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Iranian president threatens to DESTROY ISRAEL if it tries to attack Iran again

(NaturalNews) Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has threatened to destroy Israel if it tries to attack Iran again.Raisi, who arrived in Pakistan on Monday, April… Source

Biden tries to appeal to union workers by bashing Trump for inheriting his wealth

President Biden worked to appeal to union workers Friday by bashing former President Trump for inheriting his wealth. The president painted a picture of his upbringing compared to Trump’s while talking at a Washington, D.C., conference for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), a big labor group that has endorsed his reelection bid. “Some… […]

WATCH! Woman wheels a CORPSE into a bank and tries to get him to ‘sign off’ a loan in her name while holding his head up in front of suspicious staff who ask why he looks ‘very pale’


As Ukraine defeat in Donetsk grows worse by the day, the EU tries to seal the Polish/Ukrainian border

There is no word about the Slovak border or the Hungarian border.  Slovakia elected Robert Fico who refuses to enter the war against Russia, and Hungary is very much in the same boat. The first part of the video describes the situation in Transdniestria and Moldova where Russia is clearly intending some military intervention which […]

Houthis Set Oil Tanker Ablaze While Biden Tries to Woo China

JANUARY 27, 2024 Source MIKE WHITNEY  On Friday, Houthi militants fired an anti-ship ballistic missile from mainland Yemen striking a British oil tanker and setting it ablaze. “US Central Command said the Marlin Luanda had issued a distress call and reported damage” but no casualties were reported. The attack represents a significant escalation in the […]

Palestinian American woman tries to save family in Gaza after her mom dies awaiting evacuation

We speak with Narmin Abushaban in Detroit whose mother died from lack of medical care while waiting to leave Gaza; she is working now to rescue the rest of her family members. Source

Gavin Newsom Tries to Gaslight the Public – Suggests Inflation is a Conservative Lie

Gavin Newsom Tries to Gaslight the Public – Suggests Inflation is a Conservative Lie Source

Watch: Antifa Guy’s Epic Fail When He Tries To Get Muslim Girls Onside With Child Sex Changes

By far the most hilarious and telling moment of the chaotic Pro-Palestine demonstrations in London this past weekend was a masked Antifa type attempting and failing to win support among some young muslim girls for child sex changes. The encounter happened when activist Chris Elston, also known as Billboard Chris, was accosted by the black garbed […]

Watch Live: Fed Chair Powell Tries Not To Break Anything

Watch Live: Fed Chair Powell Tries Not To Break Anything No change in policy rates… as expected; and a barely-changed statement, mean all eyes will be on Fed Chair Powell for the nuance leaning hawkish or dovish. With money markets and many Fed officials believing that the Fed is done with rate-hikes, Powell will not […]

House GOP passes Pentagon funding bill after failed tries

House Republicans late Thursday night approved legislation to fund the Department of Defense for fiscal year 2024, a success for GOP leaders after they decided to strip Ukraine funding from the legislation following two failed procedural votes. The chamber cleared the measure in a 218-210 vote. Approving the measure will not help Congress avert a… […]

AIPAC tries to distort and damage U.S. foreign policy beyond the Middle East

In the 1980s, AIPAC tried to weaken U.S. policy toward an African dictator. Is the pro-Israel warhorse deploying the same maneuver again today? Source

American Medical Association Tries to Save Face After Publishing Prof’s Article Calling for Public Funding of Uterus Transplants

By Kaia Lehenbauer One of the nation’s leading medical journals appears to be among the latest major institutions Source

‘I can’t get into people’s heads’: Kamala Harris tries to reshape her public image ahead of 2024

CHICAGO — Backstage, as she prepares for a not-so-intimate “fireside chat” about gun safety in front of hundreds of people, Kamala Harris is unscripted and seemingly at ease, no notes or teleprompter in sight. She’s comfortable offering condolences and counsel to those who’ve lost loved ones to gun violence — who stream in wearing red […]

No matter how hard the West tries, there is no order without Russia…

The protracted military-political crisis between Russia and Ukraine has been a hot topic on the world’s agenda for more than a year now. The author will not go back to the reasons that laid the foundation for this most extensive conflict in Europe since World War II. In short, the Collective West, led by the […]

Pentagon Tries To Make Silk Purses Out Of Pig’s Ears

Dying Empires are messy, pitiful yet dangerous beast. The bully who has been able to force others to do things his way because of his size and strength always comes to the place where his unrighteous living has sapped the strength of his youth, age has caught up with his body and younger folks start […]

