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THE MEDIA MONOPOLY: PEN America & The Betrayal Of Julian Assange

THE MEDIA MONOPOLY: PEN America & The Betrayal Of Julian Assange – By Chris Hedges SM  Source – “…Careerists and Democratic Party apparatchiks successfully leverage corporate money and backing to seize and deform historic rights organizations into appendages of the ruling class….Those in power, as Noam Chomsky points out, divide the world into “worthy” […]

Know Thy Enemy – MONOPOLY: Who Owns the World? (Documentary)

A look into the documentary ‘MONOPOLY – Who owns the world?’ Absolute must-read articles on the subject: Only TWO Companies, Vanguard and BlackRock, Control The Planet While World’s Richest 1% Own 82% Of World’s Wealth. Vanguard and BlackRock Also Own Nearly the Entire Mainstream Media and Most of Big Pharma. MONOPOLY – Who owns the […]


Prince Andrew’s former wife Sarah Ferguson had an office on the 101st floor of the North Tower in 2001.   [embedded content] Slave Trade Security minister Damian Hinds says ‘nobody feels more let down’ about Sarah Everard’s murder than police’ as figures show 2,000 officers have been accused of sex offences in four years Airline […]

Convenient: ‘Monopoly’ Will Now Include Divorce Papers Right In The Box

PAWTUCKET, RI—Well, this is convenient! Hasbro has announced that to make things fast and easy for couples playing Monopoly together, the popular mass-market board game will now include divorce papers right in the box. All copies of the game shipped in North America will include the papers, as well as copies of Diplomacy and Risk. Other publishers are following […]

Israel seeks an unchecked nuclear monopoly: ex-Senate candidate

TEHRAN – A former U.S. Senate candidate says Israel resorts to assassination and sabotage because it needs an unchecked nuclear monopoly in West Asia. “This demonic agenda involves the need for an unchecked nuclear monopoly in the Middle East (West Asia) and one not under the scrutiny of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPF) as Iran is,” […]

Iranian FM says era of Western monopoly has ended

TEHRAN – The West no longer has a monopoly on international relations, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Monday, highlighting the growing role of Asian states on the global scene. Zarif made the remarks in a meeting with CICA secretariat executive director Kairat Sarybay on the sidelines of the “Heart of Asia” conferenced […]

There is no such thing as Free Market, US Big Tech is a Total Monopoly

    If you are still under the delusion that you can bargain with Big Tech or that the free market will fix this problem, I don’t know what to say to you. Your autistic ideology has been discredited. TAC: “I want to put an end to cancel culture like every other freedom-loving American, but […]

Netanyahu says he wants to break Joint List’s monopoly on Arab Israeli vote

Following a number of high-profile visits to Arab Israeli towns last week and reports that his Likud party is planning to campaign heavily for Arab votes in the coming election, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Saturday that he hopes Arab Israelis will cast a ballot for him. “Just as I broke the Palestinian veto on […]

COVID, Globalism, Monopoly Communism, and the Biodollar

The Purpose of the Gates nanodot tattoo is to brand our DNA with a digital transceiver and use our own bodies as debit cards.  This is what the “Global Reset” is all about.   They need an untraceable currency to monitor every transaction,  manipulate every human being.  There is no doubt that this is part of […]

The Vaccine Monopoly and Global Dictatorship

How Bill Gates profits off of the misery of his vaccine-injured victims. BILL GATES DELETED DOCUMENTARY ( Catherine Austin Fitts explains how the banksters have created a ruthless group of dictators in virtually industries. [embedded content] It’s the jooz, Catherine. Praise Yahweh and pass the ammunition.  A gun shot for every flu shot. Share this:

‘Facebook is a monopoly’: North Carolina Attorney General

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Quantitative Easing = Printing Monopoly Money Backed By NOTHING Making Dollars WORTHLESS (Federal Reserve=Rothschild ZIONIST Bank)

by: David Morgan  Money Metals News Service  November 13th, 2020  Comments Print We now have a clearer vision of what lies ahead on the global landscape; the trend that is now coming to fruition is that the standard of living for almost everyone in the world is going to sink lower. For some, for .0001% of the world, it could […]

Scheer Intelligence: Trump Is The Sweaty Armpit Of Monopoly Capitalism

Above image: By Mr. Fish. The journalist examines how the greatest danger to American society doesn’t come from the White House, but from a few obscenely powerful corporations. Over the past several decades, the largest corporations have absorbed and destroyed all opposition–big and small–and slowly come to play a role in every aspect of Americans’ […]

Body-Cam Giant Snaps Up Its Biggest Rival To Create Near-Monopoly

Body-Cam Giant Snaps Up Its Biggest Rival To Create Near-Monopoly Above Photo: David McNew/Getty Images. A Los Angeles police officer wears an AXON body camera during the Immigrants Make America Great March to protest actions being taken by the Trump administration on February 18, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. Deal worries law prof, who notes dominant […]

No, Big Pharma’s drug market is not a free market; it’s a monopoly-enforced RACKET, protected by corrupt government

(Natural News) Despite raking in tens of billions of dollars annually with its corner on medicine, the pharmaceutical industry just isn’t content with its current profit portfolio. New reports indicate that drug companies are continuing a trend they started several years back of “recycling” older drugs – meaning they dramatically hike up prices, only to […]

