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Consumer Confidence Increased on the Back of Low Unemployment

Australian consumer confidence has surged despite the negative economic impact of Victoria’s fourth lockdown and the emergence of a new COVID-19 cluster in Sydney. According to ANZ-Roy Morgan’s consumer confidence index, it has risen 1.3 percent this week to 112.4 points, which is above the weekly average score and 14.9 points higher than the same week […]

A global consumer tax will pay for COVID vaccine injuries, with no liability for vaccine manufacturers or the organizations that distribute them (WHO)

What Could Go Wrong? WHO Launches Global ‘No-Fault’ COVID Vaccine Injury Compensation Program The World Health Organization’s announcement this week raises questions about funding, fairness and the basic ability to execute the program, but this much is clear: taxpayers will foot the bill. READ MORE Photo: Share this: Like this: Like Loading… Source […]

Will consumer demand outstrip supply in the U.S. running up to Christmas?

In this week’s Business Line, we look at how consumers in the U.S. may not get much in the way of promotions and discounts as demand is set to outsrip supply in the retail sector. We also report on Taiwan’s hope for an economic recovery in its final quarter of 2020, as its main export […]

Consumer Spending Still Rising Even As Incomes Falter

Americans increased spending in October even as household income fell sharply, the latest twist in an economy buffeted between pandemic lockdowns, social distancing, unprecedented levels of government support through the summer, and the end of many of the coronavirus relief programs this fall. Consumer spending rose 0.5 percent, the sixth consecutive monthly increase, the Commerce […]

US Consumer Agency Confirms Probe Into Facebook Data Scandal

The political pressure on Facebook is continuing to intensify as the The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) confirmed that it has launched an official investigation. The social network giant is also facing calls on both sides of the Atlantic for more information on how its user data was leaked. A key Senator has also asked Facebook […]

FLASHBACK – The secular religion of “the Holocaust”, a tainted product of consumer society

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European consumer’s group calls for a crackdown on "bogus" health claims on sugared-up food products marketed to children

(Natural News) The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) is urging the European Commission (EC) to look into the misleading labels of “unhealthy food and beverage products” that claim to be good for its target markets. The BEUC’s recently launched campaign aims to boycott the EC’s “long-standing failure” to put an end to the […]

Oklahoma’s Exemplary AMI Smart Meters Removal and Consumer Protection Bill: A Model For Other States To Follow

By Catherine J. Frompovich You know it just had to happen!  Some scientifically-hip legislator in one of the 50 United States finally decided to introduce a bill to protect his constituents’ Constitutional rights guaranteed by both state and federal Constitutions, plus delineated the factual, independent—not consensus—science that radiofrequencies (RFs) from AMI Smart Meters […]

Why Aren’t Consumer Made Aware of Electromagnetic Pollution?

Catherine J. Frompovich, GuestWaking Times Pollution!  It’s a trendy but gloomy word designating something most people try to avoid contributing to, but not many folks realize what causes it and how it affects them. Humans and technology are the primary contributors to ALL pollution, either inadvertently or deliberately.  Manufacturing processes; obtaining raw materials and […]

Acting director of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau sues Trump for appointing Mick Mulvaney instead

     The handpicked successor for Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is suing President Trump for appointing one of his political allies to run the agency. Lawyers for Leandra English – who was appointed acting director by former CFPB Director Richard Cordray – have filed a lawsuit in Washington, DC, federal court that seeks to halt the […]

Public Utility Consumer Abuse For Refusing AMI Smart Meters, PECO Style

August 2, 2017 By Catherine J. Frompovich Implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT) main surveillance device, the AMI Smart Meter, has caused much grief, fright, concerns and actual bodily harms from non-thermal microwaves emitted by the ZigBee radios in all smart meters in every state.  Those harms are called electromagnetic hypersensitivity […]

Maryland Will Be The First U.S. State To Ban Bee-Killing Pesticides For Consumer Use

Next Story Global bee populations are declining rapidly as a result of human impact on the environment, and there’s been a lot of buzz about it (pardon the pun). You have Honey Nut Cheerio’s launching advertising campaigns about protecting the bees, despite the fact that the company that owns them, Monsanto, has played a major role in their population decline in the […]

Republicans Attack New Consumer Protection Rules

A sign leans against a chair during a speech by Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray, in Richmond, Va., March 26, 2015. (AP/Steve Helber) A new rule by a federal watchdog—hailed as having “paramount importance” for protecting consumers from Wall Street predators and curbing corporate abuses—is under direct attack by Republicans just days after […]

A Consumer’s Right Of Self Defense Against Smart And Digital Utility Meters – A Demand To Cease And Desist

June 24, 2017 By Catherine J. Frompovich One rather well-informed individual in the State of California, Eric Windheim, whose “House Doctor” business is Windheim Environmental Solutions, did something I found most thrilling, encouraging and which I support. Mr. Windheim filed a “Notice of Right of Self Defense Against Smart & Digital Utility […]

