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Concerned about fake news and hate speech, Sweden’s public radio closes Twitter accounts

Sveriges Radio has been scaling back its Twitter presence over several years, citing a drop in engagement and conversation around its Tweets. Source

Two must-hear interviews at NZ’s Reality Check Radio: Lynda Wharton & Aly Cook

Lynda is founder of The Health Forum NZ. Aly Cook has begun a petition seeking a Royal Commission of Inquiry regarding the safety & efficacy of the jab. It has nearly 20K signatures so far. I listened to both of these quite long interviews … so well worth the listen. Non-Kiwis, you can listen (as […]

Qantas flight crews warn of radio interference and GPS jamming from Chinese warships

Iconic Australian airline Qantas has warned its pilots of communication interference from people claiming to be the GPS jamming from the Chinese warships, Sky News Australia reported. In the note issued by Qantas, the aircraft company said that the pilots were warned of the interferences, which were detected in the western Pacific and South China… […]

Today is the day… Reality Check Radio is here! (Tune in today Mon 20 Mar. NZ from 7am)

Reality Check Radio is a new platform that will welcome open discussion without the censorship we’ve been experiencing in recent years. Hosted by Paul Brennan, Chantelle Baker, Rodney Hide and Peter Williams. To learn more go here. EWR “Tune in today from 7am when we kick off with Breakfast with Paul Brennan. P.S.  Remember to […]

Reality Check Radio NZ – an exciting challenge to lamestream media coming soon!

[embedded content] NEW ZEALAND Don’t miss a beat! Sign up here to be the first to know when RCR goes live: Welcome to Reality Check Radio (RCR), the long-awaited voice of reason in an age of cancel-culture, censorship, and false narratives. If you’re sick and tired of the compromised ‘bought-and-paid-for media,’ you’re going to […]

Michel Collins Piper 1ST RADIO SHOW 1 FEB 2006

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The Glenn Beck Radio Program

Whitney joined The Glenn Beck Radio Program to discuss the WHO’s newly elected chief scientist and the moves Big Tech is making in tracking your every move — and even the eye movements of your children. Available in podcast apps. Episode title: ‘Sub-Optimal’: Biden Caves to China, Allows Spy Balloon to Fly Over Sensitive Nuclear […]

Pro Killer Jabs UK radio presenter “excited” about 3rd Killer Jab, Who Called Smart Folks Refusing The Killer Jab “IDIOTS” – Hospitalized with “lungs full of blood clots”

“I’m really excited about being able to get another shot pretty soon, so all you anti-vaxxers, all you idiots, all you lunatics who keep trolling me, you know what you can do? You can get the vaccine. ” Eand pro-vax radio presenter in the UK who has constantly railed against anti-vaxxers reported being hospitalized last […]

Interview 1770 – James Corbett on the 300th Episode of Revelations Radio News

HomeRemedySupply says: Damn! Wow!!Thanks for the comment JayaJeff.Your comment had been rolling around in my mind like a loose marble for the past 24 hours. I tried to shake it and let it go, but more marbles started rolling.Gosh…I was afraid that I might lose all my marbles. Then “Bang!”…out of know-where came this sudden […]

FAA warns against 5G rollout as airlines upgrade radio altimeters to avoid interference

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has warned against any distribution of 5G technology due to concerns regarding interference with aircraft equipment. Its warning comes amid airports upgrading their equipment to avoid untoward incidents involving the frequency.Back in January, the FAA issued notices to airmen … [Read More…] Source

Stephen Miller group’s radio ads accuses Biden of ‘racism’ towards white Americans

A group launched by longtime Donald Trump aide Stephen Miller has been quietly running radio ads warning white voters that the Biden administration is pursuing a host of policies designed to hurt them because of their race. A recording of the ad, obtained by POLITICO, represents one of the most openly race-based spots of the […]

‘My Hero’: Radio Host Eric Metaxas Fawns Over White Nationalist-Funding Mike Lindell

Just days after election conspiracy theorist and right-wing funder Mike Lindell entered into a fundraising partnership with white nationalist Vincent James, radio host Eric Metaxas fawned over the pillow salesman, calling Lindell “my hero.” It was not the pundit’s only recent brush with white nationalism. Right Wing Watch noted last week that Metaxas has joined […]

‘My Hero’: Radio Host Eric Metaxas Fawns Over White Nationalist-Funding Mike Lindell

Just days after election conspiracy theorist and right-wing funder Mike Lindell entered into a fundraising partnership with white nationalist Vincent James, radio host Eric Metaxas fawned over the pillow salesman, calling Lindell “my hero.” It was not the pundit’s only recent brush with white nationalism. Right Wing Watch noted last week that Metaxas has joined […]

Greek and Turkish academics debate relations in ABC Australia Radio podcast

ABC Radio Australia has broadcast a discussion with Greek and Turkish academic debating relations between their ancestral homes in a podcast called Greece and Turkey: Bridge over the Aegean. Originally presented as part of the Greek Festival of Sydney earlier in the year, the podcast includes the participation of  Dr Andonis Piperoglou — Hellenic Senior […]

Christian radio listeners respond to Gospel amid Belarusian president’s threat of nuclear war

Photo Credit: Zdenek Fekar/Pixabay Belarus (Mission Network News) — Tensions heighten in the Ukraine war as Russian ally Belarus says its warplanes can now carry nukes. On Friday, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko spoke against a general threat from Western forces: “Everything was ready (referring to modifications made to Belarusian warplanes to carry nuclear weapons). It’s […]

Wyoming Radio Ad Slams Liz Cheney as a ‘DC Diva’ 

A radio ad airing in Wyoming is slamming Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) as out of touch with her Cowboy State constituents. 

