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The 30-day countdown begins on Friday… the next great total solar eclipse on US soil… April 8th, 2024

(NaturalNews) OverviewIn August of 2017 America went crazy for the first coast-to-coast total solar eclipse on US soil since 1918 and it provided a great… Source

Sayyed Nasrallah Speaks Friday on Martyrdom Anniversary of Hezbollah Leaders

February 15, 2024 Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah is to deliver a speech on Friday on the martyrdom anniversary of Hezbollah Leaders. The Lebanese resistance leader will hold a televised address via Al-Manar at 15:00 on Friday, in a ceremony addressing the occasion. The ceremony will be held simultaneously in Beirut’s Dahiyeh (southern suburb), […]

Fetterman calls Rand Paul ‘peckerhead’ over Friday night, Super Bowl votes

Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pa.) called Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) a “peckerhead” for forcing colleagues to grind through procedural votes Friday night and Super Bowl Sunday in order to pass a funding package for Ukraine and Israel. Fetterman, who often sports a Pittsburgh Steelers beanie around the Senate, didn’t seem pleased at all over Paul’s threat… […]

The Best Black Friday Furniture Deals (Are Still Going)

Listen, if 2023 has taught us anything, it’s that we cannot know what the future holds. I’m no Nostradamus (or am I?), but there are simply some things I know about 2024. For one, I believe we will experience Grand Theft Auto VI, Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 12, and Dune 2; I also think there […]

Cum All Ye Faithful: The Satisfyer Pro 2 Is 78% Off for Black Friday

All the mega monster Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and deals, in one place. Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are in full swing, with deals on Dyson vacuums, MCM furniture, and enough sex toys to fill a Berlin pleasure dungeon. We could wax on about the suction powers of our favorite penis pumps […]

This Togo Sofa Lookalike Is Almost $100 Off on Amazon for Black Friday

All the mega monster Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and deals, in one place. Call us a @northwest_mcm_wholesale meme, but we just can’t quit longing for a $5,000 windfall from a class-action lawsuit that we can then use to invest in an authentic Ligne Roset Togo sofa, that cheerfully pudgy, seam-striped, oddly sexy seating […]

Black Flag Friday: Could Yesterday Be A Harbinger Of A Tapped-Out Consumer?

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, If Black Friday is a bust, it may be a harbinger of what the mainstream has long considered impossible: the American consumer is well and truly tapped out. Could Black Friday be a complete bust this year? Let’s explore the potential sources of a Black Flag Friday. Black flags are used […]

The Best Wayfair Black Friday Deals, From Noguchi Dupes to Vitamix Blenders

All the mega monster Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and deals, in one place. Greetings, traveler. It seems you’ve wandered into our Black Friday village to sip the sweet, reduced sauce of Stüssy jawnz, and load your mule with some discounted Dyson vacuums. We can’t blame you. In fact, we’re really just here to […]

Netflix’s Memorabilia Shop Is Having a Black Friday Sale

All the mega monster Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and deals, in one place. Netflix: You know it as the home of Stranger Things and The Queen (because you have good taste, obvs). Your freaky partner uses it to watch You and Bojack Horseman, and your dad just calls it “the one that has […]

Amazon’s Black Friday fiasco: over 1000 workers rebel in historic pay dispute strike

Image credit: Flickr As Black Friday dawned, Amazon’s usual bustling operations were thrown into chaos as more than 1,000 workers at the Coventry distribution warehouse abandoned their posts. This significant labor upheaval, unrivaled in Amazon’s three-decade history, marks a defining moment in the ongoing global fight for fair wages and humane working conditions. Across the […]

Vote With Your Wallet: The Top 5 Black Friday Deals (Parallel Economy Edition)

(Note: Thank you for supporting this sponsored message, which helps keep this Substack running to bring you uncensored news). This Christmas, don’t give a penny of your hard-earned money buying gifts from corporations that hate you. Last week, Apple, Comcast, Disney, IBM, and more announced they were willing to pull the plug on X based […]

Vape Your Way Through the Holidays With PAX’s Huge Black Friday Sale

In a world where Snoop Dogg claims to be giving up “smoke” and Dead & Co. have possibly played their actual final show, 2023 has been a bit of a harshed vibe for fans of ~*letting loose*~. And current events? Bro, it all feels Certified Uncool these days. Like, it’s rad that Harold and Kumar […]

The Crazy Black Friday Deals on Theragun Massagers Are Here

We’ve all seen an athlete, trainer, or fitness influencer pound out their sore muscles with a Therabody product before and thought, “Damn, if only I had one of those fancy massage guns—then I’d go pro.” Alas, they’re usually pretty expensive, with the top-of-the-line Theragun Pro retailing for around $600. However, that’s not to say they […]

Our Editors’ Picks for the Best Black Friday Deals

All the mega monster Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and deals, in one place. As the resident VICE lords of cyber deals deals deals, Black Friday is where our curatorial skills really excel. We use our combo of fuego taste and masterful sale-spelunking to point out the spiciest, tastiest, best Black Friday deals on […]

The Best Early Black Friday Deals (to Shop Now Before It Gets Crazy)

All the mega monster Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and deals, in one place. Some people actually dream of waking up at 6 a.m. on Black Friday to go to the mall in their pajamas. Is it the epic deals and steals, or the appeal of eating Auntie Anne’s pretzels for breakfast that fuels […]

