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Most U.S. companies will require proof of Covid vaccination from employees, survey finds

More than 60% of companies in the U.S. will require proof of vaccination from their employees, according to a new survey conducted by Arizona State University with support from the Rockefeller Foundation. A broad majority of U.S. employers, 65%, plan to offer employees incentives to get vaccinated and 63% will require proof of vaccination, according […]

Tyranny: Majority of US Companies Will Require Workers to Provide Proof of Vaccination

It looks like American colleges won’t be alone in making vaccination mandatory for any students who want to return to campus next semester. Despite the White House’s determination that vaccination shouldn’t be mandatory by law, more than 60% of American companies are reportedly leaning toward requiring proof of vaccination from their employees. Image credit: […]

WVW-TV And Mike Lindell Presents Scientific Proof

WVW-TV And Mike Lindell Presents Scientific Proof Prepare For Change / Derek Knauss By Worldview News Team , 31 March, 2021 WVW-TV And Mike Lindell Presents Scientific Proof: Internationally Renowned Physicist Absolutely Proves 2020 Election Was Biggest Cyber-Crime in World History. Click Here to Watch Now: On March 31st, Mike Lindell, the CEO of […]

22 Ways to Cancer-Proof Your Life – FREE Ebook and Cutting Edge Docu-Series

What if you could literally “carpet bomb” cancer? What if a few simple daily activities could “cancer proof” your life? Would you want to know what those activities were? Of course you would! Our friends, Ty and Charlene Bollinger, over at The Truth About Cancer® are on a mission to educate the world about how to […]

More Businesses Give Perks for Proof of Vaccination: Free Donuts and Rides, Dine-In Discounts

Businesses across America are increasingly leaning into the vaccination effort, offering a range of freebies and incentives to customers who show proof of getting a COVID-19 jab. Security experts note, however, that the information on vaccine record cards—currently the only proof of vaccination—contains sensitive information that bad actors could exploit, and so they urge people […]

Marlboro To Offer Free Carton Of Cigarettes With Proof Of Vaccination

RICHMOND, VA—In a major public health initiative, Marlboro is offering a free carton of cigarettes with proof of vaccination. Every day in 2021, you can go into any convenience store and get a full carton of cigs by showing your vaccination card.  “We want to promote public health, so we’re going to make sure people […]

Pfizer’s own website acknowledges the long term safety data and proof of efficacy does not yet exist

From C-o-v-1-9 V@cc Reacts and News New Zealand (@ Facebook) What does Pfizer itself say about their vaccine safety? From a Question and Answer page on Pfizer’s own website Jan 6 2021: Q: “How long will you be watching people who have been vaccinated? How do we know that bad side effects can’t happen long […]

Shocking (NEW) Proof This Is The Final Generation

Do you remember the first time (or, during this pandemic lockdown era, perhaps the last time) that you saw a film in a movie theater? Were you one of those few that remained in your seat when the movie ended and the credits started rolling? Most likely, if you were the curious type of “watcher” who stuck […]

31 Minutes Shows PROOF of United States NGO’s (CIA) Interfering With Ukraine’s Elections-Zionist Mafia Does it Again! I Would Bet CIA Fired 1st Shot (or CIA Ass-et Anyways)!

[embedded content] Comment: Nuland & Pyatt, U.S. “Diplomats” or Nazi Supporters & Warmonger/Songbird who sang on his fellow POWs McCain was there too. Just the usual collection of War Criminals in Action. Victoria Nuland is a Prostitute for the Zionist Crime Cabal as are Biden, Pyatt, McCain and these NGO’s are actually owned by them […]

UAE says Princess Latifa ‘being cared for at home’ as UN asks for proof she’s alive

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‘Prophetess’ Amanda Grace Says Trump’s Impeachment Trial Is Proof He’s Still President

Right-wing author, commentator, and Trump cultist Eric Metaxas welcomed “prophetess” Amanda Grace on to his radio program Monday, where Grace declared that the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump is evidence that Trump is still the president. On “The Eric Metaxas Radio Show,” Grace claimed that it is all part of God’s plan to make […]

Absolute Proof | Exposing Election Fraud and the Theft of America by Enemies Foreign and Domestic | Documentary

MyPillow’s Mike Lindell Releases Long Promised Documentary Of 2020 Voter Fraud February 5, 2021 Mike Lindell of the MyPillow company has released his long-awaited video documenting the voter fraud of the 2020 election. The only question now is, when are the People going to enforce justice against the criminals and traitors in government today? […]

Absolute Proof? Mike Lindell Releases Voter Fraud ‘Documentary’

Since November, religious-right activist and MyPillow founder Mike Lindell has been on a crusade to prove that former President Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election in a landslide but had the White House stolen from him due to massive voter fraud. Lindell has spent millions of dollars pressing his bogus claim without achieving anything other than getting threatened […]

Is Extremely Low Rate Of Reported Side Effects Among Israelis Proof Their ‘COVID’ Vaccines Are Actually Placebos?

