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FAA Issues Warning For Air Travel Disruptions During April’s Total Solar Eclipse

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have issued a warning about potential disruptions in air travel due to the upcoming total solar eclipse on April 8. The celestial event is set to cast a path of totality across 13 US states and according to the aviation agency is anticipated to impact air travel operations before, during, […]

Climate activists and UAW escalate election pressure: Disruptions and endorsements ahead of Super Tuesday

Climate activists have disrupted campaign events of major political figures, while the UAW has taken a firm stance in the upcoming 2024 election. Source

Maersk to customers: Brace for complications, disruptions in Red Sea

(NaturalNews) The situation in the Red Sea has become increasingly complex following President Joe Biden’s military strikes against Iran-backed Houthi anti-ship… Source

Only 20% of rail services are running normally in the UK as rail strikes cause widespread disruptions

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Rail workers in the United Kingdom started the new year with a weeklong strike that began on Tuesday, Jan. 3, with union bosses warning of more industrial actions to come if negotiations don’t bear any fruits.These rail strikes have been ongoing for months across the U.K. as soaring inflation and stagnant wage […]

More than half of France’s TGV trains cancelled because of strike, more disruptions could be ahead

Workers for France’s SNCF trains are on strike, demanding better pay and working conditions. Source

This is how the globalists are repeatedly creating supply chain disruptions.

READ HERE: Record container ship traffic jam as backlog continues to build   Source

Livestock producers now just DAYS away from running out of animal feed due to supply chain disruptions

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Food and other consumer goods are no longer making their way from point A to point B in the United States, which faces crippling supply chain bottlenecks that threaten to cause mass starvation.The latest complaint comes from the livestock industry, which says it is just days away from an animal feed crisis […]

Sickout? Southwest Airlines Cancels 1,000 More Flights as Disruptions Increase

Sickout? Southwest Airlines Cancels 1,000 More Flights as Disruptions Increaseby Tyler Durden, ZeroHedgeOctober 10, 2021 Southwest airlines canceled nearly 2,000 flights between Saturday and Sunday – blaming the FAA and the weather for problems that didn’t seem to affect other airlines. According to FlightAware, Southwest canceled over 1,000 of the flights on Sunday.“We experienced significant impact in the Florida […]

U.S. Economic Growth Falls Short as Supply Chain Disruptions Stunt Recovery

U.S. Economic Growth Falls Short as Supply Chain Disruptions Stunt RecoveryDate: July 30, 2021Author: Nwo Report Source: John CarneyThe U.S. economy grew at a disappointing 6.5 percent annual rate second quarter in another sign that the effect of government stimulus spending has fallen short of expectations even while inflation has been hotter than anticipated.Thursday’s report from […]

A Brief History of the Phrase, “Fuck the Police”

Using some fictitious examples the Daily Beast comprised some basic law enforcement interactions that would lead people to say “fuck the police” after witnessing, or worse being subjugated to, the injustice yourself. The only problem is the examples given aren’t so much fiction as they are, everyday life for police in America. The original article […]

Saudis Threaten to Sell $750 Billion in U.S. Treasuries Over 9/11 Bill

Saudis Threaten to Sell $750 Billion in U.S. Treasuries Over 9/11 Bill April 17th, 2016 The word, “Bush” doesn’t appear in this piece even once. And what is Marvin up to these days? Via: New York Times: Saudi Arabia has told the Obama administration […]

Swiss Pol: Refugee Crisis Could Trigger a New World War

From: Civilizations that fail to secure their borders are doomed Swiss Peoples Party (SVP) member of parliament Roger Kppel warns that the European migrant crisis is so out of control that it could lead to a new world war. Writing in the Weltwoche daily newspaper, Kppel argues that Europe […]

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