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Ashkenazi Jews Not Affected By the Jab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

According to Dr. Lee Merritt Ashkenazi Jews not affected by mass sterilization through covid vaccines – Dr. Lee Merritt ( Covid Toxxines are killing people: Irrefutable Evidence: The COVID-19 Vaccines Are Killing People! ( Tell everyone you know about EFR. Share this: Source

Here Are The Items Most Affected By The Supply Chain Shortage

Supply chain shortages are here, and it’s affecting everyone across the country. From toilet paper and meat to your favorite flavor shot at Starbucks, all the essentials are being threatened.  Here are the top items affected by the shortages: Rose Tico action figuresThis toy features cutting edge technology that automatically senses any time you’re attempting […]

UN: 5m people affected by water shortage in northern Syria

Some five million people in northern and north-eastern Syria are affected by water shortages, the United Nations said yesterday. “We have received reports that five million people are affected by the ongoing water crisis in north and north-east of Syria,” a spokesman for the United Nations Secretary-General, Stephane Dujarric, told reporters in New York. “People […]

Heatwave in U.S.: From Coast to Coast, Millions Affected

A widespread heatwave has begun across the contiguous U.S., with at least 35 million people likely to see temperatures reach or exceed 100°F by the end of the week. Heat alerts are in place across at least 16 states in the south, midwest and western U.S. Media reports said: The hot weather, which comes courtesy […]

New Findings On How Climate Affected Body and Brain Size in Genus Homo

A new study of fossils from the genus  Homo from all over the world has concluded that human body size is linked to differences in climate and temperature. In essence they have found that cold climates made for larger bodies and warmer climates for smaller bodies. The results are literally “hot off the press” and were […]

Over 250 organizations join together to demand aid to the millions of people affected by hunger and famine

According to Common Dreams, 250 international organizations are demanding urgent action from global governments to address the hunger and famine faced by hundreds of millions—a crisis the groups said is driven largely by policy choices including ignored appeals for a global ceasefire and humanitarian funding. Every day, we work with people who are fully capable […]

How has Covid-19 affected our day-to-day behaviors?

Although the coronavirus pandemic’s effect on the economy and environment cannot be understated, it has also had widespread effects on human interaction and society as a whole. As the world heads into a post-covid world, we will be heading into a workplace with new social rules and sanitary etiquette procedures, which are hardly the ‘going […]

From antisemitism to Zoom prayers, how COVID-19 affected Europe’s Jewish communities

News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online English edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, gives you breaking news, analyses and opinions about Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World. © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved Source

Oxidative Balance Impacted by WiFi and EMFs — Vulnerable Populations More Affected Says Swiss Expert Group

Oxidative Balance Impacted by WiFi and EMFs — Vulnerable Populations More Affected Says Swiss Expert Group Activist Post / Activist Post By B.N. Frank Decades of research has already determined that exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation is biologically harmful. Children seem to be particularly vulnerable to it. Common sources of […]

How the war in Syria has affected education and the Trade Unions. — The Duran

Via The North Belfast Journal A View from Napoleons Nose by Fra Hughes… An interview with Dr Adnan Azzouz, Dean of The Faculty of Arts and Head of the English department of Qasyoun University in Damascus. 985 more words via How the war in Syria has affected education and the Trade Unions. — The Duran Share […]

Study: Return To Work Not Affected By $600 Unemployment Boost

There’s no relationship between expanded Unemployment Compensation payments and individuals’ likelihood of returning to work, according to two recent studies. One, by researchers at Yale University, finds that more generous UC payments are not related to lower rates of return to work. Another shows employers saw no overall decline in the number of applicants per job vacancy as a result of the increased payments. […]

Artificial Intelligence: How Much Are You Affected By It?

