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Long-COVID Mental Health Issues: 2 Main Causes, Low-Cost Treatment, and Natural Ways to Heal

“If I could take one symptom away from all of [my long-COVID patients], I think that would be depression,” said critical care specialist Dr. Joseph Varon, chief of critical care and the COVID-19 department at the United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, Texas. Beyond the physical tribulations and social instability that this condition can bring, […]

Health freedom advocate Jonathan Emord is running for U.S. Senate in Virginia – learn more about him here

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Over the next few months, Jonathan Emord, who is running for the United States Senate in Virginia, will be holding a “Special Event to Save America” tour featuring “legends of liberty” cut from the same cloth as freedom fighters like former Texas Rep. Ron Paul.A staunch advocate of health freedom, Emord, a […]

According to the WHO Director, COVID Remains a Global Health Emergency

The coronavirus epidemic remains a global health emergency, the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) chief warned Monday, telling the world to keep getting vaccinated and boosted, use antivirals, and heed directions from the Switzerland-based instrumentality. State health bodies have also been cautioned to “continue to monitor individual and public response” to directions. Speaking at the opening […]


January 26th, 2023. An illustration of how the chemical bombardment we currently face in our food has led to an increase in mental health issues, autism and depopulation. _______________________________ The Time for Silence is Over A Message to Humanity: The Time for Silence is Over A unified pushback against the globalist agenda It’s finally here, […]

Global mental health networks speak out in support of Dr. Lara Sheehi

The Palestine-Global Mental Health Network stands with our colleague Dr. Lara Sheehi who is facing false charges of antisemitism at George Washington University due to her political views on Zionism. Source


January 21st, 2023 The World Health Organisation’s pandemic treaty and International Health Regulation amendments are a threat not only to Australia’s sovereignty but to all nations worldwide.Similar amendments were defeated before but we must defeat them again!!! Remember, Central Bank Digital Currency, Digital ID are the end game tools to inflict the final slavery grid […]

9 Powerful Health Benefits of Cinnamon: The World’s Most Popular Spice (that your Govt wants to regulate)

Remember to make a submission … sure they don’t listen anyway, however, why roll over & give them free reign? Big Pharma is coming for all that is useful, healthful and free in your life. EWR From theartofantiaging.comBy Brian Vaszily The sweet and spicy aroma of cinnamon makes it one of the world’s top spices. […]

On this day 3 years ago Australia’s largest health & legal farces began

On this day three years ago, the 25th of January 2020, Australia recorded its alleged first case of the disease named after the preceding year. How did the authorities factually establish that the man had the disease given the fact that no approved or certified testing method existed at the time? The Australian population was […]

Shilajit: An Ancient Health Remedy You’ve Never Heard Of

did you know there is an ancient, medicinal superfood known as “the conqueror of weakness,” which comes from plants that were alive millions of years ago? Source

Our health is currently being tabled in parliament … what will you do?

From The Therapeutics Product bill will limit access to supplements, herbs, spices & everyday foods. What will you do to save your health & that of your children? What will you do for happiness, wealth & a life well lived? Without our health, these precious aspects of our lives are either not obtainable or […]


TAKING A STAND FOR YOUR HEALTH & FREEDOM HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER. SIGN THE PETITION! The spirit of fear was never given by God. Where fear exists, faith can’t operate. Health Status should be a Protected Class Under Federal Law…. As it currently stands, employers can get away with treating “unvaccinated” employees less favorably than […]


Readers that have followed my weekly columns and books will be well aware of how I have combined gardening with health. I know that naturally grown vegetables and fruit will be very beneficial to your health and well being and when you add all the 114 known minerals to the growing media then the same […]

NYC Health Officials Say Omicron Subvariant XBB.1.5 Could Be More Likely To Infect Vaccinated

NYC Health Officials Say Omicron Subvariant XBB.1.5 Could Be More Likely To Infect Vaccinated by Gary Ray January 16, 2023 Arne Müseler /, In what some argue is the latest in a series of embarrassing and telling admissions by those managing the COVID pandemic, New York City health officials have acknowledged that the Omicron […]

‘White Tide’ of 30,000 take to the streets again in Madrid in defense of Public Health

‘White Tide’ of 30,000 take to the streets again in Madrid in defense of Public Health from thefreeonline on 16th Jan 2923 by Some 30,000 people, according to data from the Government Delegation in Madrid, have attended the demonstration. Through chants and banners we have shown our anger over the health conflict that the Community […]

GOP To End US Funding of the World Health Organization

Congressman Chip Roy and several other House Republicans introduced legislation on Thursday that will ban the U.S. from funding the corrupt World Health Organization. reports: The “No Taxpayer Funding for the World Health Organization Act” would […] The post GOP To End US Funding of the World Health Organization appeared first on News Punch. Source

Exactly how will the 2023 Therapeutic Products Bill affect the Availability of Natural Health Products?

