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This Christmas, NEPOMAK branches worldwide held events to remember the missing persons of Cyprus. These events were coordinated globally by NEPOMAK (the World Federation of Young Diaspora Cypriots) and POMAK (the World Federation of Diaspora Cypriots), with the support of the Presidential Commissioner of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr Photis Photiou. Events were held in… […]

St Knut’s Day: Jan 13 – The Scandinavian Fun Finale To Christmas!

Every culture has its own unique holidays and traditions, but one of the most interesting cultural holidays is St Knut’s Day. Read more Section:  News Ancient Places Europe History Ancient Traditions Read Later  Source

Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas in Russia and Ukraine in the shadow of war

Both Russian and Ukrainian presidents marked the occasion, with Vladimir Putin calling for a 36-hour ceasefire and Volodymyr Zelensky hailing Ukrainians for their fighting spirit. Source

Why do some Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas in January ?

Every year on 6 and 7 January, millions of Orthodox Christians around the world celebrate Christmas, almost two weeks after their western counterparts have already feasted and rung in the New Year. For several countries in Europe, including Ukraine, Serbia, Montenegro, Russia and Belarus, parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and African countries such as Egypt… […]

Two ethnic Serbs injured in Christmas Eve shooting in Kosovo, suspect arrested

An 11-year-old boy and a 21-year-old man were injured after a gunman opened fire from a moving vehicle near the southern town of Shtërpce/Štrpce, Kosovo authorities said on Friday. Source

Christmas and Epiphany are marked in Ukraine, Serbia and Czechia

Christmas and Epiphany are marked in Ukraine, Serbia and Czechia Source

Teacher Frustrated As Half Her Students Detransitioned Over Christmas Break

BEAVERTON, OR — Third-grade teacher Ms. Gaywood (she/her) became frustrated during the first day back from the holiday break when she discovered half her students had detransitioned and were no longer identifying as made-up genders. Source

Lego Set, Nerf Gun, Xbox Lose Out To Christmas Wrapping Paper Tubes Again

NEWARK, DE — Despite a Christmas haul that included a $250 Marvel-themed “Sanctum Sanctorum” LEGO set, the long-range “NERF Ultra Pharoah Blaster” gun for $50, and an Xbox for $499, the most coveted gift among the children in the Coogan household this year was the wrapping paper tube, according to sources. Source

Three Power Substations Attacked In Washington State On Christmas Day

Increased sabotage incidents on the US power grid are very concerning. On Christmas Day, three substation facilities were vandalized in Pierce County, Washington, plunging thousands of customers into total darkness, according to ABC News.  Source

Trump Christmas message: ‘The USA is dying from within!!!’

Former President Donald Trump on Sunday offered a holiday tirade on his Truth Social platform that ended with: “The USA is dying from within!!!” “On this very cold but beautiful Christmas Day, look at our Nation NOW on the Southern Border compared to only a short time ago during the Trump Administration,” he wrote on […]

For Palestinians, celebrating Christmas is an act of resistance 

Last week, His Beatitude Theophilos III, Greek Patriarch of Jerusalem, led the annual interfaith lighting of a Christmas tree inside Jerusalem’s Jaffa Gate. The lighting this year took place at the Imperial Hotel, a Greek Orthodox property that Israeli settlers sought to occupy earlier this year. “This simple ceremony of the lighting of a tree […]

Pope on Christmas: Jesus was poor, so don’t be power-hungry

“VATICAN CITY (AP) — Recalling Jesus’ birth in a stable, Pope Francis rebuked those “ravenous” for wealth and power at the expense of the vulnerable, including children, in a Christmas Eve homily decrying war, poverty and greedy consumerism.” MATTHEW 23: 1Then spake Jesus to the multitude, and to his disciples, 2 Saying, The scribes and […]

RH – Christmas Folllies, Plus Sons of Isaac

The post RH – Christmas Folllies, Plus Sons of Isaac appeared first on EURO·FOLK·RADIO. Source

A Christmas message from Wally Richards

Here it is Christmas day and I am writing this short weekly article today because I was too busy yesterday mowing lawns and tidying up gardens for Christmas. So I hope you are having a pleasant day and a chance to hopefully forget the woes of the past year. As the Chinese say, ‘Have an […]

General Washington’s Christmas Message for Those Complying with The Great Reset

From the above headlined article. “In the current unrestricted war by globalists seeking to dismantle human civilization, there may be no indispensable men at this time. Or at least none has arisen. I’d have to imagine if Washington were alive today, he’d have organized a sort of Continental Army by now, and we’d know who […]