Op-Ed by Catherine J. Frompovich Artificial Intelligence: The preprogrammed handover of our natural, unalienable [1] Creator-God-given human sovereignty to technology. Have you ever wondered what AI or Artificial Intelligence is all about?  It’s the deliberate reprogramming of the human race to think and to act according to controllers who want to have absolute […]

Scientists warn environmental pollution has affected us mentally… people becoming depressed because of "nature deficiency"

(Natural News) Humans continue to pay the price for the destruction of the planet that gives us life in all sorts of ways, as evidenced by the millions of premature deaths caused every year around the world due to outdoor air pollution. However, we are also killing ourselves – quite literally – […]

Under Armour Admits 150 Million Users Affected By Data Security Breach

Under Armour, Inc. (NYSE: UA, UAA) today announced that it is notifying users of MyFitnessPal – the company’s food and nutrition application and website – about a data security issue. On March 25, the MyFitnessPal team became aware that an unauthorized party acquired data associated with MyFitnessPal user accounts in late February 2018. The […]

How Your DNA is Affected by Quantum Intelligence

Christina Sarich, Guest Waking Times Yes, you can change your DNA, but Quantum Intelligence alters it from a more profound (subtle yet powerful) energetic level that is measurable and real. Once we understand how Quantum Intelligence works, we can more easily help the process of altering our DNA along – to achieve greater health, […]

Beyond Digital Addiction: Your Kids May Be Affected by Wi-Fi and Electronic Devices Even If You Aren’t

By Hope S. Good Emotional, Mental and Physical Health may be affected.  Symptoms May Not Be Immediate.  Misdiagnosis is Common.  Medication offers no cure.  Just last week, The California Department of Public Health’s decision to issue formal warnings and guidelines in regard to cell phone radiation made international news: In 2011, The […]

Your Pets May Be Affected by Wi-Fi and Electronic Devices Even If You Aren’t

By Hope S. Good Symptoms May Not Be Immediate. Some are Behavioral.  Misdiagnosis is Common.  Over the last 20 years, electrical pollution (sometimes referred to as “Electrosmog”) has increased significantly.  Cell phones, Cordless Landline Phones, CFL Lightbulbs, LED Lightbulbs, Wi-Fi Routers, “Smart” Appliances, “Smart” Watches, Fit Bits, Broadcast Towers, Cell Towers, Antennas, “Smart” […]

50k+ passengers affected by Bali airport closure over volcanic ash in airspace (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

As many as 100,000 people should evacuate expanded danger zone around Bali volcano, the Indonesian disaster agency said on Monday. An estimated 59,000 passengers were affected after Denpasar Ngurah Rai International Airport canceled 445 flights (196 international and 249 domestic) on early Monday morning after the alert level for Mount Agung volcano was raised to […]

The floods in Nepal, Bangladesh and India have killed about 500 and affected over 16 million

     More than 16 million people have now been affected by seasonal flooding across a swathe of South Asia, say aid officials. The floods in Nepal, Bangladesh and India are thought to have killed about 500 people and are expected to worsen. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC) says it is […]

Research Shows Our Genes Are Affected By Thoughts & Perceptions: More So Than We Realize

About Lisa Ann Catano Lisa lives in South Africa and is a writer, New Insights life coach, and currently training to become a recovery coach through the Foundation Clinic. Lisa is passionate about empowering people, conscious awareness and being a flame of love. Her life experience has taught her about the importance of change in […]

Banana Republic: One System of Justice for the Powerful (Like Clinton) … and Another For Everyone Else

Serbian cafe shooting: Man kills wife and four others motivated by jealousy

Gunman arrested after 20 left injured in what interior minister says was attack motivated by jealousy      A man has shot dead five people, including his wife, and injured another 20 at a Serbian cafe. The man entered the cafe in the town of Žitište, about 50 miles (80km) north of Belgrade, and opened fire […]

Mass surveillance programs futile in fighting terror – Snowden

“In the wake of the revelations of mass surveillance the [US] president [Barack Obama] appointed two independent commissions to review the efficiency of these [surveillance] programs, what they really did and what effect they had in combating terrorism. [The commissions comprised] the highest priests of these programs, they found these programs had never stopped a […]

Photos: Swiss president visits Iran Chamber of Commerce

ISIS finds fresh breath as tension intensifies in West Asia Alwaght- Amid regional and international efforts aiming at settling the Syrian crisis, some changes in the major players’ political relations have darkened… Source Article from

United, in turmoil, reports drop in revenue (VIDEO)

And while falling jet fuel prices have helped United save money, the airline said the weakness in the energy sector is now hurting demand as fewer oil workers take business trips. Then there’s the internal turmoil at United. New CEO Oscar Munoz, who just joined the company in September, suffered a […]

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