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Remembering Comrade Arvind

On July 24th, 2008 Comrade Arvind left us, after a sudden illness. Today we commemorate Arvind’s 13th death anniversary. It is a travesty that the movement was robbed of one of it’s most creative exponents. His life was reminiscent of Lotus blooming in full, radiating the spirit of revolution. .Although he left us so early […]

As Rocket Returns, Amazon Workers Shuffle Back Into Place After Enjoying 10-Minute Break

As Rocket Returns, Amazon Workers Shuffle Back Into Place After Enjoying 10-Minute Break U.S.—Forlorn Amazon warehouse workers returned to their shifts after enjoying a ten-minute break for the first time in their entire employment today as Bezos rocket disappointingly returned to earth. The hopeful workers had gathered around televisions in break rooms, saying their prayers […]

In Conversation with K Veeramani

Social Movements are long lasting and more effective way to bring changes in society : K Veeramani [embedded content] Mr K. Veeramani, is perhaps the senior most of the leaders of revolutionary Periyar E.V.Ramasamy’s Dravidian movement. He was groomed by Periyar since childhood. Born on December 2nd, 1933, he was inducted in the Dravidian movement […]

S.N., A Refreshingly Different Marxist

S. N. Nagarajan passed away in Chennai on 24 May morning. He was ninety-five years old, but intellectually active right to the end. Popularly known as SN (Sathyamangalam Nagarajan) his circle of friends was vast and varied. His  role in popularising Marxist philosophy and political ideology among the people is widely recognised in Thamizhakam. He […]

Antonio Taquis: A Story of Greeks in Panama

Panama City, Panama. Credit: Greek Reporter Panama is home to a significant community of Greeks whose members, such as businessman Antonio Taquis, have strong ties in the Central American country. The first Greeks went to Panama in the late 1800s, many due to the construction of the Panama Canal. There were just a few families […]

Man Whose Ancestors Wrestled Woolly Mammoths With Their Bare Hands To Survive Gets Crippling Anxiety When He Has To Make Small Talk With A Hairdresser

Man Whose Ancestors Wrestled Woolly Mammoths With Their Bare Hands To Survive Gets Crippling Anxiety When He Has To Make Small Talk With A Hairdresser SAN DIEGO, CA—Local man Landon Netherton is descended from early man, who, approximately 6,000 years ago, had to wrestle woolly mammoths to get food and furs and tusks just in […]

Rabindranath- Finding Peace and Acceptance Through Art

Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark- Rabindranath Tagore Whenever the thought of Kabiguru crosses my mind, a shade of white illuminates my thoughts, a white which is as pure as the pearl lying in its shell waiting to be uncovered in an unknown sea. It is a […]

Tribute To Nimmala Krishna Murthy On His 25th Death Anniversary

Today we commemorate the 25th death anniversary of Comrade Nimmala Krishna Murthy who till his last breath was a crusader for the massline and liberation of the Adivasis..Inspite of baring all the adversities or twists and turns with the courage of a soldier and skill of an architect he carved out his course of struggle. […]

In the Passing Away of Ramesh Upadhyaya Hindi Literature Has Lost A Gem

Veteran Hindi author and editor Ramesh Upadhyaya passed away recently at the age of 79 in Delhi. His contributions to Hindi literature and journalism as well as education spread over more than five decades were invaluable. He received several awards including the prestigious Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Award. His perspective was that of a left-oriented thinker […]

Obituary: Com. PS Hochimin

By Ch SN Murthy and Dr S. Jatin  Kumar We are grieved to learn and inform the sad news that Com. PS Hochimin (age around 50) died June 17 morning in Thrissur, Kerala. He fell sick some weeks ago, his friend reported, subsequently tested Covid positive, developed complications, hospitalized, and died. His last rites were […]

Child Complaining About Slow Wi-Fi Braces For Dad’s Rant About Playing Game Boy By Orange Glow Of Rapidly Passing Streetlights

Child Complaining About Slow Wi-Fi Braces For Dad’s Rant About Playing Game Boy By Orange Glow Of Rapidly Passing Streetlights CHANDLER, AZ—According to sources, local 13-year-old Braidlen Zandercrunk made the horrible mistake of complaining about the slow Wi-Fi speed in his house right in front of his Dad. Witnesses heard him say “UGH! This game is taking […]

Existential Crisis Narrowly Avoided With Timely Burrito

SPARTANBURG, SC—Local man Tim Buchanan thought his life was coming unraveled yesterday; but it turned out he was just really, really hungry. Tim was naturally introspective and prone to fits of doubt but had steadily maintained his belief in God since coming to believe in Him as a teenager. Yesterday though, everything in the universe seemed […]

Reminder: If You Won’t Date A Star Wars Geek, You Are A Geekphobic Bigot

Internet, we need to talk. It’s come to my attention that there are many human females out there who won’t date me, not because of anything I’ve done wrong, but because of their deep-seated biases against Star Wars geeks. This is called geekphobia, and it’s a real problem. Look, let’s talk frankly here. If you […]

Vimla and Sunderlal Bahuguna—Seven Decades of Together Serving Forests, Rivers and People

Sunderlal Bahuguna , the famous environmentalist of India who passed away on May 21 recently at  the age of 94, is being widely remembered for his great contributions to protecting forests and rivers as well  contributions to human welfare at several levels.  However it is well to also remember at this juncture that for close […]

Bob Dylan, even at 80, offers “Shelter from the Storm”

