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Biden looks to boost worker, consumer power as election looms

The Biden administration has issued a flurry of new rules over the past week aimed at increasing worker and consumer power as the president seeks to combat gloom about the economy ahead of what is expected to be a tight election. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) voted last Tuesday to ban noncompete agreements that block… […]

Consumer Warning: Cygnett phone charger sold at JB Hi-Fi and Officeworks is urgently recalled over fire fears

The Cygnett MagMove 5K dual magnet power bank (pictured) is being urgently recalled over fears the wireless device could catch fire if it overheats Consumers who bought the device have been urged to stop using the power bank immediately and return it to the place of purchase.  Five models of the power bank have been affected […]

Producer prices and consumer prices both came in hot in January

Wholesale and retail prices rose more than expected in January, data pointing to the stubbornness of inflation that could lead the Federal Reserve to put off cuts to interest rates. The producer price index (PPI), which measures how much businesses pay to each other for goods and services, rose 0.3 percent in January, above expectations… […]

Australian Competition & Consumer Commission – Internet activity report

For the period ending 30 June 2023 December 2023 See report: Source

EVs Have 80% More Problems Than Traditional Gas Vehicles, Consumer Reports Finds

A new report from Consumer Reports found that electric vehicles have almost 80% more problems and are “generally less reliable” than conventional internal combustion engine cars. Good thing every major government around the world is subsidizing their use in the name of ‘climate change’, right? Even worse than electric vehicles were plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, […]

Black Flag Friday: Could Yesterday Be A Harbinger Of A Tapped-Out Consumer?

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, If Black Friday is a bust, it may be a harbinger of what the mainstream has long considered impossible: the American consumer is well and truly tapped out. Could Black Friday be a complete bust this year? Let’s explore the potential sources of a Black Flag Friday. Black flags are used […]

Consumer Watchdog Lists 5 ‘Woke’ Companies To Avoid During Holiday Buying

Authored by Naveen Athrappully via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), Consumers’ Research issued a “Woke Alert” on Tuesday warning Americans not to buy from five prominent businesses in the country this holiday season. A looter robs a Target store in Oakland, Calif., on May 30, 2020. (Josh Edelson/AFP via Getty Images) The consumer watchdog listed […]

Walmart stock plummets amid corporate warning that consumer spending is slipping

The world’s largest retailer failed to deliver this week on its reported Q3 results, which were dismal and point to rapidly deteriorating consumer spending across America. Walmart reported earnings that generally beat on revenue and earnings, but Wall Street was expecting more, which sent the company’s stock tumbling. Discretionary purchases are down in general, which […]

“Choiceful” Usage By CEOs Hits Record In Earnings Calls To Describe Consumer Slowdown 

Corporate executives in the US, including those from Walmart to McDonald’s, have found a new favorite word to characterize the slowdown in consumer spending: “choiceful.” Data from the Bloomberg Document Search function shows the number of times “choiceful” was mentioned in third-quarter earnings calls hit a record high of 22, nearly double from 12 in […]

Apple – Anti Consumer, Anti Competitive, Anti Right to Repair

Apple is technically against the consumer. The product is stifled, the consumer is not obtaining the benefit of current technology. Apple is also against you with regards to your lawful right to repair the product, where it goes out of its way to deliberately engineer components that when replaced will not work in your legally […]

“Cardboard Box Recession” An Ominous Sign Of Faltering Consumer, Schwab Warns

“Cardboard Box Recession” An Ominous Sign Of Faltering Consumer, Schwab Warns Earlier this year, Charles Schwab analyst Jeffrey Kleintop said the US was sliding into a “cardboard box” recession as consumers and small businesses were pressured by soaring interest rates and elevated inflation. On Tuesday, Kleintop joined Morningstar’s The Long View podcast to warn, yet again, that slowing demand […]

Goldman Warns About Shipping Recession As Consumer Sputters 

Goldman Warns About Shipping Recession As Consumer Sputters  Since global shipping peaked during the Covid pandemic, A.P. Moller-Maersk has warned about an emerging downturn in the container shipping market.  Goldman now forecasts a lengthier and potentially more severe downturn for the shipping industry, recommending a sell for the Danish shipping giant:  “We believe market expectations […]

How the Supreme Court can rein in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau 

The agency faces a crucial test of its legitimacy. Source

A Consumer Credit Cycle Has Begun

A Consumer Credit Cycle Has Begun Authored by Steven Vanelli via Knowledge Leaders Capital blog, With government stimulus over, accumulated savings starting to become depleted, rents soaring, and student loans about to switch back on, it appears a credit cycle has begun where borrowers struggle to fulfill their financial commitments. In the charts below, we […]

Consumer Goods Monopoly Consolidation – The Drug Dealers and the Company Store

Are Monopolized Food Companies and Military Contractors Putting Toxins in the Food Supply? Source

Consumer Advocacy Group Releases Report Warning Congress About Dangers of ESG Investing

Consumers’ Research, an advocacy group, sent a letter and an extensive report this week to Congressional leaders, explaining the inner workings of environmental, social, and governance (ESG), which lays out a roadmap to prevent the movement’s growing influence. Source

CONSUMER ALERT: The Deadly Reason Tylenol Should Be Banned Immediately

Tylenol, a trademarked form of the chemical known as acetaminophen or paracetamol, is one of the most commonly used painkillers in the United States today. Source

Consumer Warning: Eufy surveillance products not safe for your privacy!