Sessions Wages War on Natural Weed, As He Grants Maker of Fentanyl a Monopoly on Synthetic THC

Renegade Editor’s Note: Regardless of what you think about cannabis and its legalization, this move should be infuriating to any sane person. By Matt Agorist Instead of going after criminals in the government or making an attempt to thwart corruption, Attorney General Jeff Sessions made his mission clear this week—he intends to crucify those who dare […]

US Gov’t War on RT: Imperial Media ‘Truth’ Monopoly Threatens Press Diversity

TAKING THE MICKEY: RT UK billboard campaign on London Underground pokes fun at US-led Russiagate campaign of hysteria. Philip GiraldiUnz Review Somehow everything keeps coming back around to Russia. In one of its recent initiatives, the Justice Department (DOJ) appears to be attacking the First Amendment as part of the apparent bipartisan program to make […]

The Big Picture – Why The Media Monopoly Embraced Alex Jones…

The Big Picture – Why The Media Monopoly Embraced Alex Jones… By The Big On tonights Big Picture, Thom Hartman discusses voter suppression and how it could affect the outcome of Georgias 6th district election with investigative journalist and filmmaker Greg Palast. Then, Thom talks to Kai Newkirk of Democracy Spring and Scott Greer […]

Ron Paul Classic: Arizona Challenges the Fed’s Money Monopoly

Ron Paul Classic: Arizona Challenges the Fed’s Money Monopoly By ns_admin first here is a roundup of some recent media coverage of Arizona’s legislation making gold,silver and other precious metals legal tender: Arizona ends taxation on purchase and exchange of gold and precious metals Arizona Governor Signs Bill To Repeal State Capital Gains Taxes On […]

Tiananmen “Massacre”? and The Unrelenting Monopoly Media Agenda

NYT echoes Natural News, says it’s time to break up the Google monopoly

(Natural News) Would it surprise you that Natural News and the ultra-liberal New York Times are on the same page, as it were? When in comes to the consolidation of power and influence in greedy tech industry corporations, that may be the case. Natural News founder Mike Adams wrote about a week ago that the Google […]

Suck at meditation? You may just be doing it right

     I suck at meditating. I’m one of those perennially distracted people who knows they need to meditate, has meditated in the past with some success and who knows they should meditate more, but who finds it so much easier to do things like dishes, laundry and exercising than to schedule time to do nothing. […]

Alabama Cop Accused of Sexually Assaulting Man at Gunpoint After Noise Complaint

Officer Deonte Lashawn Hamner of the Montgomery Police Department was arrested and charged with sexual assault after he stopped a man on a noise complaint on June 9th. According to the arrest report, he then forced the driver to perform oral sex on him at gunpoint. It’s not actually clear in the account posted at […]

‘Allah is Great’ Adverts Approved on Busses in London, Church of England Ads Refused in Cinemas

A British Muslim charity has been forced to defend itself after it ran an outdoor campaign on busses in five UK cities that ran the slogan ‘God is Great’. The charity, Islamic Relief, is running the bus OOH campaign that says “Subhan Allah’ which translates to ‘God is Great’ or ‘Glory to God’. The campaign’s critics […]

Syrian Army repels Al-Nusra offensive in Latakia mountains (DRONE VIDEO)

Drone and ground footage of the offensive against Islamist factions led by Al-Nusra brigades and Turkmen militants in the north-eastern Latakia region, show fierce battles for control of the mountain tops. According to various media reports, the jihadist factions began a major offensive in several hills in the Kinsabba township and managed to capture a […]

Fixing the numbers: How cancer doctors trick patients into undergoing chemotherapy using fudged stats and unsubstantiated prognoses

(NaturalNews) It seems absurd in this Information Age to believe that some doctors today will intentionally mislead patients about their diagnosis and prognosis in order to turn a dollar, but unfortunately that is true. As reported by Erin Elizabeth of Health Nut News, “It happens more often than you can imagine, but more […]

UN Agenda 2030 Revealed: They Want A One World Government

The UN have unveiled their masterplan for the next 14 years – saying that they wish to implement global socialism and corporate fascism as part of their “Agenda 2030” plans. Part of their plans, officially dubbed “Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals,” aims to reduce inequality worldwide by forcing individual governments and citizens alike to share their wealth under […]

Nutritional value of saffron increased via microencapsulation

Saffron extract contains compounds that provide its medicinal and edible properties. Controlling the release and protection of these compounds through the nanotechnology of microencapsulation with edible compounds will increase their efficiency. Microencapsulation is a process by which solids, liquids or even gases may be enclosed in microscopic particles by formation of thin coatings of wall material […]

Who Benefits from Federal Monopoly on Western Land?

  February 16, 2016 Source Article from

Turkey to invite Egypt to attend Organization of Islamic Cooperation summit

TCP : Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesperson Tanju Bilgiç announced that his country will invite Egypt to attend the 13th summit of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC,) scheduled to be held in Istanbul April 10-15, Hurryiet Daily News reported. “Egypt will decide who will represent Cairo at the summit, during which Egypt will hand over the […]

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