With singer-songwriter Bob Dylan turning 80 on May 24, it seemed like an appropriate time to reflect on the artist’s enduring relevance. Writing furiously at his typewriter, cigarette in his mouth and the legendary Joan Baez by his side or in the background, a prolific young Dylan tapped into the spirit of a burgeoning counter-culture […]

4-Year-Old Moron Blows Dandelion Seeds All Over Perfect Lawn

PLUM, PA—According to reports, a local 4-year-old imbecile has picked a dandelion and blown its seeds all over a perfect lawn. According to witnesses, the boy’s mother actually thought it was “cute” and took pictures as her son scattered the invasive weed garbage all over the manicured green front yard.  Sources say that the little jerk […]

Tribute to the contribution of Comrade Darshan Singh Khatkar on turning 75  

Just a few days ago legendary Naxalite leader and C.P.I.(M.L) New Democracy Punjab state secretary Comrade Darshan Singh Khatkar turned 75.I don’t have an adjective to do justice to both his personal qualities and contribution towards the Communist Movement. Without a doubt one of the greatest ever comrades to have joined the contingent of the […]

Azad ; The poet of revolution

Alam ha kari yaad Azad Azad (Abdul Ahad)               kuni saate wuchte yaad pawayi madano. The world will frantically search for Azad. The time will come when  you will recollect, my love! What prompted the tall turbaned school teacher to brag about his personality ? When one meanderers through the life history, achievements and the […]

White Liberals Watch In Amazement As Black Man Acquires ID

HAMPTON FALLS, IA—White liberals gathered in the town of Hampton Falls were shocked and astonished as local black man, accountant, and father of three Michael Sparkton walked right into a DOT office and acquired an ID without any assistance from liberals whatsoever. “It was amazing — he was smart, clean, and articulate enough to walk right […]

10 Ways To Feel Morally Superior To Everyone When Masks Are No Longer Required

Masks have been the greatest way for us to distinguish between morally superior people and all the evil selfish people. But how will the world know what a good person you are when masks are no longer required? Don’t worry fam– we here at the Babylon Bee are morality experts. We got you.  Here are 10 easy […]

Curb Accuses Woman Of Multiple Instances Of Vehicular Assault

ORLANDO, FL—A local street curb on Baxter Avenue has come forward to accuse a woman of multiple vehicular assaults. According to sworn testimony, the curb endured unwelcome scuffing from tires and aluminum wheels over the course of several months.  “We are proud of this brave little cement curb for coming forward,” said Police Chief Orlando Rolón. […]

Comrade  Madhu – A crusader for liberation till his last breath

Comrade  Madhu may be gone but his spirit is not dead and buried and should be resurrected like a lotus blooming to extinguish the poison of Neo-fascism. A crusader for liberation till his last breath. It is matter of great regret that member of the Central Commitee of the C.P.I.(M.L),Comrade Madhu ,has left us. I […]

Homage to legendary Comrade Anuradha Gandhy on 13th death anniversary 

Today on April 12th we celebrate the 13th death anniversary of Comrade Anuradha Gandhy. Without doubt one of the greatest comrades in the annals of revolutionary history ever who till her last breath exuded spirit of revolution and was a crusader for liberation. None could illustrate better that to be a revolutionary one had to […]

Experts Are Super Smart And 100% Reliable, Experts Confirm

U.S.—A new study performed by experts has confirmed that experts always know what they’re talking about and never, ever just make stuff up to sound smart, experts confirmed today. “Experts are always to be trusted and have never been wrong before,” said the experts at the recent Expert Conference, Sponsored by Experts. “Experts are so […]

Why Women get obliterated in Kerala renaissance history?

There has been a proliferation of literature on women, including   women’s history across the world. Yet, women remain mostly invisible or misrepresented in mainstream history. They are either not present at all, or they are portrayed as innately ‘inferior’ and ‘subordinate,’ as perpetual victims of male oppression. This has been a pattern across nations and […]

Remembering Sunder Navalkar

Red salutes to immortal Contribution of Sunder Navalkar to emancipation of the working class who passed away on April 9th  Veteran comrade Sunder Navalkar is no more, perishing at 10.30 in the morning on April 9th.Without doubt she was one of the greatest persons ever to have treaded the path of Communist Revolution blazing the […]

Inequality: Women Pay 20,000% More On Average For Their Starbucks Drinks Than Men

Inequality: Women Pay 20,000% More On Average For Their Starbucks Drinks Than Men U.S.—An alarming study released by The New York Times is revealing vast disparities in the prices women pay for coffee versus what men pay for coffee, with women paying an average of 20,000% more for their daily caffeine fix.  “I can’t imagine what […]

Most Common Names in Greece, Cyprus, and Around the World

In Greece, the number of common names amount to about a handful for each gender. Credit: Greek Reporter Can you guess the most common names in Greece and Cyprus? The two countries, where naming customs follow a widely-used pattern of naming a child after their grandparents, are known for having a list of only four […]

When West meets East and Greatness blooms

Debraj Mookerjee explores how syncretism permeates between the West and the East — how the two lores do meet Cultural influences travel at the speed of human imagination. In the modern world it is easy to plot the journey of cultural influences across the planet, thanks to the seamlessness created by communication technologies. The Internet links […]

Report: Dad’s Working From Home So He’s Definitely Available For Anything You Need

Report: Dad’s Working From Home So He’s Definitely Available For Anything You Need U.S.—Since he’s sitting right there at the kitchen table with his headphones on in deep concentration on his work, he’s certainly available if you need a snack, want to complain about something, or just want to have a casual conversation about nothing […]

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