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Japanese Professor Delivers Stunning Message Everyone Needs to Hear

A Message from Japan to the World Thank you very much for giving me this valuable opportunity to send my message about human rights abuse in the time of COVID-19. My name is Masayasu Inoue, Professor Emeritus of Osaka City University Medical School. My specialty is Molecular Pathology and Medicine… Listen now 2 days ago […]

“Everyone Is Panicking”: Major Cocoa Processor Scrambles To Find Beans As Prices Hyperinflate

“Everyone Is Panicking”: Major Cocoa Processor Scrambles To Find Beans As Prices Hyperinflate One of the world’s largest cocoa processors is scouring the globe for beans as weather and disease spark massive crop failures across West Africa and catapult prices in New York to record highs.  “Everybody is panicking,” said Brandon Tay Hoe Lian, chief executive […]

Everyone Must See this Before It Is Deleted

Its not just silicone valley, it’s the entire American educational system that has been derailed on purpose. Gone are the days of classical education, today is the day of vocational education leading to university. Don’t think university not now vocational too! Look how fast the Hippocratic Oath flew out the window in 2020 under whose […]

Did Biden just tell everyone about the directed energy weapons used to burn down the Texas Panhandle?


SECRETS OF THE UNITED NATIONS – What everyone should know!

feb 2023 The United Nations are currently rolling out Agenda 2030, with the notorious “sustainability goals”. This worldwide project aims to completely transform every aspect of human existence: food, sexuality, family, work, finance, health, education, everything! This will supposedly put an end to poverty, hunger, inequality, sickness, and other bad things. A former executive director […]

They are racing to the finish line before everyone wakes up!

Robert and Jill Malone wrote an excellent substack piece on what has been going on at Davos this week in a collaboration between the WHO and the WEF titled “Disease X” and its evil twin “One Health.” The fact that WEF and WHO have become partners to terrify the world in order to get us back on […]

Why is The WEF And Everyone Else Suddenly Talking About “Disease X”?

Should all of this talk about “Disease X” alarm us?  According to the WHO, “Disease X” is an “unknown” hypothetical disease that could potentially kill millions upon millions of people.  It is supposed to be a purely theoretical disease, but by giving it a name they are basically inviting people to come up with all […]

Everyone’s waiting for Ann Selzer to release the most important Iowa caucus poll

J. Ann Selzer vividly remembers the moment when she first found out there was a problem. “I was first alerted through a message on Twitter,” the renowned Iowa pollster recalled in an interview with POLITICO last week that represented her most expansive public comments yet about the four-year-old episode. Selzer was at Drake University in […]

Artificial Intelligence To Spy On Everyone On Earth

Every inch of our planet is being watched, and incredibly sophisticated “artificial intelligence solutions” make it possible for those that are watching our planet to find whatever they want in just minutes. You can try to run, and you can try to hide, but if they really want to find you it won’t be very […]

The Great Taking: How the Banksters Plan to Steal Everything From Everyone (If they can)

From Dr Mercola Video Link Story at-a-glance You’ve heard of The Great Reset? Now delve into The Great Taking, described by former hedge fund manager David Webb as a system put in place by central bankers to take everything, from everyone. “It is about the taking of collateral (all of it), the end game of […]

Everyone Loves A Generous Government Until They Have To Pay For It

Not only does everyone love getting “free money” from the state, they also love hearing the fantasy repeated endlessly that debts are no problem… Source

Digital ID will go mainstream across Australia in 2024. Here’s how it can work for everyone

n a world promising self-driving cars and artificial general intelligence, the prospect of a new form of digital identity verification can feel … less than exciting. And yet digital identity is about to be unleashed in Australia and around the world. In 2024, many years before most of us experience the joy of commuting in […]

Is AI going to kill everyone? Top experts say yes, warning about “risk of extinction” similar to nuclear weapons, pandemics

Is AI going to kill everyone? Top experts say yes, warning about “risk of extinction” similar to nuclear weapons, pandemics In a joint statement released last week, OpenAI head Sam Altman and “Godfather of AI” Geoffrey Hinton warned that the existential threat of artificial intelligence (AI) to humanity is real. Even though Altman, whose firm created […]

Why Everyone Is Suddenly Obsessed With Nike’s Classic Crew Socks

Some people have their go-to ritual of taking a dip in Le Bain’s epic mini pool, while others must always have a Diet Coke as a 3 p.m. pick-me-up. Me? I’m a sock snob, and I have a very specific pair that cradle my feet every step I take. No, not those stupid little no-show […]

Eating Strangers’ Leftovers Is Fine. In Fact, Everyone Should Do It

Stock photo: Julian Master Picture the scene: You’re in a not-particularly-fancy Italian restaurant and the people next to you get up from their table and walk out, leaving behind a few perfectly good slices of pizza. It’s weird to grab the slice, right? But should it be?  Hear me out: Surely, like me, you’ve been tempted […]

Why is Everyone Concerned About the WHO?

