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Fox News highlights CIA’s Operation Mockingbird and its influence on US media

Jesse Watters of Fox News sheds light on the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird, revealing the agency’s historical practice of placing journalists within major US media outlets to influence public opinion. (Article republished from In a recent segment, Fox News host Jesse Watters brought attention to Operation Mockingbird, a covert CIA initiative designed to manipulate public […]

Highlights from Explosive Biden Crime Family Testimony with Witnesses and Evidence

Owen Shroyer shows us the most stunning moments in yesterday’s Impeachment Inquiry hearings at the House Oversight Committee, including the star turns by Hunter Biden’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski, Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene and Rep Byron Donalds. Tony Bobulinski knocked it out of the park with his opening statements, accusing Hunter and his uncle, […]

Alabama Supreme Court IVF Ruling Highlights Dominionist Threat to Americans’ Freedoms

Analysis The recent Alabama Supreme Court ruling declaring that frozen embryos must be treated as persons under the state’s wrongful death law could have devastating consequences for Alabama couples using in-vitro fertilization to help them have children. Beyond that, if Chief Justice Tom Parker’s hopes are realized, the decision could push the entire nation’s legal […]

Berkshire Cash Hits Record $168BN But Warns Days Of “Eye-Popping” Results Are Over: Highlights From Buffett’s 2023 Letter

Berkshire Cash Hits Record $168BN But Warns Days Of “Eye-Popping” Results Are Over: Highlights From Buffett’s 2023 Letter One of the longest running traditions in modern finance is that every year, one Saturday morning in late February, the world’s financial class – from professionals to mere amateurs – sit down as they have for the […]

Biden campaign highlights Trump’s ‘shameful’ NATO remarks in battleground ad

The Biden campaign on Friday unveiled a fresh ad targeting former President Trump’s recent comments calling into question his commitment to NATO allies. The 60-second digital ad is set to run through Super Tuesday and is aimed at voters in Michigan, WIsconsin and Pennsylvania, which the campaign said are home to more than 2.5 million… […]

‘God & Country’ Documentary Highlights Threat of Christian Nationalism, Stakes of 2024 Election

“God & Country,” a new documentary produced by award-winning filmmaker Rob Reiner, focuses on the threat to democracy posed by the MAGA movement’s aggressive Christian nationalism—and the stakes in this year’s presidential election. The well-timed movie, directed by documentarian Dan Partland, opens in theaters Feb. 16. “God & Country” was inspired by the book “The Power […]

Highlights From The National Gathering For Prayer And Repentance

Dozens of members of Congress joined with multitudes of religious-right activists for a “National Gathering for Prayer and Repentance” at the Museum of the Bible on Wednesday. Hosted by Jim Garlow of Well Versed ministry and Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, the hours-long event featured wave after wave of politicians and activists taking […]

Lamestream highlights a ‘startling new report’ they say ‘could explain mystery spike in cancers’

Nothing to do with the S&E of course… nothing at all… note they include autism & infertility as possible outcomes … folk have been raising alarms on this for years while now it’s a handy go to for letting the aforesaid ‘treatment’ off the hook… Check out our sister site for other news From […]

eWeek highlights digitalization’s growing environmental footprint

Image Credit: Shutterstock/KPixMining As the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development eWeek 2023 convened last week, the conference highlighted digitalization’s environmental costs on the planet. The digital transformation the world has seen is causing raw material depletion, an increase in water and energy use, and more pollution and waste, the speakers said. From online […]

Gaza’s Al-Aqsa Flood: Resistance makes history, day one highlights

October 8, 2023 Source: Al Mayadeen English By Hussein Assaf The latest tally of the Al-Aqsa Flood operation is 250 Israelis killed and over 1,400 wounded as the numbers are expected to rise significantly. Israelis residing in occupation settlements in Gaza’s envelope woke up on Saturday morning to an event they couldn’t have imagined even […]

Center for Jewish Non-Violence delegation highlights the importance of direct action in Palestine solidarity

Members of the CJNV delegation to Palestine didn’t just come to observe and document. They engaged in direct actions, participating in shutting down highways and attending protests. Source

California’s Lake Oroville highlights reversal of severe-draught levels in stunning before and after images Source

Newly Released Review of Fluoride’s Toxicity Highlights NTP Scientist’s Battle to Follow the Science

Newly released documents reveal how scientists at the U.S. National Toxicology Program fought to preserve their conclusion that fluoride can reduce IQ in children. On Wednesday the U.S. National Toxicology Program released a previously suppressed report which concluded that high exposure to fluoride can reduce IQ for children. The NTP’s drafts from May and September […]

Whistleblower project highlights hundreds of major U.S. corporations, businesses that have gone ‘woke’ and now discriminate against conservatives

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) A recent op-ed published on Fox News highlights a new study on the largest corporations and businesses in the United States that are actively opposing American conservatives amid the ongoing cultural conflicts.“It is not a secret that over the past decade, hundreds of large U.S. corporations have adopted woke policies, … [Read […]

Ukraine refugees: Study highlights daily struggles of those living in EU after fleeing war

The survey finds many displaced Ukrainians who have sought asylum or protection elsewhere in Europe have trouble with money and speaking the local language. Source

