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International Health Regulation amendments and the so-called “Pandemic Treaty.”

rON I just wanted to remind you about the current power grab taking place in April/May and June this year in Geneva by the WHO and their “partners”. The International Health Regulation amendments and the so-called “Pandemic Treaty.” Here are … Read the rest Source

Societal Self-Regulation

Authored by Todd Hayen via, Any group of human beings who are supposedly in a free society and who have a leader (or a council of people who lead), assigned by that group to make decisions for the common interests of the group, must rely on their own “self-regulation,” above and beyond the leaders’ […]

Supreme Court Seems Divided Over ATF Bump Stock Regulation

Authored by Sam Dorman via The Epoch Times, The Supreme Court seemed divided during oral argument on Feb. 28 over whether it would uphold the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) regulation prohibiting ownership of bump stocks. That regulation came after the 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas where a gunman used bump […]

Ursula von der Leyen Will Scrap Green ‘Sustainable Use Regulation’ Aiming To Halve Fertilizer Usage

Tractors blockade Brussels EU headquarters Paul Serran – The Gateway Pundit Feb 6, 2024 After months of continental mobilization, all signs seem to indicate that farmers have achieved a major victory against the European Union and its failed, crippling ‘green’ policies and regulations. Unprecedented protests rocked Europe from east to west, from north to south. […]

Davos Attendee Calls for AI Regulation To Prevent Chatbots From “Potentially Spewing Misinformation”

feb 2 2024 The World Economic Forum (WEF) annual gathering of elected and unelected elites from around the world is once more under way in Switzerland’s Davos, and this year AI is unsurprisingly garnering a fair share of attention. More precisely, how to harness its power, including through new regulation, but as one participant, DeepLearning.AI […]

New York Appeals Court Reinstates Hochul’s Quarantine Camp Regulation

New York Gov Kathy Hochul’s quarantine camp regulation has been restored. The regulation that would allow the seizure and indefinite detention of anyone suspected of exposure to a communicable disease, was restored on Friday by the New York Appellate Division’s Fourth Judicial Department. BYPASS THE CENSORS Sign up to get unfiltered news delivered straight to your […]

Politicians and Tech CEOs Are Calling for Regulation of Artificial Intelligence: Can the Public Trust Them?

The first week of November 2023 was a big one for artificial intelligence. On Monday, October 30, US President Joe Biden issued a broad executive order (EO) aimed at promoting new standards for AI, which the White House claims will protect Americans’ privacy and provide safety from AI-related threats. On Wednesday, the US announced the […]

One Regulation Could Have Stopped a Nationwide Car Theft Wave. Why Don’t We Have It?

The U.S. is dealing with an unprecedented wave of car thefts as thieves target some nine million Kias and Hyundais manufactured between 2011 and 2021. People who bought those vehicles had no idea they were buying cars with built-in vulnerabilities. Many have had their cars stolen multiple times, which causes real hardship in both stark […]

EPA approves California’s regulation to curb ship pollution at ports

The new policy will require container, reefer and cruise vessels to plug into electric shore-power when idling at California ports. Source

Senators Unveil Bipartisan Blueprint For Comprehensive AI Regulation

READ HERE: Two United States senators unveiled a bipartisan blueprint for artificial intelligence (AI) legislation on Friday, Sept. 8, as Congress intensifies its endeavors to regulate the emerging technology.   Source

Gun owners oppose new ATF regulation that prohibits private firearm transfers: REGISTRATION paves the way for CONFISCATION

(NaturalNews) Responsible gun owners across the U.S. are up in arms over a new regulation altering the classification of firearm dealers released by the Bureau of… Source

The World Economic Forum Calls For AI And “Deepfake” Regulation, Has Already Partnered With UK Government

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is unsurprisingly a part of the “deepfakes panic” that has been spread and promoted for some years now by a number of politicians and media outlets around the world. The notion of deepfake tech is used here as a stand-in for (future) AI in general – and least as far […]

FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf says “regulation” is needed to target “misinformation”

In an interview with CNBC, FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf said that online misinformation was harming the life expectancy of people, there is a need for “better regulation” on how to handle health misinformation and that “specific authorities at FDA, FTC, and other areas are going to be needed.” “We know more and more about misinformation. […]

Chamber of Commerce’s Jordan Crenshaw on privacy regulation: ‘There’s a lack of trust’

Chamber of Commerce’s Jordan Crenshaw on privacy regulation: ‘There’s a lack of trust’ lead image Source

How Government Regulation of Therapeutic Products Will Work in Practice …it is designed to unleash a tsunami of biotechnology and synthetic food (Hatchard)

The New Zealand government is introducing the Therapeutic Products Bill, which is an omnibus piece of legislation controlling, among many other things, the availability of Natural Health Products and the introduction of biotech medical interventions. Given our experience of the last three pandemic years, we should be doubting the capacity of governments to protect our […]

Dakin Regulation Agency

İçtem advises various international monetary institutions with respect to Turkish monetary and capital markets laws. He has worked on Turkey’s first and all subsequent non-performing mortgage sale transactions in addition to various debt restructuring offers for distressed debtors. In addition to transactional issues, Mr. With a specific emphasis on illustration of foreign buyers, he has […]

