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CHAOS at Portugal’s Faro Airport as Brits rush to get home ahead of new mandatory Quarantine rules

    Mega queues formed at Portugal’s Faro Airport over the weekend, as Brits made a mad dash home from their Algarve holidays before the UK government’s new mandatory quarantine rules set in for those returning from the country. The government announced on Thursday that Portugal had been added to its ‘amber list’, which requires […]

Portugal Accuses British Gov’t of Lying About ‘Super Indian Variant’

Portugal has accused the British government of lying about the cases of Nepal mutation and creating panic of what the authorities tried to portray as a ‘Super Indian Variant’. A leading microbiologist João Paulo Gomes says the British government is ‘lying’ about the number of cases of the Nepal mutation of the variant found in […]

EU states continue easing Covid-19 travel curbs as Portugal & Italy welcome back some foreign visitors

As of Sunday, travelers from Israel, the UK and the EU will no longer have to quarantine when they visit Italy as long as they test negative for Covid-19, the Italian government said, as Europe prepares for the return of tourism. Italy will also extend its list of routes for so-called ‘Covid-free’ flights to include […]

Portugal to reopen border with Spain as coronavirus measures ease

Portugal will reopen its border with Spain on Saturday as it eases its coronavirus measures two days ahead of schedule. Prime Minister Antonio Costa announced the country would be moving onto the “next phase of decontamination” on 1 May, after a council of ministers met to discuss the state of the pandemic. As well as […]

Portugal opens the doors to Oporto Holocaust museum

The Holocaust museum in Oporto, Portugal opened its doors to the pubic this April, after coronavirus lockdown measures lightened. The museum is the first of its kind in the country, despite there already being a Jewish museum and and a community of over 500 Jews in the city alone. The first day of its opening […]

Portugal doesn’t have a big tradition of winter sports but there are some chasing the Olympic dream

Portugal doesn’t have a big tradition of winter sports, but the country has at least two athletes aiming to reach the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022, even if their preparation is on wheels. 25-year-old José Cabeça’s has achieved what no one had ever done before: a performance at a world championship that allows him to […]

Living Extraterrestrial Organism Allegedly Captured and Studied in Portugal 62 Years Ago

On November 2, 1959 in the Portuguese city of Evora was witnessed one of the strangest paranormal events. After the sighting of an alleged UFO, strange gelatinous filaments of white began to fall all over the city, completely covering it in a dense white layer. Schools and jobs had been intervened, evacuating people completely. The […]

Portugal’s top court rejects bill to legalize euthanasia as unconstitutional

The constitutional court of Portugal has turned down a bill approved by parliament earlier this year to decriminalize the euthanasia of terminally-ill patients, saying that it threatened the principle of “inviolability of life”. Seven out of the top court’s panel of 12 judges, including the head of the Constitutional Court Joao Caupers, voted against approving […]

Why Coca-Cola was banned in Portugal for decades

    Despite the beverage being almost as half as old as the country it originated from, America, Coca-cola has a much more tumultuous history in it’s front Atlantic neighbour, Portugal. A symbol of American market capitalism, Coca-cola was created in the late 19th century, actually as a medicinal drink, from coca leaves and kola […]

‘Europe is NOT White!’ African Woman Who Ran for European Elections in Portugal

    The European Parliament elections are less than 2 months away but all sorts of regressive leftist candidates are already making their biggest efforts in order to monopolise the vote of the electorate with white guilt and to get their share of attention. Joacine Katar-Moreira, an African woman from Guinea-Bissau, a highly unstable African […]

Portugal hero of 1974 revolution shares antisemitic theories on Twitter

Rodrigo Sousa Castro, captain of the 1974 Portuguese Revolution, wrote on his personal Twitter account on Friday that “the Jews, as they dominate global finance […] bought and have the vaccines they wanted. It’s a kind of historical revenge.” He added, “And I won’t say more until the Zionist bulldogs jump.” This statement began a […]

Portugal extends lockdown and restricts foreign travel amid surge in COVID-19 cases

On a day Portugal reported another dramatic record of daily deaths and infections from COVID-19 the Portuguese president made a resounding appeal to the nation as the state of emergency was renewed for another two weeks. “If it’s the case that this time the wave began in the west and Portugal is one of the […]

Portugal ramps up lockdown rules amid surging coronavirus cases

Stricter lockdown rules have been introduced in Portugal amid surging coronavirus cases, with the pandemic setting grim records there and across Europe. Prime Minister António Costa said the country was “going through the most serious phase of the pandemic” so far, claiming too many people were taking advantage of exceptions included in the lockdown that […]

Portugal tightens lockdown as pandemic surge breaks records

Stricter lockdown rules are being enacted in Portugal, the government announced Monday, as a surging COVID-19 pandemic sets grim records and pushes hospitals to the limit of their capacity. Prime Minister António Costa said too many people had taken advantage of exceptions included in the lockdown that began last Friday, with authorities reporting 70% of […]

First Holocaust museum to be inaugurated in Oporto, Portugal

The first-ever Holocaust museum will open in Portugal’s second-largest city of Oporto next Wednesday, marking a historic moment for Holocaust education in the area.  The new museum will start with a ceremony on January 20 opened by Dias Ben Zion, president of the Jewish community of Oporto and Mayor Rui Moreira. The ceremony will have many […]