Cuban Dissidents Urge FCC to Review Sale of Anti-Communist Radio Stations to Soros-Backed Leftist

The Assembly of the Cuban Resistance, a coalition of pro-democracy Cuban groups on and off the island, sent a letter on Tuesday to the head of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) urging it to engage in a “diligent review,” including revealing all financiers, of the proposed sale of historic Spanish radio stations to a leftist […]

George Soros Buys Up Spanish-Speaking Radio Stations Across America Ahead of Midterms

George Soros has begun quietly buying up Spanish-speaking radio stations across America ahead of the upcoming midterm elections this fall.

Gonzales: Responders in Uvalde Weren’t all on Same Radio Channel, I Asked Biden for Money to Fix That on Sunday

During an interview with San Antonio’s CBS KENS 5 on Monday, Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX) said that during his conversation with President Joe Biden when Biden visited Texas on Sunday, he asked for an additional $23 million in funding on

ACH (1747) Mallificus Scott And Paul English – The Limeys #65 – Speak Free Radio

EURO FOLK RADIO ACH (1747) Mallificus Scott And Paul English – The Limeys #65 – Speak Free Radio Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share In today’s show originally broadcast on April 4 2022, Andy presents “The Limeys” with his co-hosts Mallificus Scott and Paul English […]

Unknown Space Object Bombarded Earth With Strong Radio Wave

Astronomers were both puzzled and delighted to discover a mysterious deep space object that had been sending out powerful radio waves that were detectable on Earth. Designated with the catchy title of GLEAM-X J162759.5-523504.3, this spinning radio source suddenly appeared in the Southern Hemisphere sky in January 2018, before disappearing just as mysteriously two months […]

‘I Feel Full of Life Again’: Radio Host Loves Shen Yun’s Divine Message

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.—After urging his friends and listeners to attend, radio personality Michael Olson returned for a second time to see Shen Yun Performing Arts, the premier classical Chinese dance and music company, at the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco. A storyteller, journalist, consultant, and agriculturalist—among other talents—Olson is the syndicated host of Food Chain […]

Democrats riled by Spanish-language radio attacks on Kamala Harris

“The fact that I’m having to raise this alarm, that it’s not coming directly from a Democratic organization or even the folks out of Washington, I think is a sign of concern,” said Fernand Amandi, a political strategist who helped Barack Obama win the state in 2008 and 2012. Amandi said that the calls struck […]

Critical Race Medicine: Radio Host Refused Monoclonal COVID Treatment Because He’s Not ‘Black or Hispanic’

Texas radio host Harrison Hill Smith was recently denied monoclonal antibody treatment for COVID because he is white, according to leaked video. Smith tweeted on Saturday that he was denied receiving monoclonal antibody treatment for COVID because he was white, adding that such treatment was only being made available to “blacks and Hispanics.” reports: Despite some initial skepticism […]

A Texas radio host given 3 life sentences for scamming his Christian listeners out of millions

Texas radio host William Neil “Doc” Gallagher, who prided himself on being a Christian, was given three life sentences plus another 30 years for duping his older listeners out of millions of dollars. Thinking they were retiring “safe, early, and happy” (see video below) by investing in his Gallagher Financial Group Ponzi scheme, many lost […]

Here We Stand September 12 Radio Broadcast With Kevin Annett

by Admin · Published September 21, 2021 · Updated September 21, 2021 Source

BBC Radio Host Died of COVID Vaccine Complications, Coroner Confirms, by Megan Redshaw

STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC Yet another tragic death providing more substantiation of the vaccines’ alt-media nickname: the clot shots. From Megan Redshaw at Lisa Shaw, 44, died from vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia, a condition that leads to swelling and bleeding of the brain, about three weeks after her first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine. Studies link […]

HereWeStand on BBS Radio

Home › Follow Us FacebookTwitterPinterestInstagramLinkedInTumblrFeedBloggerEmail Share This Here We Stand with Reverend Kevin D. Annett Title: News of the Resistance and our Forgotten History, from Europe and Kanata Opening song: Green Mountaineer Closing song: to the CrownShow Tags: Here We StandReverend Kevin D. AnnettNews of the Resistanceour Forgotten HistoryEurope and KanataArchive Category: Earth & SpaceHistoryMilitaryNewsPolitics & GovernmentReligionScienceSociety and CultureTheory […]

Media Roots Radio

Press & Media Whitney joins Robbie Martin to discuss the new wave of hype surrounding ‘Domestic Terrorism’, how the ‘War on Terror’ was merely a prelude to a larger domestic crackdown on political dissidents and the extreme measures taken in times of ‘Continuity of Government’ August 1, 2021 1 minute read Source

Radio Host Says “Racists” Should Have Bank Accounts, Citizenship Stripped

Radio host Mike Graham has called for “racists” to be stripped of their bank accounts, passports and other life necessities, an interesting assertion given that Graham himself has been denounced as a racist numerous times before. Graham was responding to a controversy in the UK over racist social media posts targeting black England football players, […]

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