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Switzerland plans to temporarily limit electric vehicle use this winter due to energy shortage

(Natural News) Switzerland is planning to temporarily limit the use of electric vehicles this winter in case the country’s energy supply drops low enough that power blackouts become a possibility. Under the new plan, which takes inspiration from Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdowns, Switzerland could ban electric cars from making non-essential journeys during the winter to deal with potential […]

Due Diligence in Switzerland Reveals Gorgeous Medieval Gold Brooch

Archaeological excavations ahead of work to expand heating pipes in Kleinbasel, the Rhine port and industrial area of Basel in Switzerland, has uncovered fifteen graves dating back to the early medieval period. Read more Section:  Artifacts Other Artifacts News History & Archaeology Read Later  Source

1,350 kilos of potatoes used to cook up world’s largest rösti in Switzerland

It took over 1,350 kilos of potatoes to cook the world’s largest rösti — a traditional potato fritter from Switzerland.  Members of the Swiss Farmer’s Union cooked up the colossal 13 square metre rösti handing out portions to the crowd in front of the parliament building in Bern on Monday.  The farmer’s union president announced […]

Switzerland’s Environment Minister Suggests People Shower Together to Save Energy

Switzerland’s environment minister is facing backlash after recommending that people shower together in an effort to cut energy consumption this winter and fend off power cuts. Simonetta Sommaruga, 62, suggested that people “turn off the computer when you don’t need it, or turn off lights, or shower together” as part of her measures promoting a 15 […]

Switzerland’s Environment Minister Suggests People Shower Together to Save Energy

Switzerland’s environment minister is facing backlash after recommending that people shower together in an effort to cut energy consumption this winter and fend off power cuts. Simonetta Sommaruga, 62, suggested that people “turn off the computer when you don’t need it, or turn off lights, or shower together” as part of her measures promoting a 15 […]

Switzerland Presses Human Rights Concerns With China

ZURICH—Switzerland called a meeting with China’s ambassador to express its concern about the human rights situation in the western region of Xinjiang, the foreign ministry in Bern said on Thursday, correcting its earlier comment that it had “summoned” the envoy. “Switzerland is convinced that the best way to safeguard its interests and the respect of […]

Switzerland Begins Arresting Citizens Who Use Too Much Heating

People in Switzerland face arrest and a possible 3-year prison sentence if they use too much heating this winter. Under strict new rules, buildings that use gas heating systems are restricted to 19°C, hot water […] The post Switzerland Begins Arresting Citizens Who Use Too Much Heating appeared first on News Punch.

Pro-Palestine protest outside Zionist conference in Switzerland

29 Aug 2022 Pro-Palestine protesters stand outside the Messe hotel in Basel, Switzerland, chanting against “Israel”. Hundreds of pro-Palestine protesters outside the Messe hotel hosting a World Zionist Organization in Basel, Switzerland, August 28, 2022 Hundreds of pro-Palestine protesters are demonstrating outside a hotel in Basel, Switzerland, where a large event marking the 125th anniversary of […]

Illegal Migration Into Switzerland Triples

The number of people arrested in Switzerland in an irregular situation has increased sharply. In June, 3,468 migrants were concerned, nearly three times more than in the same month last year. This increase is mainly due to the irregular entry of migrants into Switzerland via the eastern border, the Federal Customs Office wrote on Monday. […]

Switzerland to host international conference on rebuilding Ukraine

A two-day international conference on rebuilding Ukraine is due to start in Switzerland on Monday Source

In Historic Breach With Neutrality, Switzerland Joins EU in Sanctions on Russia

In Historic Breach With Neutrality, Switzerland Joins EU in Sanctions on Russia We Are Change » Feed / John Titor Switzerland’s historic neutrality is no longer: moments ago Reuters reported that the Swiss government had joined the EU in adopting sanctions on Russia, freezing assets of targeted companies and people effective immediately: SWISS GOVERNMENT SAYS […]

Ukraine war: Switzerland adopts entire EU sanctions package against Russia

Switzerland on Monday endorsed the EU’s entire package of economic sanctions of the European Union against Russia, shocked by the brutality of Moscow’s assault on Ukraine while ensuring to preserve its neutrality. The federal government “is taking this step with conviction, in a thoughtful and unequivocal manner”, insisted the President of the Swiss Confederation, Ignazio […]


[embedded content]… 18 December 2021 Glasgow   Dinner A march against Covid-19 vaccine mandates in Melbourne, Australia has disrupted traffic and seen several thousand demonstrators encircle a police station.Dec 18, 2021 09:58 Thousands of anti-mandate protesters besiege police station (VIDEO) A Swiss group seeking a constitutional ban on compulsory vaccination says it has collected enough […]

RFK, Jr. Calls for End to Unscientific COVID Measures at Events in Switzerland and Italy

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. was in Switzerland and Italy last weekend urging an end to unreasonable, unscientific and ineffective COVID measures. By  Children’s Health Defense Team 13 Miss a day, miss a lot. Subscribe to The Defender’s Top News of the Day. It’s free. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. spoke in Switzerland and Italy last weekend […]

Switzerland Will Allow First Same-Sex Weddings In July 2022

GENEVA (AP) — Switzerland’s executive body announced Wednesday that same-sex couples can get married starting on July 1 next year, making good on the resounding support Swiss voters expressed in a referendum. The Federal Council officially said that starting Jan. 1, Switzerland would recognize the marriages of same-sex couples who wed in in other countries […]