Have Australian ‘consumers’ been warned by the authorities of Anker’s sub brand Eufy’s false advertising and security risk? Basically Anker should be in the courts for false advertising which has been exposed on various tech channels approx. two weeks ago. The products (deliberately) do not feature encryption as stated, which makes them easily hackable with […]

Indiana sues Tiktok over consumer data access and sexual content

(Natural News) The Indiana Office of the Attorney General (AG) filed lawsuits on December 7 against the popular Chinese-owned app TikTok for deceiving users about China’s access to their data and exposing children to inappropriate explicit content. According to AG Todd Rokita, the short-video sharing app owned by ByteDance has violated the state’s consumer protection… […]

CONSUMER ALERT: NuManna exposed – Five years of false claims, marketing fraud, fake heavy metals testing claims and misleading their own customers over storable organic food

(Natural News) CONSUMER ALERT: The NuManna company, since 2017, has continued to falsely and fraudulently claim that their organic storable food products known as “Organic Family Pack” are “Health Ranger Approved” and are being tested for heavy metals and pesticides by the “Natural News” labs. In truth, no NuManna products have been tested by the… […]

Walmart, major US retailers are canceling orders as consumer demand plunges

(Natural News) Walmart, Target and other major U.S. retailers are canceling billions of dollars in orders ahead of the coming holiday season as part of their aggressive actions to manage inventory excesses that have accumulated in the last few quarters. Analysts say this is a replay of a strategy used at the start of the […]

Consumer demand collapses as global economy IMPLODES, factories closing doors, freight demand plummets

READ HERE: We are now watching the whiplash effect of all the mad money printing that took place during covid lockdowns, which provided the world’s central banks an excuse to prop up their Ponzi markets one last time. The flood of money and debt was stabbed into the economy like an adrenaline needle into the […]

World Stocks Skid as Consumer Data Flashes Recession Worry

LONDON—Global stock markets slipped for the second straight day on Wednesday and bond yields inched lower on growing fears that policymakers bent on dampening inflation will tip their economies into recession. A succession of weak data releases in Europe and the United States has not prevented central bankers from doubling down on hawkish rhetoric. More […]

Consumer Confidence Slips in May as Pessimism Grows and Prices Keep Rising

U.S. consumers are cooling plans to buy big-ticket items or spend on summer vacations.

Breitbart Business Digest: Consumer Euphoria Breaks the Stock Market’s Slide

After seven weeks of grinding grimness, the stock market found itself in the grip of euphoria as we stumbled toward Memorial Day.

Bidenflation Sends Consumer Sentiment Crashing to Lowest Level in Over a Decade

The steeper than expected decline in consumer sentiment was caused by a drop in assessments of current conditions and an even sharper decline in hope for the future.

Consumer Warning: Fake batteries from ‘reputable’ eBay sellers

The reviews are faked. The eBay ‘sellers’ should be not only be shutdown by eBay, but also charged for fraud! MANY Australians fall victims to scammers on eBay with regards to replacement batteries for their smartphones. Whether it’s original capacity or so called hi-capacity, it’s all a scam! Popular brands like Apple,  Samsung etc are […]

Consumer Warning: Motorola Edge (2020) releases more radiation than allowed by the FCC

A new report from BanklessTimes (via AndroidCentral) lists the smartphones that emit the most radio frequency (RF) radiation. While the BanklessTimes notes that all smartphones release some level of RF Radiation, it also points out that there is no proof that such radiation can hurt humans. The SAR score for the Motorola Edge surpasses FCC […]

Government Action, Not Consumer Action, Will Stop Climate Change

Above Photo: Nathaniel St. Clair. Pointing the finger at individual consumers has been the default strategy of powerful corporations since the 1950s. Deflect blame for smog or litter or polluted waterways or carcinogens or gun violence away from manufacturers and onto John Q. Public. Make the issue about personal responsibility. “People start pollution, people can […]

Inflation Woes Push Consumer Sentiment to Decade Low

U.S. consumer sentiment plunged to a decade low in November, according to a University of Michigan survey, which blamed inflation and a growing sense among Americans that no effective policies have been put in place to rein in surging prices. The university’s most recent consumer sentiment index fell to a reading of 67.4 in November, down […]

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