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Comet Leonard soars behind the plume from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope launch

Comet Leonard soars behind the plume from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope launch, as the bright green iceball passes by Earth for the first time in 70,000 YEARS Date: December 28, 2021Author: Nwo Report    Source: Shivali Best For MailonlineNASA explained: ‘Which one of these two streaks is a comet? Although they both have comet-like […]

Tulalip Flag Soars At Every Marysville School District Campus

Invisible no more. For the first time ever, the red, white and black colors of the Tulalip flag are soaring over every Marysville School District campus. Tulalip’s iconic orca was raised up at each elementary, middle school, high school, and even District headquarters during the week of November 17th. In each instance, the 3 foot […]

Democrats PANIC As ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Song Soars to #1 on U.S. Charts

The anti-Biden “Let’s Go Brandon” anthem has soared to #1 on the iTunes Charts, ranking above pop megastar Adele’s latest single. “Look at Australia, that’s what coming if we don’t stand up, stop complying with them taking our rights, it’s time to man up,” rapper Bryson Gray raps in the song. Last week, YouTube banned Gray’s music […]

Death Toll From Haiti Earthquake Soars To 1,297; Thousands More Injured

LES CAYES, Haiti (AP) — The death toll from a 7.2-magnitude earthquake in Haiti climbed to 1,297 on Sunday, a day after the powerful temblor turned thousands of structures into rubble and set off frantic rescue efforts ahead of a potential deluge from an approaching storm. Saturday’s earthquake also left at least 5,700 people injured […]

German generosity as number of Brits getting nationality in EU soars

The number of Britons getting their hands on citizenship from an EU country nearly doubled in 2019, latest data reveals. Eurostat figures released on Monday show that 29,800 Britons were naturalised in that year, compared with roughly 16,200 in 2018. In 2016, when Britons voted in favour of divorcing the EU fewer than 6,700 Brits […]

Bitcoin Hits $1 Trillion Market Cap, Soars To Another Record High

NEW YORK/LONDON (Reuters) – Bitcoin touched a market capitalization of $1 trillion as it hit yet another record high on Friday, countering analyst warnings that it is an “economic side show” and a poor hedge against a fall in stock prices. The world’s most popular cryptocurrency jumped to an all-time high above $54,000, setting it on course […]

Bitcoin soars 14% after Elon Musk namecheck on Twitter

Bitcoin jumped as much as 14% on Friday to a two-week high after Tesla Inc chief Elon Musk tagged the cryptocurrency in his Twitter biography. Musk wrote simply “#bitcoin” in his biography on the social media site. The world’s biggest cryptocurrency was up 10.2% at $36,901 as of 10:05 GMT. The billionaire entrepreneur, followed by 43.8 […]

Church Growth Soars in India Despite Persecution, COVID-19

Photo Credit: Hugo Fergusson/Unsplash India (Mission Network News) — For the second year in a row, Open Doors ranks India 10th on the list of countries where it’s most challenging to be a Christian. “But even [amid] that persecution, God grows and strengthens his Church,” says David Reeves, President and CEO of unfoldingWord. The resourcing […]

U.S. Auto Sales Jump 3% Higher as Demand Soars

Americans are buying cars and trucks at much faster pace than a year ago, suggesting that the surge in single-family home buying is spilling over into auto sales. Industry consultants J.D. Power and LMC Automotive said Wednesday that their estimate was for sales in October to be three percent higher than a year ago. That […]

Support for Scottish independence soars to 58% in new poll

Scottish support for independence has reached the highest level ever recorded – according to a new Ipsos MORI poll. 58% cent of respondents now say they’d back Scotland leaving the union. During the Scottish Independence Referendum in 2014, just over 44% of voters supported independence. Dr Kirsty Hughes, Director of the Scottish Centre on European […]

Israel faces shortage as demand for computers soars, pushing up prices

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Israeli high-tech company JFrog soars 55% on Nasdaq IPO

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Russian patriotism soars to 92%, highest level in 18 years

     The share of Russians who describe themselves as patriots is now at 92 percent, the highest number in 18 years, according to a public opinion poll conducted by the state-run agency VTSIOM. “In 2018 the share of Russian citizens who see themselves as patriots… was 92 percent, which is the highest in 18 years,” […]

Trump’s Approval Rating Soars To 50% – Higher Than Obama’s

President Donald Trump’s approval rating has soared to 50 percent – beating former President Barack Obama’s rating during the second year of his presidency. According to the latest Ramussen poll of American voters released on Monday, 50 percent of Americans approve of Trump’s job performance, whilst only forty-nine percent disapprove. reports: Trump’s remarkable milestone […]

As Markets Roar American Poverty Soars

Isaac Davis, Staff WriterWaking Times If you pay attention to the news you’ll hear all about great corporate earnings, the unbelievable stock market rally, the bitcoin hysteria,  and improving jobless numbers. Somehow, though, all of this information and good times reporting belies the truth, and below the radar of such an apparent boom is […]

Demand for anal bleaching soars by 23% as women follow in the footsteps of celebrities and porn stars

