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1000-Year-Old Chicken Egg in Israeli Cesspit Dubbed a “Cracking Find”

As part of a salvage dig in advance of the construction of an urban expansion project in Yavne, a city in the Central District of Israel, archaeologists from the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) have come across something unexpected. Discovered cushioned in human waste in an ancient  cesspit, they have uncovered a complete 1,000-year-old-egg which has […]

Biden Picks Lesser Prairie Chicken over Oil and Gas Industry, American Jobs

The United States’ energy independence is under threat again as President Joe Biden invokes the Endangered Species Act to protect the lesser prairie chicken’s habitat, where the birds’ range overlaps the oil and gas rich Permian Basin. The Biden-controlled U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials have proposed the listing, another reversal of former President Donald […]

City Shuts Down Little Girls, Threatens Them for Selling Their Chicken’s Eggs to Neighbors

City Shuts Down Little Girls, Threatens Them for Selling Their Chicken’s Eggs to Neighbors May 3, 2021 By Matt AgoristCommon sense, among those who work inside the state, is a rare commodity. Agents of the state, like those who work in law enforcement, often become so blinded to reality by ‘just doing my job’ they […]

Conservative Spreads Dangerous Misinformation About A Chicken Crossing The Road

WENTZVILLE, MO—A known conservative, Dennis Wilson, was spotted spreading dangerous misinformation once again, this time asking, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” Wilson, in fact, had witnessed no bird crossing a road — and certainly not one capable of explaining its reason for such an action. When grilled about this purely fantastical story, Wilson […]

Queen of Chicken Hawks: Victoria Nuland Had A Hand in Every US Intervention in the Past 30 Years

President Joe Biden’s nomination of Victoria Nuland for Under Secretary for Political Affairs, the third-highest position at the State Department, is a dangerous sign. Nuland exemplifies the neoconservatives who have led American foreign policy from one disaster to another for the past 30 years, all while evading any shred of accountability. As a top-level appointee, […]

Chinese authorities find Covid-19 cluster at major chicken processing plant in Harbin as Beijing introduces new curbs

A new cluster of Covid-19 has been detected in Harbin, in northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province, with authorities registering 10 symptomatic Covid-19 cases and 31 asymptomatic infections. On Friday, authorities in China said that they had identified a new cluster of Covid-19 related to a local meat-processing company run by Thai conglomerate Charoen Pokphand, in Harbin, […]

Moroccan Olive Lemon Chicken With A Modern Twist

If you’ve ever had the privilege of tasting Rachel’s Olive Chicken, you already know that it is lemony fresh and truly flavorful. Olive Chicken is a traditional Moroccan dish that is slowly simmered in a ceramic tagine. But since most of us don’t have tagines, Rachel has adapted the recipe with cooking techniques for the […]

Chicken run: Lebanese boy risks life and limb to rescue runaway fowl from Israel

Hussein Shartoony becomes an unexpected hero after Israeli soldiers fire bullets into the air as he attempts to rescue his friend By Nur Ayoubi Published date: 16 December 2020 14:35 UTC | Last update: 5 hours 2 mins ago Hezbollah may be Israel’s most pressing threat on the Lebanese border, but a chicken-related incident has indicated that the Israeli army is […]

Blackbird9 – (209) Secret Relationship Between MS13 And Chicken Swingers

Blackbird9 – (209) Secret Relationship Between MS13 And Chicken SwingersBLACKBIRD9 EFR simulcasts Blackbird9’s Breakfast Club Live on Weds 8pm-10pm US est. Welcome to Blackbird9’s Breakfast Club’s Wednesday Podcast, Secret Relationship Between MS13 And Chicken Swingers. Tonight we examined the jewish role in Mexican History. In the First Hour  we cover the chaotic events brought on […]

13-year-old permanently disabled by Chicken Pox vaccine wins case in vaccine court

NEWSTARGET| While most of the mainstream medical and scientific industries maintain that “all vaccines are safe,” we continue to point out the hypocrisy of that claim simply by highlighting the existence of a federal program designed to compensate Americans who are vaccine-injured. But more to the point, a fund not only exists to […]

PUTRID MEAT: Filthy conditions uncovered in pig and chicken meat plants

(Natural News) Industrial farming has been heavily scrutinized by animal rights activists, promoters of plant-based eating and other groups, but their concerns about the industry have long been ignored. While there are many facets of the meat industry that are quite troubling, the shocking sanitation failures in the meat industry, uncovered by […]

Eating ultra-processed foods like chicken nuggets ‘linked to cancer,’ study says

Eating ultra-processed foods like chicken nuggets ‘linked to cancer,’ study says CNBC February 15, 2018 Consuming more highly processed foods proportionately increases the risk of cancer, a study has suggested. A team of researchers, led by a team based at Universite Sorbonne in Paris, France, examined the medical records and eating habits of over 100,000 […]

Studies Aiming To Prove If Chicken Soup Can Help Cure The Common Cold

We all know the grandmotherly wisdom of serving chicken soup to someone with a cold, but does this particular meal really have medicinal properties? Could slurping up chicken soup save me a trip to the local pharmacy? You won’t find studies in humans that prove chicken soup can fight a cold, but there’s enough evidence to […]

Shingles vaccines scientifically proven to cause chicken pox outbreaks

(Natural News) Hopped up on vaccine industry funds, the mainstream media went all out in 2015 trying to convince the public that unvaccinated children are spreading disease and endangering society. In tune with other lying mainstream media outlets, The International Business Times lied about the true source of disease while calling for the continued segregation of normal, healthy, unvaccinated children […]

