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French Storm Shopping Center and Refuse to Show Proof of mRNA Injections (“Vaccines”)

Going into eighth straight week of protests against proof of injection of mRNA agents, which already show more possibly-linked deaths than all other vaccines combined, since the CDC reporting system began in 1990.  All completely censored by media mostly owned by enemies of humanity Vanguard Group and Blackrock, which are controlled by Rockefellers, the Bushes, and the Rothschilds. […]

Macron Forced to Back Down on Mandating Vaccine Passports for Shopping Malls After Nationwide Protests

French President Emmanuel Macron has been forced to back down on imposing mandatory vaccine passports for entry to shopping malls after volatile nationwide protests. As we highlighted last week, Macron’s announcement that proof or vaccination or a negative test would be required to visit shopping malls, restaurants bars, hospitals, bars, cafés and access public transport […]

Only Store Not Looted in South African Shopping Mall is the Book Shop

Home » Africa, Protests, Theft » Only Store Not Looted in South African Shopping Mall is the Book Shop     A new video has emerged in which a South African woman points out the irony of the only outlet in a shopping mall remaining completely untouched by looters being a bookstore. After showing electronics […]

Video: Only Store Not Looted in South African Shopping Mall is the Book Shop

A clip out of Minneapolis shows a rioter forgetting the name of the person he’s supposed to be rioting over. What an idiot. Video footage shows a burning pile of debris with the rioter initially out of shot. When he agrees to appear on camera, he immediately confirms his total ignorance. “Stay here, bro, we’re […]

Abu Dhabi Bans Unvaccinated Adults From Shopping Malls, Restaurants & Colleges

Republicans in the House held a hearing Tuesday to discuss origins of the coronavirus pandemic and heard from experts that it is ‘highly likely’ the virus originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and that the Chinese military was involved in running the lab much earlier than previously thought. The hearing of the House Select […]

Abu Dhabi Begins Using Facial Recognition Cameras at Shopping Malls, in Residential Areas to “Detect COVID-19”

After England’s Chief Medical Officer was accosted by a couple of drunk idiots on the street trying to get a selfie, the media reacted hysterically, claiming that Chris Whitty had been viciously harassed with government ministers calling for the culprits to be found and locked up. The clip shows two men who are clearly inebriated […]

Grocery Shopping In The New America

By Chris Menahan Giant Food supermarkets have begun labeling products on their shelves as “Black-owned,” “Hispanic-owned,” “LGBT-owned” and so on. Giant made the announcement late last year. From Supermarket News: Giant Food is rolling out updated shelf labels that enable shoppers to identify products from minority-owned businesses. Plans call for all Giant supermarkets to post […]

Israel Now Demands Vaccination Passport to Enter Bars, Shopping Centers, Theaters

    Still, the reanimating experience Monday night above a shopping mall north of Tel Aviv night was not accessible to everyone. Only people displaying a “green passport” that proved they had been vaccinated or had recovered from COVID-19 could get in. The highly controlled concert offered a glimpse of a future that many are […]

Abu Dhabi’s Israeli shopping list: Agrotech, foodtech, pharma and space

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Does Shopping Ethically Really Make A Difference?

By Cullen Schwarz, Ecowatch. November 27, 2020 Above photo: Done Good. NOTE: If you are going to shop for gifts this holiday season, you can make an impact by choosing where and what to buy. – MF Ethical shopping is a somewhat new phenomenon. We’re far more familiar with the “tried and tested” methods of […]

Fla. Pastor Tragically Killed in Shooting Outside Shopping Plaza

MIAMI — A church in Florida is mourning the loss of their pastor who was tragically killed during a shooting on Thursday evening while he was visiting a local shopping plaza to get a bite to eat. “We are grieving the loss of our dear overseer Gregory Boyd. Keep his wife, family, friends and congregation […]

Putin declares March 28 a day of mourning for Kemerovo shopping mall fire victims

READ MORE: ‘One wants not to cry, but wail’: Putin visits scene of Kemerovo mall inferno (VIDEO) On Wednesday, flags across Russia will be flown at half-mast to commemorate more than 60 people who perished in the blaze at the busy shopping mall. “Expressing sorrow for the dead and condolences to their families and friends, I order […]

Iran condoles over Siberia shopping mall fire

MNA– Iran’s FM Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi conveyed his condolences to the government and bereaved families of the victims in a deadly fire that swept through a busy Russian shopping center on Monday. In a statement on Monday, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi extended his condolences and deepest sympathy to the Siberian government and nation, […]

Death toll from Russia shopping mall blaze rises to 64

Press TV- Emergency services minister Vladimir Puchkov said on Russian television, “We have recorded that unfortunately as a result of the accident 64 people died,” up from a previous toll of 56. He said “64 is the final figure,” and included six people still buried under the rubble. The preliminary findings of an inquiry said […]

VIDEO of moment blaze begins at busy shopping mall in Russia’s Kemerovo

Footage published on social media purportedly shows the top floor of the shopping mall in Russia’s western Siberian city of Kemerovo, where the blaze started on Sunday afternoon. A children’s playground is visible in the background, which eventually becomes engulfed in flames. People, including some children, can be seen running as thick smoke fills the […]

