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Lebanon seizes drugs haul near Syrian border

Lebanon said Sunday it had thwarted a drug smuggling operation involving one million Captagon pills near border with Syria, Anadolu reports. A military statement said the operation was foiled in Baalbek in eastern Lebanon after army forces chased smugglers into Syrian territory. On Saturday, Lebanese authorities thwarted another operation involving one million Catagon pills before […]

Iran’s vice president meets Syrian FM, PM

TEHRAN— Meysam Latifi, vice president and head of the Administrative and Recruitment Organization of Iran who had visited Damascus, held separate consultations with Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad and Prime Minister Hussein Arnous and Latifi, IRNA reported on Tuesday. Latifi and Mekdad discussed bilateral cooperation and joint use of each other’s experiences in the field […]

Syrian forces eliminate notorious ISIS leader

ISIS was officially defeated in Iraq in 2017 and in Syria in 2019, but sleeper cells of the extremist group still carry out attacks in both countries September 05 2022 (Photo Credit: AFP) ByNews Desk On Monday, 5 September, Syrian security forces eliminated a notorious ISIS commander in Syria’s Deraa governorate. The terrorist leader was […]

Syrian forces eliminate notorious ISIS leader

ISIS was officially defeated in Iraq in 2017 and in Syria in 2019, but sleeper cells of the extremist group still carry out attacks in both countries September 05 2022 (Photo Credit: AFP) ByNews Desk On Monday, 5 September, Syrian security forces eliminated a notorious ISIS commander in Syria’s Deraa governorate. The terrorist leader was […]

Syrian air defenses repel Israeli aggression in sky of Misyaf

August 25, 2022 Source: Agencies By Al Mayadeen English  The Syrian air defenses confront an Israeli aggression in the sky of the city of Misyaf in Hama Governorate. SANA news agency confirmed Thursday that the Syrian air defenses engaged hostile targets in the sky of Misyaf city in the countryside of Hama Governorate. Sputnik reported that violent explosions […]

Syrian arrested for murder of German teen found dead in sewage treatment plant

The police and the public prosecutor continue to investigate the case of the killed Tabitha. “We are still relatively at the beginning,” says Aniello Ambrosio, chief public prosecutor and spokesman for the Stuttgart public prosecutor’s office of the “Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung”. The autopsy found no evidence of a sex crime, investigators said. However, there are “evidences […]

Syrian refugee widow learns to overcome affliction

Photo Credit: Alexas Fotos/Pixabay (Christian Aid Mission) — Neighbors who came to help a 48-year-old refugee widow from Syria thought she was 70. The mother of seven children, Ranim* showed the signs of affliction from the suffering she’d endured before and after arriving in Jordan. Islamic State (ISIS) invaders in Syria had seized her oldest […]

ECHR: Turkiye violated rights of a Syrian refugee by expelling him

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled on Tuesday that Turkiye had unlawfully repatriated a Syrian refugee after forcing him to sign a document that said he was returning voluntarily, Reuters reports. The Strasbourg-based court ordered Turkiye to pay around 12,250 Euros ($12,940), including costs and expenses to Muhammad Fawzi Akkad, who has now […]

Hamas to restore relations with Syrian regime

Palestinian resistance group, Hamas, prepares to restore relations with the Syrian regime after a 10-year hiatus, a Palestinian source said on Tuesday, Anadolu News Agency reports. "The two sides will open a new phase in their relations in the coming period," the source, who preferred to remain unnamed, told Anadolu Agency. The source said the […]

Syrian refugee finds hope in Christ

(Mission Network News) — Nearly everything in Lebanon describes the status of a failed state. For example, the government cannot perform essential functions, and people have lost faith in their leaders. “When despair overshadows everything around you, sometimes it is hard to find a small flicker of hope,” Camille Melki of Heart for Lebanon says. Yet […]

Discussing America’s role in the Syrian civil war: A Conversation with Noam Chomsky

by Noam Chomsky and Raghav Kaushik  This interview with world-renowned scholar and leading dissident Noam Chomsky has two goals. The primary goal is to understand America’s role in one of the bloodiest conflicts of the 21st century, the Syrian civil war. While there has been a lot of commentary on the Syrian civil war, there […]

‘Syrian chemical attack’ – Ukraine edition coming soon?

Over the past two weeks, media headlines worldwide have been dominated by the Russian military intervention in Ukraine – launched in response to almost nine years of Western provocations, beginning with the CIA and MI6 orchestrated Euromaidan colour revolution in November 2013, following then-President Viktor Yanukovych’s decision to suspend an EU trade deal in favour […]

Syrian Military Prosecution Investigating US Terrorist Illegal Occupation War Criminal Collaboration with Daesh Terrorists

Syria is a Sovereign country, an Independent Nation State which has never attacked America.This makes the USA’s illegal invasion, illegal occupation, illegal theft of Syria’s natural resources, illegally arming, training, aiding known terrorist organizations making war against the Syrian people not only despicable acts of moral-less bully cowards, but war crimes deserving the perpetrators of […]

Syrian and Russian Air forces Destroy 12 Quarters of the Uighur Terrorists

JANUARY 1, 2022 No Terrorists in Idlib Only Hospitals – Syria – News – White Helmets – Nusra Front – ISIS – Al Qaeda – لا يوجد شيء في ادلب إلا المستشفيات Our western readers can use the above information when they’re bombarded with the mainstream propaganda from the same outlets that sold the Iraqi […]

