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Trump Calls for Liz Cheney and the Entire Jan. 6 Committee to Be Jailed

___ Source

Two Christians Jailed under Blasphemy Law in Uganda

Joseph Omadi was arrested in Soroti, Uganda on Nov. 21, 2023. (Morning Star News) NAIROBI, Kenya (Morning Star News) – Two evangelists in eastern Uganda will spend Christmas in jail, charged under a blasphemy law after Muslims upset at their street preaching beat them and summoned police, sources said. On the final day of a three-day […]

Dec 10 – Gonzalo Lira Jailed After Criticizing Biden

(left, Gonzalo Lira’s father interviewed by Tucker)  Gonzalo Lira Sr. tells Tucker his son was arrested four days after saying Biden won’t be candidate in 2024, and Harris is dumber than a fence post. The US Bolshevik ZOG junta must take responsibility for incarceration of an American citizen exercising free speech for the benefit of Ukrainians […]

British BLM Activist Jailed For Blowing €36,000 In Donations Intended For Youth Charity On Uber Eats & Clothes

By Thomas Brooke via Remix News A prominent Black Lives Matter activist in the United Kingdom who used Source

Black Lives Matter Activist Jailed for Fraud After Spending Charity Donations on Herself

A Black Lives Matter activist from Bristol has been jailed for fraud after using donations intended for a children’s charity on herself. Source

Report: Number of Palestinians JAILED in Israel soars to 10,000 in 2 weeks

(NaturalNews) Israel has arrested a huge number of Palestinians in the two weeks since the beginning of its bombing of the Gaza Strip, doubling the number of… Source

You Could Be Jailed For Deliberately Calling Someone By The Wrong Gender Pronouns Under Labour Govt

It has been revealed that deliberately calling someone by the ‘wrong’ gender pronouns could become a hate crime punishable by up to two years in prison under a Labour government, According to a report by […] The post You Could Be Jailed For Deliberately Calling Someone By The Wrong Gender Pronouns Under Labour Govt appeared […]

Jailed Iranian Activist Narges Mohammadi Wins Nobel Peace Prize

The winner of the Nobel Peace Prize was chosen by a panel of experts in Norway from a list of just over 350 nominations. Source

This ‘Cop City’ Protester Was Jailed, Lost Her Job, and Now Faces Terror Charges

After more than 20 years away from her childhood home, 49-year-old Priscilla Grim flew back to Atlanta from Brooklyn, planning to work remotely with her laptop from the forest in protest of the new “Cop City” police facility that would be built on that land. Instead, she lost her job, was put in jail for […]

Democrat J6 Prosecutor Who Jailed Trump Supporters ARRESTED for Stabbing Innocent Person

Democrat prosecutor Patrick Scruggs, who jailed Trump supporters who entered the Capitol on January 6, 2001, was arrested this week for stabbing an innocent driver on a bridge in Tampa, Florida. Patrick Douglas Scruggs, 38, […] The post Democrat J6 Prosecutor Who Jailed Trump Supporters ARRESTED for Stabbing Innocent Person appeared first on The People's […]

AG Garland Says Trump Supporters Need To Be Jailed To Prevent ‘Second Holocaust’

Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland on Wednesday called for the mass arrest of Trump supporters in America, warning that a ‘Second Holocaust’ could happen if they are allowed to remain free. The shocking comments were […] The post AG Garland Says Trump Supporters Need To Be Jailed To Prevent ‘Second Holocaust’ appeared first on The […]

Moscow Court Delays Decision On The Appeal Of Jailed WSJ Reporter Evan Gershkovich

The U.S. journalist last appeared in court in August when a judge ruled he must stay in jail until the end of November. Source

Christian Couple Jailed, Charged with Blasphemy in Pakistan

Badshahi Mosque, Lahore, Pakistan. (Romero Maia, Creative Commons) LAHORE, Pakistan (Morning Star News) – The three young children of a Christian couple jailed on baseless charges of desecrating the Koran in Lahore, Pakistan last week have no relatives to care for them and are extremely upset, a rights advocate. Shaukat Masih, 33, and his 28-year-old wife… […]

Zelensky’s billionaire backer jailed, now facing $13.5 million in fraud and money laundering charges

(NaturalNews) One of Ukraine’s top five richest citizens, who is behind President Volodymyr Zelensky’s rise to fame and power was arrested recently by the nation’s… Source

New energy bill could see Brits jailed for failing to comply with ‘cultish’ Net Zero regulations

U.K. businesses and homeowners could be jailed for up to a year or fined £15,000 for non-compliance with new energy efficiency regulations proposed by the Conservative government, which have been described by critics as a “massive expansion of the state and its power over our lives.” The Energy Bill, which returned to parliament for its […]

Afghan asylum seeker jailed for rape of 12-year-old schoolgirl in taxpayer-funded migrant hotel

