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Torture chambers in Kherson are evidence of Russia’s cruel war crimes, say investigators

Ukrainian investigators say they are examining 300 cases of torture in Kherson. They have found cellars where civilians were starved, beaten and given electric shocks during Russia’s eight month occupation. Source

Remains of six people discovered in mass grave in Kherson, bodies show signs of torture

Euronews International Correspondent Anelise Borges spoke to two residents in the town of Pravdyne, after a common grave was discovered outside a destroyed house last week containing the remains of six people, allegedly killed by Russian troops. Source

War in Ukraine: Russian missiles hit Kherson killing at least four

At least 10 others were injured, according to the Ukrainian army. Source

Russia tries to regain lost territory in Ukraine with new bases near Kherson city

Russian forces in Ukraine continue defensive operations on the east bank of the Kherson region with new defensive positions southeast of the city and Zaozerne. Source

Ukraine: Zelensky Proclaims ‘Beginning of the End of the War’ in Formerly Occupied Kherson

President Volodymyr Zelensky visited the embattled region of Kherson, southern Ukraine, on Monday, declaring that the expulsion of Russian troops there was “the beginning of the end of the war” between the two countries. Source

Ukraine war: Zelenskyy visits Kherson; Russian soldier arrested; Biden-Xi summit

Here is our summary of all the latest news about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine Source

Sun Tzu Walks Into a Kherson Bar…

 NOVEMBER 10, 2022 PEPE ESCOBAR  The announcement of the Kherson Retreat may have signaled one of the gloomiest days of the Russian Federation since 1991. Leaving the right bank of the Dnieper to set up a defense line on the left bank may spell out total military sense. General Armageddon himself, since his first day […]

Russian Retreat From Kherson ‘Extraordinary Victory’ For Ukraine, Says Biden Official

National security adviser Jake Sullivan said Russia could now end the war by simply withdrawing from Ukraine. Source

Russia Claims All Troops Gone From Kherson In Southern Ukraine

Ukrainian officials were wary of the Russian pullback announced this week, fearing their soldiers could get drawn into an ambush in Kherson city. Source

Ukraine war: Russian ‘torture chambers’, Kherson ‘provocations’, fears on Ukraine-Russia border

1. Ukraine finds alleged Russian ‘torture chambers’ in Kharkiv region Ukraine claimed to have found makeshift prisons used by Russian forces to “torture” Ukrainian troops on Sunday.  President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said more than 10 “torture chambers” had been discovered in the Kharkiv region since the hasty withdrawal of Russian troops last week. Euronews cannot independently verify […]

Ukraine war: Kherson ‘successes’, Russian state TV ban call and nuclear plant inspections

1. Russian forces strike nearZaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, claims Ukraine Ukraine accused Russia of striking near Europe’s largest nuclear power station on Thursday. Ukrainian authorities claimed Russia had carried out artillery strikes against the city of Energodar where the Zaporizhzhia facility is located in southern Ukraine. Meanwhile, Russia claimed “saboteurs” sent by Kyiv had tried to […]

Ukraine war: Kherson counter-offensive, Kharkiv shelled again, and visa ban proves divisive

From France accusing Russia of using gas as a “weapon of war” to Zelenskyy telling Russian troops to “go home,” here are some of the most important news about the conflict on Tuesday, 30 August.

Ukraine war: Kyiv claims breakthrough in major new Kherson offensive

Ukrainian forces claimed to have ‘broken through’ Russian defences on Monday amid a new counter-offensive in the Kherson region.  The operation, launched yesterday, is aimed at pushing Russian troops back across the Dnipro river and retaking the occupied city of Kherson.  Intense battles are currently raging between Ukrainian and Russian forces across almost all of the […]

Ukraine Vows to Liberate Kherson from Russia by September

Ukraine will liberate the city of Kherson from Russian occupation by September, a senior official has predicted, saying a ‘turning point’ in the war has been reached. Kyiv’s army is ‘switching from defensive to counteroffensive actions’ with the southern city of Kherson as their main target, according to Serhii Khlan, an aide to the region’s […]

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