Ohio train derailment highlights Democrats’ environmental hypocrisy, reveals this about the disaster

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) No one does fearmongering quite like Washington.(Article by Jack Spencer republished from lawmakers in our nation’s capital are constantly screaming about the horrors of CO2 and methane. They find gas and oil environmental boogeymen under every bed and in every closet when it comes to gas and … [Read More…] Source

US Says North Korea’s Missile Launch Highlights Destabilizing Impact of Kim Regime’s Weapon of Mass Destruction

The U.S. Indo-Pacific Command (INDOPACOM) said on Monday that it was consulting closely with regional allies following North Korea’s latest “destabilizing” ballistic missile launches, which North Korean state media boasted was suitable for “tactical nuclear attack.” The missile launches came just two days after the North Korean regime claimed it conducted an intercontinental ballistic missile […]

Rep. Troy Nehls Highlights Breitbart Report on Accused Illegal Alien Killer in Congressional Hearing

During a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday, Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) highlighted a Breitbart News report detailing the death of an 81-year-old American woman suspected to be at the hands of a six-time deported illegal alien.  Source

A State for some of its citizens: Captured black soldier’s saga highlights racism in Israel

"For how long will I be in captivity? After so many years, where are the state and the people of Israel?" These were the words, uttered in Hebrew, of a person believed to be Avera Mengistu, an Israeli soldier of Ethiopian origin, who was captured and held in Gaza in 2014. Footage of Mengistu, looking […]

‘I Don’t Fly Here’: Nepal’s Plane Crash Highlights a Troubling Trend of Airline Disasters

The plane seemed to be flying low—that was why Diwas Bohora pulled out his phone and started filming. Seconds after he hit record, it nosedived.  The 33-year-old, who lives under the flight path of Nepal’s Pokhara International Airport, regularly shoots aircraft videos as a hobby. He had no idea he was about to capture footage […]

‘A Fire Alarm System for the Whole Country’: Highlights of Right Wing Watch Impact in 2022

When news broke over the Thanksgiving weekend that former President Donald Trump had just had dinner with Kanye West—under fire for his increasingly vocal antisemitism—and lesser-known white nationalist Nick Fuentes, national media outlets seeking credible information on Fuentes turned to Right Wing Watch. Right Wing Watch had broken the news that Fuentes was traveling with […]

Imam Khamenei Highlights Necessity of Conveying Martyrs Message to New Generations

November 17, 2022 Source

Minister highlights developing health diplomacy

TEHRAN – Iran has one of the strongest health systems in the region and this opportunity should be used optimally in the field of health diplomacy, Health Minister Bahram Einoullahi has said. Last week, Iran hosted the subregional workshop for G5 countries (Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, plus the World Health Organization) on health cooperation with […]

Times Newspaper Highlights How “No White Men” Will Hold Major Office in New UK Government

The Times newspaper in the UK has published an article noting how “no white men” will hold major office in the new government, set to be led by Liz Truss. Truss is widely expected to win the contest to become PM later today, defeating her only remaining opponent, Rishi Sunak, who is of Indian descent. […]

Times Newspaper Highlights How “No White Men” Will Hold Major Office in New UK Government

The Times newspaper in the UK has published an article noting how “no white men” will hold major office in the new government, set to be led by Liz Truss. Truss is widely expected to win the contest to become PM later today, defeating her only remaining opponent, Rishi Sunak, who is of Indian descent. […]

Milwaukee Cuba Caravan Highlights The Damage Caused By The Us Blockade And The Tragic Fire In Matanzas

Thirty Cuba solidarity activists heard updates, Sunday, August 28, on how the people of the island are adapting to the ongoing impacts of the US economic blockade and the recent fire at an oil depot in Matanzas, fifty miles from Havana.  Three members of the Party for Socialism and Liberation gave report backs from a recent […]

‘Prep With Mike’ video highlights folding rifle/pistols for self-defense in top-level gear review

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) “Prep With Mike” video series creator Mike Adams, the founder and editor of Natural News and hundreds of other sites, has just published a top-level gear review that focuses on folding pistols that can double as rifles in any self-defense situation.The gear review begins with an introduction to the weapons Adams, a.k.a. […]

Brutal Attacks On Africans In Morocco Highlights Crisis In Africa

On June 24th, approximately 2000 African migrants made a desperate attempt at a mass border crossing, climbing the iron fence separating Morocco and the Spanish enclave of Melilla. Footage of African bodies piled up at the foot of the fence, many lifeless, while others were being savagely beaten by Moroccan Security Forces, went viral. To […]

Chile Copper Strike Highlights Volatility of Green Economy

Workers for CODELCO, Chile’s state-run mining company and the largest copper producer in the world, launched a nationwide strike on Wednesday to protest plans to shut down a foundry employing 350 people.

Recent Revelations About Ukraine’s Illegal Arms Projects Highlights Other Major Shifts in the World

Earlier this year Russia alleged that Ukraine and the United States were developing biological weapons. The development of these weapons has been banned since the signing of a convention on the topic in 1971. These reports are all dismissed by the Western mainstream media that alleged it was Russian disinformation. Unfortunately for the Western media […]

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