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Proof Ukraine War Is The Fruit Of US’s Illegal Color Revolution In Ukraine

Cookies Nuland, an IsraHELL citizen employed by US State department passes out cookies to rioters in Ukraine paid with US taxpayer funds via the CIA to help overthrow Ukraine’s duly elected government The IsraHELL citizens and their yankee bitches in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac hired sniper murderers and paid rioters to help overthrow […]

FDA bans sales of popular Vuse menthol, fruit flavored e-cigarettes

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Thursday banned the sale of Vuse Alto menthol and fruit-flavored electronic cigarettes as part of its larger crackdown on vaping products marketed at young people. Vuse, made by R.J. Reynolds Vapor Co., is the most commonly sold e-cigarette brand in the country, the FDA said, and it has… […]

Hormone-disrupting fungicides found on most citrus fruit samples tested by EWG

Gordon Source

FRUIT TREE TIME (Wally Richards)

About this time each year; fruit tree nurseries lift the new season Delicious fruit trees out of the ground and either wrap the roots or bag them into planter bags, secured with twine as the roots have been cut. It is very important that as soon as the tree is out of the ground the […]

Australia’s First Genetically Modified Fruit Sent for Government Approval

Australia’s First Genetically Modified Fruit Sent for Government Approval By: Cristen Hemingway Jaynes Updated: May 12, 2023  Edited by Chris McDermott From left to right: A wild banana plant, a Cavendish banana plant and a QCAV-4 banana plant. Queensland University of Technology There’s a new banana in town, and it’s been genetically modified (GM). Scientists […]

Abra Berens’ ‘Pulp’ Is an Ode to the Beauty of Fruit

I meet Abra Berens on the release day of her newest cookbook, Pulp, which is an encyclopedic ode to all things fruit. She’s doing a book signing at Hopewell Brewing Co. in Chicago, and for the occasion, the brewery has released a special piquette-style sour ale called Neonette: Peach, which uses fermented Red Haven peaches […]

Company Genetically Engineers Fruit Flies To Be “Biofactories” For Fake Meat Production

The biotech company Future Fields has notified the Canadian authorities of its intention to commercialize EntoEngine, a genetically modified fly. The flies are engineered to produce foreign proteins – in this case, growth factors, which are cell signaling molecules that play important roles in cell proliferation and development, for use in what Future Fields calls “cellular […]

Scholars Now Believe Forbidden Fruit Was Seed Oils

U.S. — Scholars at Notre Dame’s Department of Theology have found new evidence that the forbidden fruit described in Genesis was not actually a fruit, but a vial of deadly, highly processed seed oil. Source

The Bittersweet Truth About the Fruit We Love to Eat

Fruits and vegetables go together like “two peas in a pod”—but are they really as similar as we’ve been told? In general, the nutrients from fruits can be quite different from those of vegetables. Their respective effects on our health can also be very different, especially when considering the varying content of fructose sugar in […]


All too often I am asked questions about problems that have already occurred and its to late to prevent them. Its like the old saying, closing the gate after the horse has gone. Unless you are onto it, you will miss the vital times when your efforts will be worthwhile and make a difference for […]

Financial Times: Fruit is a luxury in Erdoğan’s Turkey, inflation threatens his re-election hopes

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is facing major economic issues, including an official rate of almost 80% which many neutral economists believe is actually much higher, and this could affect his chances of re-election in 2023. A former president famously said in the increasingly Islamist country, as people content with astronomical price rises: “There is… […]

The Natural Mummies of San Bernardo: Created by Earth, Gas or Fruit?

Were extremely well preserved natural mummies discovered in Colombia made by special high altitude climatic conditions, or was it the fruit they consumed? The mausoleum of San Bernardo is located within the department of Cundinamarca, Colombia, high within the Andes and 40 miles (64.37 km) southwest of the country’s capital, Bogota. Characterized by high fertility […]

The Natural Mummies of San Bernardo: Created by Earth, Gas or Fruit?

Were extremely well preserved natural mummies discovered in Colombia made by special high altitude climatic conditions, or was it the fruit they consumed? The mausoleum of San Bernardo is located within the department of Cundinamarca, Colombia, high within the Andes and 40 miles (64.37 km) southwest of the country’s capital, Bogota. Characterized by high fertility […]


Twitter Litter has determined you knowing the TRUTH is hazardous to their asses!!! The above scare tactic comes up when one clicks on the video below from a TWITTER LITTER link! 1st the child abusers at TWITTER LITTER don’t want folks hearing the truth, second the child abusing mass murderers via loaded syringes at Twitter […]

Protecting your fruit crops from Codlin & Guava Moth (Wally Richards)

I wrote this article a few months ago but as several gardeners recently have been asking how to protect their fruit crops from both Codlin Moth and Guava Moth I think it is well worth repeating this information. Guava moth is mostly in the upper north island but there has been a few cases in […]

5 Fruit Trees that are too EASY to GROW in the Home Garden

WATCH AT THE LINK: Self Sufficient Me 1.39M subscribers In this video , I give you my 5 top fruit trees that are too easy to grow in the home garden! Support me on Patreon: Help support the Channel and buy a T-shirt/Merchandise from our Spreadshirt shop: or Teespring (below the video). […]

2,400-Year-Old Fruit Baskets Found Underwater at Thonis-Heracleion, Egypt!

