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Biden Stumbles on Flag, Fiddles with Earpiece in Awkward Press Conference with Brazil’s President Lula

President Joe Biden met with fellow socialist chief executive Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of Brazil on Wednesday to announce a joint initiative on “workers’ rights” intended to promote the restructuring of their economies to fight alleged climate change. The press conference following their engagement, the second of the year, featured multiple awkward moments between […]

Dianne Feinstein’s extremely awkward, very uncomfortable exit from the political stage

LOS ANGELES — Several of her House colleagues are already running for her Senate seat. She isn’t raising real money. And it’s so widely assumed that Sen. Dianne Feinstein is on her way out that Nancy Pelosi, the former House speaker, felt free this week to publicly endorse a would-be successor — if Feinstein retires. […]

Watch: Joe and Jill Biden’s Awkward Call into the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Thursday, President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden called into NBC during its coverage of the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade broadcast in New York City. Source

Watch Kate Middleton Get In Awkward Exchange With Woman In Northern Ireland

The princess was greeting the public when she got a confrontational earful as the woman grabbed her hand. Source

Donald Trump: ‘Insane’ Joe Biden ‘Threatened America’ in ‘Awkward and Angry’ Speech

Joe Biden used his “Soul of America” speech on Thursday night in front of Independence Hall to stoke fears about Trump and his supporters, branding them as “extreme” MAGA Republicans.

Dr. Oz Roasted, Schooled by Gun Hobbyists After Releasing Awkward Shooting Video

Pennsylvania Senate candidate Mehmet Oz released a video to shore up his pro-gun claims, and the video showed him holding his thumb behind the slide of a Glock handgun while he fired it. Numerous outcomes are possible when someone fires a semiautomatic handgun while holding their thumb behind its slide, and nearly all of them […]

VIDEO: Bill Gates in AWKWARD Interview About Jeffrey Epstein

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To Prevent Their Kids From Being Socially Awkward And Weird, More Parents Opting To Homeschool

To Prevent Their Kids From Being Socially Awkward And Weird, More Parents Opting To Homeschool U.S.—Many parents are concerned that their kids could grow up to be poorly adjusted socially. The kind of school a kid goes to of course can have a massive impact on their socialization and how well-adjusted they are when they […]

Introverted Man Marries Extrovert Just So She Can Handle All His Awkward Social Situations

Introverted Man Marries Extrovert Just So She Can Handle All His Awkward Social Situations REDONDO BEACH, CA—Local introverted man Christopher Stern married an extroverted woman, Genevieve. He recently admitted to reporters that while he loves his wife, his primary motivation was having someone to handle all his potentially awkward, confrontational social situations. “I love her […]

Transition delay leads to awkward gap between Biden and Harris in intel access

Biden was given classified briefings as a candidate but those stopped once he became president-elect, and his status as a former vice president and former senator does not afford him access now. The result is an awkward gap between what Biden and Harris know about the biggest national security threats facing the country, which the […]

Why is everyone so mean about israel? Netanyahu’s awkward European tour

Why Is Everyone So Mean About Israel? Netanyahu’s Awkward European Tour Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu toured Europe this week trying to sink the already sunk Iran nuclear deal. Annoyingly for him though, everyone kept wanting to talk about those 120 or so Palestinians shot by Israeli soldiers. It was a frustrating few days for Bibi, because […]

Canada’s ‘awkward’ Magnitsky law causes Russia to create own ‘long’ list of citizens denied entry

     Russian senator Konstantin Kosachev suggests that Moscow should compile a list of foreigners who made a contribution to deteriorate relations of their countries with Russia. “Possibly, soon we will need to draw up our ‘Browder List’ of foreigners who had a decisive role in worsening relations of their countries with Russia. Those who initiated […]

The Awkward Moment When The State Department “Celebrates” Saudi Women Being Allowed To Drive

We’re just happy!” State Department spokesperson Heather Naurt said with a huge grin on her face. The AP journalist immediately rains on her parade, “Would you still say they [Saudi Arabia] need to do… a lot more with women’s rights?” “I think we’re just happy today…” she said, this time with a frown, trying to hold back her […]

Are humans wired to sleep twice a day? The two-phase sleep cycle

     Until recently, most of us just assumed that sleep is a nocturnal activity that naturally occurs in one long block. Today, largely thanks to historian and researcher Roger Ekrich, this long held assumption is being revisited. Ekirch published a study that examined hundreds of diaries, court records, and instructional manuals which demonstrated that, prior […]

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