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Decolonizing Thanksgiving And Supporting Indigenous Peoples

This week, as some people in the United States celebrated the mythical ‘Thanksgiving’ dinner, Indigenous Peoples held a National Day of Mourning and continued their resistance to defend the land and water. As Native American, Matt Remle, writes: “Despite colonial efforts to exterminate, terminate, relocate, and assimilate Indigenous populations, Native communities continue to resist efforts […]

College basketball player dies in Thanksgiving Day car crash

A  Pennsylvania college basketball player described as a “team leader” has died in a Thanksgiving day car crash. Jermaine Knight, of Stewartsville, New Jersey, died on Thursday after the car he was travelling in overturned in Harmony Township, authorities said. Knight, 20, represented Philadelphia‘s Rosemont College as a point guard. Before that, he played for […]

Thanksgiving vandalism: ‘Land back’ sprayed on US statues

Statues and monuments in at least four US states were vandalised over Thanksgiving, with the words “land back” seen painted on three ex-presidents and a “Pioneers Statue”, among others. The damage was reported to have occurred on monuments in Oregon, Minnesota, Washington and Illinois on Wednesday and Thursday, as part of a campaign to acknowledge […]

Five Shot, Including 16-Year-Old Boy, on Thanksgiving Day in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago

Five people, including a teenage boy, were shot in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s (D) Chicago on Thanksgiving Day, according to police. One of the victims is a 16-year-old boy, who suffered a gunshot wound in the left shoulder. A male who was “handling a handgun” inside an apartment shot him, FOX 32 reported. The boy is in […]

Mike Tyson Eats Roy Jones Jr’s ‘Ear’ in Thanksgiving Video

As boxing great Mike Tyson prepares for his bout with Roy Jones, Jr., the champ posted a hilarious Thanksgiving video in which he chomps on one of Jones’ ears. While most of America was preparing for a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving, Tyson appeared in a video where he was seen carving up a cake shaped […]

Theology of Thanksgiving: Whom Shall We Thank?

Studying the history of Thanksgiving is like digging a narrow mine shaft into the complexities of the history of the English settlement and the United States. For years, various days of Thanksgiving had been pronounced at different levels of government, almost all in response to bountiful harvests or military victories, often at the same time. […]

YouTube Gets Brutally Ratioed After Attempting Woke Takedown Of Thanksgiving

The Democratic Mayor of Denver was caught violating his own COVID travel ordinance, getting on a plane to see family just 30 minutes after decreeing that people should not travel to visit their own relatives. “Pass the potatoes, not COVID,” Denver Mayor Michael Hancock tweeted Wednesday, adding “Stay home as much as you can, especially […]

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade: NY event kicks off without spectators for first time in 94 years due to Covid

The pandemic means that there will be no in-person attendance of the 94th annual event. The event will be geared to a TV audience versus the huge crowds which typically line the 2.5-mile route through the heart of Manhattan.  The parade airs on NBC on 26 November from 9am EST to 12pm EST. People can […]

Biden Delivers Thanksgiving Message: ‘Limit Family Gatherings, Get People Away From Each Other’

Joe Biden delivered a Thanksgiving message Wednesday which consisted of him scolding Americans, telling them not to see each other, and vowing to separate sick people from their families. After announcing that families should only engage in limited gatherings, Biden stated that “We still have months of this battle ahead of us.” “More testing. We’ll […]

What are other countries doing for Christmas and Thanksgiving?

On Thursday 26 November, Americans around the world will be celebrating their annual holiday of Thanksgiving, which marks the time when colonists in Plymouth, Massachusetts, later known as the Pilgrims, shared a meal with the Wampanoag Indians, who were native to the land. It’s the most hotly-anticipated event for Americans each year and is seen […]

“It’s going to be a billionaire Thanksgiving.” Wealth of US richest just hit $1 trillion since the start of the pandemic

Throughout the past four decades, and even more apparent during the current coronavirus pandemic, wealth inequality in the United States has intensified. Since the pandemic began back in March the wealth of the richest billionaires just hit $1 trillion.  According to, some of the big gains include:  Elon Musk’s wealth grew over $100 billion […]

Thanksgiving Proclamation: Donald Trump Celebrates 400th Anniversary of Plymouth Rock Landing

President Donald Trump celebrated the 400th anniversary of the pilgrims’ journey to America in 1620 in his annual Thanksgiving Proclamation. “Propelled by hope for a brighter future, these intrepid men and women endured two long months at sea, tired and hungry, to arrive in a new world full of potential,” he wrote. Trump recalled that […]

This Thanksgiving, I’m Grateful to Councilmember David E. Ryu

Unlike the Talmudic sage Hillel, no one has ever asked me to teach the essence of the Torah while standing on one foot. Hillel, who was up to the cheeky challenge, famously responded, “That which is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow. That is the whole Torah, all the rest is commentary.” […]

Listen: Rush Limbaugh on the ‘True Story of Thanksgiving’ — ‘Long Before Karl Marx’ the Pilgrims Experimented with Socialism

Earlier this week, on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh continued his annual tradition of telling the “true story of Thanksgiving.” According to Limbaugh, the story of the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock had been mischaracterized over the years, and the real story of the Pilgrims’ success is their rejection of socialism. LIMBAUGH: So […]

A Time to Redefine Thanksgiving and A Time to Reclaim It

Thanksgiving used to be the single holiday of the year that was a given. Absolute. Sure. Dependable. Predictable. Throughout my elementary school years, our classes were equally divided into Pilgrims and Indians, and we made headdresses and Pilgrim hats to match our roles. Wearing our colorful construction paper creations, we reenacted the peaceful dinner when […]

