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US follows Germany’s lead to send battle tanks to Ukraine

The U.S. agreed to send 31 tanks, and Germany agreed to 14. Source

After securing new tanks from US and Germany, Ukraine now demanding F-16 fighter jets to combat Russia

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Whatever Ukraine wants, Ukraine gets, apparently.After strongarming the West into handing over gobs of cash and now heavy battle tanks, the next demand from Volodymyr Zelensky’s regime is F-16s and other fourth-generation fighter jets.According to Ukrainian defense minister Oleksiy Reznikov, Kiev is stepping up its … [Read More…] Source

Croatian President Calls Germany’s ‘We Are at War With Russia’ Comment “Madness”

Croatian President Zoran Milanovic responded to the German foreign minister saying “we are fighting a war against Russia” by calling the remark “madness” and wishing Germany better luck than with the last war they had with Russia 70 years ago. Oof, burn. Milanovic was responding to the bizarre and inflammatory statement made by German Foreign […]

Elon Musk’s Twitter Sued In Germany Over Antisemitic Posts, Holocaust Denial

The clash is likely the first salvo in a pending European battle over Twitter’s runaway hate speech under Musk’s regime. Source

After US Offer, Germany Approves Advanced Battle Tanks For Ukraine

The German government has confirmed it will provide Ukraine with Leopard 2 battle tanks and approve requests by other countries to do the same. Source

‘Punching fist of democracy’: US and Germany poised to send Ukraine tanks

Kyiv’s war effort received a significant boost on Tuesday as Germany greenlit the delivery of heavy battle tanks, with the US expected to follow suit. Source

Microsoft spies on you! Microsoft 365 Bannned in Germany, what about Australia?

Bill Gates’ Microsoft is part of the global surveillance and data ‘hoovering’ network called the 5eyes. Some people may assume that this means that our personal/private & confidential data generated on our electronic devices or that by governments or corporations in relation to us is safe but that is quite to the contrary. ANY online […]

Inflation, subsidies and Ukraine: Germany and France meet to overcome differences

Officials are meeting on the 60th anniversary of a landmark treaty that underpins today’s European Union. Source

UK vows to send tanks to Ukraine and urges Germany to follow suit

The UK has become the first western nation to give its own heavy armour to Kyiv. Source

Germany’s Digital Minister Meets with Elon Musk, says Musk “Agreed” to EU’s Censorship Laws

Germany’s Minister for Digital and Transport Volker Wissing said that he is less worried about Twitter under Elon Musk’s leadership after meeting with the CEO in San Francisco. Source


READ HERE: German doctor jailed for illegally issuing mask exemptions Source

Germany snubs Poland’s claim for World War 2 reparations

Berlin refused to enter into talks with Warsaw on compensating for damage caused during World War Two, according to Poland’s Foreign Ministry. Source

Pro-Russian agents working to turn Germany against Ukraine

Key figures campaigning for Berlin to change course on Ukraine are linked to the Russian government and far right, according to Reuters. Source

Soviets Plan to Turn America Into 1920’s Weimar Germany-Anatoliy Golitsyn

Legendary KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn, who brought us the greatest books on Soviet strategy such as New Lies for Old and the Perestroika Deception, wrote as early as the mid 1970s about the manufactured collapse of the Berlin Wall and disintegration of the Warsaw Pact states. He also stated that this transformation will leave the United […]

Germany Detains 25 Far-Right Extremists Who Allegedly Planned Coup

BERLIN (AP) — Thousands of police carried out a series of raids across much of Germany on Wednesday against suspected far-right extremists who allegedly sought to overthrow the state in an armed coup. Federal prosecutors said some 3,000 officers conducted searches at 130 sites in 11 of Germany’s 16 states against adherents of the so-called […]

Germany’s parliament recognises Ukraine’s 1930s Holodomor famine as ‘genocide’

The German Bundestag has recognized the Holodomor, the 1932-1933 famine in Ukraine, as a genocide against the Ukrainian people. Between three and seven million Ukrainians are estimated to have starved to death as a result of the Soviet authorities’ policies against Ukraine in 1932–1933. Until now, however, it has been controversial to describe the Holodomor […]

