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Sports Washing Brutality: British MPs Blast F1 Organization over Bahrain, Saudi Arabia

3 Mar 2023 By Staff, Agencies A group of British MPs has written to the organizers of Formula One [F1] to express their “grave concerns” over motorsport’s role in “sports washing the appalling human rights records of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia”. Ahead of the new F1 season, which begins this Sunday, in Bahrain, 20 parliamentarians […]

State Rep. Has Ludicrous Argument for Why Men Should Be Allowed to Beat Women in Sports

Some women inevitably are going to lose, so what does it matter if they lose to other women or to men? Not a whole lot of women actually make it to college sports, so we should allow men to take the few spots that are available to them? Source

19 People Injured In Explosion At Cameroon Sports Event

Nine athletes competing in the Mount Cameroon Race of Hope in Buea town were injured, as well as 10 civilians. Source

House Speaker McCarthy Pledges to Defend Women’s Sports From ‘Wokeness’

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said there should be a level playing field for women in sports on Feb. 1, which marks the 37th anniversary of National Girls and Women in Sports Day. McCarthy hosted a panel in Washington on Wednesday in honor of the day, while raising concerns over transgender men competing in women’s […]

Professors Argue Sex-Segregated Sports Stem From ‘White Supremacist,’ ‘Hetero-Patriarchal’ Ideologies

Professors recently penned an op-ed calling for the end of sex segregation in sports, arguing that it ‘reproduces gender inequality’ and is a ‘racialized ideology.’ Source

Home Made: the best sports drink in the world!

From Sujon blackcurrant, or any NZ blackcurrant, has been shown in several studies to improve performance and recovery. I have even met Professor Mark Willems from the UK, who did the original research. It may have something to do with how the berry adapts to the berry to high UV in NZ. Here’s a […]

Celebrity Who Travels On Private Jets And Collects Luxury Sports Cars Says You’re The Reason For Climate Change

MONTECITO, CA — The unprecedented rain and flooding in California has forced celebrities to emerge from their mansions and force more selfie videos upon the unwary peasantry. One particular celebrity who travels on private jets and collects luxury sports cars posted a distressing video from near her $14 million mansion to say you are the […]

Ronaldo’s Super Deal is a Step Towards Sports Washing

READ HERE: Saudi Minister of Sports Abdulaziz bin Turki al-Faisal said, commenting on Al-Nasr club’s contract with Cristiano Ronaldo: We will support the rest of our clubs with good deals with international stars soon. The statement confirms the direct relationship of the Saudi government to this deal or similar ones in the future. The contract […]

How many sports and expensive used cars have been sold in 2022?

The used car market shows that it is doing quite well in Greece, something we see also applies to the new models. However, the category, or rather categories, of vehicles that catch the eye are those involving sports and expensive models. Studying the special brands of cars that we don’t often see on the streets,… […]

On football, opium and popular resistance: Not all sports are created equal 

My friend is not an elitist. To the contrary, he has spent decades of his life fighting social inequality, racism and championing the rights of disadvantaged groups. Therefore, I was taken aback when he surmised that "football is the opium of the people". The reference, which summons a famous Marxist maxim about religion written in […]

A Year of Athletes Collapsing – 1,226 Sports Related Incidents So Far

Young healthy athletes collapsing out of nowhere has become the new normal since the vaxx rolled out. Source

Debunking the myth of ‘de-politicizing’ sports

November 20, 2022  Source: Agencies By Ahmad Karakira  Ahead of the 2022 Qatar World Cup, calls to de-politicize sports seem ridiculous and senseless upon examining the inseparable historical connection between sports and politics. A few days before the 2022 Qatar World Cup, French President Emmanuel said that sport should not be politicized. “I think we must […]

Exclusive: Trump’s Big Announcement This Week Is That He Bowled A Perfect 300 In Wii Sports

PALM BEACH, FL — The Babylon Bee has obtained the inside scoop regarding Donald J. Trump’s big upcoming announcement, and is first to report that the 45th President of the United States bowled a perfect 300 in Wii Sports. Source

Chelsea Reach Verbal Agreement With Potter to Take Over as Manager—Sky Sports

Chelsea FC have reached a verbal agreement with Brighton & Hove Albion boss Graham Potter to take over as the club’s new manager and replace Thomas Tuchel, Sky Sports reported on Thursday. Chelsea sacked Tuchel on Wednesday, a day after they suffered a shock 1–0 defeat away to Dinamo Zagreb in their opening match of […]

California’s Sports Betting Battle

Commentary It’s illegal in California to bet on sports events. That illegality extends both to bets in person and bets on the internet. Two well-financed competitors are squaring off to convince California voters that their specific proposal to allow sports gambling is best for Californians. Propositions 26 and 27 are on the Nov. 8 California […]

NBC Sports’ Peter King Uses Memorial Day to Push AR-15 Ban, Raise Gun Purchasing Age to 21

NBC Sports’ Peter King used his Memorial Day Football Morning in America column to criticize U.S. gun laws and to call for a ban on the sales of AR-15 rifles. 

