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Lamestream highlights a ‘startling new report’ they say ‘could explain mystery spike in cancers’

Nothing to do with the S&E of course… nothing at all… note they include autism & infertility as possible outcomes … folk have been raising alarms on this for years while now it’s a handy go to for letting the aforesaid ‘treatment’ off the hook… Check out our sister site for other news From […]

Epstein and the real story lamestream refuses to investigate

Check out our sister site for other news From 2nd Smartest Guy in the World @ Substack “So why is this “release” happening now, and what is the real coverup?… Throwing the likes of Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, George Mitchell, Jeal Luc Brunel, Bill Richardson, Marvin Minsky, Tom Pritzker and various other John Doe […]

The Maui fires (and what lamestream isn’t telling you)

Info from real journalists …. READ AT THE LINK Source

What lamestream isn’t telling you about the recent flooding

They aren’t telling you because they are bought and paid for. If you would really like to know what you aren’t hearing, then listen to the following interview (link below). Also read here and here. Like me you may find it really difficult to dismiss as conspiracy. The interviewer Liz Gunn by the way, was […]

Reality Check Radio NZ – an exciting challenge to lamestream media coming soon!

[embedded content] NEW ZEALAND Don’t miss a beat! Sign up here to be the first to know when RCR goes live: Welcome to Reality Check Radio (RCR), the long-awaited voice of reason in an age of cancel-culture, censorship, and false narratives. If you’re sick and tired of the compromised ‘bought-and-paid-for media,’ you’re going to […]


We’ve been told not to believe one bar of evidence against the medical treatment foisted on us for the past three years, evidence, even from medical professionals. Now we are not supposed to believe what folk from ground zero of cyclone gabrielle tell us. As enormous cracks appear in lamestream’s narrative they are scrambling to dispel […]

Other recent news (you won’t see in lamestream)

Catching up here … so much has been happening, globally & here in (not) ‘clean green’ EnZed. EWR ANIMAL FOOD TAMPERING – They Are ALTERING REPRODUCTION In Many Different Farm Animals NOT JUST CHICKENS Company Genetically Engineers Fruit Flies To Be “Biofactories” For Fake Meat Production The whole world is watching Switzerland and Thailand! Interview […]

NZ’s lamestream media has doubled down on the censured MD who takes his Hippocratic Oath seriously

Please note the NZ media is the mouthpiece of our government. All kudos to this medical doctor who has dared to speak up and warn about the same issue thousands of other MDs and scientists world wide have. (He has apparently been stood down and is under investigation). The glaring issue that the NZ government […]

NZ lamestream is attacking the medics, debunking any narrative other than the government’s

We’ve all heard that the NZ government, having just tweaked the law after being caught with their pants down, is apparently the only source of truth on the CV. That is how far we’ve sunk as a nation. As is the case world wide, we see independent thinking and research about our own health choices […]

Trump Blasts ‘Lamestream Media’ For Blaming Russia For The Hacking Saying ‘It May Be China’

President Trump has lashed out at the media over allegations that Russia was responsible for a massive computer hack, saying there’s a possibility it ‘may be China’ The president’s comments contradict what members of his own government have said about the hack. In a tweet on Saturday, Trump said: “The Cyber Hack is far greater […]

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