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One of the major works of English political philosophy, Hobbes’ Leviathan was written during the English Revolution. It deals with the nature of sovereignty, how stable political power might be created, how wars might be avoided, and what is the proper relationship between a sovereign authority and the individual.   728 pages. The post THE […]

The WHO and Pandemic Response – Should Evidence Matter?

[Full PDF of report is available below] The Basics of Policy Development All public health interventions have costs and benefits, and normally these are carefully weighed based on evidence from previous interventions, supplemented by expert opinion where such evidence is limited. Such careful appraisal is particularly important where the negative effects of interventions include human […]


Riyadh has refuted Israeli media reports about its alleged participation in repelling Iranian drone and missile attack Source

Health: Factors, Paradoxes, and Dark Matter

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL Sixty years ago, the first of a remarkable series of articles appeared in the medical literature describing the curious lack of cardiovascular deaths in Roseto, Pennsylvania in comparison to surrounding towns. Roseto, Pennsylvania had been settled predominantly by immigrants from Roseto Valfortore, a small town in the region of Apulia […]

WHO Chief’s Dire Warning: Disease X Outbreak ‘A Matter of When, not If’

World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus has issued a new warning about the likelihood of Disease X breaking out, telling global world leaders it is “a matter of when, not if” a new pathogen and pandemic will strike. Source

Seattle To Pay Black Lives Matter Terrorists $10 Million in Reparations

The Democrat-run city of Seattle has agreed to pay violent Black Lives Matter rioters a whopping $10 million in reparations. “This decision was the best financial decision for the City considering risk, cost, and insurance,” […] The post Seattle To Pay Black Lives Matter Terrorists $10 Million in Reparations appeared first on The People's Voice. […]

‘Genocide’ is a word whose meaning should matter

If genocide no longer has meaning, then the slippery slope becomes a cliff.  Source

Comparing Coverage: Dublin riots vs Black Lives Matter

Last Thursday afternoon, news would spread throughout Ireland of a horrific knife attack on three young schoolchildren and their teacher outside a Gaelscoil (Irish-language school) in Dublin city centre. At the time of writing, the youngest of the victims, a five year old girl, remains gravely ill in hospital. With it soon emerging that the suspect was […]

‘Irish lives matter’ graffiti investigated as hate crime by police

Police in Northern Ireland have launched a hate crime probe after graffiti reading “Irish lives matter” was left on a wall in Belfast, a phrase thought to reflect anti-immigrant sentiment following several similar incidents in the area. The local authorities confirmed the vandalism in west Belfast on Wednesday, with police inspector Andrew Matson saying the […]

Federal Judge Says ‘Biological Differences Matter,’ Bans Biological Males From Women’s Sports

A federal court on Monday declared that “biological differences matter” while upholding a new Florida law that prevents biological males from competing in female sports, ruling that the state has a legitimate interest in “protecting […] The post Federal Judge Says ‘Biological Differences Matter,’ Bans Biological Males From Women’s Sports appeared first on The People's […]

Ron DeSantis got the popular Iowa governor’s endorsement. But does it really matter?

Landing Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds’ endorsement was the first bit of good news for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis seemingly in forever. Suddenly, the narrative surrounding his campaign wasn’t about his lagging fundraising or weak polling — or his rival Nikki Haley’s rise. Instead, as DeSantis joined Reynolds in front of crowds of supporters in the […]

Rep. James Comer Says The Bidens Will Be Subpoenaed In A Matter Of Days

Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, Rep, James Comer has made an regarding the investigation into Joe Biden’s shady financial dealings. During a recemt interview with Lou Dobbs on The Great America […] The post Rep. James Comer Says The Bidens Will Be Subpoenaed In A Matter Of Days appeared first on […]

Black Lives Matter Activist Jailed for Fraud After Spending Charity Donations on Herself

A Black Lives Matter activist from Bristol has been jailed for fraud after using donations intended for a children’s charity on herself. Source

UN Agency In Gaza Says Urgent Cease-Fire Is A Matter Of Life And Death For Millions Of Palestinians

Briefings to the Security Council painted a dire picture of the humanitarian situation in Gaza. Source

New study reveals melting ice shelves in Antarctica inevitable no matter the climate initiatives

The analysis shows the rate at which the melting of ice shelves floating in the Amundsen Sea in west Antarctica is three times faster in this century than the 20th century. Source

Coca-Cola CUTS TIES with Black Lives Matter over activist group’s support of Hamas