Recently, while research work was underway at Thonis-Heracleion in the bay of Abu Qir, intact fruit baskets have been discovered that were dated to the 4th century BC! The ancient Egyptian port city of Thonis-Heracleion is located 32 kms northeast of Alexandria, in the Mediterranean Sea. The once Greek city was founded as early as […]

Making a Stone Fruit Mess

It’s summer, and I’m greedy. The stone fruit is impossible to resist right now. The farmers markets are teeming with peaches, nectarines, and plums. I oblige and bring home bags stuffed to the brim, only to return for more the next day. It really isn’t a challenge to slurp through the juicy bounty, but when […]

Papaya Power: Healing Qualities of This Tropical Fruit

Renegade Editor’s Note: Papaya can be kind of stinky when it is ripe. Try adding some lime juice to neutralize it and make papaya more palatable. Also, if you live in Florida, try growing some. We have a bunch of trees in our back yard. By GreenMedInfo Research Group Papaya is more than just a […]

Orange is the new green as Seville turns to fruit juice for electricity

This is the time of year when the Spanish city of Seville turns orange and becomes one of Europe’s largest orange groves. But few locals eat them. In fact, the fruit from this city’s 50,000 trees usually just gets in the way. “It is one of the trees that most represents the image of the […]

Fruit flies in space ruin dreams of colonizing Mars

News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online English edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, gives you breaking news, analyses and opinions about Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World. © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved

Indian State Renames Dragon Fruit ‘Lotus’ Fruit to Distance from China

India’s western state of Gujarat has changed the name of a locally-grown variety of dragon fruit to “lotus” fruit to avoid the original name’s association with China, the Press Trust of India (PTI) reported on Wednesday. “The name dragon fruit is not proper, and due to its name one thinks of China. So we have […]

Israeli ‘Sex Tourism’ is the Fruit of Normalisation with the UAE

According to an Israeli resident in Dubai, the increasing number of fellow Israelis visiting the UAE in general, and Dubai in particular, has made them think that they’re at home and can do whatever they want.

Historic peace is the fruit of the Netanyahu Doctrine

With Morocco becoming the fourth Arab country in three months to normalize relations with Israel, the Netanyahu Doctrine of peace through strength and peace in exchange for peace continues to bear fruit. Imagine if I had written in this space last year that tens of thousands of Israelis would be traveling for their winter vacations […]

Dole Releases Ads Using ‘Fruit Bowls’ as Sexual Term, Substitute Swear Word — and One With Lesbian ‘Moms’

The Dole Food Company has released three short videos to promote its packaged foods by using the words “fruit bowls” in various scenarios: to secretly refer to sexuality in front of children, to substitute it for profanity, and to refer to wild children — the latter of which is depicted by lesbian “mothers.” At least […]

What Happened To Me When I Only Ate Fruit For 5 Days Straight

The Facts: The Placebo Effect is a verified phenomenon occurring in our minds and bodies. Studies suggest as much as 80 percent of the effect of antidepressants can be attributed to the placebo effect. Reflect On: The placebo effect is not something simply to dismiss as an annoyance in medicine, it IS an effect and […]

Eat Your Water! How Fruit Can Hydrate You More Than Water Can

Next Story How often do you hear a reminder to drink more water and to make sure that you get in your 8 glasses a day? You may be surprised that this advice actually has no legs to stand on as it is completely subjective to each person; the amount of physical exertion, the climate […]

Why monk fruit is the best sugar substitute yet discovered

(Natural News) It may be an understatement to say there is a large scale sugar addiction in the world today. It seems we like everything sweeter, and are willing to overlook the health consequences to satisfy our sweet tooth. Back in the early 1800’s, the average American consumed about 9 grams of […]

Appetite-suppressing bread with fiber, protein, dried fruit can reduce calorie intake between meals

(Natural News) According to a team of researchers from the University of Granada (UGR), cereal-based bread can soon help individuals curb their appetite more effectively than other types of bread. The researchers, led by Professor Ángel Gil Hernández and Dr. María Dolores Mesa García at UGR’s Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology II, collaborated with […]

An apple a day really does work: The flavonoid-rich fruit improves cardiovascular health, decreases risk of disease

(Natural News) Apples once again show that they can keep the doctor away. A study has found that the flavonoid-rich fruit enhances cardiovascular health and reduces the risk of disease by improving endothelial function. Just eat it with its skin for more benefits. Past studies have shown that there is an inverse […]

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