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Egyptian Sphinx Statues Found In English Garden Fetch £200,000

A pair of 5,000-year-old Egyptian sphinx statues have sold for just under £200,000 ($270000) at auction. The owner was “shocked” having paid only £300 ($407) for the “garden ornaments”. Sphinxes are mythical creatures from the Ancient Egyptian religious imaginarium. Illustrated in arts with the head of a human, falcon, cat or a sheep, sphinxes all […]

5 Fruit Trees that are too EASY to GROW in the Home Garden

WATCH AT THE LINK: Self Sufficient Me 1.39M subscribers In this video , I give you my 5 top fruit trees that are too easy to grow in the home garden! Support me on Patreon: Help support the Channel and buy a T-shirt/Merchandise from our Spreadshirt shop: or Teespring (below the video). […]

Why You Should Add Swiss Chard to Your Garden

By GreenMedInfo Research Group Providing an abundance of fiber, essential minerals and nutrients, Swiss chard has noteworthy benefits that rival those of its more popular peers in the world of leafy greens Swiss chard may not be the most popular leafy green out there, but it is just as nutritionally promising if you’re looking for […]

Adam And Eve Kicked Out Of Garden Of Eden For Having Only Two Genders

EDEN—Eden’s population took a sharp decline — down to zero — as the two residents, Adam and Eve, were kicked out of paradise for their intolerant views on gender. “Get out of here and take your MAGA hats with you!” yelled a cherubim at them as he set a flaming sword at the edge of […]

Oregano, a must have in the garden…and in the medicine cabinet

Ah oregano. No self respecting pizzeria is without a shaker full of it nearby. But the proverbial pizza topper has far more uses than spicing up one of America’s favorite foods. From curing athlete’s foot to helping fight cancer, Oregano has unsung medical properties and growing it in your garden or right there on your […]

ACH (1506) Paul English – The Limeys #21 – Garden Shedding

EURO FOLK RADIO ACH (1506) Paul English – The Limeys #21 – Garden Shedding Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share In today’s show originally broadcast on May 3 2021, Andy presents “The Limeys” with his co-host Paul English for a show entitled, “Garden Shedding.” We […]

Rising Garden Film Festival reaches wider audience virtually amidst pandemic

When the fourth segment of the Rising Garden Film Festival, hosted by Sangat feminist network and the Kriti Film Club, as part of the One Billion Rising South Asia’s 2021 campaign, comes to an end on Monday, the filmmakers, organisers and viewers together say that the film fiesta became a global phenomenon, amidst pandemic. Gamze Ineceli, an […]

Thousands tiptoe through tulips in test at Dutch flower garden

After bleak winter months of a coronavirus lockdown, springtime shoots of hope emerged as restrictions were relaxed at a Dutch flower garden and other public venues. Under a government-approved pilot scheme, the world-famous Keukenhof garden opened its gates to let a few thousand people tiptoe through the 7 million tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and myriad other […]

كيف نفهم أخبار محاولة الانقلاب في الاردن؟ الحديقة التوراتية الخلفية لإسرائيل How do we understand the news of the coup attempt in Jordan? Israel’s Biblical Back Garden

**Please scroll down for the English Machine translation ** كتب نارام سرجون من يعرف تكوين النظام الاردني لن يشغل نفسه بأخبار الانقلاب الملكي في الاردن.. فالأردن نظام يستحيل فيه قيام انقلاب من داخل القصر او خارجه لأن كل ما في القصر مضبوط الحركة ومراقب بالمخابرات البريطانية والصهيونية.. منذ ان نشأ هذا الكيان الوظيفي كان معلوما انه غير […]

Growing potatoes in your garden

Despite today’s trend of linking the potato to junk food (think French Fries or chips!) the first vegetable that I am planting early spring in my garden are potatoes! In fact, potatoes are not only a beloved comfort food, they are also considered to be healthy and help with weight loss. Originally from South America, […]

Pensioner Finds 800-Year-Old Bishop’s Palace in His Back Garden

An 81-year-old retired banker’s construction plans have been halted by the discovery of a lost bishop’s palace in Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England. While archaeologists have called the Medieval ruins a “significant find”, the surprise has been both exciting and unfortunate for the man. BBC News reports that the ruins of the bishop’s palace – a Medieval […]

Princess Zeb-un-Nisa: Rebel Sufi Poetess and her Gilded Garden Prison

Sitting alone in her quiet gardens, reciting verses of poetry and waiting for the end to come. This is how Princess Zeb-un-Nisa spent the final years of her life. Zeb-un-Nisa means “jewel among women,” and she truly deserved that title. Zeb-un-Nisa was a gem in the Mughal harem, she was an extremely intelligent and bright […]

US approves of expansion of Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary in Gulf of Mexico

Image Credit: ECO Magazine The United States government approved the expansion of the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary making the Gulf of Mexico’s coral sanctuary 200 percent larger. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the expansion of the boundaries will protect “important habitat for vulnerable species such as mobula rays, sea turtles, […]

Magnificent Elizabethan-era Garden Unearthed At Coleshill Manor

Archaeologists performing exploratory excavations for the HS2 high-speed rail project in Coleshill, Warwickshire have unearthed the foundations of a spectacular  Elizabethan-era ornamental garden  at the Coleshill Manor site. Measuring approximately 1,000 feet (300 meters) long at its farthest extension, the garden was found adjacent to the remains of 16 th-century Coleshill Manor, which was discovered […]