Russia threatens to Nuke Ukraine if it tries to Recover Crimea

Dmitry Medvedev’s nuclear sabre rattling is not the first time the Kremlin has threatened the West with nukes over the war in Ukraine. Russia has insisted that a Ukrainian takeover of Crimea would justify the use of nuclear weapons by Russia. Security Council Deputy Head Medvedev has issued a barrage of such strongly-worded statements in […]

Watch: Ukraine man tries to save neighbour’s belongings from burning house after attack

Russian forces are targeting the town of Chasiv Yar, in eastern Ukraine, as Moscow looks to close pincers on Bakhmut. Source

Anti-Defamation League Tries to Quash Free Speech in Florida

The only difference between Barak and Biden is that Biden can’t dance. The ADL (Anti-Dissent League) manipulating the Florida Legislature to pass yet another “hate” bill. Why isn’t Talmudic hate speech ever presented in the Kosher press? Two rabbis declaring that Europe and America (White Christians) are Amalek and must be destroyed. Yahshua said:  “For […]

Antelope Tries To Outswim Crocodile In Pulse-Pounding Race To Survive

The chase was on in Botswana between the hungry reptile and the desperate buck. Source

Biden Tries Wearing Tan Suit To Distract From Scandals

WASHINGTON, D.C. — As investigators continue to find more and more classified documents in various Biden residences, the President attempted to divert attention from the scandal this morning by appearing in a tan suit. Source

France: Illegal Migrant Tries to Strangle Own Baby During Dispute at Immigration Office

An Algerian man yanked his child forcibly by the foot in front of his mother while in an unauthorized setting, after passing a rope around the child’s neck. The father was imprisoned pending trial. On Tuesday in Cenon, a renewal of identification cards nearly ended tragically (Gironde). According to a source policewoman at Le Figaro, […]

Exxon tries to block new EU windfall tax on oil companies

The US oil giant argues Brussels went beyond its legal authority by imposing the levy. Source

Russia tries to regain lost territory in Ukraine with new bases near Kherson city

Russian forces in Ukraine continue defensive operations on the east bank of the Kherson region with new defensive positions southeast of the city and Zaozerne. Source

Klaus Schwab tries to conceal WEF affiliation with Sam Bankman-Fried

The World Economic Forum, or WEF, is currently attempting to downplay its prior connections to Sam Bankman-Fried, the creator of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX Trading Limited, according to The New York Post. Sam Bankman-Fried is charged with major financial crime after at least $1 billion vanished from the collapsed cryptocurrency exchange FTX. The founder of […]

Netanyahu tries to secretly record meeting with US delegation

Israeli opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu placed cameras in the room where he met with a delegation of US senators, without informing them beforehand that the meeting’s venue would have recording equipment, Israeli website Walla News reported. A member of the American delegation noticed a video camera in the meeting room, which one of Netanyahu’s advisers […]

Joe Biden Tries to Walk Back Dark Speech: ‘I Don’t Consider Any Trump Supporter to Be a Threat’

President Joe Biden tried Friday to walk back his dark political speech from the night before after receiving considerable backlash for trying to portray supporters of former President Donald Trump as radical extremists who threatened the United States.

Video Captures Moment Man Tries to Shoot Argentina’s Vice President in the Face

Fernandez de Kirchner (pictured) was returning from court at the time of the attack. Photo by Tomas Cuesta/Getty Images Argentina’s Vice President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner survived an assassination attempt on Thursday night, after a man with a loaded gun tried to shoot her in the head at close range while she was greeting supporters in front […]

‘It’s Not Political, It’s His Duty’: Team Joe Biden Desperately Tries to Spin Partisan Speech

President Joe Biden’s staffers worked furiously Thursday night to combat accusations that his speech at Independence Hall was too partisan against “extreme” MAGA Republicans. The president repeatedly condemned “MAGA Republicans” and supporters of former President Donald Trump as violent extremists who represented a threat to American democracy. “Democracy is not a partisan or political issue,” […]

Ukraine Tries To Prevent IAEA Inspection Of The Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant

Over night the Ukrainian military, from positions in Vyshetarasovka, Nikopol and Marganets, again shelled the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant on the south side of the Kakhovka Dnieper reservoir.

Indonesia Tries to Calm Public on Monkeypox: ‘You’d Look Ugly, Definitely,’ but Survive

Indonesian Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin on Monday urged Indonesians not to worry about the recent global outbreak of monkeypox, noting at a press conference that while its signature sores would “definitely” make one “look ugly,” the disease has a low fatality rate. Source

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