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AT&T outage disrupts cell services for at least 75,000 customers across the U.S.

(NaturalNews) Telecommunications giant AT&T reported that cellular outages have hit tens of thousands of the network’s users in the United States.The… Source

Maersk to customers: Brace for complications, disruptions in Red Sea

(NaturalNews) The situation in the Red Sea has become increasingly complex following President Joe Biden’s military strikes against Iran-backed Houthi anti-ship… Source

Southwest Airlines Are Giving Free Seats To ‘Customers of Size’

Southwest Airlines has received both praise and criticism over their policy that gives obese passengers a second free seat to hold their extra large frames. Southwest didn’t make a big deal about announcing its “Customer […] The post Southwest Airlines Are Giving Free Seats To ‘Customers of Size’ appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

1.8M fraudulent transactions led banks to close accounts of innocent customers without warning or explanation

1.8M fraudulent transactions led banks to close accounts of innocent customers without warning or explanation Multiple suspicious activity reports (SARs) in banks most likely led to the eviction of customers’ accounts, and federal laws have little to say about the trigger for account cancellations. Reuters reported that in 2022, banks filed over 1.8 million SARs. […]

Orthodontist Gives Glock 19 to New Invisalign Customers

New Invisalign patients now have the option of receiving a membership at the Youngsville Gun Club and Range or a new Glock 19 through a promotion launched by Wake Forest, North Carolina’s Dr. Jason Gladwell. WSB-TV indicated the promotion is titled, “Grins & Glocks.” WRAL reported those choosing the Glock handgun had to attend Youngsville Gun Club and Range to undergo the […]

DoorDash Tells Customers to Tip when Ordering or Their Fries Will Be Cold

DoorDash has implemented a new feature in its app, urging customers to tip when ordering instead of on delivery to avoid delays. According to the company, orders that don’t include a pre-tip are likely to take longer and result in cold fries and warm drinks. Source

Printer ink SCAM, Canon HP & others ripping off their customers!

One of the biggest consumer rip offs in the I.T. industry is that of the sale and supply of ink, within the printer / MFD (Multi-function Device) consumable, namely the ink ‘cartridge’. This corporate rip off does not have enough mainstream media air time, especially when the corporations are sued. Canon is exposed with giving […]

Google guilty of ad-fraud against its customers including NYTimes, Reuters, Wired, Mashable and Gizmodo

Did Google mislead advertisers about TrueView skippable in-stream ads for the past three years? This report finds that advertisers including Fortune 500 brands, the US federal government, and many small businesses may have been misled for years about Google’s proprietary TrueView skippable in-stream video ads. This misalignment may have cost media buyers up to billions […]

Google guilty of ad-fraud againsts its customers including NYTimes, Reuters, Wired, Mashable and Gizmodo

Did Google mislead advertisers about TrueView skippable in-stream ads for the past three years? This report finds that advertisers including Fortune 500 brands, the US federal government, and many small businesses may have been misled for years about Google’s proprietary TrueView skippable in-stream video ads. This misalignment may have cost media buyers up to billions […]

Bank of America pays $250 million to customers and in penalty fees for illegal practices

Image Credit: Glassdoor After an investigation conducted by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) found that Bank of America participated in illegal practices, the bank was ordered to pay more than $250 million to customers and in penalties. The illegal practices included double charging for insufficient funds, withholding reward bonuses, and illegally opening consumer accounts. […]

Anheuser-Busch Exec Has Candid Response to Bud Light Backlash From Customers

An executive with Bud Light maker Anheuser-Busch said the boycott against the brand was a “wake-up call” and claimed the light beer will make a comeback. Bud Light, in a social media promotional campaign, produced a beer can with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney in early April, drawing immediate backlash. Some country singers and conservative influencers […]

Apple’s new savings bank refusing to let customers withdraw cash: “You’re keeping our life savings hostage!”

(Natural News) It has been one month since Apple launched its new savings account service with Goldman Sachs, and customers everywhere are reporting that they are having trouble accessing their cash. After attracting more than $1 billion worth of deposits in the first four days of launch, Apple has apparently restricted withdrawals and transfers. One […]

Toyota: Car location data of 2 million customers exposed for ten years

Toyota Motor Corporation disclosed a data breach on its cloud environment that exposed the car-location information of 2,150,000 customers for ten years, between November 6, 2013, and April 17, 2023. Source

Fast-food chains are pulling a fast one on customers, selling chicken products that are only about 60% real meat

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Real, organic meat is getting harder and harder to come by. A closer look at 13 popular fast-food chains finds that most of these restaurants sell chicken products that are only about 60 percent real meat.These corporations are selling “premium” and “all-white meat” products that are just watered down, fake food patties […]

NIKE Tells Customers ‘Be Kind, Be Inclusive’ After Dylan Mulvaney Backlash

NIKE told customers to “be kind, be inclusive” in response to the brewing backlash over the company selecting transgender Dylan Mulvaney. Source