An Afghan asylum seeker has been jailed in Britain for the multiple rape of a 12-year-old Albanian schoolgirl with learning difficulties while living in a taxpayer-funded London hotel. Sakhidad Ahadi was sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment at Croydon Crown Court after pleading guilty to one count of rape and being convicted of a second count […]

Jailed Palestinian activist denied chance to hug daughter by Israeli police

Jerusalemite activist Ramzi Abbassi has been held without charge since 02 April 2023, has been unable to see his family and was denied legal advice for months. Israeli police even stopped his excited daughter from hugging her father when she caught a glimpse of him before a court appearance. Source

1923: Russian Poet Sergei Yesinen Jailed For Noticing ‘Too Many Jews’ In Positions Of Power In Soviet Union

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency) It’s become common knowledge today that the so-called “Russian” Revolution wasn’t Russian at all — it was orchestrated and financed by alien international Jews — and one of the first laws they enacted was to make “antisemtism” a jailable or even capital offense — as the native Russian Poet, Sergei Yesinen, found […]

Jailed Russian Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny Is On Trial Again

Navalny has said the new extremism charges, which he rejected as “absurd,” could keep him in prison for another 30 years. Source

Supporters of jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny mark birthday with protests

Supporters of jailed Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny held protests in Russia and several European cities to mark his third birthday in prison. Supporters of jailed Russian opposition figure, Alexeï Navalny, held protests in Moscow, Germany, and elsewhere in the world on Sunday to show their support as the 47-year-old spent his third birthday in […]

Jailed Kremlin Critic Navalny Pokes Fun At Prison Officials With Demands Of Moonshine And A Kangaroo

MOSCOW (AP) — Imprisoned Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny released excerpts of his correspondence with prison administrators Friday, detailing his sarcastic demands for things like a bottle of moonshine, a balalaika and even a kangaroo. His requests were denied. Responses from prison officials, posted on his social media account apparently by his team, came after […]

A Math Professor Suggested a Jailed Jeffrey Epstein Give Him Money to Repair His Image in the Black Community

Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell pictured at a fundraiser at Cipriani Wall Street in 2005. Epstein died by suicide in jail while awaiting sex trafficking charges in 2019; Maxwell was convicted on trafficking and other charges and sentenced to 20 years. An associate professor of mathematics at Morgan State University, a public historically Black college, sent […]

Sydney man jailed over ‘senseless and cruel’ murder of Greek Australian after ‘trivial’ vendetta over fake sold on Facebook

The mother of a man murdered for the most trivial of reasons says the remorse of a man jailed for at least 12 years for her son’s death “means nothing”. Sami Hamdach, 30, had pleaded guilty to the murder of Ross Houllis, 28, who died in hospital three days after he was bashed on a suburban… […]

Netanyahu’s son: ‘Anti-government protesters are terrorists, must be jailed’

Yair Netanyahu, the son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has described Israeli protesters against his father as "terrorists" who "must be jailed," Israeli media reported on Friday. "They are not protesters. They are not anarchists either. They are terrorists," Yair posted on Twitter shortly after midnight on Thursday. "A violent underground has arisen here, […]

Greek MPs block jailed neo-Nazi from leading new party in election

Greece’s parliament on Wednesday approved a law barring the jailed ex-spokesman of neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn from heading a new nationalist party in upcoming national elections. The move has been controversial in Greece, with the country’s communist party saying the law would create a dangerous precedent for other parties, and legal experts warning it could […]

Ursula Haverbeck Will NOT be Jailed: Victory for International Protest

Ursula Haverbeck – the 94-year-old German scholar and publisher who was facing 12 months in prison for the ‘crime’ of raising questions about the ‘Holocaust’ – will not now be jailed, following a decision just announced in Berlin. Source

Pastor Jailed in Sudan for Prayer Meeting to Heal Mother

Al Jazirah state, Sudan. (TUBS, Creative Commons) JUBA, South Sudan (Morning Star News) – Authorities in Sudan on Nov. 21 arrested and jailed a church leader on charges of “witchcraft” for leading a prayer meeting for his ailing mother, sources said. Pastor Abdalla Haron Sulieman was leading a prayer meeting for his mother, who suffered from […]

Jailed Activist, Rights Groups Win Nobel Peace Prize For Work In Belarus, Russia, Ukraine

The laureates “have for many years promoted the right to criticize power and protect the fundamental rights of citizens” in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. Source

Venezuela Releases 7 Jailed Americans As US Releases 2 Prisoners

The group includes five oil executives who have been held for nearly five years. Source

Venezuela Releases 7 Jailed Americans; US Frees 2 Prisoners

WASHINGTON—Venezuela has freed seven imprisoned Americans in exchange for the United States releasing two nephews of regime leader Nicolás Maduro’s wife who had been jailed for years on drug smuggling conspiracy convictions, the White House said Saturday. The swap of the Americans, including five oil executives held for nearly five years, follows months of back […]

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