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Three Christian Family Members Slain on Christmas Day

Damaged home of three Christian family members killed in Nyabitutsi village, Uganda on Dec. 25, 2023. (Morning Star News) NAIROBI, Kenya (Morning Star News) – Islamic extremists killed a 75-year-old woman and her two grandchildren in western Uganda on Christmas Day, sources said. The bodies of Edrine Ngwabize and her two grandchildren, 5-year-old Emoni… Source

Terrorists Kill Two Christians on Christmas in Nigeria

Boko Haram vehicles destroyed in Cameroon. (M. Kindzeka, VOA) ABUJA, Nigeria (Christian Daily International–Morning Star News) – Islamic extremist terrorists rampaged through a predominantly Christian village in northeastern Nigeria on Christmas Day, setting houses on fire, looting shops and killing two Christians, area residents said. Residents of… Source

Mulvaney on Trump: ‘It’s horrible to put that out on Christmas’

Former White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney on Tuesday criticized a recent Truth Social post by former President Trump. “It’s horrible to put that out on Christmas, it really is,” Mulvaney said Tuesday on “The Hill on NewsNation.” “But face it, if you don’t like that kind of stuff, you’ve already made up your… […]

Minnesota breaks century-old Christmas temperature record

Several areas of Minnesota broke centuries-old temperature records for Christmas Day on Monday. According to a post by the National Weather Service’s (NWS) Twin Cities Forecast Office on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, the city of St. Cloud, Minn., experienced a record-high temperature of 48 degrees, beating the record of 47 set in… […]

After Christmas Swatting Incident, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Reveals Sick Death Threats Made Against Her and President Trump

After Christmas Swatting Incident, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Reveals Sick Death Threats Made Against Her and President Trump Source

The Best After-Christmas Sales and Boxing Day Deals to Shop Right Now

We did it, people! We positively bashed Black Friday, slayed Cyber Monday, and powered through the holiday gift-giving season. Now, it’s time to kick back, relax, and enjoy a few drams next to the fire. (Or, if you’re like us, a small apartment space heater.) Yes, our laurels are here, and we’re resting on them. […]

Ukraine Blows Up Russian Landing Warship in Crimea on Christmas Day

Footage filmed near the port of Feodosia shows a huge fireball rising into the sky after a suspected Storm Shadow strike last night. The Christmas attack, for which Kyiv has taken responsibility, led to unconfirmed reports that dozens of people had been killed and Novercherkassk military vessel was severely damaged. The governor of the territory […]

Pro-Palestine activists assemble in front of Jake Sullivan’s home on Christmas day

Pro-Palestine activists assemble in front of Jake Sullivan’s home on Christmas day lead image Source

CHRISTMAS SLAUGHTER! 250 Palestinians died and another 500 were injured in the last 24 hours alone

READ HERE: Israeli airstrike kills more than 100 people in central Gaza refugee camp “The death toll in the Israel-Hamas war surged higher Monday as Israel ramped up its strikes on Gaza. Health officials there reported 250 Palestinians died and another 500 were injured in the last 24 hours alone. All this comes as Israeli […]

8TH SWAT! Marjorie Taylor Greene targeted by failed Christmas swatting attempt

READ HERE:   Source

Day 80: Sad Christmas in Palestine as ‘Israel’ Commits Horrible Massacre in Maghazi

December 25, 2023 Palestinian Christians are witnessing a somber Christmas in the West Bank city of Bethlehem amid the ongoing Israeli onslaught on Gaza. More than 120 people have been martyred in Israeli air raids overnight in central Gaza, Al-Manar correspondent reported on Monday. Strikes on central Gaza’s Maghazi refugee camp killed at least 90 […]

WEF King Charles uses Christmas message to advance climate narrative

On Monday, King Charles III, who we sometimes refer to as the “WEF King” (because he’s one of the world’s most prominent anti-humans), dedicated a significant chunk of the Royal Family’s annual Christmas broadcast to the climate narrative. Source

Christmas in Bethlehem 2022 vs 2023

Christians in Palestine called on the world to not celebrate Christmas this year in solidarity with Gaza. Yet many Christian leaders choose to stand with Israel without caring about the land of the man they are supposedly celebrating. Source

At a megachurch Christmas Eve service outside Atlanta, a call for a ceasefire

On Christmas Eve, congregants gathered at the New Birth Missionary Baptist church for a service unlike any other: the church choir wore keffiyehs, Palestinians shared stories of the Nakba, and the pastor’s call was clear: a ceasefire in Gaza. Source

A Christmas Like No Other

Forwarded this email? Subscribe here for more A Christmas like no other 2023 the Genocide year. VANESSA BEELEY DEC 25 READ IN APP 2023 will be etched in our memories forever – the year a genocide was carried out with the express endorsement of Western regimes intent on cleansing Palestine of Palestinians, slaughtering thousands of […]

