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More tips on dealing with pests in the garden (Wally Richards)

The tomato/potato psyllid has caused a few headaches for gardeners when the populations of this relatively new pest build up and they affect not only potatoes and tomatoes but also a number of other host plants such as tamarillo, capsicum,, chili and peppino. The nymphs are so small and you need a magnifying glass to […]


Gardening should be a pleasant pastime and not just another chore that has to be done. If you find it a chore then maybe there are too many things you are doing and the pleasure of working with plants and the soil is lost. There are things that we gardeners must do to keep everything […]

Pestie Pests in the garden (Wally Richards)

Insects that eat, or feed off, our garden plants we call them pest insects but they are just part of the Natural World we live in and if there were no pest insects then that would also be the end of the beneficial insects that live by eating the ones we call pests. Unfortunately there […]

Alarm over number of ‘sex pests’ in police force

IBAC report finds sex pests remain a problem for the force Victoria’s anti-corruption body has found predatory sexual behaviour is rife within police ranks, with victims of crimes among those most at risk. New data released by IBAC reveals that 68 per cent of all complaints received in 2022 were related to Victoria Police, according […]

Time to deal to those garden pests (Special offers – Wally Richards)

( See at end of article for New Year Sale Details…) Wishing you a Happy New Year Gardening. Now the weather has settled a bit and temperatures are better (But still a bit chilly at times) Insect pests will multiply rapidly unless you instigate early controls. If you look at when you are successful in […]

Dealing with pests in your lawn (Wally Richards)

There are three insect pests that are the main problem ones in lawns; grass grubs, porina and black beetle grubs. The affect they have on your lawns depends on the number of the pests in a given area. A few, will hardly be noticed, where a good number per square foot will damage the grasses […]

More tips on beating those pests in your garden (Wally Richards)

It is a new gardening season and once it warms up the pest populations will quickly grow. So far the temperatures have been below what would be normal for this time of the year and considering we are only a few weeks away from Labour Weekend it is most strange. Temperatures have a great bearing […]

Integrated Pest Management: How to Sustainably Keep the Pests Out

By Jayne Rising Today’s agriculture relies heavily on the use of pesticides. Even home gardeners don’t seem to have a problem applying Preen to keep the morning glory from sprouting and Sevin to eradicate what does grow. Unfortunately, while pesticides do have their uses, they also have many, many drawbacks. Pesticides are toxic to both […]

Dealing with bugs and pests in the garden

This is the time of the year some of a gardener’s bug enemies get out and cause damage. I have had my first phone call this week in regards to grass grub beetles eating the foliage of plants. The beetles are nocturnal, they will come out at dusk to mate and feed, lay eggs during […]

‘Our forests are sick’: German woodland hit by record damage due to fires and pests, says damning new report

Fires, storms, droughts and bark beetle infestations have damaged German forests so badly that they are now in their worst condition in four decades, the country’s Agriculture Minister Julia Kloeckner said on Wednesday. The country’s 2020 Forest Condition Report of 10,000 trees has revealed that a record 1.7 percent of trees died between 2019 and […]

Essential Oils for Controlling Insect Pests

By Susan Fairbairn (nee Kirk) Once you start enjoying the fruits and vegetables in your organic garden, it’s not long before you start receiving visitors. Meet the arthropods. Those freeloading vegetarians who come swinging their many limbs and whose intent it is to share the bounties of your hard labor. Organic gardeners have a few […]

Health Ranger publishes scientific study revealing heavy metals contamination of America’s municipal water supplies (EPA Watch)

(NaturalNews) As promised, I’ve now published the first 100 EPA Watch water test results in a scientific paper you can find at the Natural Science Journal. There, in a science research study I conducted at my analytical laboratory (, you’ll find the full details of toxic heavy metals contamination across the U.S. water […]

Mysterious oak leaf itch mite leaves its tiny bite mark across lower Plains

The mysterious bug bites first appeared a few weeks ago. George Monks, a dermatologist in Tulsa, Okla., started hearing complaints about weird, itchy welts. The bites had strange, tiny blisters in the center, ruling out mosquitoes. Appearing on arms, necks and faces, they were in the wrong places to be from chiggers, which tend to […]

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