexation of […]

RED ALERT: Putin Sends Iodine Pills and Radioactive Suits to Soldiers, He’s Getting Ready to Nuke Ukraine!

Satellite photos taken by the company revealed the presence of four TU-160s at the base on August 21 and three TU-95s on September 25th. Vladimir Putin has sent a fleet of bombers to a military base housing a large supply of nuclear weapons, sparking fears of World War 3. The Russian President has upped the […]

Russian Rap Singer Called to Recruitment, Commits Suicide: ‘I will not kill my own kind!’

A Russian rapper killed himself to avoid being conscripted to fight in Vladimir Putin’s barbaric war in Ukraine amid an exodus sparked by the Kremlin dictator’s chaotic partial mobilisation – as thousands of Russian men, women and children flee across the border to neighbouring countries including Georgia. Ivan Vitalievich Petunin, who went by the stage […]

Putin now has his eyes on Moldova’s Transnistria, expert says

This week, Russian president Vladimir Putin declared the accession of four Ukrainian territories to Russia after referendums that have been dismissed as sham votes. The ceremony held in Moscow to celebrate the occasion was branded a “freak show” by Ukraine’s leaders, but Putin says this was the will of “millions of people.” Russia’s military has […]

Greece joins World in condemning Russian annexation of Ukrainian territories

Greece joined a host of countries in condemning the Russian annexation of Ukrainian territories with the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, declaring on Friday that Greece “will never recognize the illegal annexation of Ukraine’s territories,” adding that “Russia is undermining the rules-based international order and violating the fundamental rights of Ukraine to independence and sovereignty,”… […]

US Embassy in Russia warns Americans to Leave Immediately to Avoid being Conscripted in Putin Army

To avoid being enlisted in the Russian military, US citizens in Russia are encouraged to leave the nation as soon as possible, the US Embassy in Moscow said in a security notice on Tuesday. The embassy issued a warning that Russian authorities may refuse to recognize those who hold dual Russian-US citizenship and may prevent […]

Coast Guard Spots Chinese, Russian Warship Formation Off Alaska

The US military revealed Monday that earlier this month a US Coast Guard had ship embarked on a routine patrol in the Bering Sea and its crew was surprised to come across a Chinese PLA Navy guided missile cruiser. But more rare and unexpected was that the Coast Guard soon discovered the Chinese ship wasn’t […]

NATO warns Russia not to Resort to Nukes in Ukraine or Else they will Respond with Nukes Too

Nato chief Jens Stoltenberg has threatened Vladimir Putin with ‘severe consequences’ if he used nuclear weapons on Ukraine. Fears are growing that Russia is seeking to escalate the conflict as its invasion falters. It comes as Kremlin-installed authorities in four Ukrainian regions under its control claimed victory in annexation votes yesterday, with Moscow warning it […]

Japanese diplomat is ‘blindfolded and pinned down’ while being interrogated by Russian agents

Japan on Tuesday demanded Russia apologise for detaining a diplomat over alleged espionage, denying the charge and accusing Moscow of blindfolding and pinning the man down in ‘unbelievable acts’. Motoki Tatsunori, a Japanese diplomat based in the eastern city of Vladivostok, was deemed ‘persona non grata over illegal intelligence activities’, top government spokesman Hirokazu Matsuno […]

Russian soldiers forced to use ‘rusty and moldy’ weapons from ‘Somali pirates’ in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin announced a “partial” mobilisation on September 21 with 300,000 reservists to be called up – but reports said up to one million people could be enlisted. Russian soldiers have reportedly been sent to war with “rusty and mouldy” weapons. After Vladimir Putin announced a “partial” mobilisation earlier in September, thousands of Russians have […]

Russia sends more troops at Georgian border to stop Men from Fleeing as 260K Already Fled

Russian troops have been deployed near the border with Georgia today even as the Kremlin tries to stamp out rumors that Putin is about to introduce martial law and ban people from leaving in order to avoid being conscripted into the army. Many are fleeing to Finland as well, about 17,000 already fled to Finland. […]

Ukraine Threatens 5-Year Prison Sentence for Anyone Voting in ‘Sham Referendums’

    Starting last month Ukrainian lawmakers began seeking to implement severe consequences for those participating in Russia-sponsored referendums in occupied territories of Ukraine. For example, a law is being pushed through parliament which criminalizes obtaining a Russian passport in temporarily occupied territories, Ukrainian sources reported last week, according to Yahoo News. Proposed possible punishments […]

Ukraine Shoots Down Multiple Iranian-made Russian Drones

    Dictator buddies Putin and Rouhani Iran is believed to be providing Moscow with hundreds of drones following extraordinary losses suffered by Russia during the invasion of Ukraine. So-called “suicide drones” have been used by both sides to devastating effect. Ukraine’s air force claimed to have shot down four Iranian suicide drones in the […]

Russian Military sent to Borders to Intercept and Stop Men from Fleeing the Country

Home » Europe, Wars / Conflicts » Russian Military sent to Borders to Intercept and Stop Men from Fleeing the Country     Fears are growing that Putin may close the borders to fighting aged men in Russia who try to flee from his new demands to mobilise 300,000 men to fight in Ukraine. British […]

Classified Decree Exposed: Russia’s Military Draft is Not 300,000 But Actually 1 Million!

    Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing to call up one million Russian soldiers to fight in the war in Ukraine, a Russian newspaper has claimed. The report comes after military analysts identified a classified paragraph in Putin’s “partial-mobilisation” decree. In a televised address to the nation on Wednesday, the Russian President announced a […]

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