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Ex-Wagner fighters Join Free Russia Army’s Battle to Liberate Russia from Putin Occupation

Amid the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, ethnic Russian volunteer forces have declared their determination to continue their campaign on Russian territory, even as they battle on behalf of Ukraine with the goal to liberate Russia from Vladimir Putin’s dictatorship. Led by Denis Kapustin, the Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK) includes former fighters from the […]

US should ‘liberate Canada from Trudeau’

READ HERE: The US should send troops across its northern border to “liberate” Canada from under the yoke of Justin Trudeau, Fox News host Tucker Carlson said on his daytime show. Trudeau, who ordered a draconian crackdown on anti-lockdown protesters last year, is letting his country “become Cuba,” Carlson added.   Source

Ukraine Vows to Liberate Kherson from Russia by September

Ukraine will liberate the city of Kherson from Russian occupation by September, a senior official has predicted, saying a ‘turning point’ in the war has been reached. Kyiv’s army is ‘switching from defensive to counteroffensive actions’ with the southern city of Kherson as their main target, according to Serhii Khlan, an aide to the region’s […]

DeSantis Leads Florida Military Into Germany To Liberate Unvaccinated Concentration Camps

DeSantis Leads Florida Military Into Germany To Liberate Unvaccinated Concentration Camps GERMANY—Thousands of Florida State Guard Soldiers were seen landing on German beaches this week, following orders by Governor DeSantis to liberate the concentration camps filled with unvaccinated German citizens. “Och nein! Ze Florida Men are here!” cried the German army, as they abandoned the beach and […]

Message to Palestinian leadership: Biden is not our ally, only the people will liberate Palestine

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s visit to the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah was not welcome by the average Palestinian citizen in Gaza. What we needed from our leadership was a wholehearted demand to immediately end U.S. imperialism, but instead we got handshakes that amounted to little more than talks between the landlords and the […]

معركة تحرير مأرب… أهميتها وتداعياتها The battle to liberate Marib … its significance and repercussions

** Please scroll down for the English Machine translation ** حسن حردان طرح البدء بمعركة تحرير مدينة مأرب، التساؤلات حول مدى أهميتها وتداعياتها على مسار الحرب والتسوية السياسية ومستقبل اليمن، لا سيما أنّ التقدّم الكبير الحاصل في الميدان الذي يحققه تحالف اللجان الشعبية والجيش اليمني قد أدّى إلى رفع منسوب درجة اهتمام الدول الغربية بمجرياتها.. لما لذلك […]

Yemeni Armed Forces, Allies Will Soon Liberate Marib, Other Regions – Ansarullah Official

By Staff, Agencies A high-ranking member of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council says Yemeni armed forces and their allied fighters from Popular Committees will soon liberate the strategic central province of Marib as well as other regions from the grip of Saudi-led coalition forces and their mercenaries. “God willing, Marib and other regions will be liberated […]

This Passover, We Must Liberate Free Speech From the Bondage of Fear

One of the biggest fears in America today is the fear of saying the wrong thing. Say something delicate or controversial that may not fit the mainstream narrative, and you open yourself up to social media mobs whose expertise is to take down, or “cancel,” anyone with whom they disagree. Most people I speak to, from […]

We demand the landing of an Iranian “Normandy” in Jerusalem and Sanaa, to liberate Palestine and Yemen نطالب بإنزال «نورماندي» إيراني في القدس وصنعاء لتحرير فلسطين واليمن…!

**English Machine translation Please scroll down for the Arabic original version ** We demand the landing of an Iranian “Normandy” in Jerusalem and Sanaa, to liberate Palestine and Yemen Mohammed Sadiq Al-Husseini As the first Americans demanded their right to independence from British colonialism and the expulsion of the occupiers from America in the nineteenth century, and the […]

Navalny sacrificed his freedom to liberate Russia; now he needs our help

Ten days ago, a man told reporters in Moscow that he was tired of being afraid. The man’s name is Sergei Radchenko. There’s no reason for this name to ring a bell: Radchenko is neither a known leader nor a celebrity of any sort. Yet on Saturday January 23, 2021, this ordinary man did something […]

One of the best musicians in Israel sings about the war to liberate Palestine

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Watch — Anti-Mask Shoppers March Through Target, Urge Others to Liberate Faces: ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It!’

A group of anti-mask demonstrators marched through a Florida Target to Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” encouraging others to liberate their faces by removing their masks. The group reportedly marched through a Target in Ft. Lauderdale on Tuesday, encouraging shoppers around them to take off their masks as well: [embedded content] “Alright. We’re tired […]

Turkey goes full Caliphate, Threatens to Occupy Jerusalem and Liberate Al-Aqsa Mosque from Jews

    Turkey is simply out of control… Islam is out of control and what is annoying is that nobody is doing anything about it. There is a lot of complaining and whining but nobody ever actually does something. Not even Israel which is usually more aggressive. Why isn’t Turkey kicked out of NATO?????????? Explain […]

Trump’s Plan to “Liberate the Country from Opioids” Instead Liberates Big Pharma from Oversight

WASHINGTON – In March, President Donald Trump outlined for the first time a broad plan aimed at combating the country’s opioid crisis, which kills an estimated 116 Americans every day. The plan, coming five months after he declared the epidemic a “national health emergency,” included an ad campaign discouraging drug use, expanding addiction treatment, and […]