The Most Effective Regulation Corporations And Lawyers In Uzbekistan, Central Asia, Asia

There is no requirement on breach notification beneath the Law on Personal Data. However, in case of violation of information processing guidelines (e.g. The Law on Personal Data doesn’t specifically regulate the use of private knowledge in electronic advertising. Aircraft Leasing in Tajikistan Acquisition of six airliners to airways company in Tajikistan We have been […]

Erdem & Erdem Regulation Firm In Istanbul, Turkey

They are responsive, out there and a pleasure to take care of, which is why we also persistently refer enterprise to them. Investors and market players should contemplate more and more innovative and sophisticated law firm istanbul financing options as they return to the capital markets. We are proudly asserting that WiklundKurucuk Law Firm is […]

Ears Regulation Firm

If the victim’s case isn’t successful, the sufferer will solely should pay the attorney’s out-of-pocket expenses—the sufferer won’t owe the lawyer any charges. If you get harm on the job, you will want to file a claim beneath the LHWCA. We also represent fastened base operators, constitution corporations and owners of private plane of their […]

Kesikli Regulation Agency

It is no surprise, then, that injury awards in medical malpractice cases are among the largest of all personal injury circumstances. When doctors act carelessly, the outcomes could be catastrophic for the patient. ADMD provides authorized consulting and dispute decision companies to a broad range of purchasers from start-up firms, to multibillion-dollar international enterprises. These […]

The Monkeypox Test, Texas Shooting, ISIS Plot & WHO International Health Regulation Amendments

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (5/26/22). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth […]

Front-of-Pack Label regulation will be ‘good for India’

I was in PM Modi’s constituency witnessing some changes and listening to demands for changes- all for the better. I got a chance to attend a public dialogue on Front-of-Pack Labelling (FOPL). FOPL is similar to the warning labels in tobacco products informing the consumers what they are about to intake. Sub-optimal or poor nutrition […]

Regulation or Racket? UK Drug Regulator Never Inspected the Pfizer Vaccine Study Data

8 september, 2021 As populations around the world face coercion to submit to COVID-19 gene-based ‘vaccination’, including being locked out of employment and medical care, while reports of deaths following vaccination soar, a scandal regarding the legitimacy of COVID vaccine authorization processes is unfolding. EXCLUSIVE TO DOCTORS FOR COVID ETHICS: A second Freedom of Information request seeking […]

Experts see greater role for public policy and state regulation in post pandemic years

The COVID-19 crisis created a recession like no other and caused unprecedented policy responses, but now attention is shifting to post-pandemic years. Will recovery be sustainable? Will this crisis prove to be a transformative event for the people and the world? To discuss these topics, euronews spoke with prize-winning American economist, Joseph Stiglitz, and the […]

European funds for African IDs: migration regulation tool or privacy risk?

The first person you meet after you land at Blaise Diagne Airport in Dakar is a border guard with a digital scanner. The official will scan your travel document and photograph and take a digital print of your index fingers. It’s the most visible sign of the new state-of-the-art digital biometrics system that is being […]

Legal Experts Propose Common Carrier Regulation as Solution for Big Tech Censorship

First Amendment experts proposed using common carrier regulations to prevent “behemoth” big tech platforms from discriminating against users’ free speech, contending that these platforms exercise more control over public discourse than most people in history. The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy hosted a panel of “nationally renowned First Amendment experts” in June, including Eugene Volokh, […]

Chile passes single-use plastic regulation that will reduce 23,000 tons of plastic waste a year

Image Credit: REUTERS/Cristobal Saavedra The Chilean legislature unanimously passed a plastic regulation that ends single-use plastics within the food industry. The regulation is said to reduce the country’s plastic waste by 23,000 tons every year. The new law will “reduce single-use plastic pollution by banning hard-to-recycle items from being served in restaurants or through delivery […]

Indiana Lawmakers File Bill Ending Regulation of Abortion in State, Outlawing It Completely

Photo Credit: Sharon McCutcheon/Unsplash INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — For the fifth year in a row, an Indiana lawmaker has proposed a bill that would declare that life begins at conception and would repeal all state statutes regulating abortion, making it consequently illegal with no exceptions. This time, Rep. Curt Nisly, R-Goshen, is joined by the newly-elected Rep. John […]

ECB Head Christine Lagarde Calls For Global Regulation of “Reprehensible” Bitcoin

Nike, Coca-Cola and Apple, three corporations that vehemently supported the Black Lives Matter movement after the death of George Floyd, are lobbying against a US ban on imports of products produced by Chinese slave labor. The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, which is awaiting a green light from the Senate, bans the import of goods […]

US air pollution regulation saved over 1.5 billion birds

According to a new Cornell University large-scale study, federal environmental regulation has improved air quality resulting in saving over 1.5 billion birds in American skies over these last four decades.  “Our research shows that the benefits of environmental regulation have likely been underestimated. Reducing pollution has positive impacts in unexpected places and provides an additional […]

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