This week in Congress update: vote on pro-consumer legislation tomorrow

This week in Congress update: vote on pro-consumer legislation tomorrow By ns_admin, the House Committee on Energy and Commerce will vote on HR 2430, legislation requiring the FDA’s user fee program. At the mark-up Representative Marsha Blackburn is expected to offer an amendment allowing certain hearing aids to be sold :over-the-counter” meaning consumers who chose […]

American’s addiction to toxic, brain-damaging GMOs and processed foods are leading to a nationwide state of apathy and compliance

(NaturalNews) Is our national apathy being caused by being physiologically and socially similar to lab rats fed nothing but a diet of junk food? That’s the position being posited by Brett Redmayne-Titley at, and he may very well be onto something. That’s because both junk-food addled Americans and laboratory rats “tolerate repressive […]

How some in the U.S. are preparing for the ‘end of the world’

     Deep inside, most of us know that something is coming. Many of us may not know exactly what it is that is heading our way, but there are millions of Americans that feel so alarmed about what they sense is on the horizon that they are taking extreme measures to get prepared. Of course […]

How the ketogenic diet can keep unnecessary sugars out of your body, while lowering your risk for cancer

(NaturalNews) The “ketogenic diet” has become one of the latest diet fads, heralded by Hollywood’s healthiest stars. But what exactly does this new buzzword mean? Well, the “keto diet,” as some like to call it, is notorious for being low in carbohydrates. Maintaining a low-carb diet influences the body into a state known […]

Hollande scraps plan to strip convicted terrorists of French citizenship

“Parts of the opposition have been hostile to a revision of the constitution. I deplore this attitude,” Hollande said after a weekly cabinet meeting, as quoted by Reuters. “I have decided to end this debate.” ‘France is at war’: Hollande urges more security spending & stripping of citizenship after attacks It comes after months of […]

$7,8 Million Wage Theft Settlement For Chinese Workers

Print Friendly Above Photo: From Maximum Wage LOS ANGELES (March 18, 2016) — A diverse crowd of workers, advocates and journalists gathered at the UCLA Labor Center to celebrate a class action victory for more than 200 employees of Chinese Daily News. After more than a decade of hard fought litigation, they obtained a […]

Origins of World War II: The “German Question” (Part 1)

“(We are fighting) to defeat the most dangerous conspiracy ever plotted against the liberty of nations, carefully, skillfully, insidiously, clandestinely planned in every detail with ruthless, cynical determination.” – British Prime Minister Lloyd George: speaking about Germany during World War I If you go up to anyone on the street and ask the question, “Who […]

‘Disaster is Imminent’… Constitutional Attorney: "States Have The Legal Authority To Defend Border Under Constitution"


Indian Man Single-Handedly Plants 1,360 Acre Forest

Deforestation and desertification are critical problems in India that have led to barren land, increased soil erosion, decreased agricultural production, and devastated local wildlife. However one Indian man has made a stand – by single-handedly planting and cultivating a 1,360 acre forest that is home to a complex, thriving ecosystem. Jadav “Molai” Payeng started his project […]

Finland Drawing Up Plans for Citizens’ Basic Income Model

Finland Drawing Up Plans for Citizens’ Basic Income Model November 2nd, 2015 Via: YLE: The Finnish Social Insurance Institution is to begin drawing up plans for a citizens’ basic income model. The preparation’s director Olli Kangas says that full-fledged basic income would net Finns […]

Tampons Found To Be Contaminated With Glyphosate

A study by researchers at the University of La Plata (UNLP) found Glyphosate in 85% of cotton containing personal care and feminine hygiene products. The herbicide glyphosate ( best known as Roundup by Monsanto) is considered by the World Heath Organization to be a probable carcinogen. Super human radio reports: Researchers Dr. Damien Marino of […]

Will Wall Street’s ‘vultures’ negotiate with Argentina’s next president?

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Colorado county criminalizes self-reliance: Off-grid living punished like a crime

(NaturalNews) There was a time in America — and not so long ago — when there was no “grid,” at least for those who lived outside of urban centers. To live self-sufficiently in rural areas was the rule, rather than the exception. People knew how to survive without electricity, running water, sewage systems […]

Chicago Cops Have “Disappeared” More than 7,000 People at Secret Interrogation Warehouse

Police “disappeared” more than 7,000 people at an off-the-books interrogation warehouse in Chicago, nearly twice as many detentions as previously disclosed, the Guardian can now reveal. From August 2004 to June 2015, nearly 6,000 of those held at the facility were black, which represents more than twice the proportion of the city’s population. […]

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission prepares for a carbon tax blitz

Video Video Image Flash The Opposition react as Foreign Minister Rudd congratulates the PM on passing of carbon tax legislation. See Sophie Mirabella’s expulsion from the lower house on Tuesday, which helped ease this morning’s vote on the carbon tax. PM Julia Gillard hugs Kevin Rudd after the carbon tax bills passed in the House […]

US Jobless Claims Up, Gasoline Lifts Consumer Prices

  Reuters August 18, 2011 The number of Americans claiming new jobless benefits rose last week and consumer prices increased at the fastest pace in four months in July, highlighting the challenges facing the Federal Reserve. Initial claims for state unemployment benefits increased 9,000 to a seasonally adjusted 408,000, the Labor Department said on Thursday, […]

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