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My Pledge-Hell F##King NO!!!

I DO NOT pledge allegiance to the Flag of the ‘UNITED STATES’ CORPORATION, owned and operated by the Rothschilds, or to the closet homosexual atheist Marxist rabidly racist against blacks yankee war criminal Lincoln who had US troops line up to gang rape little children, pregnant women, minister’s daughters, black & white, often to death […]

Chaco Canyon’s future: a pledge for environmental justice and tribal rights

The Honoring Chaco Initiative (HCI), launched by the U.S. Department of the Interior, represents a beacon of hope for the Greater Chaco Region—a culturally rich and ecologically sensitive area in northern New Mexico. This ambitious initiative proposes a 20-year ban on new oil and gas drilling and fracking in the region, marking a significant shift […]

Prerequisite to naturalization in Germany? Pledge support for Israel’s right to exist

Tomorrow, Friday November 17, the German Bundestag will vote on a draft law that could decide that naturalization for residents would be dependent on a commitment to Israel’s right to exist. The bill, which includes a law that would change the criminal code, was submitted by the Christian Democratic Party’s (CDU) parliamentary group. It would […]

Joe Biden And China’s Xi Jinping Pledge To Stabilize Fraught Relations In Face-To-Face Meeting

WOODSIDE, Calif. (AP) — U.S. President Joe Biden and China’s Xi Jinping plunged into their first-face-to-face meeting in more than a year Wednesday pledging to work to stabilize fraught relations in talks with far-reaching implications for a world grappling with economic cross currents and wars in the Middle East and Europe. “Planet Earth is big […]

GOP lawmaker urges Republicans to sign unity pledge to back eventual Speaker nominee

Rep. Mike Flood (R-Neb.) is urging his caucus to vote together as chaos over the House Speakership continues, launching a unity pledge for lawmakers to commit to a single candidate. The House has been without a Speaker for nearly three weeks after nominees, Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-La.) and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), failed to… […]

Biden, Netanyahu pledge to work toward Israel-Saudi normalisation

US President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, pledged on Wednesday to work together toward a landmark agreement to forge diplomatic relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia, Reuters reports. Meeting for the first time since Netanyahu returned to power in December, both leaders signalled a desire to ease strains in their relationship, but […]

Florida GOP drops loyalty pledge requirement for 2024 ballot, a win for Trump

The Florida Republican Party will no longer require candidates to sign a loyalty pledge to qualify for the party’s 2024 primary ballot, seen as a major win for former President Trump. The pledge would have bound candidates to support the eventual GOP nominee. Trump has refused similar pledges, including those required for primary debates, citing… […]

Report: Staff at EV battery maker Gotion made to pledge allegiance to ChiCom Party, wear Chinese Red Army uniforms during company trips

(NaturalNews) The parent company of electric vehicle (EV) battery maker Gotion Inc. has made staff members pledge allegiance to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)… Source

Liberals Pledge Revamp of Forced-Labour Bill, Possible Enforcement Rules Surprise MP

OTTAWA—The Trudeau government is revamping its approach to modern−day slavery, promising new legislation that caught off guard the Liberal MP who has been steering a bill on forced labour through Parliament. “There is a limited lifespan to this Parliament,” Toronto MP John McKay said in an interview. McKay has been stickhandling Bill S−211, which would […]

Scholz and Biden pledge to keep pressure on Russia, as US promises €376m in support to Ukraine

US President Joe Biden and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz vowed to maintain pressure on Russia after meeting privately in Washington on Friday. The White House announced $400 million [€376 million] in further US assistance as their meeting began. The conversation came at a delicate moment in the conflict. Ukraine and Russia are preparing for spring […]

More tanks for Ukraine: Germany, Denmark and The Netherlands make new pledge

Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands plan to provide Ukraine with at least 100 refurbished Leopard 1 battle tanks in the coming months. Source

The Jenin Massacre Won’t Go Unanswered, Hamas, Islamic Jihad Pledge

 January 27, 2023 By Al-Ahed News In wake of the ‘Israeli’ occupation regime’s Thursday massacre in the Palestinian city of Jenin, Hamas Spokesman Abdul Latif al-Qanu’ told Al-Ahed News that “Our people and resistance in the West Bank are in the course of an open confrontation against the occupation, in which the struggle won’t stop […]

THE GREAT RESET: G20’s Globalist “Pledge” Commits To Vaccine Passports, Digital Currency & Much, Much More

THE GREAT RESET: G20’s Globalist “Pledge” Commits To Vaccine Passports, Digital Currency & Much, Much More SM Source – “…Oh, a little reminder to those who still believe Russia is fighting the good fight against the globalist baddies in Ukraine – Russia is a member of the G20 and signed the pledge. As did […]

700 musicians join pledge to support for Palestinian freedom

Today, Musicians for Palestine is announcing 700 new signers and releasing a second statement. Organizer Stefan Christoff joins the podcast to discuss this milestone. Source

Remembering Gauri Lankesh, Renewing A Pledge

  1. We lost Gauri Lankesh, journalist, activist and very passionate human being, exactly five years back It is now history how she was assasinated by rightwing Hindutva fanatics outside her home in Rajarajeshwari Nagar on 5 September 2017. A killing which shocked not only the people of Karnataka but everyone who believed in a […]