Facebook Layoffs Leave Business Customers Without Support

Mass layoffs at Facebook have left influencers and businesses with limited customer service, exposing them to scams and other issues. Source

New post-pandemic dining restrictions in some cities charge customers hundreds of dollars just to get seated at a table

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) A lot has changed ever since the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) was forced on the world, including in the food service industry.Some restaurants in major cities like Chicago have begun imposing minimum purchase requirements on their patrons, or charging cancelation fees for reservations.Mandatory minimums are gradually … [Read More…] Source

Banks Begin Calling Customers To Ask For Loans

U.S. — In a stunning development resulting from the faltering of the United States banking system, banks have now begun calling their customers and asking for loans. According to reports, thousands of desperate bankers have called up lendees to ask for a few bucks. Source

Data of 328,000 Customers Stolen in Hack of Australian Financial Firm

Over 328,000 customers of Latitude Financial have had their data stolen during a “sophisticated and malicious” cyber-attack. On March 16, the Melbourne-based consumer finance provider—one of the biggest non-banking lenders in the country—called for a halt to trading and revealed the incident had been isolated. The company said the hackers obtained employee login credentials and […]

Bank collapse contagion? Customers line up to take their money out of First Republic Bank

(Natural News) Customers of First Republic Bank in Southern California are lining up outside bank branches, eager to withdraw their funds in the wake of the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). SVB’s collapse has raised fears that First Republic could suffer a similar bank run that could lead to its own demise. Analysts have […]

Wells Fargo Warns Customers Of ‘Incorrect Balances Or Missing Transactions’


T-Mobile says data on 37 million customers stolen

T-Mobile says data on 37 million customers stolen Date: January 20, 2023Author: Nwo Report Posted BY: Bill | NwoReport BOSTON (AP) — The U.S. wireless carrier T-Mobile said Thursday that an unidentified malicious intruder breached its network in late November and stole data on 37 million customers, including addresses, phone numbers, and dates of birth. […]

Customers Unenthused By Latest American Girl Doll ‘Steve’

U.S. — The latest doll from the classic American Girl line is expected to miss projected sales numbers for the holiday season following an unenthusiastic launch. The doll, named Steve, is the company’s first openly transgender doll. Source

Gun Shops And Customers Claim Credit Card Firms “Restrict” Firearm Purchases

In September, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express all said they would adopt the MCC code to categorize sales at gun shops; months later, several social media posts of alleged gun stores and customers claim they experienced card issues. Twitter account “Battlecock Tactical” tweeted, “Federal Firearms License [gun shop] in a Facebook group shared this. Looks […]

Australia Fines Uber $21 Million for Overestimating Prices and Misleading Customers

Australian Federal Court has fined rideshare company Uber $21 million (US$14.2 million) for overestimating service fees and falsely advertising a cancellation fee for its Australian services between 2017 and 2021. In a federal court ruling, Justice Michael O’Bryan found that Uber breached Australian Consumer Law in two instances. The first one involves misleading representations concerning […]

Bank customers FURIOUS after HSBC announces closure of 114 UK branches

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) International banking giant HSBC has announced that 114 of its branches in the United Kingdom will be closing beginning on April 2023, drawing fury and disappointment from the bank’s many customers.HSBC’s recent announcement is just the latest in a series of bank closures that have occurred in the U.K. since 2020. … […]

Woolworths says 2.2m MyDeal customers’ data hacked

In the third major corporate security breach in as many weeks, Woolworths is scrambling to contact 2.2 million customers of its MyDeal online marketplace arm whose data has been accessed by an unauthorised user using “compromised” credentials, the supermarkets giant says. The hack follows telecoms group Optus in owning up to data breaches affecting millions […]

American Airlines Says Data Breach Affected Some Customers, Employees

American Airlines Inc. on Tuesday confirmed a data breach and said while an “unauthorized actor” gained access to personal information of a small number of customers and employees through a phishing campaign, there was no evidence of data misuse. Recently, Uber Technologies Inc. and Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. also disclosed similar breaches, leaving investors and […]

Australian bank tells customers to withdraw funds immediately before it closes this week

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) An Australian digital bank has collapsed and advised 6,000 customers to withdraw their money before it stops doing business this week.”Customers need to transfer the balances held in all Volt accounts to a nominated bank account with another financial institution before the 5th of July 2022, Tuesday,” Volt Bank’s website … [Read More…] […]

Banks misleading customers, committing criminal offences – will the law act?

Australia is a hive of criminal activity by the banks. Banks are literally at the top of the food chain, where they are allowed to get away with criminal activity, an action ‘supported’ by the authorities. The so called ‘Royal Commission’ in to banks and financial services institutions was a ruse. Since banks and financial […]

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