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“He Not A Terrorist”: FBI Arrests Man Living In Parents’ Basement For Train Derailment

“He Not A Terrorist”: FBI Arrests Man Living In Parents’ Basement For Train Derailment Local media Fox 8 reports that a Cleveland man, who lives with his parents, was arrested last week on federal terrorism charges for sabotaging railroad tracks.  According to a complaint filed in federal court, FBI agents say 43-year-old Joseph Findley jammed metal objects […]

Death Toll From Pakistan Train Derailment Rises To At Least 30

Railway officials say 10 cars of the Hazara Express that derailed and some overturned in southern Pakistan have also left more than 90 others injured. Source

Three People Died in an Amtrak Derailment Caused by Faulty Freight Rail Tracks Overworked Track Inspector Missed, Report Finds

Three people died in an Amtrak derailment in September 2021 because the freight rail company that owns the tracks did not properly maintain them, partly as a result of cost-cutting measures that slashed the track inspection workforce, according to a two-year government investigation.  The crash occurred after a Motherboard investigation earlier in the year that […]

VIDEO: Wisconsin Train Derailment Leaves Cars Partially Submerged in River

Video taken at the scene of a train derailment near De Soto, Wisconsin, shows the wreckage after the incident occurred on Thursday afternoon. Source

Yet another train derailment sees 25 freight cars tumble into a Montana river

Yet another train derailment sees 25 freight cars tumble into a Montana river just weeks after massive crashes in South Dakota and Ohio Date: April 2, 2023Author: Nwo Report   Posted BY: RM | NwoReport At least 25 cars on a train traveling through Montana derailed Sunday morning, spilling out contents into the area and […]

Ohio Sues Norfolk Southern Over Toxic Train Derailment

Ohio Sues Norfolk Southern Over Toxic Train Derailment Republican Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost sued Norfolk Southern on Tuesday over a train derailment that set off a massive chemical disaster that has residents concerned about the well-being of their community. The 106-page lawsuit intends to hold Norfolk Southern accountable for covering all financial costs associated […]

ALERT! Big Train Derailment In West Virgina Injures Several People, Sends Diesel and Oil Into River

CSX freight train derails after striking rockslide in West Virginia, injuring 3 and spilling diesel into river A CSX freight train derailed Wednesday morning after striking a rockslide in a remote area of West Virginia, injuring three crew members and spilling diesel fuel into a nearby river, according to a company press release. The three […]


By Kerry Cassidy Project Camelot …”The violent flames and towering black smoke is the vinylidene dichloride created phosgene which has led to the harmful effects now and in the near future for any and all humans and animals who were exposed or will be exposed (1200 miles North, East and South) to the chemically laden […]

Capitalism’s Conclusion, Part I: What the Ohio train derailment exposed

Image Credit: AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar/File. Capitalism’s Conclusion is an exclusive new series analyzing capitalism in its end stage, and the conditions that led to its inevitable decline. Stay tuned for future installments. Toward the end of 2022, at the heart of the holiday shopping season, several of the largest railroad unions threatened to […]

Union says workers at East Palestine train derailment site are getting sick after exposure to toxic chemicals

(Natural News) Jonathon Long, a union representative, told CNBC this week that rail workers in East Palestine are falling ill as they deal with all the rubble and waste from the train crash and explosion. In a letter, Long explained that many rail employees are continuing to experience migraines and nausea, which they blame on […]

Anyone Living Near or East of the Ohio Train Derailment Will Want to Hear This; How to Detox From America’s Toxic Ecocide

In this special interview, Dr. Henry Ealy lays out the necessary protocols to keep yourself healthy during America’s rising ecocide insanity. Reinette Senum Feb 24 2023 Anyone you know who is near the recent horrific East Palestine, Ohio derailment, including everyone east of the Mississippi River, will want to hear this interview. Dr. Henry Ealy […]

NTSB chair: Ohio train derailment was 100% preventable

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) The derailment of a Norfolk Southern train in East Palestine, Ohio, which caused a destructive chemical spill early this month, was “100 percent preventable.” National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Chair Jennifer Homendy made this admission at a media conference Thursday, February 23.”I can tell you this much: This … [Read More…] Source

The Mushroom Cloud Behind the East Palestine Derailment

Big (((Government))) is the biggest Bioterrorist The Bigger Story that the Kosher Press is not covering: Bioterrorism Inside you   How do you spell bioterrorism?  J-E-W! The Great Impersonation The post The Mushroom Cloud Behind the East Palestine Derailment appeared first on EURO·FOLK·RADIO. Source

Ohio train derailment highlights Democrats’ environmental hypocrisy, reveals this about the disaster