Mysterious ‘doughnut’ UFO photographed over Switzerland

Mysterious ‘doughnut’ UFO photographed over SwitzerlandNovember 15, 2021 Nobody has been able to agree on exactly what this is. Image Credit: Twitter / @Eavix1Eavix A photographer in Zurich recently captured this mesmerizing shot of an unexplained object in the sky.Captured on the night of November 8th by Twitter user @Eavix1Eavix, this mysterious glowing blue spiral […]

Tens of Thousands in Bern, Switzerland Reject Vaccine Passports, Mandates

Tens of Thousands in Bern, Switzerland Reject Vaccine Passports, Mandatesby 21st Century WireOctober 23, 2021 Recently, tens of thousands took to the streets in Bern, Switzerland to protest the government’s unconstitutional vaccine mandates, and Orwellian vaccine passport or “Green Pass” medical apartheid system. Citizens are opposing the draconian moves en mass, and are now accusing the government of […]


Prince Andrew’s former wife Sarah Ferguson had an office on the 101st floor of the North Tower in 2001.   [embedded content] Slave Trade Security minister Damian Hinds says ‘nobody feels more let down’ about Sarah Everard’s murder than police’ as figures show 2,000 officers have been accused of sex offences in four years Airline […]

Australia, Switzerland, UK, Police, China, Population, Crying Children

[embedded content]… 4h··Edited A Canadian mother is arrested in front of her crying children for not showing her “Proof of Vaccination”.   The head of the Australian state of New South Wales, Gladys Berejiklian, has abruptly resigned just before a corruption watchdog launched a probe into potential misconduct, stating that she had “no option” but […]

Switzerland Votes To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage By Nearly Two-Thirds Majority

GENEVA (AP) — Cheers rang out, hugs were exchanged and rainbow-colored flags waved overhead across Switzerland as the Swiss resoundingly voted to allow same-sex couples to marry, final results of a nationwide referendum showed Sunday. Official results showed the measure passed with 64.1% of the vote while more than half of all voters approved in […]

Switzerland: Police Fire Rubber Bullets At Covid Passport Protesters In Swiss Capital

Swiss police used rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannon to forcibly disperse a crowd protesting against Covid passports in the de facto capital of Bern on Thursday. The protest was banned by the authorities and canceled by organizers, but people still turned up and marched through the city, booing the police while chanting “freedom”. […]

Tens Of Thousands Protest For Gay Marriage In Switzerland

BERLIN (AP) — Tens of thousands protested in Switzerland on Saturday for the legalization of same-sex marriage in the Alpine country. The protests came ahead of a national referendum on Sept. 26 on the legalization of gay marriage, which has already been introduced in many other European countries including Germany, Austria, France and the Netherlands. […]

Switzerland warns of terror attacks on Covid-19 vaccine sites. Red Alert: False Flag Incoming!

What does it mean when intelligence services start describing the next terror attack . . . despite having no intelligence about it? And what does it mean when former cabinet officials start comparing bodily autonomy advocates to suicide bombers? There’s a false flag coming. And don’t you believe it when they pull it off. […]

Switzerland Police Threaten to Stop Enforcing COVID-19 Restrictions

A group of police officers across multiple departments in Switzerland have threatened authorities that they will no longer enforce COVID-19 rules on citizens if they oppose the “general opinion of the population.” In a four-page letter obtained by local Swiss outlet 20 Minutes, an association representing police officers in the Alpine country warned the Swiss Federation […]

Plans for vaccine passes provoke protests in France, Switzerland and Italy

Government plans to make access to public spaces conditional on health checks have provoked more protest demonstrations in France, Switzerland and Italy. Under the schemes, vaccination cards, or a recent negative Covid-19 test, are to be made obligatory for those wanting to visit cultural, sporting and social events. Throughout France, around 200.000 people took to […]

Switzerland Adopts Draconian Police Law

The new anti-terror law adopted by Switzerland last weekend is one of the harshest police laws in all of Europe. Its adoption in a referendum highlights the urgency of building a genuine workers’ party in Switzerland that defends as a matter of principle the democratic rights of working people. The “Federal Law on Police Measures […]

Italy secures place in final 16 after beating Switzerland 3-0

Manuel Locatelli scored two goals and Italy beat Switzerland 3-0 to advance to the last 16 of the European Championship with a game to spare. Locatelli’s first goal came following a textbook exchange with Sassuolo teammate Domenico Berardi midway through the first half in Rome. His second came with a long and low shot shortly […]

Switzerland: Young Family Attacked by Foreign Suspects, Father Stabbed

    A father was stabbed and his family attacked by armed foreign suspects this week in the Swiss border city of Basel, according to reports. A couple and their two young children were walking along a city street on Wednesday evening when two males ambushed them. The husband, 25, managed to fight off the […]

Belarus president claims Ryanair plane bomb warning came ‘from Switzerland’

In his first public remarks since the Ryanair hijacking, Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko claimed warnings about a bomb on the passenger plane came from Switzerland. Mr Lukashenko was speaking to a group of MPs and officials in Minsk, on Wednesday morning. He also said that the incident showed Europe was acting with his domestic enemies to […]

Switzerland Cancels It’s Currency

Switzerland has cancelled it’s currency. That’s a red flag for what’s going tohappen here when they rob you of your REAL money and turn it into nothingbut virtual digits. Like in Switzerland, you will be warned to put your “real” money in the bankinstead of hiding it or it will be as worthless as blank paper. No […]

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