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Denied electricity, Palestinian villages learn to live with solar power

Living without basic amenities in the caves after their houses faced repeated demolitions and attacks from Jewish settlers, coupled with restrictions from the Israeli army, residents of the Palestinian village of Tana, have learned to fill the gap by using renewable resources, Anadolu News Agency reports. Bassam Khatatbeh and his family, including nine children, are […]

What The US Can Learn From Cuba’s Coronavirus Response

Above Photo: Sven Creutzmann / Polaris. Healthcare For Human Rights, Not Profits Cuba’s Remarkable Response To The Coronavirus Pandemic Highlights The Need For A Healthcare System That Puts People Before Profits. For two years now, the Coronavirus pandemic has done irreversible harm to millions in the United States. To date, over 78 million confirmed cases […]

ACH (1726) Dr. Peter Hammond – The Real Lessons To Learn From The Ukraine War

EURO FOLK RADIO ACH (1726) Dr. Peter Hammond – The Real Lessons To Learn From The Ukraine War Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share In today’s show originally broadcast on March 3 2022, Andy is joined by Dr. Peter Hammond for a show entitled, “The […]

Ghislaine Maxwell Trial – Everything We DIDN’T Learn

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Climate Chaos: What to Learn From 2021

To keep acting as if there wasn’t war declared against the planet and humanity is to accept we are already defeated. Continuing to play their game can only guarantee collapse. It’s time to flip the table. A home is engulfed in flames as the Dixie fire rages on in Greenville, California on August 5, 2021. […]

Learn how to grow elderberries for food and medicine

Learn how to grow elderberries for food and medicine, right in your own backyard! Elderberries can be grown from cuttings, starts, or seeds. Growing elderberries is easy! Why Grow Your Own Elderberry Shrubs? Elderberries have become extremely popular in recent years due to their powerful immune boosting properties. Because of this popularity herbal shops and […]

More Omicron Coronavirus Cases Pop Up As World Rushes To Learn More

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — Cases of the omicron variant of the coronavirus popped up in countries on opposite sides of the world Sunday and many governments rushed to close their borders even as scientists cautioned that it’s not clear if the new variant is more alarming than other versions of the virus. The variant […]

Let us learn from our farmers!!

Our farmers know the way, go the way and show the way! Thanks to their relentless struggle and their great sacrifices, for all of us – the three anti-farmer laws have finally been repealed. For more than a year now – with blood, sweat, toil and tears, their protest has continued unceasingly. In heat and […]

Documents Reveal Kindergarteners Being Forced To Learn About Transgenderism

Concerned parents have slammed school officials for “promoting suicide” among children by amplifying a so called ‘Social Emotional Learning’ agenda that is obsessed with encouraging kids that it is normal to have and to openly discuss mental health illnesses and to feel like they were born as the wrong gender. The SEL scheme is often […]

God Develops Ultra-Realistic Metaverse Where People Can Talk, Learn, And Work With Other People, Calling It ‘Universe’

God Develops Ultra-Realistic Metaverse Where People Can Talk, Learn, And Work With Other People, Calling It ‘Universe’ EARTH—In a bold announcement to all of His children, God unveiled the creation of an ultra-realistic metaverse where people can talk, learn, and work with other people, stating this unique new metaverse will be called “Universe.” “This is […]

FDA Panel Backs Pfizer Shot For Kids: “We’re Never Going to Learn About How Safe This Vaccine Is Unless We Start Giving It”

An FDA vaccine advisory panel on Tuesday voted unanimously 17-0 in favor shooting up kids aged 5-11 with Pfizer’s experimental mRNA injection with panelist Dr Eric Rubin stating, “we’re never going to learn about how safe this vaccine is unless we start giving it.” FDA Voting Member: “We’re never gonna learn about how safe the […]

Swedish Educators Recommend Students Learn The ‘Controversial’ Facts That Cause So Many People To Doubt The Holocaust™

(JTA) Sweden’s National Agency for Education have recommended that teachers should make students try to prove that the Holocaust never happened, as part of a push to help them better understand conspiracy theories: The recommendation came in a recently published handbook for high school teachers that the government’s institution in charge of scholastic issues had […]

You can learn more about how the government created the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina in the documentary film, The Big Uneasy.

Fighting Monarch A Resistance Site For Victims of CIA, NSA, MI5 and Illuminati Mind Control December 4, 2019fightingmonarch Tonight I was hoping for a quiet drink. I wrote fifteen (15) articles in September, nine (9) in October, and another fifteen (15) in November, for a total of one hundred and forty (140) articles over the […]

Iran learn fate at 2022 Indoor Hockey World Cup

TEHRAN – Iran have been drawn with the U.S. at the 2022 Men’s FIH Indoor Hockey World Cup. Iran are pitted against hosts Belgium, the U.S., Germany, Namibia and Netherlands in Pool B. Group A consists of Argentina, Czech Republic, Austria, Kazakhstan, RFHF (Russia) and South Africa. Australia and New Zealand withdrew from the World […]

Aussie land grab by Rabobank – this is Agenda 21/30 aka ‘Sustainable Development’ in full flight – learn about this UN plan to inventory & control literally everything – be warned

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch “…Agenda 21 is a UN  action plan implemented worldwide to inventory and control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all energy, all education, all information, and all human beings in the world”  Rosa Koire Here is an example of UN Agenda 21 and ‘sustainable development’ […]

Can we learn from history?