The Best Black Friday Deals, Sales, and Promo Codes, All in One Place

The Best Black Friday Sales, Deals, and Promo Codes of 2023, All in One Place VICE may receive a commission if you buy products through the links on our site. Read more here. When is Black Friday? Right now, bud. Come hither for the best Black Friday 2023 deals on everything you need to crush […]

Trying to Get Jacked This Winter? Check Out PWR LIFT’s Black Friday Sale

For many, the colder months mean rewatching The Sopranos and eating a ton of pasta and chili; for others, it’s a time to focus on new hobbies, like baking sourdough, knitting, and beating Baldur’s Gate 3. But for some of us, winter is a time of getting absolutely jacked, since we have to go to […]

The Best Black Friday Mattress Deals (Don’t Snooze on Them)

Stupid-hot deals on all of our favorite stuff. We’ve all gotta eat, and we’ve all gotta sleep. But when it comes to replacing our mattress, it’s one of those things we always think about doing (ah, to someday starfish on a California King) but just always feels a little bit ‘spensive and out of reach. […]

The Best Black Friday Tech Deals, Because It’s Time for an Upgrade

Back in the day, we thought life in the 2020s would bring us immortality, flying cars, and high-speed trains that could cross the continents. While none of that has come to be, we do live in a time where we have ground-shaking sound bars and really good vacuums, so we can just call it a […]

The Best Black Friday Deals on Our Favorite Clothing Brands

The 46 Best Black Friday Clothing Deals on Designer Clothes and Footwear VICE may receive a commission if you buy products through the links on our site. Read more here. There’s no better time to stock your 2023 wardrobe, thanks to big Black Friday sales at Hoka, Everlane, Urban Outfitters, and SSENSE. November 20, 2023, […]

This High-Tech Quip Toothbrush (aka My Husband) Is On Sale for Black Friday

Good morning! Remember that aesthetic electric toothbrush that the VICE shopping team wanted to bone loved? Of course you do. It can automatically track your brushing and offers timed sonic vibrations to make sure you’re hitting the spot (teeth) with that wonder wand (toothbrush). But, just in case you needed a refresher, please take a […]

Attention, Gorpcore Kings: Salomon’s Pre-Black Friday Sale Has Arrived

Attention, all gorpcore kings, trailhead queens, and wellness weirdos: Your favorite holiday has arrived. No, I’m not talking about the Tour de France; I’m humbly relaying the beginning of outdoor sports brand Salomon’s simply titled Early Sale. Is it early because it’s in advance of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, or because it’s not quite […]

Need At-Home Gym Gear? Les Mills’ Equipment Is 20% Off for Black Friday

Do you smell that? It’s the new year approaching. Yep—two seconds ago it was summer, but at this alarming rate, the rest of the year is going to fly by. And last time we checked, it’s gonna be the year of the beefcake, which is technically not part of the Chinese zodiac calendar but is […]

Love Article’s MCM Furniture? It’s On Sale for Black Friday

Black Friday isn’t a one-size-fits-all experience for everyone. If you’re casually in the market for some new running shoes or a sex toy upgrade, you might think, Well, I’ll peruuuuse the virtual shelves while sipping this oat milk latte and see if something strikes my fancy. If you’re trying to upgrade to super nice headphones, […]

Hot Octopuss’ High-Tech Sex Toys Are Up to 50% Off for Black Friday

The devil works hard, but Black Friday works harder. Like us, your FYP has probably been awash with early deals on everything from Amazon must-haves to bougie mattress brand sales, which can leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused about where to throw your Benjamins this year. Luckily, we’re here to make that decision easier than […]

Sayyed Nasrallah to Deliver a Televised Speech Next Friday

October 29, 2023 Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah is slated to deliver a televised speech on Friday, November 3, at a ceremony commemorating the martyrs who fell on the road to Al-Quds. The speech is scheduled to begin at 15:00 (Beirut time). In honor of the martyrs who fell on the road to Al-Quds […]

Solidarity for Gaza: Millions Surge Worldwide on Al-Aqsa Flood Friday (Videos)

October 14, 2023 Nearly a week following the profound surge of Palestinian resistance, which sent shockwaves through the Israeli enemy, retaliation for the latter’s brutal assault on the Gaza Strip, targeting both structures and lives, alongside an oppressive blockade that left over two million Palestinians devoid of water, electricity, fuel, and access to aid, the […]

Friday Oct 13 – Gaza Could Morph Into Jewish-Muslim Violence in West

Does Israel and its supporters expect the world’s two billion Muslims to sit on their hands while Israel massacres two million Palestinians? Hamas leader called for a worldwide “Day of Rage” today including a threat of violence against Jews living abroad. France has banned pro-Palestinian demonstrations. Muslims make up 10% of France’s population. Muslim kills […]

Egypt denies artificial intelligence Friday Khotba claims

Egyptian authorities on Friday denied false reports about suspending imams in order to deliver the weekly sermon via artificial intelligence (AI), a statement announced. The statement, issued by the media office of the Ministerial Council, claimed the reports were “false and groundless”. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Endowment stressed that imams: “Will continue their work as […]

Sept 8 – Thank God It’s Friday!

Please send links and comments to [email protected] BELOW ARE A FEW OF THE STORIES THAT CAUGHT MY EYE THIS MORNING. NOTHING EARTH SHATTERING. There is a premonition on the Internet that bad things are about to happen but nothing catastrophic does unless you live in Maui or in the path of a hurricaine.  Catherine Austin-Fitts […]

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