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Konstantinos Argiros: His moving message on Mothers Day for women who want to become mothers

Konstantinos Argiros celebrated Mother’s Day with posts on social media, dedicated to his mother, who played a decisive role in Greece because she was the first woman to give birth to triplets through IVF. In the past, Argiros has spoken about the moment his mother entered the maternity ward to give birth to him and… […]

Leading OB-GYN Group Took $11 Million From CDC to Push COVID Shots on Pregnant Women, Documents Reveal

The COVID-19 Community Corps targeted “vaccine-hesitant” populations, including pregnant women, Thorp’s investigation revealed. Source

Women’s Gold: The Shea Butter Makers of Ghana (Video)

For centuries, women in West Africa have been turning shea nuts into butter, known as “women’s gold”, as it is the only source of income for many families in northern Ghana. Read more Section:  News Ancient Places Africa Videos History Ancient Traditions Read Later  Source

Brittney Griner: ‘It’s a Crime’ To Stop Biological Men Competing in Women’s Sports

Banning biological men who claim to be transgender women from competing against natural-born women is a “crime”, according to WNBA star Brittney Griner. Griner, who was arrested and imprisoned in Russia on drug charges and […] The post Brittney Griner: ‘It’s a Crime’ To Stop Biological Men Competing in Women’s Sports appeared first on The […]

‘Disappointing day for women’: Senate GOP filibuster blocks Equal Rights Amendment

“Inequality hurts everyone, and we must not continue to be a nation that harmfully excludes and marginalizes women.” Source

Penalty Shootout Loss Propels Greece Into Women’s Water Polo World Cup Super Final

Greece was beaten 19-18 by Australia in a penalty shootout, but it was enough to gain one point and get across the qualification line on the second day of the World Aquatics Women’s Water Polo World Cup Division I competition in Athens on Thursday. Australia came from three down to lead 14-12 in the fourth… […]

ACH (2118) Dr. Lorraine Day – The New World Order’s War On Women

In today’s show originally broadcast on April 11 2023, Andy is joined by Dr. Lorraine Day for a show entitled, “The New World Order’s War On Women.” We discussed: how Dr. Day was born just 17 years after women got the right to vote in America; how Dr. Day was the first female orthopedic trauma […]


let me show you a picture of male and female fittings. Nature decides which fitting you get. Those who try to fool Mother Nature are mentally ill unnatural misfits and freaks of nature. Terrified swimming champion Riley Gaines is ambushed by screaming mentally ill man wearing a dress and ‘hit twice by guy in a […]

Deranged Leftists & Liberals Shows Trans HATRED For Women

It’s Getting Ugly Out There The British women’s rights campaigner Posie Parker found herself surrounded by a deranged, heaving mob.  renegade  March 27, 2023 5 min read  5 Renegade Editor’s Note: This story is a couple of days old. By Brendan O’Neill via The Spectator The shameful persecution of Posie Parker in New Zealand This is what […]

Lawsuit: Two Muslim women say they were penalized by Lloyds Bank for supporting Palestine

Two Lloyds Bank employees were penalized for their Palestine support. Now they’re suing the bank for discrimination. Source

‘Bubba Kate’ Wages War Against Birthing Women

Bubba Kate is now wishing death and suffering upon women who choose home births, as well as women who even dare to have vaginal births at hospitals. Source

Putin’s Women Run the Show – But Germany’s Touted Wehrmacht Wear Dresses Too

It was late in the afternoon, the day before International Women’s Day, and Der Spiegel editor Solveig Grothe could not come up with a way to degenerate Russia. Then it hit her like a Hugo Boss bag full of swastikas! “Russian women are the cause of all the world’s calamities,” she thought. So, she sat […]

UNDP continues supporting women with disabilities in Iran

TEHRAN – The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) through its projects across the country continues to work with national and international partners to address the socio-economic needs of vulnerable groups, especially women with disabilities. Source

Hillary Clinton: ‘People Who Identify as Women Are Being RAPED by Man-Made Climate Change’

Hillary Clinton has declared that people who identify as ‘women’ or ‘girls’ are being ‘raped’ by man-made climate change. During the Forbes 30/50 Summit in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday, the former Secretary of State went […] The post Hillary Clinton: ‘People Who Identify as Women Are Being RAPED by Man-Made Climate Change’ appeared first on […]

Women all over the world march for their rights

Islamabad, Kabul, Pristina, Sarajevo, Manila, Seoul and Tokyo: worldwide, women marched and protested during International Women’s Day demanding gender equality and denouncing violence against women. Source

Women in technology have nothing to fear — except their own hesitance

As a starting point, we need to promote the opportunities for women in tech, ensuring young girls become excited by the tech industry at an early age, as I was, and learn of the different options available, Melda Akın writes. Source