6 Features your chicken coop must have

(Natural News) Raising backyard chickens appeals to many people because it gives them full control over the quality of chickens and eggs they consume. If you are just beginning to embark on your journey to becoming a backyard chickens keeper, one of the main things to consider is the overall happiness of your flock. When building […]

Chinese Chicken Alert For The USA

By Catherine J. Frompovich Who, in their right mind, ever would have thought the U.S. would be importing cooked Chinese chicken meat with all the chickens produced and processed in this country [1]?  Well, we are, and you can chalk it up to a seemingly quid pro quo deal penned by U.S. Secretary […]

Contaminated chicken: Government looks at farmers, rather than processing plants, for the blame

(Natural News) Butchers and small-scale farm shops are currently being scrutinized by the Food Standard Agency (FSA) amidst allegations that they are selling chicken contaminated with the food poisoning bacterium Campylobacter, according to a report by The Daily Mail. The FSA has determined 54 percent of chicken sold on High Street (a primary business street market […]

Big Pharma’s Azar to Head HHS: Trump Finds Another Fox to Guard Swamp’s Chicken Coops

Since the begging of October, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has been without an official secretary following the ouster of Tom Price, who resigned due to public outrage over his extensive and costly travel on private jets for government business and his personal use. However, the department – tasked with regulating the […]

Self-Producing Cells Have Been Used To Make Lab Grown Chicken – Cleaner, Cheaper & Healthier Meat?

Next Story Lab grown meat… have you heard of it? Maybe in a sci-fi book about the future, or on a TV show, but you may be surprised to find out that it is in fact a real thing, and its implications are huge. Imagine a world where vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters alike could […]


Ziad Fadel  I am sitting at my desk watching the spectacle of a Citgo Station across the street being forcibly changed to a British Petroleum outlet.  You know how I feel about the British, and, in point of fact, I always filled up at Citgo because I knew it was a Venezuelan company.  Idiot Trump […]

Two Mentally Unstable National Leaders Playing Nuclear “Chicken” With Our Lives

Playing Nuclear “Chicken” With Our Lives What kind of civilization have we developed when two mentally unstable national leaders, in an escalating confrontation with each other, threaten one another―and the world―with nuclear war? That question arises as a potentially violent showdown emerges between Kim Jong Un of North Korea and Donald Trump of the United […]

Woman Goes To Cook Chicken She Just Bought When She Spots A Nightmare

You’ve seen stories of gross findings in food before, but this may just very well be the worst thing ever discovered. A woman purchased an organic chicken from a Coles supermarket in Melbourne, Australia only to make a truly disturbing discovery. Bernadette Balanco bought the Lilydale chicken and brought it home, finding maggots and worms […]

USDA Quietly Allow China To Secretly Process Chicken For US Market

The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently gave the green-light to four chicken processing plants in China, allowing chicken raised and slaughtered in the U.S. to be exported to China for processing, and then shipped back to the U.S. and sold to American families. The new law, designed to cut costs, has food safety experts claiming the authorities […]

Miracle Mike: The Headless Chicken That Lived For 18 Months Without A Head

It’s a widely-known fact that a chicken can live for several minutes without a head. The domesticated birds can survive because of their brain position, which is in a small space of the skull at a 45-degree angle. The cerebellum and the brain stem, which are responsible for most vital functions, are in the chicken’s neck, so when the head […]

Japan is Obsessed With Kentucky Fried Chicken – On Christmas, And It’s Kind Of Awesome

Perhaps it’s because Colonel Sanders resembles Santa Claus. Perhaps it’s because people realized fried chicken actually tastes better than roasted chicken. Or perhaps it’s because KFC had an amazing marketing strategy, as explained here. Source Article from 00

Turning chicken poop and weeds into biofuel

     Chicken is a favorite, inexpensive meat across the globe. But the bird’s popularity results in a lot of waste that can pollute soil and water. One strategy for dealing with poultry poop is to turn it into biofuel, and now scientists have developed a way to do this by mixing the waste with another […]

A Two-Dose Vaccine For Chicken Pox Now Is Linked To An Epidemic Of Shingles

Dr. David Brownstein says that the two-dose vaccine for chicken pox does lower the rate of that childhood illness. However, shingles, which is a painful recurrence of chickenpox, mostly in adults, has become an epidemic that is directly related to the vaccine. Shingles is far more serious and life-threatening than chicken pox. The bottom line […]

A Frexit Would Be the Final Nail in the EU’s Coffin. A Potential Exit-Referendum in France?


Major New Brazil Events Expose Fraud Of Dilma’s Impeachment

Print Friendly Above Photo: Agencia Estado/AP  — and Temer’s Corruption FROM THE START of the campaign to impeach Brazil’s democratically elected President Dilma Rousseff, the primary justification was that she used a budget trickknown as pedaladas (“peddling”: illegal delay of re-payments to state banks) to mask public debt. But this week, as the Senate conducts her impeachment trial, that accusation was obliterated: The Senate’s […]

CIA Watchdog ‘Inadvertently’ Destroys Its Only Copy Of Torture Report

Other copies still exist, including at the CIA itself, but news of the deletion is significant, as it occurred at the CIA inspector general’s office, which is in charge of overseeing policies and conduct at the agency to ensure that it is not breaking the law or acting out of bounds. Although the full 6,700-page […]

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