Deshaun Watson’s Accusers to Sit Down with HBO’s Real Sports

On Friday, HBO announced that several of NFL Quarterback Deshaun Watson’s accusers will be interviewed by Soledad O’Brien on the next episode of Real Sports.

Pennsylvania Republicans Pass Transgender Sports Ban Despite Democrat Governor Veto Threat

The Republican-dominated Pennsylvania House passed a bill on Tuesday that would ban males who identify as females from playing in K-12 girl’s and collegiate women’s sports. The Fairness in Women’s Sports Act or HB972 passed 115-84 after state House members spoke in support or opposition for an hour and twenty minutes, the Daily Item reported. A […]

Sports Panel Drops Truth Bombs On Live TV About ‘Real Vaccine Impact’

While Big Pharma, mainstream media and fact checkers continue to deny any link between the explosion of heart problems in professional athletes and the Covid-19 vaccine, it appears the narrative is starting to collapse. A viral clip from an Australian live TV show demonstrates that professional athletes are discussing the issue and they are not […]

Solidarity with Palestine in Stadiums: When Sports and Politics Conjoin

January 4, 2022 Chants of solidarity show that sports can’t be separated from politics and losing a game by withdrawing for political reasons can be a powerful victory. Fans wave the Palestinian flag during the FIFA Arab Cup 2021 group C football match between Morocco and Palestine at the Al-Janoub Stadium in the Qatari city […]

2021 year in review for Iran sports

2021 year in review for Iran sports – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – Another year is almost over for Iran sports and it has been quite a good one on the whole. Two prestigious events were held in 2021 and the Iranian athletes and Para athletes competed in highly competitive Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo. Iran […]

Boston Bans Unvaccinated from Bars, Restaurants, Gyms, Theaters, Sports Arenas

“Vaccination is the most powerful tool we have to fight this pandemic,” said Wu Monday, announcing the city’s new rules as protesters flowed inside shouting “USA, USA!” In addition, all city workers will be required to get the vaccine if they want to keep their jobs, Wu said. Workers must have at least one dose […]

NBC Sports Crew Robbed While on Assignment in Oakland

An NBC Sports news crew was robbed while on assignment in Oakland on Saturday, the incident marks the third time a news crew has been robbed in the city in less than three weeks. The criminals in this particular case made off with a camera from the news crew’s vehicle, according to the Mercury News. […]


WATI S. & ADE HAMZAH – 16 NONSTOP LAGU TARLING DANGDUT Britain bombed Indonesian city; many hundreds of civilians killed … “Muriel Stuart Walker (K’tut Tantri) was born in Glasgow in 1898; her mother was from the Isle of Man and it is probable that she never knew her real father…. “She and her mother […]

Over a 60X increase in pro sports adverse events since the vaccines rolled out

Nobody can explain that. Some poo-poo these events saying that they happen all the time. True, they do. But not at this rate. Something happened in 2021 that changed things a lot. Can you guess? By Steve Kirsch First, take a look at this video posted by my friend Robert Malone: Safe and effective? Are […]

jews Use Sports to “Divert the Energy of the Gentiles While Taking Over the Systems of Power”

Most times when a jew is talking, he is lying. Sometimes, however, jews will tell you the absolute truth, though they try to make it seem like a joke. Share now! Source

Sports apartheid: Israel’s Olympic team did not include a single Palestinian citizen of Israel

This report in the respected Israeli daily Haaretz is astonishing. It turns out that Israel’s 90-member delegation to the Tokyo Olympics did not include a single Palestinian citizen of Israel — even though they constitute one-fifth of the country’s population within the 1967 borders.  Let’s pause for a moment, and let this sink in. Black […]

Sports strategy- Mere lip service will not suffice

 To Narendra D ModiPrime Minister Dear Shri Modi, Sports strategy- Mere lip service will not suffice- Some suggestions on a sports strategy It is an extraordinary effort put in by the Indian athletes and sportspersons at the ongoing Tokyo Olympics which has brought laurels to India and united the entire nation with a collective sense […]

Man Rooting Against His Kid’s Sports Team So He Can Go Home And Enjoy Rest Of His Saturday

Man Rooting Against His Kid’s Sports Team So He Can Go Home And Enjoy Rest Of His Saturday CORPUS CHRISTI, TX—Local man Paul Laurel attended his son’s Little League game this past Saturday and cheered and hooted and hollered along with all the other parents. However, he wasn’t rooting for his boy—he was rooting against him, in hopes that […]

The “Silk Road Rally”: Sports Unite Eurasia

Any large-scale cultural or athletic event represents an opportunity for the countries participating in it to make a name for themselves, to showcase their achievements, and to attract various partners. On top of that, international festivities and competitions show the state of relations between the states that participate, and contribute to fostering these relations – […]

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