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Bitcoin Price Soars To $13,000 In Desperate Zimbabwe

    Those awaiting cash transfers at a bank may wait a month to be cleared and, even then, the transfer may be refused. The Standard, Zimbabwe’s leading Sunday newspaper, ran an article at the time entitled, “Black market thrives, as banks run dry.” Some highlights from […]

Despite JP Morgan Crusade, Bitcoin Price Soars To New Record High

Just a month after JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon slammed Bitcoin, calling the digital currency “a fraud,” the long-time cryptocurrency critic claims he won’t talk about it anymore, according to Bloomberg. “I wouldn’t put this high in the category of important things in the world, but I’m not going to talk about bitcoin anymore,” Dimon said Thursday […]

Japanese Bomb Shelter Demand Soars As Korea Tensions Mount

There has been a surge in the purchase of bomb shelters and radiation-blocking air purifiers in Japan. The threat of nuclear war between United States and North Korea and the constant testing of new ballistic missiles around the Sea of Japan has led to an escalation in sales. Get Global reports: According to a recent […]

Dollar Tumbles, Euro Soars After Obamacare Repeal Dies; China Intervenes To Halt Rout

Dollar Tumbles, Euro Soars After Obamacare Repeal Dies; China Intervenes To Halt Rout Zero Hedge July 18, 2017 Bulletin headline summary from RanSquawk The USD-index dropped to 10 month lows amid fading hopes of US reforms after Obamacare repeal effectively died last night. Soft CPI from the UK and NZ weigh on both currencies Looking […]

School Ditches Common Core then Soars to #1 in English Language Arts

Alex Pietrowski, Staff WriterWaking Times  The federally mandated, nationally standardized education program Common Core has many parents and teachers concerned. For starters, it imposes rigorous testing onto students, forcing curriculums to be molded around exams, not necessarily around learning or the development of critical thinking. Additionally, Common Core is part of a system developed […]

Florida School Ditches Common Core – Soars To Number One

A school in Florida that dumped the Common Core program in favor of traditional teaching methods has soared to the number one position in the State’s top schools list, according to government statistics. Mason Classical Academy, a charter school in Naples, Florida, decided against forcing kids to learn the Obama endorsed Common Core method of teaching, due […]

Photos: Iran’s Ahvaz soars to record-high temperature of 54°C

Mizan |Mohammadreza Salehi: People in the southwestern Iranian city of Ahvaz have been advised to stay at home after the temperatures hit the extremely high level of 54 degrees Celsius (129.2F), probably the hottest degree ever measures on Earth in modern times. The scorching temperature reading in Iran’s Ahvaz was brought about by a dome […]

UK: Knife Crime Soars to Five-Year High After Stop and Search Deemed ‘Racist’

Knife crime has soared since Theresa May kerbed police use of stop and search, a tactic that activists condemn as “racist” but which senior officers insist saves black lives. The year ending December 2016 saw 32,448 criminal offences involving a blade or other sharp weapon take place in Britain, a rise of 14 per cent from […]

FTSE Flounders as Sterling Soars

The FTSE 100 index is currently trading at 7,118.54 (Thursday April 20, 2017) after a shocking drop on Thursday April 13, 2017 when it was trading at 7,327.60. The recent performance of the FTSE 100 index has been lacklustre, given the strength of the GBP since PM May announced the snap […]

3 arrested in plot to harm Baton Rouge officers during protests

Police arrested three people after a pawn shop robbery Saturday night and uncovered a plot to use the guns to shoot police during weekend protests, according to Baton Rouge Police Chief Carl Dabadie. Police said the four suspects included a 13-year-old. One suspect remains at large, Dabadie said during a press conference Tuesday. Six guns have been […]

Revocation of Qassim’s citizenship sign of Al-Khalifa’s ‘last breaths’

Ali Larijani made the remark in today’s open session of Parliament, adding “this was an impolitic and quite an adventurous move by the Bahraini regime which assumed that by revoking the nationality of this prominent spiritual leader, it could lead the country’s domestic political crisis toward tranquility.” “The move must be analyzed within the context […]

How the push to unite South-East Asia against Chinese expansionism could backfire

Scott Edwards (TC) : After years of rising anxiety, China’s push for dominance in the South China Sea is still rattling nerves among its neighbours, and in the world beyond. Beijing’s territorial claims and its military assertiveness have inflamed tensions with Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines, all of whom lay claim to territory on […]

Break Free: Largest Civil Disobedience In Environmental Movement History

Print Friendly Note: Break Free is an unprecedented global mobilisation from May 4-15, 2016 – a movement and a global call for action – to leave fossil fuels in the ground. A global wave of peaceful direct actions will take place across six continents targeting the world’s most dangerous fossil fuel projects, in order to keep […]


The Creators of the World’s Misfortunes by Joseph Goebbels In this article, dated 21 January 1945, Goebbels makes his last lengthy published attack on the Jews, whom he correctly claims are responsible for the misery caused by the war One could not understand this war if one did not always keep in mind the fact […]

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