In the world’s most detailed data on how people feel after a Pfizer COVID vaccine, Israel has found that less than 0.3 percent had side effects they felt were significant enough to report to doctors — a rate that is up to an astonishing 100 times lower than the side effect rates reported in the […]

Dear Delusional Americans: America Loves War! (Proof From American Delusions)

1798-1800 France Undeclared naval war against France, marines land in Puerto Plata. 1801-1805 Tripoli War with Tripoli (Libya), called “First Barbary War”. 1806 Spanish Mexico Military force enters Spanish territory in headwaters of the Rio Grande. 1806-1810 Spanish and French in Caribbean US naval vessels attack French and Spanish shipping in the Caribbean. 1810 Spanish […]

Proof PCR Test is a Psychological Operation

Proof PCR Test is a Psychological Operation [resource] Tap News / Weaver The following evidence is for distribution in any country This resource will be updated as required. The more people who have access to fact based evidence of a world coup masked as a life threatening flu, and leverage the proof, the sooner chaos […]

Amy Barrett’s Connection to a Cult-People of Praise-Need More Proof But Definitely a Conspiracy

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor -September 28, 20202726224 Moloch receiving a child sacrifice It is very simple recruiting initiates to a devilish sex cult that promises an eternal life of butchery and debauchery. All that is needed is a simple demonstration of supernatural power.  Malachi Martin explains that one quite well. VT: Amy Coney Barrett ‘clerked’ […]

RH – Proof DC Attack Was Antifa False Flag, Plus Vaccine Dangers

EURO FOLK RADIO RH – Proof DC Attack Was Antifa False Flag, Plus Vaccine Dangers Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share

The USA IS a Crown Corporation. As Far As Trump Taking Control on the 20th I need Proof! We Will Soon Know At Any Rate!

THE BAD NEWS The UNITED STATES (in capitals) isn’t a country; it’s a corporation! … The corporation was created for the District of Columbia, aka Washington, D.C. (not even a state), via the Act of 1871. THE UNITED STATES corporation operates under private international law with their own corporate constitution. Don’t believe it? Watch this at 2 minutes 16 The USA […]

Picture Proof My Granddaddy Shlomo Was Gassed by Der Evil Notsees!

Here’s the evidence all you holocaust deniers need to see, those ebil Notsees gassed poor Grandday Shlomo, this picture shows the horrors inflicted upon him! After crying for hours from this horrific picture, I investigated further and found this! Those devious Notsees used diesel gas to kill the poor Juden, which is almost impossible, but […]

Proof That Jesus Is The Christ — The Promised Messiah Of Israel

Some recent comments posted here by a few of our readers show a profound misunderstanding of not only the true identity of Jesus Christ, but also an acute blindness to the overwhelming proof within the Bible itself that He was exactly who He said He was — the promised Messiah of Israel. The universalist, denominational […]

Best Flat Earth Video 1000% Proof The Earth Is Flat

60K Shares Is there proof that Earth moves? How do we know the earth and other planets go around the sun and not the opposite? This is a very good question. For some time after it was accepted that planets (including earth) circle the sun, there was no direct proof that it is earth that […]

Here’s more proof that Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. is a stone-cold traitor!

A TREASONOUS JOINT U.S.-UK SPY AGREEMENT DATED DEC. 19, 2005 UNEARTHED AT/BY WIKILEAKS CAT More proof John G. Roberts, Jr. is a traitor; he and Sir Robert Fulton joined the Knights of Malta as about the same time. Ken Krieg, Robert Fulton. (Dec. 19, 2005). TOP SECRET US-UK Memo re. Special Access Programs (SAP) […]

RH – Proof that Covid Is Fake, Plus Montana Lawsuit

EURO FOLK RADIO RH – Proof that Covid Is Fake, Plus Montana Lawsuit Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share

Michael Eric Dyson: McConnell Is Proof America’s ‘Real Religion’ Is ‘Whiteness’

Vanderbilt University professor Michael Eric Dyson said Thursday on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) was proof that America’s “real religion” is “whiteness.” Anchor Joy Reid said, “In your new book you talk about reckoning with race in America. I think about Mitch McConnell’s centrality in the story of race in just […]

Bombshell Testimony Provides Irrefutable Proof Election Was Stolen. Is It Time for Martial Law? – Watch Live

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Vaccine Minister Says Bars, Restaurants & Cinemas Will Demand Proof of Vaccination Before Entry

    UK vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi says he expects bars, cinemas, restaurants and sports stadiums to all demand proof of vaccination against COVID-19 before allowing customers to enter their venues. Speaking with BBC Radio’s The World at One earlier today, Zahawi responded to the host’s question about immunity passports that are registered within a […]

Voter Fraud Proof? How Many Times did I Vote in Georgia?

Here’s the partial list of what might be evidence of Georgia voter fraud. In all got over 40 texts urging me to request a mail-in ballot & they would help me. Or stating that I should of already received a mail-in ballot, do you need help with it?  About 10 different outfits texted me, with […]

Need More Proof That The Music Industry Is Fake?

We all know that our favorite artists have great voices right? Wrong! This video from RT, reveals just how corrupt the music industry really is and how anyone can sound like a professional. [embedded content] You will also want to watch: You Will Never Trust Your Television Again After Seeing This which shows how easily corporate broadcasters can […]

Proof Election Stolen From Trump

By infostormer -November 15, 20203 Sidney Powell who is on Donald Trump’s legal team investigating all the insane election fraud we’ve seen, has promised to “release the Kraken” on Monday. She was on air with Lou Dobbs describing the insane amounts of evidence they have to prove that these Dominion voting systems were a major part of […]

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