Portugal to open first Holocaust Museum

The city of Porto will become the first city in Portugal to have a museum honoring the Holocaust which is meant to open on January 20 with Mayor Rui Moreira and President of the local Jewish Community Dias Ben Zion.  Portugal didn’t participate in the Second World War and accepted roughly 50,000 Jewish refugees, yet […]

Nurse DIES in Portugal following Vaccination with Pfizer, ‘No Link’ becomes the Norm

    Health authorities in Portugal are investigating the sudden death of a pediatric surgery assistant in Porto, who was reportedly in “perfect health” when she received the Pfizer vaccine against the coronavirus. UPDATE: Azevedo’s death has not been linked to her taking the jab, the Portuguese government said in a statement on January 5, […]

Portugal Enters Coronavirus ‘State of Emergency’, 70% of Population Under Curfew

LISBON, Portugal — Portugal has entered a state of emergency, with curfews imposed in the areas worst hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. From Monday and for at least two weeks, some 7 million people — around 70% of the country´s population — must remain at home on weekdays between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m.. At […]

Portugal believes in justice and transparency. The European Council does too | View

This article is a response to Open letter to the European Parliament: Call out the EU Council on its rule of law hypocrisy ǀ View. In a letter written by Miguel Poiares Maduro, several prominent international academics expressed the “the strong suspicion” that “the interference of national governments” undermined the choice of European prosecutors for […]

Antonio Costa: Portugal’s prime minister cools tensions after calling doctors ‘cowards’

Portugal’s Antonio Costa has sought to calm tensions with the country’s doctors after sparking anger with controversial comments. The prime minister had been widely criticised for describing doctors sent to a struggling old people’s home as “cowards”. The comments were made in an “off the record” interview with the weekly newspaper, Expresso on Saturday. Seven-second […]

Coronavirus: UK takes Portugal off travel restrictions list, adds Croatia, Austria

British travellers to Portugal will no longer have to isolate for 14 days once they return to the UK. But while Portugal has been added to the UK’s so-called “travel corridor”, Austria and Croatia have been removed from it, meaning travellers to both countries will need to isolate when they return. The move was announced […]

Neolithic “Woodhenge” Discovered at Perdigões’ Complex Portugal

Remains of a Neolithic “Woodhenge” have recently been unearthed by a team of archaeologists at Perdigões in Portugal. The newly found wooden structure was built at the end of the Stone Age and is similar in design to the famous Stonehenge circle in England. The Perdigões Neolithic “Woodhenge” discovery is remarkable because nothing like it […]

Elite Pedophile Ring ‘Child Supermarket’ Discovered In Portugal

An orphanage in Lisbon, Portugal has been exposed as a “child supermarket” for pedophiles, where global Elites can “buy” children to sexually abuse. The orphanage is controlled by a Ferrari-driving procurer known as “The Doctor”, who picks out and examines children ready to sell to the upper echelons of society and establishment in the US […]

Deadly wildfires sweep across Portugal and northern Spain killing at least 39 (UPDATE)

     Hurricane Ophelia’s strong winds are blamed for fanning flames of deadly forest fires in Portugal and Spain At least six people have been killed and around 25 others injured – mainly firefighters – during Portugal’s worst day of the year for forest fires. Around 500 blazes were reported in the country’s central and northern […]

Deadly wildfires sweep across Portugal and northern Spain killing 6

     Hurricane Ophelia’s strong winds are blamed for fanning flames of deadly forest fires in Portugal and Spain At least six people have been killed and around 25 others injured – mainly firefighters – during Portugal’s worst day of the year for forest fires. Around 500 blazes were reported in the country’s central and northern […]

Hypnotic ‘fire devil’ captured on video as Portugal battles raging infernos

This natural phenomenon is a kind of tornado of flames. It occurs when fire, dust and wind combine in the air to create a blazing funnel. Fire tornados can start in conditions where hot, dry air is rising rapidly, which, in turn, creates vertical columns of hot air. As more hot air is pulled into […]

Portugal’s Wildfires A Result Of Timber Industry

Above photo: By Orin Langelle. Wildfires in Portugal have been called “the worst such disaster in recent history.” Dozens of people burnt to death in their cars while trying to escape the inferno. But this horrific tragedy was human-made. One-quarter of Portugal’s forested landscape (more than 812,000 hectares or 2 million acres) has been replaced […]

‘Biggest tragedy in years’: At least 62 killed, 59 injured in Portugal forest fires (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Secretary of State of Internal Administration Jorge Gomes had previously put the death toll at at least 43 people. Three days of mourning have been declared in Portugal as the number of casualties resulting from the deadly fires continues to mount. Jorge Gomes said that about 600 firefighters have been trying to put out the […]

Ukraine cannot expect help from unreliable US

Ukraine cannot expect help from the US, since it is not trusted and in different periods it has proven no one can rely on its words, Larijani said in a meeting with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin here on Sunday. Pointing to the role of parliamentary friendship groups in strengthening the relationship between the two […]

Is Software The Result of Our Inadvertent Biomimicry?

I first became interested in biomimicry when it pointed out the many natural forms that follow the Fibonacci sequence, suggesting a mathematical perfection at the heart of nature that organic life emulates as it evolves. The Biomimicry Institute has this definition: “Biomimicry is an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by […]

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