Hero Nurse who Swapped out 8,600 Clot Shots with Saltwater Walks Free from Court in Germany

I am happy this courageous woman will not be doing any jail time, although it is unfortunate that she lost her license. Source

World Cup 2022: Croatia, Belgium, Spain and Germany in action on Thursday

Here’s our at-a-glance look at Thursday’s matches as eight more teams battled for a place in the last 16 in Qatar. Source

Holodomor: Germany’s parliament recognises Ukraine’s 1930s famine as ‘genocide’

Germany has recognised the 1930s famine in Soviet Ukraine which killed millions under Joseph Stalin as a “genocide”. Source

ACH (1986) Alfred Schaefer & Monika Schaefer – Censorship Updates From Germany And Canada

In today’s show originally broadcast on November 30 2022, Andy is joined by Alfred Schaefer and Monika Schaefer for a show entitled, “Censorship Updates From Germany And Canada.” We discussed: Alfred’s recent experiences with the authorities in Germany; trust and empathy; Alfred’s upcoming court date on January 3; how engaging the system is revealing the […]

Germany to withdraw peacekeeping troops from Mali by 2024

Berlin has declared that the 1,100 German soldiers presently serving in Mali will leave by May 2024. As part of the UN peacekeeping mission MINUSMA, German troops have been stationed in the African nation for over ten years, to the growing chagrin of the Bamako administration. According to government spokesperson Steffen Hebestreit, the deployment will […]

On some geopolitical aspects of the second Japan-Germany 2+2 meeting

The second Japan-Germany 2+2 meeting (i.e. involving foreign and defense ministers) on November 3 is one of those events in the current phase of the “Great Game” that requires special attention and comment. The very phrase “Japan-Germany relations” inadvertently evokes suspicious associations with one of the greatest catastrophes in human history called “World War II”. […]

Protesters in Germany and Cyprus condemn Turkey’s airstrikes

Hundreds of people took to the streets of Hamburg and Limassol calling for an immediate halt to Turkish airstrikes in northern Syria and Iraq. Source

Jews urged to leave Germany for Israel due to anti-Semitic Muslims

The head of a community organization in Brandenburg said in an open letter published on Wednesday that Germany is inherently anti-Semitic and that all Jews who are serious about their faith should leave. He also announced that he is relocating to Israel. Semen Gorelik stated in his message, which was made public by Die Achse […]

Olaf Scholz, Germany’s Chancellor, visits China

On November 4, Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz flew to Beijing for talks with the Chinese President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Li Keqiang – a remarkable development, given the current state of the Great Global Game. The visit was surprising for a number of reasons – and here, by way of introduction, a few words […]

Germany’s position in America’s New World Order

November 02, 2022 Source by Michael Hudson Germany has become an economic satellite of America’s New Cold War with Russia, China and the rest of Eurasia. Germany and other NATO countries have been told to impose trade and investment sanctions upon themselves that will outlast today’s proxy war in Ukraine. U.S. President Biden and his […]

Germany’s president pledges more support for Ukraine in surprise visit

Frank-Walter Steinmeier said his trip was focused on helping Ukraine repair its destroyed infrastructure, besides bolstering military support. Source

Germany: Climate Activists Douse Priceless Monet Painting with Mashed Potatoes

When two adolescent protestors covered a Monet painting in mashed potatoes in Germany, the continuing practice of climate activists defiling precious pieces of art continues. Two members of the group Letzte Generation (Last Generation) bathed Claude Monet’s “Les Meules” painting with mashed potatoes on Sunday at the Museum Barberini in Potsdam, Germany, before adhering themselves […]

Will the US and Germany answer for the energy crisis they caused?

As you may know, the wars of the last century took place mainly because of energy resources, which the industry and economy of the developing world began to need particularly strongly. This is especially evident in the events of World War II, which not only demonstrated the struggle for spheres of influence in general, but […]

10,500-year-old Bones Found in Bog are Germany’s Oldest Human Remains

Archaeologists digging at a Stone Age campsite in northern Germany have found 10,500-year-old cremated human bones. These Mesolithic era ‘bog bones’ are the oldest human remains found so far in northern Germany. Not only is this the earliest known human burial in northern Germany, it is also the first time human remains have been found […]

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