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) No one does fearmongering quite like Washington.(Article by Jack Spencer republished from lawmakers in our nation’s capital are constantly screaming about the horrors of CO2 and methane. They find gas and oil environmental boogeymen under every bed and in every closet when it comes to gas and … [Read More…] Source

Train derailment in Ohio: More of the same – “No cause for alarm”

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) How many times have we heard the same refrain from government leaders and scientists involved in community wide exposures such as the recent train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio. This incident resulted in vinyl chloride gas being intentionally burned which sent hydrogen chloride, the toxic gas, phosgene, and … [Read More…] Source

Clean up Your Mess: EPA Orders Norfolk Southern to Fix Toxic Derailment Site

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ordered Norfolk Southern on Tuesday to pay for the cleanup and restitution of the toxic East Palestine, Ohio, train wreck site. Source

White Noise: People Affected by a Toxic Train Derailment Disaster in Ohio Were Extras in Movie About a Toxic Train Derailment Disaster in Ohio

Actual CNN headline, “After a train derailment, Ohio residents are living the plot of a movie they helped make.” Via: CNN: When Ben Ratner’s family signed up in 2021 to be extras in the movie “White Noise,” they thought it would be a fun distraction from their day-to-day life in blue-collar East Palestine, Ohio. Ratner, 37, […]

Two trains crash after derailment injuring several people in Salisbury

Two passenger trains crashed after one of them derailed in the southern English city of Salisbury, and several people were injured, authorities said on Sunday. Network Rail said the rear carriage of a passenger train derailed after “striking an object” as it approached the station at Salisbury, about 113 kilometers southwest of London. The derailment […]

Coming Fiscal Derailment – Why FY 2019 Will Sink The Casino

Coming Fiscal Derailment – Why FY 2019 Will Sink The Casino Above Photo: Jack Bonner/ Flickr December 21, 2017 “Information Clearing House” – Since last November 8th the Russell 2000 has risen by 30% and the net Federal debt has expanded by an astounding $1.0 trillion dollars. In a rational world operating with honest financial markets those two results would not be found in even […]

Amtrak Train Derailment: Deaths Reported in Washington

An Amtrak train has derailed on an overpass in Washington state, with at least two train cars falling onto the highway below. Authorities say multiple fatalities and injuries have been reported. At this time, all southbound lanes of traffic remain blocked on Interstate 5. “Today’s tragic incident in Pierce County is a serious and ongoing […]

Left-wing terror group Antifa responsible for deadly Amtrak derailment? Alt-left terror group has disturbing history of railway sabotage

(Natural News) Antifa is a radical anti-Trump, left-wing terrorism group that has been praised by CNN and the left-wing media, and now it looks likely that Antifa was responsible for the Amtrak train derailment south of Seattle, Washington which has so far killed at least six people and injured nearly eighty. (See evidence, below.) (Follow […]

World Refugee Day : Syrian Journalists, Leaving To Tell The Tale

Print Friendly Above Photo: (REUTERS/Muzaffar Salman) Journalist of all kinds – professional and non-professional, Syrian and foreign – run the risk of violence and reprisals throughout Syria. The violence, started by the government crackdown, can now come from any quarter: from government forces, from armed “opposition” groups and from radical Islamist militias such as the Al-Nusra […]

Iran’s gas contracts with Iraq on hold due to problems in Iraq

Iranian Petroleum Minister said that gas contracts between Iran and Iraq have been put on hold due to the difficulties in Iraqi system. VIENNA (Sputnik) – The gas contracts between Iran and Iraq have been put on hold due to the difficulties in Iraqi system, Iranian Petroleum Minister Bijan Namdar Zangeneh said Thursday. “We have two gas contracts with Iraq […]

More than 300 child-refugees of NATO’s wars have drowned in the Aegean since Aylan’s death

     More than 300 migrant children have died attempting the Turkey-Greece sea crossing in the six months since the much-publicised death of Syrian youngster Alan Kurdi, Euronews can reveal. The image of the three-year old washed up on a Turkish beach on September 2 changed public opinion and reignited EU efforts to deal with the […]

Iran’s Rouhani calls for further and closer global ties

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has called for further friendly ties with neighboring countries and all the nations across the globe. Rouhani made the comments during a meeting with ambassadors and heads of political missions in Tehran on the eve of the 37th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution on Wednesday. “Following the JCPOA and the removal […]

9/11: Infiltration and Derailment

Misguided Bullying and Intimidation for “Truth”   By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor ————— With dozens of intelligence organizations, massive privatization, the “police state” in full operation and a “black budget” for domestic spying almost unlimited, any organization seen as a threat to the crimes the American government – torture, massive theft, war crimes of every kind […]

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