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Germany suffers irreversible damage without Russian gas – aftermath of Nord Stream destruction by the U.S.

(NaturalNews) Back in 2022, bombshell reports surfaced confirming that the U.S. Department of Defense covertly blew up the Nord Stream pipelines, carrying out an… Source

Techno-Hell: Germany Announces ‘Pre-Crime’ Police Unit to Target ‘Far-Right’


Ukrainian refugee killed in Germany by other refugees because of his Nationality

A tragic incident unfolded in the German city of Oberhausen on Saturday evening, resulting in the death of 17-year-old Ukrainian refugee Volodymyr Yermakov and the injury of his teammate, Artem K., in what is reported as a racially motivated attack. The two Ukrainian teenagers, aspiring basketball players, were taking the bus from the CentrO shopping […]

Biden Says He Just Met With ‘Mitterand From Germany’ (He Died 28 Years Ago…and Was French)

Joe Biden just said he met with “Mitterand from Germany” during a long and rambling speech. According to Biden, he met the “German Chancellor” at the G7 meeting held in the UK after the 2020 […] The post Biden Says He Just Met With ‘Mitterand From Germany’ (He Died 28 Years Ago…and Was French) appeared […]

Jan 26 – Move over Nazi Germany! The US is Complicit in Genocide.

US bombs are dropped on Gaza civilians from US planes. Neither party demands a cease fire. Please send links and comments to [email protected] Move over Nazi Germany! The US is complicit in genocide.       Russ Winter- US Running out of Ammo for Israel              According […]

Germany Braces for War with Russia, Urges NATO Allies to Arm and Get Ready

Germany must be prepared to respond to a potential Russian attack, warned Defense Minister Boris Pistorius. In an interview with German public broadcaster ZDF, Pistorius stressed the importance of strengthening military capabilities in collaboration with NATO allies. While Germany is not presently facing a direct threat, Pistorius emphasized the need for proactive readiness to address […]

Germany’s electricity prices DOUBLE as “green” nightmare kicks in

(NaturalNews) German multinational electric utility company E.ON recently announced a piece of bitter news to its consumers – it is having a hefty… Source

Zakharova slams Germany for support for ‘Israel’ in ICJ genocide case

21 Jan 2024  Source: News websites By Al Mayadeen English Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova says unconditional support for the Israeli occupation is a prerequisite for partaking in Washington’s “rules-based international order” club.  Commenting on Germany’s support for “Israel” against South Africa’s case in the ICJ, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said Moscow is not […]

Namibia condemns Germany for siding with Israel in Gaza conflict

Namibian President Hage Geingob stated on Saturday that Germany cannot claim to oppose genocide while backing Israel at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Geingob added that Berlin has “yet to fully atone” for committing genocide in Namibia. German government spokesman Stefan Hebestreit said on Friday that Berlin will intervene on Israel’s side at the […]

Germany’s ‘Krisenmodus’ Has No End In Sight

Authored by Conor Gallagher via, The Association for the German Language chose the term Krisenmodus as the ‘Word of the Year’ for 2023. I’m not sure they’ve ever awarded a back-to-back winner, but krisenmodus (crisis mode) looks to have a chance to repeat in 2024. The current government coalition has lost almost all trust from the public, yet they soldier […]

350,000 foreigners applied for asylum in Germany in 2023 as welfare payments soared

Germany continues to be inundated with immigrants under the current left-liberal government with asylum applications jumping 51.1 percent to 350,000 last year compared to 2022, which featured 217,774 applications. The data, which is from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, shows most applicants arrived from Syria (105,000), Turkey (63,000) and Afghanistan (54,000). The federal […]

55 percent of Germany’s power in 2023 came from renewables

“Wind farms—especially those on land—made the largest contribution.” Source

Germany: Baby Jesus beheaded along with other Nativity figures in latest attack on Christians

Unknown perpetrators beheaded baby Jesus and other figures in a Christmas nativity scene over the weekend in the city of Rüsselsheim. The attack featured the figures, primarily made out of Styrofoam, having their hands severed and their heads removed; some of them were also knocked over. The figures, which were displayed in the town’s market […]

Germany’s Commitment To End Coal By 2030 Is A Never-Ending Shell Game

Authored by Mike Shedlock via, Place the idea of Germany ending coal use by 2030 on the list of energy things that has little chance of happening… Here is an article from November 2, 2022 that serves as a nice background starting point for today’s discussion. Reuters reports Germany’s Cabinet Approves Accelerated Coal Exit by 2030 in […]

Germany today using same Nazi-style tactics against supporters of Palestine in Berlin that were used against Jews in Nazi Germany

(NaturalNews) In a show of force eerily similar to what happened in 1930s Germany, police forces across Berlin this past week searched the properties of residents… Source