Jill Biden Presents Biological Male With “International Women Of Courage Award”

First Lady Jill Biden honored a biological male with an “International Women Of Courage Award“ this week, in what has been described as a slap in the face to women across the globe. It would […] The post Jill Biden Presents Biological Male With “International Women Of Courage Award” appeared first on News Punch. Source

Dr. Naomi Wolf Details ‘The Chamber of Horrors’ the Jab Poses to Women’s Reproductive Health

February 4, 2023 • by The Vigilant Fox Pfizer acknowledges 20-something different ways its shot can send a woman’s menstrual cycle into disarray. “There is something irregular about their [vaccinated women’s] menstrual cycles,” professed Pfizer executive Dr. Jordan Trishton Walker in Project Veritas’ latest explosive exposé. “So people will have to investigate that down the line — because […]

State Rep. Has Ludicrous Argument for Why Men Should Be Allowed to Beat Women in Sports

Some women inevitably are going to lose, so what does it matter if they lose to other women or to men? Not a whole lot of women actually make it to college sports, so we should allow men to take the few spots that are available to them? Source

Women Scientists Agree That Gift Bags Should Contain Minimum 63 Pieces Of Tissue Paper

BALTIMORE — Women scientists at Johns Hopkins have agreed that gift bags must contain a bare minimum of 63 pieces of perfectly crinkled tissue paper. “Decades of research confirm that anything less than sixty-three pieces is an absolute abomination,” said head scientist Sherri Webster. “There is simply no way to produce the gift bag’s desired […]

Greek Fencers Win Gold And Silver At Women’s Fencing World Cup

Greek fencers Despina Georgiadou and Theodora Gkountoura won gold and silver respectively at the Fencing World Cup (Sabre) in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, on Saturday. In the first semi-final, Gkountoura defeated US fencer Elizabeth Tartakovsky 15-5 and secured the second qualification to a World Cup final after the 2022 World Cup in Tbilisi. Despina Georgiadou then defeated… […]

Serial Rapist Cop, Who Pulled Over Women to Rape Them at Night, Gets Insultingly Low Sentence

This month, Jackson’s blue privilege shined through — despite the slew of charges and victims — and he was sentenced to just five years in jail. Source

House Speaker McCarthy Pledges to Defend Women’s Sports From ‘Wokeness’

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said there should be a level playing field for women in sports on Feb. 1, which marks the 37th anniversary of National Girls and Women in Sports Day. McCarthy hosted a panel in Washington on Wednesday in honor of the day, while raising concerns over transgender men competing in women’s […]

Watch: Female Swimmer Rips NCAA over Men Using Women’s Locker Rooms

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) hosted several female athletes who had been forced to compete against men in school sports during a discussion Wednesday at the U.S. Capitol in honor of “National Girls and Women in Sports Day.” One of the athletes, Riley Gaines, recalled her now infamous experience racing in last year’s National Collegiate […]

Report That Saudi Arabia Will Sponsor FIFA Women’s World Cup Sets Soccer World on Fire

Reports circulating this week that Visit Saudi, the official tourism board of Saudi Arabia, would sponsor the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup prompted an eruption of outrage in the soccer world and a loud protest on Wednesday by host nations Australia and New Zealand that they were not involved in the approval process. Source

Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin Claims Religious Mandate for Men to ‘Force’ Women to Submit

During a recent podcast, neo-Nazi and admitted “rape promoter” Andrew Anglin declared that Christian men must dominate women and force them to submit because that is the only way that women can be genuinely happy. Anglin, who was booted off of Twitter in 2013 only to be reinstated late last year, is the publisher of […]

Two women arrested at Athens IA over 13 kilos of cocaine

Police arrested two 24-year-old women from Brazil at Athens International Airport on Thursday night after they were found to be in possession of more than 13 kilos of cocaine. The women were arrested following targeted searches to control the movement of narcotics to Greece from countries in South America. The two had flown to Athens… […]

For 1,000 Years, Monks of Mt Athos Have Banned Women and Female Animals!

Believe it or not, but beside men’s toilets, gentlemen’s clubs and certain temples, there is actually an entire peninsula in northern Greece, now a semiautonomous republic of Eastern Orthodox monks, which for over 1,000 years has banned women from entering its borders. Read more Section:  News Weird Facts Read Later  Source

Budget for women increased by 50%

TEHRAN – The national budget bill for the next Iranian calendar year 1402, which starts on March 21, has increased the budget for women’s affairs by over 50 percent compared to the current year’s budget. Source

‘War and loss is all around us’: The Ukrainian women reporting from the front line

“We don’t really have a choice of burning out or not,” Ukrainian journalist Alya Shandra told Euronews. “If we burn out and who’s left?” Source

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