(NaturalNews) The Coca-Cola Company has cut ties with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement over the latter’s support of the Hamas terrorist group that attacked… Source

Jon Stewart show nixed by Apple TV+ over subject matter concerns

Comedian Jon Stewart’s show on Apple’s streaming service has been canceled due to creative differences and subject matter concerns, several people with knowledge of the decision said. The former “Daily Show” host and Apple TV executives decided to part ways, according to The New York Times, who first reported the cancelation. Taping for the third… […]

German Health Minister: “Only a Matter of Time Until The Next Pandemic Comes”

Germany’s Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach has declared that it’s “only a matter of time until the next pandemic comes”. He made his announcement while posing for a tweet alonside other smiling delegates at the opening […] The post German Health Minister: “Only a Matter of Time Until The Next Pandemic Comes” appeared first on The […]

Top Democrat Who Supported Black Lives Matter Shot Dead by Black Man

A top Michigan Democrat who was a vocal supporter of Black Lives Matter has been shot dead by a black teenager, according to reports. The 15-year-old asked Lansing Democrat Theodore “Ted” Lawson for a dollar […] The post Top Democrat Who Supported Black Lives Matter Shot Dead by Black Man appeared first on The People's […]

Black Lives Matter Organization Shows Support for Hamas Amid Terror Attack on Israel

Black Lives Matter Grassroots organization showed support for the Palestinian militant group Hamas on Tuesday as the terrorist group launched the deadliest attack on Jewish people since the Holocaust.  Source

Black Lives Don’t Matter To Israel And The West Turns A Blind Eye

In what has been almost completely ignored in Western corporate media, and by the US government, following a confrontation in Tel Aviv between Eritrean immigrant protesters and the police, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has openly called for the expulsion of African refugees. Despite a long history of racist abuse against black people and refugees […]

Don’t do it – no matter what the cost.

Forwarded this email? Subscribe here for more And So It Begins: Major Hospital Issues ‘Updated’ Covid Vaccine Mandate for Caregivers A major hospital network in the United States has issued a directive to caregivers requiring them to take the new “updated” mRNA Covid-19 vaccine recently approved by the FDA. LIONESS OF JUDAH MINISTRY SEP 16 READ IN […]

When In Rome: Legends – Fact Or Fiction, Does It Matter?

The Greeks exhibited an amazing aptitude for fashioning myths about gods and heroes. Not so the Romans, who failed to produce an independent mythological tradition.  Read more Section:  News Premium Preview Read Later  Source

Researchers Create Aerosolized mRNA COVID Vaccine|Facts Matter


Doesn’t Matter If You Lie, Cheat & Murder….Just WIN the Election & You’ll Get $$$$$ From U.S. & U.K.

ACH ACH (2225) Dr. Peter Hammond – The Real Story Of How The Recent Elections In Zimbabwe Were Stolen achitchcock Sep 1 In today’s show originally broadcast on September 1 2023, Andy is joined by Dr. Peter Hammond for a show entitled, “The Real Story Of How The Recent Elections In Zimbabwe Were Stolen.” We discussed: […]

“Black Lives Don’t Seem To Matter When Taken By Black Lives”: Maher, Rogan Go Off

“Black Lives Don’t Seem To Matter When Taken By Black Lives”: Maher, Rogan Go Off Joe Rogan and ‘old school Democrat’ Bill Maher have had it with progressive policies towards crime and policing, and the hypocrisy over ‘black lives’ when blacks are killing each other. “Murders have been happening way out of control in Chicago […]

“Black Lives Don’t Seem To Matter When Taken By Black Lives”

READ HERE:   Source

Oxford study shows ‘heat can lead to food insecurity in a matter of days’

“Policymakers across sectors should consider how the socioeconomic links between heat, health, income, and food insecurity can be integrated into research, heat action plans, food programs, and labor regulations.” Source

Why Flatulent Cows Matter

On the Elimination of Individual Thought and Dissent: Why Flatulent Cows Matter   “The goal is not the elimination of cows; it’s the elimination of thinking and dissent. If we keep the above in mind as a process rather than an intended outcome, we have a greater ability to focus on the critical issue. “To be sure, […]

Biden: My Kids Stop and Listen to Their Kids ‘No Matter What’ They’re Doing

During an interview with the “On Purpose with Jay Shetty” podcast released on Monday, President Joe Biden said that in his family, “whenever you wanted to speak to your mother and father…no matter what they were doing, they stopped” and Source

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