“We told you so” rings hollow. In the face of tens of thousands of lives lost, trillions of dollars spent, and countless communities destroyed, pointing out that early critics of the U.S. “war on terror” were accurate seems crass and cruel, sanctimonious and self-serving. But it’s also dangerous to ignore the dissenters. Those of us […]

What Can We Learn About Covid Tyranny From Australia And Afghanistan?

By Brandon Smith Despotic people tend to telegraph their future actions like inexperienced fighters tend to telegraph their punches; it’s not as if the intentions of totalitarians are obscured or hard to predict. In some cases, they may even believe that they can be as obvious as they wish because they assume no one will […]

Healthy Group Accountability: Learning How To Learn

Above Photo: Participants in a Wildfire capacity-building session. A team of facilitators from our organization, The Wildfire Project, was invited to support a base-building group whose staff was absolutely burnt out. Our first workshop brought their staff together with a volunteer leadership team (from their base) who, until then, had been minimally engaged. Staff shared their […]

Learn about the group taking over Afghanistan…

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Tehran Hits back at US-Saudi Talks: All Must Learn Iran Can’t Be Subject of Their Negotiations

Posted on August 11, 2021 by martyrashrakat August 11, 2021 In reaction to the US-Saudi talks about Iran, the Iranian Embassy in the UK said that all must learn that Iran cannot be the subject of their negotiations Referring to the conversation between the US and Saudi foreign ministers about Iran and the region, the […]

Iran learn fate at Asian Volleyball Championship

TEHRAN – Iran discovered their fate at the 2021 Asian Men’s Volleyball Championship. The Iranian team have been drawn in Pool B along with Thailand, Pakistan and Hong Kong. Pool A consists of Japan, India, Qatar and Bahrain. Australia, China, Sri Lanka and Kuwait are in Pool C. Korea, Chinese Taipei, Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia […]

Hate Beets? Learn How to Gain Better Cognitive, Cardiovascular and Athletic Performance

By Erin Chamerlik, MS, MT(ASCP) Beets are a healthy vegetable but how often do they appear on your plate? Let’s talk about what you are missing if you are not eating organic beets either fresh or prepared in a way to preserve the nutrients (not canned). In this article are solutions for those following a low-carb […]

Iran learn fate at 2022 World Cup qualification Round 3

TEHRAN – Iran national football team learned their fate at the 2022 World Cup qualifiers on Thursday. Iran have been drawn along with Korea Republic, the UAE, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon in Group A. Group B consists of Japan, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Oman, China and Vietnam. The respective group winners and runners-up will seal their […]

Gov. DeSantis Signs Law Forcing Students To Learn the Horrors of Communism

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis signed three bills into law Tuesday that will force students to learn the horrors of communism. “The sad reality is that only two in five Americans can correctly name the three branches of government, and more than a third of Americans cannot name any of the rights guaranteed by the First […]

Kim Jong Un Attends Ivy League University To Learn New Brainwashing Techniques

NEW YORK, NY—According to sources, beloved North Korean tyrant and lover of doughnuts Kim Jong Un is now attending Columbia University, a prestigious Ivy League school, to learn new brainwashing techniques for his regime. “I thought I knew all there was to know about communist indoctrination, but I was wrong,” said the ruthless dictator to […]

What Senate Democrats Should Learn from the Texas Walkout Over Voting Rights

First, there is a proper role for a minority caucus to play in preventing an out-of-control majority from abusing its power, but it has nothing to do with an archaic filibuster that lacks accountability. In the weeks prior to breaking quorum, Texas Democrats used every tool at their disposal to engage in the legislative process. […]

What America can learn from China – Lessons from the pandemic

On Dec 31, 2019, I checked out of an exquisite but affordable hotel in Beijing. My first trip to China was coming to a closure and I was simultaneously sad and happy. During the flight back to San Francisco, I was thinking how America’s misconception about China was as large as the Pacific Ocean below […]

What Many Developing Countries Can Learn and Should Learn From Cuba

There are some aspects of the experiences of Cuba in recent times from which many developing countries in particular can learn valuable lessons without necessarily accepting some other aspects. The persistence of imperialism , its injustices and even cruelties has been very much a reality of the world which emerged following the end of more […]

Columbus Day Reinstated After Experts Learn Indigenous Peoples He Conquered Only Believed In Two Genders

Columbus Day Reinstated After Experts Learn Indigenous Peoples He Conquered Only Believed In Two Genders NEW YORK, NY—Just as suddenly as the New York City school board announced they would celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day instead of Columbus Day, the school board has now announced they are rescinding that change. This was because, after further research, […]

Iran learn fate at FIBA U19 Basketball World Cup

TEHRAN – Iran knew their rivals at the summer’s FIBA U19 Basketball World Cup 2021 on Wednesday. In the 15th edition of the FIBA U19 Basketball World Cup 2021, which will take place in the cities of Riga and Daugavpils from July 3 to 11, teams were divided into four groups of four teams each. […]

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