From Guy Hatchard An Open message to Parliament. Why are they regulating natural health products? How will the therapeutic products Bill affect us? VIDEO AT THE LINK (Transcript below, note the transcript refers to some products that are not named but are pictured in the video) What does the public want? The public are aware […]

British Health System Cannot Keep Up with Excess Patients

Since the jab was mandated by the globalists in early 2021, excess deaths and excess disease have increased dramatically, far worse than anything attributed to Coronavirus in 2020!!!   Report from England (1) THE NHS IS FINISHED – UK LATEST – YouTube People are abandoning the globalist ship! (1) Andrew Bridgen Freemason MP tweet the […]

Radical Conspiracy Theorist Says Most Mental Health Problems Can Be Solved With Exercise, Fresh Air, Spending Time With Family

ATLANTA, GA — Radical conspiracy theorist Tom Donaldson is under fire once again for spreading the harmful idea that most mental health problems can be solved with exercise, fresh air, and spending time with family. Source

The NZ Govt is coming for your natural health products next – Cinnamon, Neem, Aloe Vera & more! (right when you were distracted with holidays)

You have just over a month to make a submission folks. This is a time worn tactic… timing is everything. The ridiculous thing too is, some of these items are common cooking ingredients! And comfrey, well I’ve just recently been wondering why am I not seeing that useful plant as much as I used to. […]

2 in 5 Kids Have Multiple Food Allergies — and It’s Taking a Toll on Their Mental and Physical Health

2 in 5 Kids Have Multiple Food Allergies — and It’s Taking a Toll on Their Mental and Physical Health Two in five U.S. children and nearly half of adults with a food allergy are allergic to multiple foods, according to new research which also found that as the number of food allergies a person […]

Internal CDC Emails Claim Assistant Secretary for Health Blocked Release of Fluoride Review

Emails between the U.S. National Toxicology Program and the CDC claim that Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine prevented the release of a long-delayed review on the toxicity of fluoride. Newly released emails reveal that leadership within the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National Institute of Health acted to prevent the release […]

8 in 10 People Will Experience This Common Health Problem

It’s one of the leading causes of disability, lost wages, and lowered productivity.  It’s estimated that 8 out of 10 of us will experience it at least once in our lifetime.  It’s chronic low back pain — and understanding the possible back pain causes, risk factors, and treatment options is essential for ensuring your spine stays as […]

3 Top Micronutrients for Cardiovascular Health

Story at-a-glance Heart disease is the No. 1 cause of death in the U.S., killing one person every 34 seconds.1 Your diet plays a prominent role in your heart health, but the role of individual micronutrients continues to be debated. Brown University researchers conducted a study to determine which micronutrients are best for your heart.2 […]

The serious health dangers of EMF

Siim Land Interviews Dr. Mercola About ‘EMF*D’ Note: Due to censorship of Dr Mercola’s articles he archives them to paid sub soon after publishing. I’ve therefore published this in its entirety however you may find the source link will no longer work. EWR Story at-a-glance I was recently interviewed by Siim Land about my new […]

Vatican Says Health Of Retired Pope Benedict XVI ‘Worsening’

The Vatican says the health of 95-year-old Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has undergone a “worsening in the last hours” due to his age. Source

On the Death of God and the Current Mental Health Crisis

“The lack of meaning in life is a soul-sickness whose full extent and import our age has not yet begun to comprehend.” -Carl Jung  Source

Health Canada & Veterans Affairs – the two Federal Govt partners in release of new coloring & activity book on ‘MAiD’: suicide for Canadian children

From Mark Crispin Miller SOURCE Image by Aline Ponce from Pixabay Source

Americans’ positive self-assessments of their mental health are the lowest in more than two decades

Americans’ positive self-assessments of their mental health are the lowest in more than two decades of Gallup polling. In all, 31% of U.S. adults describe their mental health or emotional wellbeing as “excellent,” the worst rating by three percentage points. Source

Pope Francis signed resignation letter in 2013 in case of bad health

Francis, who turned 86 on Saturday and appears to be in good health except for a knee ailment, made the comment in an interview with a Spanish newspaper. Source

Demand Public Health Agencies and Lawmakers Stop COVID Vaccine Mandates

Any “governor” of any of the sub corporation “state” “governments” who don’t say hell no! Not our kids!!, Needs to be given a fair Nuremberg tribunal Trial for Mass Murder of children via a loaded syringe and given a fair hanging! The Ole Dog! Despite immense blowback, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Advisory […]

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