Chinese religious groups pledge to follow Communist Party regulations

Photo Credit: Free Phoitos/Pixabay (Barnabas Aid) — The Three-Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM), the official Protestant church of China, has pledged to follow Chinese Communist Party (CCP) directives on the management of religions, including supervision of churches and their finances. The TSPM was one of seven state-authorized religious groups to sign a joint statement agreeing to […]

Indigenous Leaders Pledge To Oppose New Enbridge Developments

Above photo: Screenshot of a map of Enbridge’s pipeline system, Enbridge’s website, 12-3-21. On November 5, the Canadian oil company Enbridge announced that it plans to increase capacity on its pipeline system that connects a crude-oil storage hub in Oklahoma to the Texas Gulf Coast, now that the Line 3 pipeline linking Alberta and Wisconsin […]

Global funders pledge solidarity with Palestinian civil society following Israeli ban on human rights groups

Editor’s Note: The following open letter was issued on November 16, 2021 by Funders for Palestine, a group of more than 100 global foundations and donors, most of them U.S.-based. To add your name as a signatory see here. Mondoweiss occasionally publishes press releases and statements from organizations in an effort to draw attention to overlooked issues. […]

Several More Countries Pledge To Phase Out Use Of Coal

GLASGOW, Scotland (AP) — Several major coal-using nations have pledged for the first time to phase out their use of the heavily-polluting fossil fuel or to speed up existing plans to do so, while others announced commitments to end investment in new coal-fired power plants. U.K. business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng said late Wednesday that the […]

Sincerity of the Pledge to Withdraw American Troops from Iraq Raises Doubts

After Washington’s announcement of its decision to withdraw American troops from Iraq, the question of establishing the sincerity of the USA’s declared step remains at the center of attention for the international community. Yes, on the one hand it was confirmed that the USA would reduce the contingent at two military bases in Iraq by the […]

Europe’s Mediterranean leaders pledge climate cooperation

The leaders of Europe’s Mediterranean countries pledged on Friday to expand cooperation against climate change, at a meeting in Athens held in the aftermath of massive wildfires that ravaged parts of southern Europe. They expressed their “strong conviction that urgent and ambitious global action (is needed) at national, regional and local levels,” according to a […]

Over 5,000 Teachers Sign Pledge to Defy Anti-Critical Race Theory Laws

More than 5,000 teachers have signed onto a pledge at the Zinn Education Project that states they vow to teach their students the concepts of Critical Race Theory (CRT), even where it is banned by law. Far-Left teachers unions are prepared to ram Critical Race Theory propaganda into the minds of students while targeting those […]

World Economic Forum Makes Censorship Pledge to ‘Tackle Harmful Content and Conduct Online’

A Big Tech-government coalition to control what people see online. by Tom Parker The World Economic Forum, an international group that works to “shape global, regional and industry agendas,” has formed a new “Global Coalition for Digital Safety” that’s made up of Big Tech executives and government officials and intends to come up with new […]

G20 talks in Italy yield pledge to fight hunger in Africa and climate change

A meeting of foreign and development ministers from the Group of 20 nations Tuesday ended with agreement to boost efforts to fight growing hunger in the world, worsened by the pandemic, especially in Africa, as well as climate change effects. But there were also notes of discord, with Germany and China taking jabs at each […]

G7 COVID-19 vaccine pledge ‘is not enough’, says WHO chief

World Health Organization head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has warned that ten times as many doses of COVID-19 vaccine than that promised by leaders at the G7 to the developing world will be needed to end the pandemic. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus was speaking following British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement on Saturday that the […]

G7 nations to pledge 1B COVID vaccine doses for world, Boris Johnson says

The Group of Seven nations are expected to commit to sharing at least 1 billion coronavirus shots with the world, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said. The British leader made the announcement on Thursday, asserting that half of the doses would come from the U.S. and at least 100 million from the U.K. are […]

Biden’s pledge on media freedom may be easier said than done

One of the Biden Justice Department’s first big moves has been to alert reporters at three major news organizations that their phone records were seized as part of leak investigations under the Trump administration, with President Joe Biden saying he would abandon the practice of spying on journalists. But while Biden’s stated commitment that his […]

Woolworths, Coles Pledge to Radically Reduce Plastic Waste in Ambitious Pact

Leading supermarket giants Woolworths and Coles are committing to ambitious goals to fight plastic waste through a vision of ensuring all plastic packaging are recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025. The two supermarket groups have joined 60 groups—including ALDI and Nestle—across the supply chain that have signed up to the ‘Australia, New Zealand and Pacific […]

Vaccine Waiver Pledge Tests Biden-World’s Pharma Ties

Above photo: Free the Vaccine Rally. Eric Kayne/AP. Biden and many of his appointees have links to drug companies trying to delay and weaken the COVID vaccine waiver he’s now promising to negotiate. Several of President Joe Biden’s most powerful appointees and advisers have had business relationships with pharmaceutical giants lobbying the administration on COVID-19 […]

The Archons Are the Demons of the Old Testament and They Can Possess and Control Humans Who Pledge Them Allegiance

The Archons (parasitic entities that feed off human fear) were referred to in antiquity as the servants of the Demiurge – the False god – who stands between the human race and a transcendent God that could only be reached through knowledge of humanity’s real nature as divine, leading to the deliverance of the divine spark […]

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