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71% of drivers consider buying older cars due to data privacy concerns

Data privacy within the automotive industry was analyzed in a recent report by Kaspersky. According to the report, 72% of drivers are uncomfortable with the idea of automakers sharing their data with third parties. Eighty-seven percent of survey participants said automakers should be required to delete their data upon request, and 28% said they have some idea […]

EV SPY: Electric vehicles’ privacy policy indicates they monitor drivers’ verbal conversations to COLLECT and SELL information to buyers (which may include the government)

(NaturalNews) People are aware that the top selling points of electric or robo cars are convenience and their environmental and economic benefits, making everyone… Source

Holidays 2023: What to Buy and Not to Buy? Privacy Aware Shopping Tips

November 15, 2023 It’s the season for gift buying once again and as you get saturated with ads on what to buy, I will give you the knowledge to choose wisely. Be aware of the privacy implications of what you’re buying. In this age of overreaching technology, you must learn that not all technology is […]

iPhone Privacy ‘Lies’ Exposed Again: Apple Analytics not Anonymous

Apple has been caught lying in a privacy policy. So say the now-notorious security researchers at Mysk. Apple promised that the “device analytics” sent to its servers were anonymous. But it turns out that’s not true, according to the researchers. Everything you do in Apple apps, such as the Store, transmits an analytics row, containing a […]

5 Ways To Prepare for the Online Privacy Crackdown

The internet is about to change. In many countries, there’s currently a coordinated legislative push to effectively outlaw encryption of user uploaded content under the guise of protecting children. This means websites or internet services (messaging apps, email, etc.) could be held criminally or civilly liable if someone used it to upload abusive material. If […]

Five Ways Your Privacy Is Under Attack – And How To Protect It

“There’s a way to look at digital communications in the past. I can’t go into detail of how that’s done or what’s done, but I can tell you that no digital communication is secure.” Those were the startling words shared by former FBI Counter Terrorism agent Tim Clemente just over a decade ago on CNN […]

Hunter Biden sues IRS whistleblowers for BREACH OF PRIVACY over tax probe

(NaturalNews) Presidential son Hunter Biden has sued two Internal Revenue Service (IRS) whistleblowers for allegedly violating his privacy rights.The 27-page… Source

Automakers failing privacy test: study

Major automakers are failing at privacy because cars collect substantial personal data on drivers that can frequently be sold or shared, according to a new analysis from the Mozilla Foundation. Every major car company examined by researchers received a privacy warning label in the Mozilla Foundation’s latest “Privacy Not Included” study released Wednesday. “Car makers… […]

Every New Car Is a ‘Privacy Nightmare,’ Mozilla Researchers Conclude

Modern cars are a “privacy nightmare” that collect vast troves of personal data and demand owners allow manufacturers to share or sell highly sensitive information such as disability status, genetic information, facial templates, and even sexual activity, according to a Mozilla Foundation analysis of car company privacy policies. The Mozilla Foundation spent 600 hours of […]

List of free, open source and privacy respecting services and alternatives to privative services

13 aug 2023  Important note Anonymity, Privacy, and Security are often used interchangeably, but they actually represent distinct concepts. It is important to understand the differences between them. Read more in this section below. The primary focus of this list is to provide alternatives that prioritize privacy. These alternatives give you control over your data and […]

The Impending Privacy Threat of Self-Driving Cars


Kenya Bans Worldcoin and World ID as Other Nations Push Back on Privacy Concerns

Kenya Bans Worldcoin and World ID as Other Nations Push Back on Privacy Concerns Scanning eyes to create a World ID. Image source. Comments by Brian Shilhavy Editor, Health Impact News It’s good to see countries push back against Sam Altman’s Worldcoin and World ID universal basic income plans due to privacy concerns. But don’t […]

Commissioner Johannson’s response to scientists’ online privacy concerns goes after straw men

The Commissioner’s failure to answer the issues we raise shows she knows the European Commission’s regulation on Child Sexual Abuse Material cannot succeed. Instead, the post responds to statements we never made, Carmela Troncoso and Bart Preneel write. Source

Binance is delisting privacy tokens in France, Spain, Poland and Italy

(Natural News) Cryptocurrency is poised to become a lot less private in several European countries as a top crypto exchange is planning to delist “privacy tokens”. Starting June 26, Binance users in Spain, France, Poland and Italy will no longer be permitted to buy and sell enhanced anonymity crypto assets (CAE). The platform identified 12 […]

Bitcoin and the Plot to Destroy Financial Privacy

Whitney delivered a Keynote at the Bitcoin 2023 conference about how the World Economic Forum Partnership Against Cybercrime is seeking to paint privacy enhancing technology and Bitcoin as national security threats in pursuit of their ultimate ambitions to eliminate financial privacy. [embedded content] Source