ACH (1394) Dr. Peter Hammond – The Real Reason For Thanksgiving

ACH (1394) Dr. Peter Hammond – The Real Reason For ThanksgivingTHE ACH SHOW In today’s show originally broadcast on November 26 2020, Andy interviews Dr. Peter Hammond for a show entitled, “The Real Reason For Thanksgiving.” We discussed: how there are at least 138 passages in the Bible that deal with Thanksgiving; how to fulfill […]

Thanksgiving in crisis: Judaism teaches us to be grateful – Opinion

The medical, financial, social and emotional challenges, coupled with the stresses we are experiencing within civil society, have made this a hard time to focus on our blessings. How can we express gratitude at a time of such difficulty? Somehow we must. Our country is not in perfect shape, and our lives are at times […]

Thanksgiving Poll: 53% of Parents Say ‘Very Important’ for Children to Visit Family, 35% Say Worth the Risk of Virus Exposure

C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital conducted a national poll on family gatherings on Thanksgiving that reveals parents believe gathering with extended family is important for children to build relationships and take part in family traditions. Mott reported on its poll, which surveys parents with children 0 to 12 years old: Some parents describe competing and overlapping […]

Legacy Charitable Foundation Distributes 162 Food Boxes for Thanksgiving

The Legacy Charitable Foundation’s third annual Thanksgiving Turkey Brigade looked a little different this year. The non-profit’s Executive Director Jennifer Brown, who started the holiday turkey distribution tradition in 2018, said that in its first two years, the Turkey Brigade served dinner boxes to 625 families and fed 4,964 mouths. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, […]

Breathing New Life Into A Thanksgiving Pumpkin Tradition

When I was in second grade, my home economics class made pumpkin bread for Thanksgiving. I brought home a six-inch-long loaf, shared it with my family and a decades-long tradition was born.⁠ Without fail, since 1981, my mother and both sisters have continued baking this sumptuous pumpkin recipe every November and December.⁠ I cannot forget […]

Joe Biden Pledges to ‘Root Out Systemic Racism’ in Thanksgiving Message

Former Vice President Joe Biden promised to “root out systemic racism,” while delivering his Thanksgiving address on Wednesday. Biden, who has been declared president-elect by multiple media outlets and is in the process of planning his White House transition, spoke about the need for America to come together and unify amid a resurgence of the […]

Despite COVID-19, American Jews find ways to give thanks on Thanksgiving

NEW YORK – Traditionally, Thanksgiving was an action-packed day for the Chelst family in Washington, DC, beginning with an afternoon of football and extending into a night of socializing.As the COVID-19 pandemic rages across the country, they, like most Americans, experienced a different kind of holiday.“This year it’s dinner and leaving, that was the compromise,” […]

As A Native American, Here’s What I Want You To Know About Thanksgiving

Above photo: The author. Native Americans don’t just live on reservations, we live in cities, and we live internationally. I grew up in the Silicon Valley of California. I was born in the city and have lived here my whole life, as an “Urban Native.” My grandfather moved to California from Mohawk territory in the […]

Indigenous Activists Are Occupying The Hamptons Until Thanksgiving

Above photo: Tela Troge holding “Honk for Indigenous Rights” and Shinnecock elder Jennifer E. Cuffee-Wilson holding “This Indigenous Woman ‘I’m Done’” sign at rush hour. WNV/Matt Ballard. As a leader of Sovereignty Camp 2020, Shinnecock attorney Tela Troge discusses why they are protesting a lawsuit by New York state. Between the Atlantic Ocean and the […]

Why Are Millions Of People In The US Traveling For Thanksgiving?

Above photo: Workers walk out wearing protective gear as they leave for the day on a shift change at Life Care Center earlier this year in Kirkland, Wash., near Seattle. AP Photo/Elaine Thompson. The coronavirus pandemic is breaking records every day in the United States, filling up intensive care units, overwhelming hospital systems and exhausting […]

While Californians Cancelled Thanksgiving, 22 Officials Ran up $15,000 Booze Bill at Lavish Party With No Social Distancing

California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s lavish dinner at Yountville’s The French Laundry was far worse than we originally thought. According to award-winning journalist Adam Housley, the dinner Newsom attended had 22 guests, not 12, and ran up an enormous bar bill of over $15,000. Masks were not worn, he claimed. “Because Yountville is my hometown..and where […]

For US Jewish schools, Thanksgiving tests adherence to COVID rules, parent trust

JTA — Staci Zimmerman’s in-laws had planned to fly in from Los Angeles to visit her and her family in Denver for Thanksgiving. But when COVID cases started climbing in Colorado and Los Angeles, they canceled their tickets. Zimmerman doesn’t mind. In fact, she thinks they made the right call, given the “COVID covenant” she […]

CDC Tells Americans to Avoid Alcohol and Singing During Thanksgiving Gatherings

A man who was angry at a pair of female hikers for not wearing masks spat at them before claiming, “I have COVID.” The video clip shows the man walking up to the pair before he spits towards them and says, “I have COVID, I’ve been tested positive,” before spitting at them again. “Are you […]

Thanksgiving: Two Stories, Retold

Jews are used to stories that start and then begin again. Two versions of creation launch the Torah. Two tellings of our history commence (and re-frame) the Passover Seder. The Haggadah starts telling our tale by offering, “in the beginning, our ancestors worshiped idols” and then begins again with, “our ancestor was a wandering Aramean.” […]

Americans, Cancel Thanksgiving Plans To Prevent The Spread Of COVID-19. Love, Canada.

Canadians have a clear message for our southern neighbours ahead of American Thanksgiving celebrations this week: stay home and stay safe. As Canada continues to weather its worst surge in COVID-19 cases six weeks after Canadian Thanksgiving, many here are warning that our southern neighbors could see an even bigger and more devastating spike following […]

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