Christmas thrift: Austrians cut festive spending due to inflation

Faced by rising bills and prices, Austria’s Christmas shoppers are tightening their bets, according to retailers who warn of jop cuts next year. Source

A Greek Christmas in the Diaspora – the Challenges and the Blessings

Christmas in the Diaspora can be bittersweet for many of us who have loved ones in Greece.  However, it’s also a time of year we can embrace our unique identity, a combination of two cultures, and share it with others. One of the main challenges Greeks face in the lead up to Christmas is the… […]

Why the Christmas Story’s Virgin Birth Wouldn’t Surprise Early Christians

Every year on Christmas, Christians celebrate the birth of their religion’s founder, Jesus from Nazareth of Galilee. Read more Section:  News General Read Later  Source

Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Libertarian Child

Raising a libertarian child can be tough, especially since they see your authority as totally illegitimate and say things like “AM I BEING DETAINED?” when you tell them to clean their room. If you have a libertarian kid, Christmas is a great opportunity to win them over with some perfect Christmas presents! Source

Judo Jerusalem Masters: Christmas comes early for many Judoka

It was the final day of the World Judo Masters, here in Jerusalem and it did not disappoint, as it continued the incredible momentum of the previous 2! Hundreds of excited Judo fans packed the Pais Arena to cheer on their heroes! Source

Joe Biden Delivers Christmas Address Without Saying the Word ‘Jesus’; Calls for Americans to ‘Drain’ Political ‘Poison’

The president spoke about a “child” born on Christmas but did not speak the child’s name.  Source

Despina Vandi performed a memorable Christmas concert in Agrinio

Despina Vandi was in Agrinio on Wednesday night and performed at a big Christmas concert in the packed Democracy Square. The popular singer took the stage and started singing big hits, both old and more recent. Shortly before going on stage, Despina uploaded a selfie posing in front of her mirror. See the photo: READ… […]

Christmas Memery’s 2022


Which Christmas destinations abroad did Greeks choose this year

Paris, London, Rovaniemi, Vienna but also Egypt, New York and Dubai are the top destinations chosen by Greeks to spend the Christmas and New Year holidays. Of course, Munich, Budapest, Belgrade and the ski resort in Bansko are not missing from the list of options. Speaking to Proto Thema, the president of the Federation of… […]

Cardinal Blasts ‘Woke’ Rewording Of Traditional Christmas Carols

Britain’s most senior Roman Catholic, Cardinal Vincent Nichols, has hit out at the ‘woke’ rewriting of Christmas carols. Cardinal Nichols, the Catholic Archbishop of Westminster, said that preserving the traditional songs was more important than ‘sensitivities […] The post Cardinal Blasts ‘Woke’ Rewording Of Traditional Christmas Carols appeared first on News Punch. Source

Dendias’ Christmas message to Greek-Australians: “Your dynamic and prosperous community makes us proud”

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias has expressed his Christmas well-wishes for the “dynamic and prosperous” Greek-Australian community. In a message given to The Greek Herald, the Corfu-born diplomat stressed the “dynamic and prosperous” Greek-Australian are “now an integral part of Australian society and contributors to the progress and prosperity of Australia.” The foreign minister stressed… […]

Official Bans Christmas Celebrations in District in Indonesia

Performance at culinary festival in Serang, capital of Banten Province, in March 2017. (Banten tourism office, Creative Commons) SURABAYA, Indonesia (Morning Star News) – A high-level official in western Indonesia on Saturday (Dec. 17) announced an agreement with a multi-faith body that prohibits Christmas celebrations in a district at sites without… Source

‘Merry Christmas, You Fragile Snowflakes!’: The 2022 Right Wing Watch Holiday Gift Guide

With the war on Christmas supposedly upon us, Right Wing Watch took a spin through some of the looniest gifts being hawked to good conservatives this holiday season. Right Wing Watch’s 2022 annual gift guide is here. Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal Everyone knows that there really is no point in celebrating the birth of […]

ACH (2007) I Ask YOU #4 – Christmas

In today’s episode of, “I Ask YOU,” originally broadcast on December 21 2022, Andy presents a show entitled, “Christmas.” “I Ask YOU,” is a solo show in which you, the audience, can choose to participate. You can do this by answering the questions privately to yourself, or alternatively I invite you to email any answers […]

ACH (2005) Mallificus Scott – The Limeys #100 – We Limeys Wish You A Merry Christmas

In today’s show originally broadcast on December 19 2022, Andy presents “The Limeys” with his co-host Mallificus Scott for a show entitled, “We Limeys Wish You A Merry Christmas.” We discussed: the Jim Rizoli and Reed T. Sainsbury Odysee clip that we played during the show intro segment; our broadcasts over the Christmas period; great […]

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