Refugee camp struck in Gaza on Christmas Day, 70 Dead

In a grim turn of events on Christmas Eve, the Maghazi refugee camp in Gaza became the epicenter of a devastating Israeli air attack, resulting in a reported death toll of at least 70 people. The dire situation was revealed by the Palestinian Ministry of Health, with spokesperson Ashraf al-Qudra describing the unfolding tragedy as […]

Merry Christmas from The Vigilant Fox

Merry Christmas to everyone defying the unlawful takeover of humanity. You understand: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” God wins in the end. May you have a blessed Christmas. Subscribe now Source

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 80: Israel kills at least 100 Palestinians in Christmas Eve attacks

At least 100 Palestinians were killed in Israeli attacks on Khan Younis and Al-Maghazi refugee camp, as a new Euro-Med Monitor report documents brutal Israeli crimes against civilians sheltering in Palestinian schools, including executions. Source

Christmas Day Seeks A New Year

Seventy nine years ago an American army was fighting for it’s life at Bastogne. America should never have been involved in World War 2. FDR a Red Russian Khazarian communist first tried to force Germany to sink a US naval vessel to drag Americans into the war, then backed Japan into a corner with economic […]

Violent Riots Erupt in Serbia on Christmas Day after ‘Unfair Elections’

Shielded riot police barricaded themselves inside Belgrade’s city hall as they fired tear gas at hundreds of opposition supporters who were trying to enter the building. The demonstrators had gathered in the Serbian capital on Sunday as they called for the annulment of parliamentary and local elections which took place last weekend. International observers said […]

Pope Says ‘Our Hearts Are In Bethlehem’ As He Presides Over The Christmas Eve Mass

Pope Francis in a Christmas Eve homily said that “the clash of arms even today” prevents Jesus “from finding room in the world.”. Source

1914 Christmas Truce — Satanists Hold Us Hostage

On Christmas 1914,  British and German soldiers fraternized and refused to kill each other. Christmas reminded them that they had more in common with Jesus Christ and the Gospel of Love than with the Cabalist (Satanist) bankers who had contrived this war in order to kill them. Their refusal to comply is a reminder that […]

Satanist Jews Took the Christ Out of Christmas

A friend’s eight-year-old boy complained that his class cannot celebrate Christmas although 19 of 20 kids are Christian. The twentieth is Jewish, and guess what, they are learning about Chanukah!  The boy made a bewildered face, as if to say, what’s going on?  What’s going on is that the goyim are being inducted into a […]

How The Puritans And Oliver Cromwell Tried And Failed To Banish Christmas

(History Collection) Every year at this time, we see headlines about an ongoing “War on Christmas” being waged by the Jews and their minions on “radical Left” — and while there is certainly truth to that contention, the first real “war” against the celebration of Christmas was waged in England by the Puritans and their […]

Nightmare Before Christmas: Brandon Visits Children’s Hospital, Requests Lap Time


Dec 21 – Israeli Atrocities Overshadow Christmas

Please send links and comments to The Palestinian Hamas terrorist group has cut off negotiations with Israel, demanding a lull in fighting before any more talks. Israel, which is closing in on Hamas leaders in Gaza, refused that demand. The Times of Israel reported: A Hamas statement claims that it will not agree to free […]

‘The Bear’: Behind the Scenes of the ‘Fishes’ Christmas Episode

“There's degrees of messiness,” The Bear’s prop master Laura Roeper tells me over the phone from Chicago. “Chris [Storer, the series creator] is like, ‘no, [it has to be] chaotic craziness’… So we’re in the kitchen, and we got to throw spaghetti sauce over everything, because the mess wasn’t big enough for Chris. He goes, […]

China Is Keeping The Lights On The Christmas Tree This Year

China Is Keeping The Lights On The Christmas Tree This Year While Santa’s factories are rumored to be hidden in the mountains of Lapland (or at the North Pole, depending on who you ask), someone else is doing the heavy lifting when it comes to Christmas decorations. As Statista’s Felix Richter reports, according to data extracted […]

Israeli Forces Attack Church Compound In Gaza Just Days Before Christmas

The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem said the Israeli military killed two women and displaced dozens of disabled people sheltering at the Holy Family Parish. Source

The Christmas Card Is Dead. Or Is It?

Footmen carry a giant Christmas card for Elizabeth II which was delivered in 2005 to Buckingham Palace in London. Photo: Fiona Hanson – PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images Say the words “Christmas cards” and two things spring to my mind. The first: former British prime minister Tony Blair and his wife Cherie. I may have […]

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