Four Syrian refugees die from burning coal for heat in Lebanon

A Syrian mother and her three children died in their sleep after inhaling toxic fumes from burning coal to heat their room in a village in southern Lebanon, a rescue group said on Sunday. Youssef al-Dor, an official with Resala Health Ambulance Association, said the family used coal to warm their room on a cold […]

Iran condemns Israeli strike on Latakia as brazen violation of Syrian sovereignty

Iran condemns Israeli strike on Latakia as brazen violation of Syrian sovereignty – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – Iran’s Foreign Ministry on Wednesday condemned the Israeli aerial strike on Syria’s port of Latakia on Tuesday morning, saying the attack is a brazen violation of Syria’s sovereignty, an act of aggression, and a clear example of the Tel […]

Dangerous NATO/ Al Qaeda Terrorist Group Captured by Syrian Security

DECEMBER 26, 2021

Washington Post Publishes Laughable Piece About Syrian Chemical Weapons Facilities

This Monday the Washington Post published a report, in their “national security” section, in which their “sources” claimed Israel had struck Syrian chemical weapons facilities, near the city of Homs. But instead of reading like a convincing piece of propaganda, the piece contradicts itself so many times that it leaves you wondering how it was […]

Israel Bombs Southern Region in Syria Killing a Syrian Soldier


Biden Forces Smuggle Out 83 Tankers Loaded with Stolen Syrian Oil


EU dismisses request to lift sanctions from Syrian businessman affiliated with Assad

The European Union’s (EU) General Court has dismissed a Syrian businessman’s application to have his sanctions lifted, ruling that he remains a prominent business associate of the Syrian regime of Bashar Al-Assad. In its recent ruling, the court stated that it refused Samer Foz’s application as the “EU had shown that he is an influential […]

FM: Geneva sisters repatriated from Syrian Desert camp

Two Swiss half-sisters, whose mother took them out of the country with her when she joined the Daesh militant group in the Middle East in 2016 have been repatriated from a desert camp in north-eastern Syria, the Swiss foreign ministry said on Tuesday and reported by Reuters. The older girl, now 15, had suffered a […]

Syrian FM meets top Iranian officials, vows to strengthen ties with Tehran

Syrian FM meets top Iranian officials, vows to strengthen ties with Tehran – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN — Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad visited Tehran on Monday to meet his Iranian counterpart Hossein Amir Abdollahian as well as President Ebrahim Raisi. In the meeting with Mekdad, Raisi said long-term and comprehensive plans should be drawn up to […]

Inside Syrian Idlib

30 Nov 2021 Source: Al Mayadeen Net Tim Anderson For NATO, dismembering a country [Syria] is a second-best war aim, after the failure of complete ‘regime change’. Idlib; where NATO-embedded media is exposed The NATO-embedded media often speaks as though the HTS/Nusra/al-Qaeda held enclave in two-thirds of Idlib Province represents Syria and is a haven […]

‘It’s deadly’: Syrian doctor in Poland warns migrants against journey through Belarus

Syrian doctor, Kassam Shahadah, settled in Poland as a war refugee three years ago and now volunteers on its border to help desperate Middle East migrants trying to enter after a perilous trek through freezing forest, Reuters reports. He feels lucky to have won residence through asylum. And though he understands the same aspirations to […]

Father Elias Zahlawi: Syrian Priest’s Letters Rattle the Vatican

16 Nov 2021 Source: Al Mayadeen Tim Anderson Not once has the Pontiff pointed a finger at “Israel” or the USA for their roles in two decades of slaughter and ethnic cleansing, including the expulsion of Christians. Syrian priest Father Elias Zahlawi has reportedly shaken Pope Francis over the Vatican’s vague statements on the US-driven […]

$1.25 Billion, ISIS Annual Revenue from Stolen Syrian and Iraqi Oil

 ARABI SOURI NOVEMBER 15, 2021 “ISIL (ISIS – DAESH) was getting stronger, Daesh was threatening the possibility of going to Damascus, we know that this was growing, we were watching, we saw that Daesh was growing in strength, and we thought that Assad was threatened, we thought, however, that we can probably manage that Assad might then […]

Israel Assassinates Ex-Syrian MP Along Golan Heights, Which Could Provoke Retaliation

This Saturday, Syrian government authorities accused Israel of assassinating Midhat Saleh, a former member of Syria’s parliament, near the Golan Heights. This, in addition to a number of other provocations in the past week are an Israeli attempt to see what they can get away with, without sparking war. Midhat Saleh (54-years old) was reportedly […]

Mossad abducted Syrian general to interrogate for location of Ron Arad, report says

Israel’s intelligence agency, Mossad, abducted an army general from Syria last month in an operation to locate a missing Israeli Air Force navigator, a report has claimed. According to the London-based Arabic newspaper Rai al-Youm, the general—who has not been named but is said to be Iranian—was abducted by Israeli forces and then taken to […]

Syrian Arab Army is Ending the Terrorists Presence in Daraa Countryside

ARABI SOURI SEPTEMBER 23, 2021 Syrian Arab Army units continue to take positions in the countryside of Daraa after eliminating the presence of the US-sponsored Al Qaeda, ISIS, and their other affiliated terrorist groups as part of the larger task in securing the entire southern region of Syria. SAA units entered this morning the towns of Yadudah, […]

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