Click to see the full-size image Late on April 28, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the Palestinian Liberation Army (PLA) and other pro-government factions continued their advance in the ISIS-held pocket south of the Syrian capital of Damascus capturing the districts of al-Asali, al-Qadam and al-Jourah, according to Syrian pro-government sources. The ISIS defense in […]

Exploding Fear in 5 Steps – How to Liberate Yourself from Fear in Any Situation

February 14th, 2018 By Open Contributing writer for Wake Up World Fear is what so frequently holds people back on the spiritual path. Fear of what might happen if you take a certain step. Fear of completely letting go and where that might lead. Fear of hurting others by being truly authentic. Fear invades the mind, emotions […]

Iraqi forces liberate last Daesh-held town near Syria border

Press TV – Iraqi armed forces have liberated Rawa, the last remaining town under the grip of the Daesh terror group, hours after they launched the offensive. Lieutenant General Abdul Ameer Rasheed Yarallah said in a statement from the Joint Operations Command on Friday that Iraqi forces “liberated Rawa entirely, and raised the Iraqi flag […]

Raqqa Destroyed to “Liberate It”. “ISIS was a Bogeyman Encouraged by Western Powers”

Raqqa Destroyed to “Liberate It”. “ISIS was a Bogeyman Encouraged by Western Powers” By Eric Margolis, The so-called Islamic State organization was primarily a bogeyman encouraged by the western powers.  I’ve been saying this for the last four years. I asserted, as a former soldier and war correspondent, that IS would collapse like a wet […]


Click to see the full-size map The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the National Defense Forces and some units of pro-government Shia militais, supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces, are rapidly advancing in the direction of the ISIS-besieged city of Deir Ezzor. Government forces have liberated the Nuzayrat Mount, the Adimah Mount and entered  the Nirman Mount area […]

Hezbollah and Syrian Army Liberate Large Islamic State Group Enclave: Nasrallah

One of the ways McMaster tried to persuade Trump to recommit to the effort was by convincing him that Afghanistan was not a hopeless place. He presented Trump with a black-and-white snapshot from 1972 of Afghan women in miniskirts walking through Kabul, to show him that Western norms had existed there before and could return. […]

Iraqi PM al-Abadi announces operation to liberate Turkmen city of Tal Afar from ISIS

nsnbc : In the early hours of Sunday, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced the start of operations by security forces to take the […]

Four Simple Hacks That Can Help Liberate Anyone From Experiencing Stress

Next Story This is an excerpt of a workshop coordinated by VÉRONIQUE BRASSELET and EMMA MILESI during the Heartfulness days at the Cité Internationale in Lyon in January 2016. The Heart’s Simplicity Reduces Stress Stress is everywhere in our daily lives. When it is positive (eustress), it is considered beneficial; when it is negative (distress), […]

Tiger Forces liberate key gas fields from ISIS along Raqqa-Homs border region: videos

BEIRUT, LEBANON (5:55 P.M.) – Minutes ago, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) scored another important victory in northern Syria, liberating an Islamic State (ISIL) controlled oil field in the Al-Raqqa Governorate. Led by their elite Tiger Forces, the Syrian Arab Army began the day by storming the Al-Fahd Oil Field and nearby Al-Fahd Oil Station; […]

Philippines army winning battle to liberate Marawi from Islamic State

     Philippines winning battle to liberate Marawi from ISIS, but long war against Jihadi terror group beckons. Latest reports from the embattled town of Marawi in the Philippines – stormed by ISIS fighters on Tuesday, and now the site of heavy fighting between ISIS and the Philippines army – suggest that the Philippines army is […]

Syrian forces liberate more than 5000 square kilometers of land: Entire southern countryside of Homs now freed, ISIS convoy gets destroyed

     Video footage has emerged, showing Syrian Army and its allies targeting a convoy of ISIS terrorists. According to the field reports, Syrian Forces targeted an ISIS convoy, consisting of dozens of vehicles, in Zaza Triangle area, located in the eastern countryside of Homs province. But this was of course not the greatest achievement of […]

South Korea: The Campaign to Liberate Rep Lee Seok-ki Imprisoned by Impeached President Park

Breaking: Iraqi forces liberate strategic airbase in west Mosul

BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:28 PM) – The Iraqi pro-government forces of the militia Al-Nujaba have reportedly made new gains against the Islamic State (ISIS), as they took control over several villages in Iraqs border region, moving towards Syria. While the Iraqi Ground Forces are currently securing the last pockets of the Islamic state in the latters […]

Iraqi forces liberate largest neighborhood in western Mosul

Press TV- Iraqi security forces have pushed deeper into western Mosul, liberating the largest neighborhood in the area in a major blow to the Takfiri Daesh terror group. Lieutenant General Abdul Amir Yarallah, the commander of ‘We Are Coming, Nineveh Operations,’ said Iraqi forces have completely recaptured the neighborhood of al-Tanak from Daesh on Tuesday, […]

Iran, S. Korea to deepen relationship based on common shared values

In the wake of lifting the international sanctions on Iran, 236 South Korean companies and organizations accompanied President Park Geun-hye’s state visit to Iran starting from May 1. The size of economic mission is larger than any other in the history of the nation. Back last year, Park visited the United States with 166 entrepreneurs […]

Israeli Rabbi calls for poisoning of Palestinian water supply

The foreign ministry of the Palestinian Authority (PA), Sunday, demanded the arrest of a Jewish Rabbi, who called on Israeli settlers to poison water used by Palestinians in hundreds of towns and villages across the occupied West Bank. The Palestinian national office for the defense of land and resistance of settlements warned of the dangers […]

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