MIGRANT INVASION: “Large influx” of Gaza refugees coming Germany as Israel bombs them out of Gaza

MIGRANT INVASION: “Large influx” of Gaza refugees coming Germany as Israel bombs them out of Gaza As if there were not already enough refugees within its borders, Germany is poised to welcome potentially millions more from the war-torn Palestinian enclave of Gaza, which Israel is attempting to take over by killing and expelling all current […]

Germany to provide “winter protection” to Ukraine despite reports that Kyiv bombed Nord Stream pipelines

Germany to provide “winter protection” to Ukraine despite reports that Kyiv bombed Nord Stream pipelines In a meeting with European Union foreign ministers in Brussels on Monday, Germany signified its plan to expand and increase its support for Ukraine, especially in the coming year, but did not fully disclose specifics on how to go about […]

Prerequisite to naturalization in Germany? Pledge support for Israel’s right to exist

Tomorrow, Friday November 17, the German Bundestag will vote on a draft law that could decide that naturalization for residents would be dependent on a commitment to Israel’s right to exist. The bill, which includes a law that would change the criminal code, was submitted by the Christian Democratic Party’s (CDU) parliamentary group. It would […]

Nolte: Migrant Pressure Forces Germany to Rename Anne Frank Daycare Center — Report

German media report that the Anne Frank Daycare Center in a small German town will be renamed because migrant parents objected Source

HuffPost Blasted After Likening Israel to Nazi Germany, Gazans to Holocaust Victims: ‘Blood Libel’

The Huffington Post is facing backlash after its Spanish edition published an op-ed that draws “sickening” parallels between Israel and Nazi Germany while likening the situation of Gazans to Holocaust victims, in what has been described as a “disgusting blood libel.” Source

EU Commission Orders Germany to Take Back 38,000 Tones of Thrash Dumped into Poland

The European Commission has agreed with Poland in its dispute with Germany over German waste illegally transported into the country, Polish climate and environment minister Anna Moskwa has informed. “Germany must take away the waste illegally stored in Poland! The European Commission has admitted that Poland is right in the dispute with Germany,” Anna Moskwa […]

Is Germany Ready for Military Operation in Middle East? – Bild Says Yes

October 19, 2023 Berlin has deployed several Special Forces units to Cyprus as it prepares for “all scenarios” in the Middle East, Bild reports. The German government has decided to deploy some of the nation’s top Special Forces units to Cyprus as it prepares for potential crisis situations in Israel, Gaza, and the Middle East, […]

Germany, Austria suspend bilateral aid to Palestine after Hamas attack

Austria and Germany said, on Monday, they were suspending aid worth tens of millions of Euros to Palestinians in response to the group, Hamas’s deadly attack on Israel, to ensure funds were not flowing into the wrong hands, Reuters reports. Both countries said they wanted to review their engagement with the Palestinian Territories, and discuss that […]

Germany No Longer Allowed to Turn Back Migrants Decided Unelected EU (ECJ)

Catastrophic Ruling: Germany is No Longer Allowed to Turn Back Migrants September 24, 2023 4 comments 2 min read The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has declared the rejection of migrants at internal EU borders to be unlawful. This means that Germany must accept every foreigner who enters the country illegally and may not send […]

Germany: 8 migrants arrested for sexual assault of 13-year-old girl in Cologne swimming pool

Eight foreign nationals have been arrested for surrounding and sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl in a Cologne swimming pool in Germany, with the girl managing to free herself and immediately alert police on Sunday. According to police, there are eight suspects between the ages of 16 and 26 who are said to have surrounded the […]

Germany slams Iran for barring IAEA nuclear inspectors

Germany strongly condemned Iran, on Monday, for barring several International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors from monitoring the country’s atomic program, Anadolu Agency reports. We strongly condemn this step. We find it rather regrettable and consider it a step in the completely wrong direction Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Christian Wagner, told media representatives in Berlin. “Our […]

Germany Must Be Destroyed – A Collection of Quotes

By David Thomas Published: 1998-05-25 Introduction „Germany must be destroyed“ is a collection of quotes made by various Source

What Sanctions? Germany Admits Buying Large Quantities of Russian Oil Through India

European nations continue to find ways to get around their own sanctions on Russian energy imposed in the wake of Moscow’s invasion. Source

USA Quest For Basketball World Cup Gold Ends In Loss To Germany

Germany — the last unbeaten team left in the tournament at 7-0 — will play Serbia on Sunday for the World Cup title. Source

Germany exports commodities worth $879m to Iran in 5 months

TEHRAN – Iran imported commodities valued at $879 million from Germany during the first five months of the current Iranian calendar year (March 21-August 22), according to the data released by the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA). Source

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