3 children, 1 woman die in massive shopping mall blaze in Russia (WATCH LIVE)

The fire broke out on Sunday afternoon local time. Rescuers have managed to get some 120 people out so far, according to the regional emergencies ministry. The victims were in the mall’s playroom, according to the Investigative Committee spokeswoman Svetlana Petrenko. “Some 26 people have also sought medical help or been taken to hospitals,” she […]

Trump wants to do the poor’s shopping

Trump wants to do the poor’s shopping The Jimmy Dore Show Donald Trump wants to modernizse the SNAP program used by poor, or working poor people to feed themselves due to lack of money. He actually wants to create a specific list of foods that can be bought that is long life and not fresh. […]

Frenzied Shopping Season Causes Record Hangover

It was, by all accounts, an exciting shopping season, particularly for e-commerce. I figured that out very quickly when things we’d ordered in early December took days longer than normal to arrive. The tracking info showed various issues, including packages getting hung up for days in some warehouse, apparently waiting for the next available […]

Program yourself: Eating an apple before shopping for groceries leads to far healthier food purchases

(Natural News) Walking down the aisle of the grocery can be a daunting task for anyone. For some people, it’s next to impossible to stay away from the snack bar — it’s like your feet are forced to go there! Did you ever wonder how to get away from that? Researchers at Cornell University may […]

How To Be Genuinely Mindful With Christmas Shopping Without Buying Nothing Or Spending Too Much

Next Story Here we are again — another year, another holiday shopping season. This is the time of the year where we become bombarded with expectations: buying presents, attending holiday parties, sending out holiday cards, a nonstop frenzy that brings both joy and frustration. It is also one of the rare times that we buy […]

Save This For The Next Time You Go Grocery Shopping

Next Story You’d think that grocery shopping would be one of the easier things in life. A simple necessity, the process of choosing and buying food is practically a family tradition for many people, and certainly was for me. I remember countless trips to the grocery store with my family as a child, and it’s something […]

In the Age of Amazon, Are Traditional Shopping Malls Dead?

USA Meg Mall in Seattle, WA (Source: Bynyalcin @Wikicommons) 21st Century Wire Traditional U.S. retailers are staring out at the abyss with massive layoffs expected to continue into the next quarter of 2017, according to a report by MarketWatch. In the last four years, traditional retailers have cut more than 200,000 jobs.  In contrast, Amazon is set to create 100,000 new […]

Sick! Utah woman locked her kids in car trunk to go shopping

     A woman in Utah has been arrested on suspicion of child abuse after witnesses reported to police that she locked her two kids in her car’s trunk at a Walmart parking lot and went shopping. Tori Lee Castillo, 39, was arrested Thursday evening in a suspected case of child abuse, AP reports citing the […]

Walmart to unveil SEDENTARY shopping where you don’t even have to walk the store… flying DRONES bring all the products to your basket

(Natural News) Humans and technology have a bittersweet relationship with one another. One the one hand, it makes our lives more convenient. If you need to know the ingredients for homemade mac and cheese, all you have to do is speak into your phone’s web browser and you’ll have the information you need within seconds. […]

Leaked Email Reveals Hillary Clinton Wanted War In Syria To Benefit Israel

And as always, this one came from WikiLeaks. Recently, True Activist wrote about how the U.S. orchestrated the ISIS threat to bring war to Syria and help Israel. Some thought the notion to be ridiculous, but this latest finding about presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton solidifies those suspicions. It turns out that one […]

British MP Murdered

British MP Murdered June 16th, 2016 Fascinating: Poll Reveals 10-Point Swing Towards Brexit With A Week To Go And then… Cue lone nut. I’ll be very surprised if the Brexit is allowed to happen. My guess is that anything and everything would be done […]

Russia to launch yearly manned flights to Moon starting 2025

The yearly manned space flights, part of Russia’s moon exploration program, will include flyovers and landings on the lunar surface. In order to achieve these goals, Russia plans to use a new type of a manned spacecraft called the Federatsiya (Federation). Russian space corp unveils project for reusable ‘shuttle’ between ISS and moon Russian space […]

FBI investigating computer virus causing major outages at MedStar Health, where shooting victims of Capitol were transported

Hackers crippled computer systems Monday at a major hospital chain, MedStar Health Inc., forcing records systems offline for thousands of patients and doctors. The FBI said it was investigating whether the unknown hackers demanded a ransom to restore systems. A computer virus paralyzed some operations at Washington-area hospitals and doctors’ offices, leaving patients […]

Welfare THUG Tries To Buy BMW With Food Stamps… What Happens Next Is PRICELESS!

Dean James AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS– Okay folks, here’s one for the record books. Some idiot tried to buy a BMW with FOOD STAMPS! You can’t make this stuff up! The black welfare peasant tried to buy a $60,000 BMW and when he got declined, he decided to break into the dealership the next day and STEAL […]

Choking smog returns to Mexico City at levels not seen in over a decade

     Choking smog returned to the skies of Mexico City this week at levels not seen in more than a decade, prompting fears of more eye-watering days to come as efforts to curb pollution run afoul of the courts and the realities of life. The haze that shrouded the second-largest city in the Western Hemisphere […]

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