EU Fines Meta A Record $1.3 billion For Violating EU Privacy Law

In a landmark decision, Meta has been slapped with a colossal €1.2 billion ($1.3 billion) fine by European Union authorities for violating EU privacy laws. The core issue at hand involves the contentious transfer of personal data belonging to Facebook users to servers based in the United States. The ruling was announced today by the […]

Human DNA Is All Over the Place, Raising Privacy Concerns

Scientists have detected surprisingly high amounts of human DNA in wildlife environments, including seawater and air, a discovery that raises novel ethical concerns about genetic privacy, while also offering potential benefits, such as enhanced disease prevention, reports a new study. Every habitat on Earth is littered with environmental DNA, or eDNA, which is made up […]

Surveillance Devices Spark Privacy Battle at Carnegie Mellon U.

Carnegie Mellon University’s Institute for Software Research recently introduced a series of experimental super-sensing devices known as Mites, sparking a privacy battle between the university’s staff. One software engineering grad student said, “It’s not okay to install these by default. I don’t want to live in a world where one’s employer installing networked sensors in your […]

Chamber of Commerce’s Jordan Crenshaw on privacy regulation: ‘There’s a lack of trust’

Chamber of Commerce’s Jordan Crenshaw on privacy regulation: ‘There’s a lack of trust’ lead image Source

Privacy Win: Texas Legalizes Shooting Google Maps Car On Sight

LEWISVILLE, TX — In a move privacy advocates are hailing as historic, Texas’s state legislature has passed a batch of new laws allowing civilians to shoot Google Maps camera cars on sight. Source

ACH (2068) Mallificus Scott – The Limeys #109 – The Worldwide Privacy Tour

In today’s show originally broadcast on February 20 2023, Andy presents “The Limeys” with his co-host Mallificus Scott for a show entitled, “The Worldwide Privacy Tour.” We discussed: the South Park YouTube video clip that we played during the show intro segment; when former King Edward VIII appealed for peace in a statement the BBC […]

“Welcome to 2030…I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better…” (from Davos)

Note: You will own nothing. They already own private jets, travel at leisure & really don’t care about their carbon footprint because they know of course it is a scam … EWR This is a recent video from Jan Markell @ Olive Tree Ministries. If you want a sweeping coverage of the WEF intentions for […]

Session Private Messenger – Really Understands Privacy!

Jan 10 2023 The Session Private Messenger App is one of a select few platforms for hard core secure messaging that truly demonstrates real knowledge of privacy. This app knows that it’s about data as well as meta-data, and understands the distinction between just security vs security and privacy. Let me explain how this app […]

Don’t Trust the Government with Your Privacy, Property or Your Freedoms

When you consider all the ways “we the people” are being bullied, beaten, bamboozled, targeted, tracked, repressed, robbed, impoverished, imprisoned and killed by the government, one can only conclude that you shouldn’t trust the government with your privacy, your property, your life, or your freedoms. Source

Google Must Face Privacy Lawsuit for Tracking Children Without Parental Consent: Appeals Court

By Naveen Athrappully December 29, 2022  Google is set to face a class action lawsuit that accuses the tech behemoth of collecting information and tracking children’s behavior online without consent, according to the decision of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The lawsuit was filed in 2019 by children, through their parents, against Google, YouTube as […]

A Censorship-Resistant, Privacy-Enhancing and Fully Decentralized Name System

See document: Source

Consumer Warning: Eufy surveillance products not safe for your privacy!

Have Australian ‘consumers’ been warned by the authorities of Anker’s sub brand Eufy’s false advertising and security risk? Basically Anker should be in the courts for false advertising which has been exposed on various tech channels approx. two weeks ago. The products (deliberately) do not feature encryption as stated, which makes them easily hackable with […]

Wireless keyboards a privacy and security risk

When it comes to security many people may mention internet connections, WiFi, passwords etc. But one of the important and overlooked aspect is the input devices or HID (Human Interface Device) as the computer likes to have it named, such as the mouse and keyboard and why not throw in a (electronic) pencil while you’re […]

Australia’s bad policy and privacy tech contributes to data hacks!

The colonial government of Australia is truly backwards when it comes to implementing technology and policies that protect its citizens as opposed to policies and technology used to spy on them. Medibank, Optus, Woolworths data hacks show how a ‘decade of anti-security policy’ is putting Australia at risk, experts say Millions of Australians have had […]

Apps contribute to loss of privacy

Corporations want or rather need you to use their apps that connect to their services instead of using a browser on a personal computer or even a smart phone. Apps give developers/corporations access to you data that a browser, even on a smartphone does not. This is a contribution to your loss of privacy. MANY […]

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