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL Over the past two years you’ve probably heard about the attempted WHO power grab. Here’s everything you need to know to understand the status today: Overview: The build-out of a massive and expensive global biosecurity system is underway, allegedly to improve our preparedness for future pandemics or biological terrorism. In […]

Scientists Warns Strokes Are Now Contagious: “That’s Why Everyone Is Suddenly Getting Them”

Scientists have declared that the recent rise in strokes may be due to the fact that they are now “contagious.” According to a new study, some recipients from blood transfusions suffered massive brain bleeds and […] The post Scientists Warns Strokes Are Now Contagious: “That’s Why Everyone Is Suddenly Getting Them” appeared first on The […]

Saudi Arabia Clinches 2034 FIFA World Cup Bid After Everyone Else Drops Out

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) confirmed on Tuesday that the kingdom of Saudi Arabia would host the 2034 World Cup, outraging human rights activists who decried “sportswashing” by the country to improve its reputation despite abuse of its citizens. Source

Trump: Biden Puts EVERYONE ELSE First, Before Americans

During an appearance in New Hampshire on Monday, Donald Trump reiterated his America first policy and claimed that Joe Biden does the exact opposite, just as it emerged that Biden had told Americans to book their own travel home out of Israel, despite there being mass cancellations of commercial flights. “When I’m in the White […]

Mark Levin: Everyone in Congress Needs to Read Alex Marlow’s ‘Breaking Biden’

Bestselling conservative author and commentator Mark Levin said that everyone in Congress needs to read Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow’s new book “Breaking Biden: Exposing the Hidden Forces and Secret Money Machine Behind Joe Biden, His Family, and His Administration.” “This is a killer book,” Levin said. “If you want to know what the hell the Biden’s have been […]

Trump & Biden are both Pedos, EVERYONE in DC is a Treasonous A$$ holes, Putin is a Jew, the Ukrainian “War” is a farce, United States is a Corporation, Jews are NOT Semitic, Millions have died from the Killer Jab for a Non Existent “Virus”, and it is Sunday

A brother and I in our old age admitted to each other in our youth when we tried to explain things to folks and they got that deer in the headlights look on their face, we thought they were just playing stupid for some reason. We both admitted as the years went by we discovered […]

Republican Rumpus: Everyone Speaks – At Same Time (Video)

READ HERE:   Source

Our new poll shows just how much GOP voters have diverged from everyone else on vaccines

This is the fourth story of a five-part series diving into the rise of the anti-vaccine political movement. Vaccine skepticism has found a home in the post-pandemic GOP. And it’s not just related to the Covid shot. Before 2020, polls showed little overall difference along partisan lines on issues related to vaccination, such as whether […]

Applied Predictive Programming – Long in Advance the XFiles told everyone what will be happening now


Why Is The UK Trying To Force Smart Meters On Everyone?

On 5th Sep 2023 the UK Parliament quietly approved a new bill that paves the way towards forcing British citizens to have smart meters installed in their homes. The energy bill also paves the way […] The post Why Is The UK Trying To Force Smart Meters On Everyone? appeared first on The People's Voice. […]

UK Regulator Aprroves Updated Pfizer-BioNTech Covid Jab For Everyone Aged 6 Months & Over

The UK drug regulator has approved an updated ‘Covid vaccine’ made by Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech. The jab allegedly targets only the Omicron XBB.1.5 subvariant. According to the Bill Gates funded Medicines and […] The post UK Regulator Aprroves Updated Pfizer-BioNTech Covid Jab For Everyone Aged 6 Months & Over appeared first on […]

CNN once again fearmongering about COVID to scare everyone back into masks – DON’T BE FOOLED

(NaturalNews) Now that public interest in the “vaccines” has pretty much dropped to zero, the fake news media is once again trying to stir up fear about the latest… Source

Bill Gates Declares Everyone on Earth Must Prove Their Identity Using His ‘Global Digital ID System’

Globalist billionaire Bill Gates has demanded nations of the world adopt his “global solution” for “digital ID” to force every single person on Earth to join his “global digital ID system.”. In a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, Gates complained that there are hundreds of millions of people still left in the world […]


“Former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said Friday that former President Donald Trump “should serve time” if he is convicted on federal charges brought by special counsel Jack Smith’s Jan. 6 probe. Gonzales, who served under former President George W. Bush, made that comment during an interview on MSNBC.” If this Republiphile DC son of […]

RFK Jr. Who Made Everyone Get Killer Jabbed To Attend A Birthday Party At His House & Loves IsraHell Holocausting Semitic Palestinians Blasts Public Health Agencies For Endorsing Mass Lockdowns

The HYPOCRITE political Whore who was supposably fighting mandatory killer jabs, blamed making everyone get Killer Jabbed to come to his house on his wife being the boss of their union. That’s what Americans really need for a president, a pussy who’s wife has a bigger set of balls than him. As for as sucking […]

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