The 244 Americans Donald Trump Wants Honored in the National Garden of Heroes

President Donald Trump issued an Executive Order on Monday detailing the American heroes he wants featured in his proposed National Garden of Heroes. Trump announced the tribute site during his July 3, 2020, speech at Mount Rushmore, in which he asserted the importance of American historical figures at a time when leftist radicals were vandalizing […]

Archaeologists discover King Herod had a bonsai garden

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Garden houses to be demolished within legal boundaries of Sialk hills

TEHRAN – A total of eight garden houses, which have been constructed within legal boundaries of Sialk hills, are ordered to be brought down to earth near the significant archaeological site in central Iran.   Unfortunately, in recent years, several illegal constructions have been carried out within the legal properties of Tapeh Sialk (“Sialk hills”), […]

Pinpointing The Celestial Garden Of Eden By Hallowed Heavenly Writing

The historical existence of the Garden of Eden ( Genesis 2:4-3:24) remains a mystery. The Hebrew text depicts the Judaic Deity, Adam, Eve, and the villainous Serpent interacting within an intimate setting—Adam and Eve hearing God’s footsteps as he strolled through the Garden, then hiding from his sight, the Deity’s multiple conversations with the first […]

Ancient Ritual Bath Found At Biblical Garden of Gethsemane

While constructing a tunnel near the garden of Gethsemane east of Jerusalem, builders uncovered an underground cavern that was later identified as a  mikveh, or ritual bath, that was apparently used during the Second Temple era (516 BC to 70 AD). The bath was unearthed at the foot of the Mount of Olives, the ridge […]

Restoration work exposes ancient brick flooring in garden

TEHRAN – Segments of an ancient brick flooring have been unearthed in a restoration project at the Golestan Garden of Khorramabad, western Iran. The Persian garden is situated adjacent to the Sassanid-era Falak-ol-Aflak Fortress in Lorestan province. “Parts of an old brick flooring have been discovered during the restoration work on the on the boundaries […]

What Really Happened Between Eve And The Serpent In The Garden Of Eden? (Part 2)

Here we present the second and final part of Sheldon Emry’s sermon on what really happened in the Garden of Eden.  If you haven’t already done so, you can read Part 1 here. You can listen to the audio here: Sheldon Emry continues: Most of the confusion and the deception of Christendom — […]

What Really Happened Between Eve And The Serpent In The Garden Of Eden?

Recently this issue came up among our regular readers, so we would like to offer Sheldon Emry’s sermon “Eve And The Serpent In The Garden Of Eden: What Actually Happened?” for your consideration. The main thrust of Emry’s thesis is that the contention that Eve and the Serpent engaged in actual sexual intercourse and created […]

The Superfood Garden – FREE 3-Day Online Event

Do you want a life-style of simply getting by or do you want to THRIVE, worry-free? Sometimes life’s day to day activities can be overwhelming… especially if one of your goals is to be in charge of your own food supply. That means gardening and preserving the harvest – but if you’re new to gardening, […]

Like a Rocket in the Garden: The Unending War in Afghanistan

People in the United States continue to pretend that the despair and futility we’ve caused isn’t our fault. Photo credit: Abdulhai Darya Late last week, I learned from young Afghan Peace Volunteer friends in Kabul that an insurgent group firing rockets into the city center hit the home of one volunteer’s relatives. Everyone inside was […]

Indigenous Knowledge Revives Ancient Clam Garden Practices

Above photo: The Swinomish Department of Environmental Protection aims to protect and restore the natural environment, and the health and welfare of the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community. Facebook. La Conner, WA – Tribal communities are reviving 3,500-year-old eco-friendly practices to create sustainable beaches along the Pacific Northwest Coast. Teams of tribal members and scientists in […]

Will Madison Square Garden feature “Cuomo v. de Blasio” before the election?

Cuomo said crime in the city is ‘a problem’ By Audrey Conklin | Fox News Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Thursday took a swipe at Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, saying crime in the city is “a problem,” and “everybody has a sense that crime is worse.” Daylight shootings doubled through May and July compared to the […]

The Snitching Begins: Nosey Neighbour Calls Police on Wake in Pub Garden

Britons have already starting snitching on each other over perceived breaches of the coronavirus ‘rule of six’, with one woman grassing on people at a wake in a pub garden. Ministers this week had urged members of the public to inform on their neighbours if they were suspected of gathering in groups of larger than […]

Could the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem be the Site of Jesus’ Resurrection?

Jerusalem is an ancient city, founded as the City of David in 1010 BC, but there is evidence of settlements going back to 4500 BC. It has been conquered more than 40 times by various nations, including the Ottoman Turks, Persians, Romans and the British. As a result, it is home to religious sites that […]

Photos: Pahlavanpour Garden of Yazd

This is one of the nine registered Persian gardens that were collectively registered under the name of Persian Garden in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2011. The heavenly garden was built more than 170 years ago by Ali Pahlavanpour, a well-known merchant in the Qajar era in the 19th century. The garden includes a […]

Medicinal Ginger for Health and Garden

By Rady Ananda One of the world’s most potent disease-fighting spices, ginger, is easy to grow and comes in a variety of over a thousand different species.  Medicinal ginger most often used is Zingiber officinale. The Real Food Channel reminds us, “Pharmaceutical companies would have you believe that their expensive and potentially toxic medications are the way to treat […]

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